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Thanks for stopping by and reading!

I really like this moment. I can almost picture the looks on both of their faces as they're circling each other, staring into each other's eyes. Red's 'time to die' quote struck me as creepy for some reason... and it doesn't help that I have to imagine him saying those words in a mechanical monotone at the same time.
Yep, there's certainly a lot of anger and hatred between the two of them. After all, Leaf's been waiting over four years to get this shot at him... no Pokemon, just a full on brawl.

I like how the mechanical voice only adds upon his sadistic, disturbing nature. And how it fits in perfectly to why he doesn't talk in the games.

By the way, I like how you choreographed the fight scene by focusing on each of the pairs in turn. Though the team was able to defeat Tobias and Friends rather easily, I guess it's to be expected, since Lisa and co. have calculated their moves, while the villains are just using blind rage.
Hours of police training and even more hours studying the fights in Walker Texas Ranger certainly help xD

“Dammit, this is impossible!”

“How are we being beaten by a bunch of GIRLS?”
I love this quote.
So do I, actually :P

And when Lisa's outfit survives a terrible plight, we know the day was successful. :P
Yes, definitely LOL Remember, if anyone tells you that a girl can't fight off armed thugs while wearing a frilly flowery dress and stockings, Lisa proves them wrong right here. She can subdue criminals, complete dangerous missions, and look fabulous while doing so :)

I'm surprised at how different our two interpretations of the Pokemon League are. That's what I've enjoyed the most about this story -- your League is like a government in and of itself. If has a Senate Council, a Special Agent division, and it even controls radio networks. :P
Plus there's a regional and an international level... the Special Agents work international, so technically they enforce other regional Leagues like the Kanto/Johto one. And he definitely saw that opportunity to use the League's overwhelming power for his own greedy purposes. All it took was a bit of money.

Of course, the one thing that is similar about our two Leagues is that some of their uses of money are questionable xD

I guess Leaf's decision to not return as Champion was a logical one... I wouldn't want my name associated with a brainwashing conspiracy either. It's kind of sad at the same time, though, because Leaf had so much passion for battling in the past, but it all got ruined because the League was turned into a gambling, drug-dealing disaster.
That's my explanation for why she hasn't shown up in any of the games since... she wanted to distance herself from all that corruption. And it is kinda too bad that she won't be using her training skills anymore, but she might find a way to put those butt-kicking martial arts skills to good use... stay tuned for the last installment... :P

(Speaking of which, it would have been hilarious to no end if you did a parody of the games -- first have them battle with pokemon, and then when Tobias and co. realizes that pokemon are no good, they switch to a fistfight instead. :P
Well, the father and his hired thugs aren't trainers, so that would have been tough considering all four of the agents are trainers and it would've been four on one :P Of course, it would've been tough against one of them anyway since he's not that good of a trainer xD

Come to think of it, it's sad how Red's last 'battle' as Champion didn't even have anything to do with pokemon.
Yeah, but he did pull a knife in this fight. And he did fare better than his overweight, whiskey-addicted little rat would have against Leaf's Pokemon :P

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the action-packed climax to the investigation... but indeed you are correct, there will be one more installment, where we get to see what the future holds for Leaf and Lisa!

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