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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    Hm... how about Victory Road in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y is more like an actual road more than anything? But still with all the special puzzles and stuff you'd need to do along the way, so like you'll get to push boulders around while moving up the mountain. And no, I don't mean the type of mountain from Black/White, this time with it all being outside instead of inside as it's name should fit as. And along the path there would be many tall grass in your path, and maybe when you get near the top... there would snow everywhere and it would be hailing. And walking in the snow alone would encounter Pokémon, which means you wouldn't need to go into tall grass. And at the end of Victory Road, there is a pond and a huge waterfall, which then leads into a big castle, which has every single Elite Four's room filled with spectators. Now that's something rather interesting.
    That just makes me think of the mountain part of where Silver is found in HGSS which just... doesn't sound exciting. I'd rather it was pretty and calm rather than snowy and annoying to walk through. Plus a road to victory doesn't necessarily have to be up a mountain (at least most roads IRL aren't up a mountain XD;)

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