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The Energy of Perys
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The land of Perys was settled by humans nearly a thousand years ago. The first humans sailed from across the sea to this unknown, mysterious land, and have since called it their home. In the early days, people were blissfully unaware of what Perys had to offer. They explored the vast lands with curiosity, settling across the continent.

Then came the Dreaded Times: a period of unbelievable misery. It began with the droughts and the floods. It continued with mass starvation, famine. Then came the creatures: orcs from deep within caverns, demons from underground, giants from the mountains. For years, they were tortured by the creatures, the famine and the tumultuous weather. Humans were miserable. They began to believe they made a mistake coming to Perys.

Until they found Energy.

It is unclear where Energy originated. Some claim it was a gift from the gods who bestowed it upon mortals as a token of their faith, or as a way to fight the Dreaded Times. Some believe the world itself created Energy, and humans merely learned to harness it over time. Some say that Energy had always existed, like the air around them, or the sky above. Some say it is a curse.

Whatever the true origin, Energy became the most important tool in people’s lives. Energy was the world’s politics, religion, and technology. People relied on it for everything: work, entertainment, war. They used it to help control the weather and calm the storms and the drought. They used it to help produce food and feed themselves. They used it to fight off the creatures who would do them harm. And finally, after nearly a hundred years of horror, the Dreaded Times ended, and people finally began to believe in the promise of Perys again.

Nearly a thousand years have passed since the settling in Perys. The original settlers created the Kingdom of Perys, and intended for the people to live together under one banner in relative peace. As the years passed, however, Perys began to be divided by beliefs and location. Though they all technically identify as one nation, people began to be identified by which city-state they lived in, which leaders they followed, and which type of Energy they used.

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