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    I'm sorry for not reading the rules thoroughly. I lurked too much of the old thread (which didn't have the rule.) Anyway...
    Originally Posted by AlfaTyrogue View Post
    Now for my map:

    Map name: Producton City

    Tileset: FR/LG

    Comments: The powerplant is supposed to be a research lab and the cave is a mine. The citizens are mostly workers or scientists.
    I know there are border errors but I'm fixing it so don't worry.

    Let's say 7.5/10.

    The Good: The layout of the map is good. Everything is spaced almost exactly right. It looks Nintendo-style, but with a few fun twists here and there, like the Pokecenter on the hill.
    The Not Good: There are some tile errors. Check link below.

    -Blue Circle: Looks like in your excitement to place the Pokecenter on the hill, you cut off the edges of the white path. You might want to expand the side, or just not put the white path on the hill.
    -Red Circles: There's an issue with the mountain corner tiles. You used the regular horizontal tile which doesn't look correct. Find the correct tile, it's...there.
    Other Stuff:
    -There's this big empty space to the right of the lab, and the hills there are oddly straight.
    -I know it's an electric-based city, all the houses need to look like warehouses? It's a bit creepy.
    Yes, that's about it. I'm quite fascinated by your maps though, I hope you post more!

    Yep, here's a repost of my map, but with the errors fixed. (thank you Ray.)
    Map Name: unconfirmed
    Map Game: Pokemon Fire Red
    Comments: Yes, the bottom does have connections to another map.

    I beg for criticism.
    EDIT: And the second map. Fixed errors.
    Map Name: Valley Pass
    Map Game: Pokemon Fire Red
    Comments: Nothing much, your typical route-with-river map.