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Originally Posted by ContestTrainer View Post
Hey does anyone have any idea on how to fix my script I can't get Ethan to say the start of it and all he does is give me the egg (repetitively if i keep talking to him) and says please take care of it... also how do I get his text to fit in the box, all it does is mush over the first words! (What I want to happen with this is him say these lines msgbox 0x87558A1 msgbox 0x87558DE msgbox 0x8755910 then give egg then say #org 0x8755961 on repeat without saying anything else or giving me the egg)

#org 0x8755880
msgbox 0x87558A1 ' Ethan: O-Oh! Your \v...
msgbox 0x87558DE ' Then why are you her...
msgbox 0x8755910 ' Then take this Egg I...
giveegg 0x74
msgbox 0x8755961 ' Take good care of it...
callstd MSG_LOCK ' Built-in lock command

#org 0x87558A1
= Ethan: O-Oh! Your \v\h01, right? U-Uh... Hi! U-Um? Are you lost?

#org 0x87558DE
= Then why are you here? Just exploring? Well um...

#org 0x8755910
= Then take this Egg I found, My Mom said it needs to be with a trainer anyways...

#org 0x8755961
= Take good care of it ok? Please vist so I can see it!

~Thank You in advance!~
You're going to need a "callstd" command after each msgbox command, otherwise the text won't show.
As for the text, you can use \n, \l and \p to divide it in lines, and boxes, check the first post for more information on that.

Now, for the egg to only be given to you once, you'll have to set a flag after the egg is given, and then check for the flag at the beginning of the script, so that it skips the giveegg part.

For example:
#org 0x800000
checkflag 0x254
if 0x0 goto 0x[your script with a setflag 0x254 command in it]
msgbox 0x[text for the NPC when you talk to him again]
callstd MSG_NORMAL

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