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Hey, I'm rather interested in joining this rp however I have a couple questions regarding the setting while I brainstorm a character idea.

With pokemon training losing it's popularity, what kind of social status do pokemon trainers hold in your setting? For example if a Gym leader walked into a public area outside of their home town, is it likely they would be recognized? How about if our trainers managed to get 5 or 6 gym badges and then told a few people about it, would they generally be impressed or would they get a uninterested response at best?

As for the second question, do you mind if I make a character native to the region? If so could I get the name of a port town/city?
No worries, all these questions are perfectly valid:

In terms of social status, most people are fairly indifferent to trainers, mostly because of there are other forms of entertainment out there in Kinyo (e.g. baseball, contests) that people believe are more interesting than battling. In terms of being recognised, the Champion would probably be the only one universally recognised across the region, while Gym Leaders wouldn't be outside of the city they run their gym in, and even then, it's more because of the societal responsibilities being Champion and Gym Leader play, rather than battle prowess. People would only mostly be impressed if you showed them that you beat the local gym, or if you have a full set of 8 badges.

Also, yes making them native to the region is perfectly cool! Here's a list of all the towns and cities, just send a message about one you're interested in and I'll let you know more about it:

Mahono Town
Caramelon Town
Akurnai City
Vinylace City
Momoka City
Suimuse Town
Highrose City (region's biggest city)
Purplume City
Budovine City
Melhebo City
Liladine City
Kiuita Town