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    -Developed with Pokemon Essentials for RMXP-

    One day I was developing a few RPG Maker games when it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to make a Pokemon fangame. Typically, I'm not big on doing this, but I believe that I can do it the right way, so I went ahead.

    So what is this drivel that currently doesn't have an official title? Well, I wanted to create a pokemon fangame that, in spirit, was reminiscent of the old Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions of the game, but at the same time, I wanted to make something fresh, so this game spawned into being.

    To accomplish this, I am of course adding a new region with new fan-made pokemon, but I'm also attempting to explore some new concepts that the official games don't really offer. For example: I am hoping to add a better post-game experience as oppose to the easy "I beat the Elite Four and now I just roam around doing whatever!" type of nonsense. Anyway, lets get started on talking about the game, shall we?

    Early noon, you wake up from a pleasant dream to find that you are not at your usual home. What used to be the lofty carpet of your bedroom floor are now wooden planks, and as you look out your window, you see nothing but a vast sea. You remember everything, now; you are on a boat to move to the new Lantis Region!

    What is the Lantis Region? It was a massive project, which after 30 years of development was completed and opened to the public. It is the first man-made continent in the world, with an ecosystem controlled through computer systems. After the founder of the project, Chief Executive Tom Morrow, opened the region, people from all over the world have swarmed to the beautiful, synthetic utopia to live out their dreams. These people not only brought their cultures with them, however, but also their Pokémon.

    Different species of Pokémon spread across the region and started to adapt to its various environments, including some that most people have never seen before. Within a few days, the developers of the region opened the Pokémon Trainer's Challenge for Lantis, where aspiring Pokémon Trainers can capture and coach the vast species of Pokémon that thrive in the land. There was also the opening of a brand new university, called the Lantis Academy, which focuses on the development of Pokémon Trainers and their future.

    You have recently enrolled in this academy, so you are moving to this region with the hopes that you will become a great Pokemon Trainer. With the academy's unique method of teaching which allows you to take the Trainer's Challenge, you are eager to await your arrival to the brand new Lantis Region.

    In Regards to the Hacker Corporation:
    The Hacker Corporation, also known as the "Hacker Corp" or "Hackers", is a mysterious criminal organization that lurks about the Lantis Region. There have only been few reports of their existence, but it is rumored that they have the ability to tap into the complex networks that keep the artificial region running. This alone gives them the terrifying power of causing harm to both people and pokemon within the continent, from causing black-outs to creating malfunctions in machinery. Their goals remain unknown, but some have speculated that they want to replace and destroy Pokemon.


    Chase(Male Player):
    Age: 15
    -Chase is the twin brother of Amber, who wants to study in the Lantis Academy in effort to become a Pokemon Trainer. He has a humble, docile personality, but is somewhat unassertive and is often outspoken by his sister.

    Amber(Female Player):
    Age: 15
    -Amber is the twin sister of Chase. Unlike her brother, Amber is hot-blooded and aggressive, and she never lets anyone push her around. While she is brash, she is also ambitious, and wants to become the best Pokemon Trainer she can possibly be.

    Headmaster Janice Tulip:
    Age: 30
    -Tulip is the headmaster of the Lantis Academy. While she bears a gentle appearance, she was once a vigorous trainer who eventually gave up her life of battling to teach newcomers about the essentials of Pokemon. From time to time, she will host special class sessions to teach an aspect of Pokemon training to her students.

    Dr. Johnathan Gates:
    Age: 43
    -Dr. Gates was one of the leading programmers for a number of the systems that makes the Lantis region work. He is also the creator of the Pokemon Storage System of Lantis, and while he doesn't get a lot of sleep, he has a strong commitment to helping people enjoy the new region. In his early years, he was one of the developers who created Porygon, and continues to perfect the artificial pokemon in his spare time.

    Age: 15
    -No one knows much about Ron, but he himself is attending the Lantis Academy to become a Pokemon Trainer. He serves as a friendly rival to Chase and Amber, challenging them to pokemon battles from time to time, but all in good fun. He remains a mystery to his classmates.

    Hacker Elite Jason:
    Age: 23
    -Jason may come off as aloof and perpetually confused, mainly due to his punk-like mannerisms and frail appearance, but he is very cunning and knowledgeable about computer programming. He works with the Hackers because he "couldn't find a better job" with his knowledge and feels like "Arceus incarnated" when he causes trouble. He is notable for creating the Terorbyt series of artificial pokemon, simply by copying bits of Porygon's data.

    Hacker Elite Beth:
    Age: 30
    -Unlike her associates, Beth completely hates Pokemon, considering them as good as carbon waste when compared to the industrial powers of man. She is a former software engineer with a particular knack for building machinery. Nothing gets on her nerves more than someone who interferes with her objectives.

    Dr. Samuel Jobs:
    Age: 45
    - Jobs is the true leader of the Hacker Corporation. His motivations seem to be driven by spite of the development team of the Lantis Region and a desire to revolutionize the market for war weapons. While a brilliant intellectual, he is ill-tempered and stubborn, fighting too hard to gain what he wants regardless if people agree with him or not. Too add to his poor reputation, he expresses a dislike towards "organic" pokemon due to the fact that he needs to gain their trust in order to control them. He was a former college of Gates.

    Starter Pokemon and Full Roster of New Pokemon:


    Seed Pokemon
    Type - Grass
    Base Stats- 40 HP / 70 Atk / 68 Def / 60 Spe / 55 SpAtk / 35 SpDef
    Tadoledon is the kind of pokemon who focuses more on physical offense than defense, which is an unusual trait for most grass types. Once it gets it's newborn legs working, you'll find that this pokemon can be much more brutal than it appears!

    Lion Cub Pokemon
    Type - Normal / Fire
    Base Stats - 39 HP / 60 Atk / 30 Def / 66 Spe / 60 SpAtk / 32 SpDef
    Balanced in both it's physical and special attack, in addition to having a unique type combination, Kittoal is an offensive powerhouse. Watch out for it's somewhat weak defenses, however.

    Baby Dolphin Pokemon
    Type - Water
    Base Stats - 98 HP / 50 Atk / 40 Def / 39 Spe / 60 SpAtk / 80 SpDef
    What Balphin lacks in its power is made up by its durability. Having the highest HP among the three Lantis starters, this little sea mammal isn't easy to take down. Also, who can resist that adorable smile on its face?

    There are 76 other unique species that thrive in the Lantis region, in addition to ones you might be familiar with. Can you catch 'em all?

    Gym Leader Roster:
    The Lantis region hosts its Trainer's Challenge differently from other regions. Instead of focusing on a particular elemental type, Gym Leaders of this region focus on a pokemon's highest stat point (Hp,Attack,Defense,etc.). This allows leaders to utilize a broad range of pokemon, providing a new, challenging experience for trainers.

    Gender: Male

    -In spite of his age, Joey is a skilled pokemon trainer. While he had rough beginnings in his early years, his trust in his pokemon and fast, offensive style eventually granted him Gym Leader status. He enjoys to brag about his Raticate, which he believes is the "top percentage of Raticate", and outside of his role, he is the leader of a gang of young children called the Shorts Youngsters.

    Star Pokemon - Raticate

    Gender: Female

    -For a tough, accomplished Gym Leader, Martha is very reserved and quiet. She doesn't have many friends, but not because she's antisocial, but she's just a bit shy around people. While she may not seem like it at first, Martha is calculating and intelligent. Her battle style consist of using slow, strategic moves to outsmart her opponents.

    Star Pokemon - Boundoom

    Sgt. Skuff
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46

    Sergent Adam Skuff is a crazed war veteran with a knack for brute force. He has served roughly 16 years in his country's military, and has a no-nonsense attitude. He treats his pokemon battles the same way as his fights on the front lines.

    Star Pokemon - Tauros

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Leanne has been nicknamed by her community as "The Mad Woman of Lantis." She has a quirky, bouncy personality and is prone to hyperactivity and sudden mood changes. While these personality traits often come off as weird to new people, most people respect her for her cheery, amusing personality. In battle, she loves to mess with her opponents by making flirtatious remarks and teasing them, both towards opposite and same sexes.

    Star Pokemon - Wobbuffet

    Gender: Male
    Age: 50

    A victim of a brutal attack in his hometown, Gym Leader Samuel Robinson remains a cripple in his wheelchair. Being a strong, high-spirited individual, however, Robinson does not let his injuries get in the way of his training. He focuses on the mental capabilities of his pokemon, as he himself can no longer utilize his physical strength.

    Star Pokemon - Anqueen

    Gender: Male
    Age: 21

    Looking at Havi, it is difficult to take him seriously as a trainer. He is physically out-of-shape and is often aloof. However, Havi is smarter than he looks. He is optimistic, confident, and scheming during battle, plus his pokemon tend to be so durable that only a few trainers have ever beaten him. He obnoxiously likes to give pointless "quizzes" to his challengers to fill his ego.

    Star Pokemon: Blastoise

    Miss Tourmaline
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24

    Agatha Tourmaline is a French actress and trainer who recently moved in to the Lantis Region. She takes her love of drama and performance onto the battlefield, even going as far as to stage her battles in front of a live audience. She often comes off as egocentric and overconfident, but she knows how to properly handle a lost battle when she has one.

    Star Pokemon - Chantina


    Things to expect:
    -This game is designed to be relatively harder than the mainstream pokemon games. Do not be surprised to see trainers use evolved Pokemon at an early level stage, or use coverage moves. The best advice to give you is to play smart.

    -As mentioned earlier, Gym Leaders use Pokemon that have similarities in terms of stats (hp, speed, attack, etc.) as oppose to elemental typing. This is to let leaders use a variety of Pokemon in their teams, and to encourage the player to build a balanced team.

    -Due to difficulties with the engine itself, the only form of Pokemon trading in this game will be between NPCs. Pokemon that evolve by trading will evolve with an item called the Circuit Stone. Pokemon with evolution methods that are difficult for Essentials to handle will also be given their own methods.

    -The overall tone in this game is to be somewhat of a balance from humorous to dark. There will be some content that may be a little mature, including people and pokemon dying. The criminal group is also intended to be notably more violent than other groups portrayed in the games, commiting acts such as gassing people, using guns, and killing Pokemon. However, this is still intended to be a game aimed at a young audience. Think of the "Pokemon Adventures" manga in terms of the amount of violence.

    Current Features:
    -New Region with New Pokemon (herp derp)
    -New Moves, as well as changes to existing moves to correlate with Gen 5 a little. (i.e. Hi-Jump Kick's base power increase and lower PP)
    -A few new abilities. This includes Snow Slider, a Swift Swim equivalent that raises the pokemon's speed under hailstorm, and Stiff Body, which halves the damage received by physical moves.

    Planned Features:
    -The Cyber Jacking Device: this will be a key item that will allow you to control a "virtual image" of yourself through cyberspace by jacking into connection ports. Think of Megaman Battle Network, but with pokemon. It would allow the player more options for exploration and ability to find pokemon that would typically not appear in any other method. It will also play a role with the storyline of the game.

    -Post-Game Trainer Classes: To beef up the post-game segment of pokemon a little bit, I am considering on giving the player the option to join special "Trainer Classes" depending on their actions within the main game. The player then will be assigned continuous quests/objectives to complete depending on the class they choose. Here is a list of what I have in mind:
    Pro Battler: Specifically focus on raising pokemon for a competitive environment. Quests mainly include winning certain battle matches or winning with a specific team.

    Breeder: Breeders focus on keeping pokemon in good condition and offer nursing services to other trainers. They have acess to items that cut the rate at which eggs hatch, and quests may be to deliver certain baby pokemon to people.

    Explorer: Not so much concerned with Pokemon themselves, but on exploring the environment and documenting new discoveries. I need to develop this one a bit further.

    Demo v1.0

    Darkdoom3000 - Some of his Devamps
    Poccil - The original creator of Pokemon Essentials
    Maruno - For Scripting help
    yukinodsyouid - Music
    PokettoMonsutta - Some trainer sprites
    X-M-O - Title Design
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