I like Surskits and Evees.

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Posted May 24th, 2019
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Have you had a chance to check out our Discord server? You might like it! n_n;
I will likely join it at some point!
Dawn's Pachirisu was too cute to ignore and frankly I liked it more than her Piplup...
Finally Psychic typing huh? How about Gardevoir? Its a classic Hoenn Psychic Type that was given Fairy Typing.
Oh and give other Pokemon Anime series a chance.
DUDE DAWN’S PACHIRISU WAS SUCH A JERK SOMETIMES LOL. And yeah, big fan of Gardevoir. As for trying out some of the anime, I’m up for it. Which ones would you recommend? I might just rewatch the Hoenn and Sinnoh ones, as I honestly don’t have clear memories of like...the storylines and such.
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