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Originally Posted by Gary0ak View Post
I'm surprised no one said anything about this, but moi ;)
It's said that their cameo appearances in the upcoming episode are likely to be in the form of a flashback, but either way, it's going to be nice to see them appear on screen again.

I love whenever we get a cameo or a reference to past characters. You have no idea how excited I was back in the DP arc when May had her guest appearance for the Wallace Cup. That was a lot of fun and I loved seeing some of the new Pokémon she obtained and how much she had matured since she first left the group permanently. I also like it when they refer to their old rivals and friends from before as well.

I think what I always enjoy the most about cameo appearances though is seeing the Pokémon. For Ash, it's getting the chance to see his old Pokémon after so long. Cyndaquil coming back and later evolving for the Sinnoh League was great, and seeing Sceptile defeat Darkrai was oh so glorious.

All that being said, cameos work best when its not being overdone. Too many reappearances too many times just makes the excitement of it all vanish after awhile. Still, I wish May and Max could rejoin the group. ;;
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