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    Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
    I can join too!
    Username: Oshamaru
    Favorite Game: Awakening
    Favorite Character: Emmeryn

    I'm a newbie to the series. I started by playing Sacred Stones thanks to the ambassador program and I eventually started playing Fire Emblem(Rekka no Ken). Awakening is a great game, but I want to play some of the older games as well. I'm currently playing Fuuin no Tsurugi and I hope I can find a copy of Radiant Dawn soon. :I

    As for the topic, I really like Lon'qu/Lissa, Donnel/Lissa, MMU/Cherche, Ricken/Nowi, and Henry/Olivia. (That's just some of them...)
    Welcome! No worries because there is a good amount of people here who are also newcomers to the series. Sacred Stones is one of my personal favorites actually im glad you like it ^^ Binding Blade is a great game too though i'd recommend you patch it before playing (if you havent already that is) because you know its japanese :P i too am trying to find a copy of radiant dawn myself but i dont know if i'll ever find one :( well if you find it make sure you give me feedback :D loved your signature btw XD
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