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    Im browsing around, trying to learn about vars, flags and all this stuff. I totally get the whole idea behind your tutorial, but I have some tiny questions about how it works.

    setvar 0x4050 0x1 <-- What happens with the var here?? Does the 0x1 change the var number, or is it like a "toggle" inside the variable? The var value you set, is that what you set the variable to, or is it what you set the game to check the variable for? Or rather, with 0000 in this box, and you play the game - is the variable now set to 0x0, or does it compare the variable to 0x0 (because you entered 0000)? And is it a default value for this?

    I hope what Im asking is not too confusing :P its just the basic functionality that Im missing.
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