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    PokéCommunity Username: Bewbs
    In-Game Username: Chlobo
    Pokémon: Bellossom
    League: Kanto/Johto
    Game: SoulSilver
    Level: 100
    Items: Used. Bellossom held leftovers and I also used a lot of x battle items. Full restores and pp healers were also used.

    Move set
    ~ Sunny Day
    ~ Solar Beam
    ~ Sleep Powder
    ~ Synthesis [egg move]

    The hardest was Koga because of the type disadvantages. Will was probably the easiest and Bruno and Karen weren't too bad. I had lots of fun battling Lance. I loved doing this challenge, the highlight for me was when my Bellossom OHKO'd Lance's Garchomp. I might not have needed Sunny Day because I honestly used up all of my x battle items. Those x battle items made the difference between winning and losing. It was an act of impulse really.