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Okay new topic such as:

What do you think Hope powers really mean and do?

This is likely a very temporary topic, haha, since
it might be revealed tomorrow or who knows. It could be pages and pages. Seriously, it could take forever.

I hope someone caught the reference.

EDIT: up. date....


Guess we got our reply just as early as I thought. See that creature in the lower right corner? It's an Angel. As in Land of Wrath of Angels, which was Eridan's, the Prince of Hope. He killed Angels there, since he is the "destroyer" of Hope. Maybe Angels are the embodiment of Hope?

The SBURB Glitch FAQ (non-canon, of course, but) says that Angels are some kind of monstrosity that wasn't supposed to be in the games. Glitches, or some kind of creatures akin to Horrorterrors yet vastly different. The Angels in these new canon pics sure look creepy.
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