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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
Love the final evolution of the fakemon. Great you're back, Chrunch. ^.^
Originally Posted by Mystery Man View Post
Pleased to hear you are back! :D

Updates are looking great, Chrunch, as I typically say. I very much find your style of mapping extraordinaire. Same with the Fakemon. Expleetle looks much better in game than I initially thought it would. Still a bit iffy about the bending ledges. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to further updates.
Thanks! I'm glad you like the fakemon (although I do have a new one)! I am aware about the bending ledges, but I still think in that instance it looks better bending than just straight. ;)


So, the first of the promised updates. I unfortunately don't have any new maps, but I am getting all the fakemon redone. Here's a taste of one of the new fakemon sprites:

Also, the new regional bird:

Tell me what you think of the new bird, and the new sprites! :) Do you like these better than the old ones?
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