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    Originally Posted by uran10 View Post
    Cyclone, I'm just warning you, if your already having problems with how this hack is designed you really wont enjoy it at all. Its one of those hacks where you have to be absorbed into the new graphics to enjoy it or realise how bad the plot, character development etc was. Great scripting just a downright bad attempt at a good plot. Also ncs are repetitive like mad don't talk to most of them. You probably will have a ton of pokemon given to you..... If I continue I'll go on to explain the many things completely wrong in this hack. Try to enjoy it it took me 70 parts to do a bilnd LP which happened to be the only LP I did not enjoy recording.
    Duly noted, and thank you...yeah, already stumbled upon Starter Gift #3, and already know about the repetitive comments made by NPCs (especially post-battle, Team Steam all seems to have the same manner of speech). With the lack of standard Pokéballs and the large number of hacks available, I might have to flop around again. It's not really enjoyable having to spend all the time grinding for a half hour or hour just to start the game, and having to use all the regular Pokéballs on standard fare Pokémon.

    Currently at the Gym and debating whether I really feel like continuing. I was planning to do my first LP attempt (lame as it will be) on a hack I really enjoy. I'm not sure this qualifies.

    With that said, I did somehow construct maps of some of the cities and areas in between. They at least show the nice scenery, which it seems was the focus of the hack.

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