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    Some weird-ish ideas...:

    Well,as the ideas are no longer accepted,i have just detailized my previous ones:

    Name: Lounaul
    Name Origin: Corrupted mix of "Lone" and "Lunar"
    Type/s: Ghost/Dark
    Pokedex Entry: It is wandering through the night sky flying with huge speed swiftly on its weird crest that is said to be a piece of the moon. There are many folk tales which say it is a ghost of a poor,lonely man wandering around the world.
    Description: It looks like a long beard flying on a crest resembling a lunar one.
    It's light blue and has yellow,"evil" eyes.
    Ability/ies:Inner Focus or Own Tempo

    Name: Permask
    Name Origin: "Perish" and "Mask"
    Type/s: Water
    Pokedex: It lives in cold seas. It often emits sound waves
    in the water,they sound like it's screaming from pain.
    Ablility/ies: Soundproof
    Description: A boomerang-like thing with a sad face,with dull,black eyes. It's blue,the ends of the "boomerang" are dark green.

    Name: Tanlare
    Name Origin: "Tangle" or "Tentacle" and "Scare" or "Glare"
    Type/s: Water/Dark
    Pokedex entry: It lives at the bottom of the sea. When someone
    comes up,it jumps on it and tries to bite it.
    Ablility/ies: Intimidate or Pressure
    Description: A blue theatral mask with huge fangs,big mouth and dull,black eyes. It has holes in its body,and green tentacles grow out them.

    Name: Chicari
    Name Origin: "Chick" and corrupted "Air"
    Type/s: Normal/Flying
    Pokedex entry: Despite its tiny look,it can rule storms,gusts and cyclones.
    It possesses high ablities in tracking the opponent.
    Ablility/ies: Speed Boost
    Description: A chick made of blue clouds. It has large,green eyes,a small beak,and stubby legs. It has a cute, innocent expression. It also has blue angel wings.