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    Originally Posted by Jarsha View Post
    While the language barrier is understandable, most if not all of the phrasing could be improved. As Blazing Flare said, the often very literal translations make little to no sense to a native speaker. Using the example previously brought up "Its a novice" should be changed to, "Are you new here?" or "Are you a new trainer perhaps?". If you would like, I wouldn't mind helping with the issue. If not, I'll just note what I notice and suggest something that I feel is more correct considering the context.

    Other than the language barrier; I can say that I am enjoying your work so far. Visually, its impressive. I've noticed no misplaced spacing, or oddly shaped areas. At some points the transition between tiles happens slowly or in some cases too quickly. Though that may just be my computer.

    I wish you luck in your endeavor.

    Ah, forgot to add,
    The music is a wonderful touch... Super Mario Sunshine.. Delfino plaza for the beach if I remember correctly?
    I really appreciate if you can help me with better sentenses.
    And you are almost correct in music. Delfino Plaza for the Teleport Station.

    Originally Posted by HyunJae View Post
    I love this game!!!! :) Does anyone know how to get squirtle? I want mudkip so bad :P
    Wild in Valley.

    Originally Posted by KidRollin View Post
    Okay i've been searching all around how do i get a water stone? And the linkstone i think its called to evolve my kadabra.
    Both can be found in Pokémon Market (Rank 9 required).

    Originally Posted by vitorhugo0 View Post
    I've got a strange problem. Besides the text in English having a few issues itself(I may be Portuguese but I don't like playing in Portuguese) it appears all bunched together with no spaces or anything
    Some people had this problem when using the DP font. Just try another font.
    Side note: The menus, attacks, abilities and some other stuff are in english in both language options.

    Originally Posted by pokelegend11 View Post
    This game looks great! I have one question. Is there like a plot or something you have to to do to complete a main storyline?
    Yes, you can beat the game. And this happens before you reach in the last Rank.

    Originally Posted by laurenbennxo View Post
    How do you change the controls?
    F1. But this is limited and a little confused.

    Originally Posted by Blazing Flare View Post
    I'd like to ask the author what the EV mechanic is in this hack.
    Does it follow the Gen 5 mechanic (battle by battle processing) or the mechanic of the previous gen (long term processing)?
    Yes! I even manually put the Power Items (like Power Bracer) effect. Latter in game there a way to see the exact EV and IV of your pokémon.
    I don't understand your second question, but I guess that is the second option.
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