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    Yes, changing the depth of the Pokemon is definitely a feature I'll keep in mind. :) I'm not sure what I'll do about the antenna though. I personally think it looks better behind the head. As for it not making sense when paired with a hat, I /could/ try to code it so that the antenna disappears when the hat is visible, but it would just be easier for the user to decide whether or not he wants the antenna there. The X option is always available. I'll also keep the position of the X box in mind. At first I did have it as a box in the first page but decided to change it to keep it visible throughout all pages of a feature.

    Also, Maruno is right about the sprites. It's meant to be a paper doll dressup game, and I don't think I will create a sprite feature. ^^; I might consider it for a future game idea though.
    This is my game! :)