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Hmm, can totally understand if they are shop requests, I guess. XD; I tend to refuse requests if stock is low quality so I never face that problem. :p

I know it isn't your style to go full-blown color. But you ought to work more on your depth in order to prevent flatness. Monotonous stuff requires more effort in the depth department, imo. And I don't see you pulling off monotone yet. Also, I'm not saying you gotta go 'rainbow' with your tags. Just 2-3 complimentary colors are fine. Selective colors not only means you can saturate colors and make it pop out - it also enables the user to mess with colors a great deal more than one can normally do. You'd be surprised at the difference it can bring about in a tag.

And yep, if you can see what's wrong with it, I hope you'll prevent it from happening in the future. :p
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