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@Sarcastic Prince
Thanks, I'll check out XSE. Sounds promising. Also, I might use the tiles you were talking about, but I don't want to import FR/LG tiles. I honestly don't like them, they're kind of ugly in my opinion. Also, I've never edited tiles before, I'm kinda scared :o

Some of the OW's look nice, especially the Ruby/Sapphire characters, but that's about it. I know FR/LG are a lot newer, and it seems you can do a little more with them script wise, I prefer hacking Ruby/Sapphire.
No new pics, but here's a short clip. Here, you meet Rui (your partner on pokemon colosseum) and your friend on this game. And if your character is male, then your potential girlfriend ;) <3

Credits have been added to first post

This hack is still being worked on. I haven't posted anything new yet because I've been working on it all day everyday. I will post some new screenshots soon as well. I have made significant progress and improved some of my scripts, and I'm pretty happy with how it's going so far.

As far as the name goes, I'm still open to suggestions. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. The setting has been more clearly set at post-ruby\sapphire and pre-Pokemon Colosseum, with characters from both. Wes is still working with Team Snagem at this point, and Wally gets mixed up in it. Steven still has your back though ;) I think it will be an interesting/unique mix.
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