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    Orion Starght
    Chapter 1 Part 4 - The Roar
    Silitune Sands
    "Points": 3
    Luxio - Spark
    Arcanine - Ardor

    Orion tries to listen to every introduction. He mutters to Spark: "I don't really want to be a part of this group, but for now I guess I have to memorize their names." Spark agrees: "Luuuux!"
    He looks at every trainer closely and searches for a physical feature to distinguish them.

    The girl with black eyes - Chebyl.
    "She is from Sinnoh! Remember the time we spent there, Spark?" Spark's eyes are enlightened by good memories. "But she doesn't seem to be strong..."
    The boy next to Chebyl has green hair and wears a semi-funny T-shirt - Sevish.
    He was the one who rushed into the tent like he was haunted by a Gengar. Orion is not sure, whether he actually belongs to this group - but he still does not understand this whole group thing either. His Pokemon's name 'Watch' is easy to remember.
    The blowhard - Sparth.
    Orion decides not to spend too much time thinking about this guy.
    Another teen whose hair looks like he got hit by an explosion - Gelius.
    His Weavile looks quite strong and like Spark to Orion seems to be Gelius' partner.
    The last human in the group: Lin - Dark, long hair and brown teddy bear eyes.
    She has an Alolan Vulpix with her, a Pokemon Orion has always wanted to train. She does not seem to be strong either.

    Not sure whether the others even want to know about him, Orion figures he will wait with his introduction because the others seemed to be talking in small groups already. Then there suddenly is a loud roar. He is a little surprised but tries to stay calm, telling Spark to do the same. When Sparth talks about getting ready to fight, Orion has to gauge. "If we need a rock or ground type, you will be at a disadvantage, buddy. Sorry for that. The same goes for Ardor and Togetic, and Eevee still is not strong enough to fight tough enemies." Spark supports his trainer by putting his paw on the only Pokeball that is left. "Yeah, we have to other option." While the others get ready as well, Orion sends out Absol. "Listen Absol, we are going to fight a strong enemy and there is a sandstorm hailing outside. Will you help me nonetheless?" Absol's fighting spirit seems to be sparked. It gets ready for whatever may come next.


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