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Your voice is so pretty. Wish I could duet with you XD;;; I can't write musick well so I can't really give advices, but I like how it sounds.

Also this is not musick but it is an audio clip from a game we're working on and it's epick and has earned us a buttload of more followers for our game XD;; so woooo! jdhfhfijwijijwYAYAYAYAYAYexcited

Eargasms worth of battle, minus the main character's voice cause his VA is lazy o.O;;; (He will be voiced by Nightmare Nadia though lol)

Mix and vocal editing by Me/Kurui
"Eve Maiden" voiced by Christina/Kitty
SFX by Nightmare Nadia
Epick Musick of epickness "Kneel and Perish" by Burstknuckle (although it is not for this game, but for one of my personal games, so it won't be in this game at all just a placeholder XD sucks for them long live Burstknuckle epicks~)
Based on ChiMeGo's (studio) game, "Anything", produced and directed by Mortimer "Toad" Toynbee, founder/CEO of ChiMeGo.
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