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I like your tags. :) They look very familiar for some reason, I think it's because I see tags like these (or of a similar style) everywhere when I lurk other forums, particularly the ones unrelated to Pokémon or any particular video game series, which is odd, haha. My personal favorites would be these two. I think that the others have a little too much going on in the background, and don't really have a general feel, apart from being flashy and having a certain hue. Which is okay, but it makes it a bit bland, sort of like how Derozio feels I suppose. What makes those two different is that they sort of go simple and to the point, while having more of a direction, and something like a concept behind it than just having a render and an amount of good-looking C4Ds.

I think you're more experienced than me in making graphics, though, so I know you know a lot about it. ;D But I wanted to comment on what I thought about the stuff you had here, because I thought they looked cool. B) And you're also really awesome, you know, I mean you can maintain a shop! I know you have lots of great stuff ahead of you, because you're really good. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you improve even more.
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