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    Angie groaned. She hated early mornings. Sticking out her arm from underneath the covers, she smacked the air until she found the snooze button on her alarm clock. She was tempted to go back to sleep, but knowing too well the alarm would just go off once more, she dragged herself out of bed.

    After rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she picked up her phone and checked what date it was. September 2nd, the day she finally got to leave home and train Pokemon. Summer seemed to last forever, and now the day she had been anticipating the whole time had arrived. She should have felt excited, but it was too early in the morning for her tastes. "Why couldn't that old man ask us to come at a more reasonable time, like noon or something?"

    It wasn't long before she was dressed, packed and ready to go. She picked up her backpack and walked to the kitchen, where her mother was cooking some pancakes. "Oh hello sweetie, glad to see you up so early." Her mother smiled cheerfully. "Breakfast will be done in just a minute."

    "What are you talking about? The last time you made pancakes the house nearly burned down." Angie remarked caustically.

    "It was just a little smoke, that's all!" Her mother pouted. "Besides, I can't just let your father cook all the time."

    Despite Angie's complaint, the pancakes turned out fine, though they were a bit burnt. Her father joined in for breakfast as well, since he just finished walking the Poochyena. "Angie, don't you think you wear something a bit nicer?" He asked. "You want to make a good impression, don't you?"

    "Hey, there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing!" She was wearing a Red Hot Cherri Berries T-shirt and some comfy blue jeans. "It's not like the Professor's going to turn me down for not being fancy. Besides, this is my journey, so I can wear whatever I want." Angie reasoned.

    Her father sighed. "I suppose you're right. It's hard to believe you're really going. You're practically an adult now."

    After finishing up breakfast and making sure everything was packed, she said goodbye to her family. It wasn't a tearful parting, she was glad to leave, but it was sad to leave Poochyena behind. He wasn't her Pokemon though, he was her father's, so there wasn't anything she could really do about it. She was about to get her very on Pokemon anyways.

    The walk from Viridian City to Pallet Town was pretty short, so it didn't take long before she arrived. She walked the familiar path to the academy, only this time she wasn't here for classes. Inside, she made her way to the laboratory wing. She swiped the key card she was given, and the glass doors slid open. She had never seen the inside of the laboratory before, but it didn't seem too different than she pictured it.

    She was eagerly greeted by Dr. Oak, who wheeled his way over to the front of the lab. As she followed the elderly professor to his office, she noticed a couple of the other students had arrived. She tried to remember who they were. The boy's name was Riku. He was on some sort of team at the academy, but Angie never payed attention to sports. She found them unbelievably dull. No doubt this guy was a major tool. The girl was Justine. From what Angie could tell, she was some sort of peppy girly-girl, who probably liked boys and fashion and other boring things that Angie couldn't care less about. She was ditching these two as soon as she could.

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