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fa la la gonna change emblem to be awarded to everyone cause b2w2 is distracting fa la la final update fa la la

Coach: Bear
Game: White
Standings: 6-0 (idk how cause this team is strange lol)

Bama! / Smeargle (m) lv. 39
Flame Charge, Psywave, Sketch, Leech Seed

Big Al / Donphan (m) lv. 39
Bulldoze, Rollout, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang

Ha-Ha C-D / Conkeldurr (m) lv. 39
Low Kick, Bulk Up, Strength, Rock Slide

Southerner / Altaria (f) lv. 40
Fly, Dragonbreath, Echoed Voice, Sing

Ballerina / Lilligant (f) lv. 39
Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder

Victini that I never really got a chance to use lol :(

Surprised I even got 6-0, especially at the beginning. I almost lost to Lenora, Burgh, and Elesa. Grrr.

Oh and roll tide.

the fear has gripped me, but here i go.