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Originally Posted by chriskid198 View Post
Can I ask how to insert Palletes? I see in other peoples hacks that they have ones that aren't in other games.

And I have this problem and I cant post a picture because I don't have 15+ posts. I'll try to explain it, when I walk from the first town in my hack, and into the first route, when you walk back, it appears all glitchy and the map becomes weird (Like things that aren't supposed to be in places are there, the map becomes bigger etc..)
Here is a good, albeit old, tutorial on editing map palettes.

As for your problem, I'm guessing that the two maps use different secondary tilesets. If you switch from a map that uses, say, Tileset 1 to a map that uses Tileset 2, any blocks near the border that use tiles from Tileset 1 will get messed up because they'll get switched to the corresponding tiles from Tileset 2 any they will most likely end up looking glitchy.

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