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    Over the horizon of dust and sand, A long snake like creature could be seen, it's body glimmering. Sparth's eyes Narrow as he releases a Sandslash. "Kinn; Dig. I want you to surface when you run into one of those creatures quickly." The pokemon started to bury itself as Sparth runs out into the sand storm, pulling up his bandana to keep the piercing sand out of his lower face and his goggles keeping his eyes clear. "We can't use sonar, Environment can't produce sound... Come on Kinn..." Sparth's Sandslash surfaces out in the dust storm. "Anyone got a ground attack it would be-" A steelix emerges from the ground, it's eyes filled with rage as it barrels down towards the tent and Sparth looks back. "... EVERYBODY OUT OF THE TENT!" Thought just as he's yelling, another Stelix bursts from the Ground as he looks back as Sandslash "Earthquake! Shift it's attack!" The pokemove obeys as it shifts part of the sands in the earth, causing steelix to fall short as Kinn hops onto it's back as Sparth didn't need to tell it what to do next as it spikes Icicle Spears along it's long body as the steel type retreats underground.

    5 x Steelix's
    Gyro Ball
    Dragon Breath
    Species: Sandslash/Aloan
    Gender: Male
    Strengths/Weakness: ???
    Icicle Spear
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