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I like Surskit, I'm not sure why. I tried it out on my team and it grew on me. For Sinnoh, my favorite is Pachirisu; It's so adorable it hurts. I don't keep up with the anime but nostalgia strikes me on the Hoenn & Sinnoh ones. I like some of the movies though! Lucario's & Darkrai's are ones I'm a fan of. Fanart's pretty neato to look at sometimes. Ehh, typing? Psychic, yeah. Fairy's cool too, it's just pretty limited right now, not a lot of PKMN in it.
Surskit isn't a bad choice. I think Viola in the XY Anime did a pretty good job in showing it off. As for Sinnoh, hard to disagree with you there. Dawn's Pachirisu was too cute to ignore and frankly I liked it more than her Piplup(until the whole gag with Ash's Gible and Draco Meteor. At that point I started to pity it lol). Movies were solid too and I found the Lucario movie to be one of the best. May never looked better and Ash's outfit might be the best he's ever worn in any series or movie.

Finally Psychic typing huh? How about Gardevoir? Its a classic Hoenn Psychic Type that was given Fairy Typing. Might also want to check out Fairy Club. Fairy won't bite unless you have Chocolate lying around(Steel/Poison repellent won't work either). While there you might come to find that there are more Fairy Type Pokemon than you realize.

Oh and give other Pokemon Anime series a chance. Might come to tolerate, if not like some of them.