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    Sevish's 1st Entry of 'Living' - 1/22/2017

    "Duh, now that I'm really stranded and all, maybe there's a thing I can do while looking for somebody to hear my desperate rant of this recent event of sheer-randomness and possibly interview them for their feedback to make a believable story. But truly heck, these views are actually amazing, better take pictures of them and this will be worth a lotta' of money! ...sort of if they were to accept it. Never liked those picky cheesy-Stunfisk-people in the studio though. And then maybe someone that look like a native, or anyone who ended up on the same fate, and so become habitual with their ways of living, make a journal of it, and then become famous so Burgh can go into the dumpsters, and my dad will be very proud, and then, and then..."

    Estimated to be at noon, where the sun reaches the great brightness for the half part of the world itself. The beach is very calm, the waves constantly taking turns to crash into the border. The friendly atmosphere made it into a too-good-to-be-true-pseudo-utopia, only to be disturbed by rambling unorthodox words of an ambitious man. Not the exact same type of a competent Clerk working in their boring, air-conditioner buildings. Will he actually make it out alive and achieve what he really wants to do in the first place?

    After what seemingly to be the end of his rap, he took his camera and began adjusting the wished settings. Aiming for which part to take a shoot of, blinding flashes can be seen from afar and the depths of the forest. Those who saw these accidental flashes the day may be disturbed, while for some of them... they may be notified that there's indeed someone in there.
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    My Advents - Chapter 1 | Part 1

    As a flock of Wingull flew past the houses of the pier, she returned home from the Goldenrod Shopping Mall to stock up on goods consisting; 10 Ultra Balls, 10 Hyper Potions, foods, several necessary utility items like TMs and some possibly unneeded junks. Packing all of it into her sling bag, she sat on the sofa and let out a sigh of tiredness.

    At some point, she took a glance upon a nostalgic part of her storeroom of ignored, but unforgotten things and memories. The most standout thing that she saw is a notebook titled "My *Accidental* Advents". Pages by pages skimming through the sentences of an adventurous person, she found a piece of photo slipped between the gap of the pages. Wiping off the dust away with a thumb swipe, the photo was revealed to be a picture of a boy, and herself smiling into each other. Giggling from recounting such awkward situation, she put back the photo into the book and decided to bring the book along with her.

    All is ready, the supplies will be enough for an estimate 1 week. Possibly more than enough but there are always chances that it will be available in the destinated area. Her Venusaur approached and lets out an eager grunt, implying that she should bring him with her. However, she had other plans.

    "Sorry, but I can't really bring you with me, Venusaur. Instead, I'll take your child in replacement of your stead. Is this acceptable?" She asked.

    The Venusaur lets out a bored grunt, closing his eyes and slowly nodded. With a smile, she takes a Poké Ball containing an Ivysaur as a result of... well! Because Ditto breeding aren't always barbaric on certain extent, isn't it?

    Entrusting the housekeeping toward her main Pokémon, she takes the peculiar stone that she had for now. Brimming with strange color, she pressed on and teleported her way into the land that may change her fate.

    "Wait for me, fool."
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