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Vulpix is already taken.


DeuceClubs, Lord Sephear, and heretostay123: Your accepted. Can you guys let me know an egg move for your starter please?

Here is my character.

Name: Amanda Miller // Age: 17 // Gender: Female

Pokemon professor in Training

Appearance: Amanda stands at 5'3 and weighs only 92lbs. Her skin is tan and her hair is a bright blonde. She wears a pair of reddish-black bifocals over her hazel colored eyes and can not see a thing without her glasses. On her forehead is a scar from a childhood accident, She also has a scar on her left foot from a different childhood accident. She always a pair of silver stud earrings in her ears and her shoulder length hair always has a pink bow in it. Her normal outfit consists of a pink halter top with a white jacket over that, a white skirt or a pair of white pants depending on the weather, and a pair of pink ballet flats.

Personality: Amanda is a very sweet and caring girl. In fact she can be considered too sweet and trusting. She has trouble seeing the bad in people and just has to help everyone. Due to this she has some self esteem issues. When it comes to people complimenting her she will take it but a voice in her head will tell her it's not true. She's also been hurt in her path to help others. Having been friends with a girl for several years who constantly mentally and emotionally abused her. In her need to see the good in others she can overlook the bad that can be dangerous. Amanda does have a bit of a temper though but she only loses it in the rare moments that someone makes her extremely mad. She wants to do her best to reach her dreams and will never give up no matter how hard things get. Amanda Loves to sing and Dance, she can be forgetful and can repeat herself, and is very patient.

History: Amanda was born in Venus City and lived their until she was around ten years old. Growing up Venus city was always full of trainers who wanted to Challenge the gym leader Elissa, and those who wanted to visit the department store. When she was younger Amanda spent her time in the Pokemon Gym, watching Elissa battle those who challenged her. While watching theses battles Amanda vowed that when she was old enough, and when Professor Solaria had a fire Pokemon among that years starters she would start her journey. Though luck was not on her side. When Amanda turned ten her parents divorced and she went with her Dad to live in Aurora town, while her brother and sister stayed with mom in Venus City.

Though this move was a good thing for Amanda. It got her away from bullies, and away from an ex-friend. It also introduced her to the Pokemon Lab. For the next seven years of her life Amanda spent every moment she wasn't at home in the Pokemon Lab. For she had found her real passion. After the first two years she gained the attention of Professor Solaria and was taken on as her pupil. Amanda learned a lot over the next five years about Pokemon, about the region, and about the legend revolving around it's creation. Shortly after her 17th birthday she was asked by Professor Solaria to begin her journey for the badges. She was given a starter a Vulpix and was instructed to help the seven trainers that were coming from the other regions along the way. Amanda agreed happily to all terms excited to start her journey. Her plans were simple, work towards all the badges, help the newcomers to the region, and most importantly study Pokemon for Professor Solaria along the way.

Starter: Vulpix

Color Badge Case: Pink

Other: Amanda is a vegetarian and eats no meat. She has asthma. Amanda also is being trained to be the next Pokemon Professor of Celestia once Professor Solaria eventually retires. Amanda longs to study the legend behind the lunar duo and their part in creating the region.