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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Hi there, I'm fairly new to the competitve battle scene. Actually, I'm a complete noob... I've never battled anyone outside of a friend back when Red and Blue were first released.

I'd like to build my first team around Darmanitan and Eelektross - my two favorite pokemon from Gen V.

The team so far;
Smeargle - ? - (Focus Sash) - Dragon Dance, Baton Pass, Spore and Stealth Rock (possibly spikes or Taunt)
Darmanitan - Adamant (Life Orb) - Flare Blitz, Rock Slide, U-Turn and Superpower.

I don't know what other pokemon I should be trying to include, or what role Eelektross should play.
I sort-of understand the tier list, but I'm not entirely sure where I want to be, or where I should start learning.
Well generally to get into tiers most of the time you should use Pokemon actually in the same tier because a lot of the time they just aren't suited to be used in that tier. While you can usually get away with a tier lower, it's better off to stick to the Pokemon in the same tier for the most part when you're new. The two Pokemon you like, Eelektross, and Darmanitan, are in separate tiers, and it's probably better off for you to start off with one tier or another rather than just combine them because teams with favourites across different tiers usually don't do as well as ones that have synergy in general from the same tiers. But with Darmanitan you'd be playing in a UU environment and the others may not be as viable in that tier. So yeah, personal suggestion is to start off with just one tier and go from there. Due to your interest in those two, you want to start off with a lower tier, yeah? Both (Eelektross - NU, Darmanitan - UU) can be good for learning, though NU is a bit more different to OU than UU is. I haven't personally played UU but I've heard it's similar to OU in the last generation, and if you want to learn something similar to the main tier most people play, then UU is probably closest to what you want, because some of those Pokemon are used in OU anyway. As for NU, I find it really awesome and fun and while I want to just say "go for that!" I think you're better off deciding for yourself. So... which of the two would you rather use? XD;

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