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    When I awoke the next morning N was gone. That put a damper on the brand new morning, but I was already used to it by now. I had grown accustomed to falling asleep in his arms only to wake up all alone the next morning. That's to be expected I guess, right? N is the king of Team Plasma, he has his duties to attend to. But whatever those may be I haven't a clue, since I never leave his room everything that goes on outside the walls of N's room is shrouded in mystery. All I can ever see is the dark smoke over the horizon and everything else is left to guesswork.

    I didn't have the heart to stumble out of bed so I just lay there like a lump, staring at the ceiling as if in a trance. The curving pillars of the room, the bones that supported the structure, crawled up the walls, onto the ceiling and united in a circle right above N's bed. There was some sort of ancient carving inside of this little circle; it seemed to tell a story no longer spoken by word. I lifted up my hand, tracing the lines of the carving above with my finger. Two figures stood below the sky, reaching out their hands to embrace arcs of black and white light. Towering above them, in this ancient illustration, was a massive Pokémon, some sort of great deity.

    "What was it…?" I mumbled to myself, hidden thoughts within my head suddenly broke from my lips. I wracked my brain, trying to figure out the carving and whatever story it was telling. I started to wonder about the origins of Team Plasma's castle. How long has this structure been around and who on earth created it?

    I flipped over onto my stomach, entangling myself further in the blankets of N's bed. I started to debate whether or not I should actually get up this morning. Though I'm not proud to say it, there were some days where I would throw a pillow over my head and submerge myself under the sheets, hibernating all day long. I know that's no way to be, but can you really blame me? I was locked in N's room all the time, overcome with choking depression, forsaken by the world. If those aren't good reasons to isolate yourself then I don't know what is. Because of my routine I would have thought that I'd put on a couple pounds, the opposite actually happened. That's because I never eat, well almost never. I don't have the desire to eat food anymore. If anything it's just something to do to occupy time. So I'd actually become skinnier, not emaciated by any means but my rib cage was sticking out.

    I debated for a while with myself before finally deciding to roll, very ungracefully, out of N's bed. The blood surged to my head when I stumbled up on my feet, the room started to go dim. Head rush. I gripped the sides of my skull until it subsided and then turned to the mirror at the side of the room.

    I looked rough, but no one really looks beautiful first thing in the morning. I knew I'd look worlds different when Anthea and Concordia got their hands on me. Since N is usually off somewhere, being a king, Anthea and Concordia are my caretakers. They're nice to me, don't get me wrong, I really enjoy their company. But for some reason they really love to dress me up in some of the most extravagant, over-the-top outfits that have ever been witnessed by human-

    There is was a sudden movement to my left, and I jumped in surprise. It was so quick, so small that I immediately doubt that I really saw it. It's just my paranoia again… I stare, with serious vigor, to where I could have sworn I saw something moving under the sheets of N's bed. Nothing moves, everything is still, and I swear I've gone insane.

    Chapter Two
    Consume the illusion (… and get ready to dance)

    With no movement following the one I could have sworn I'd seen, I give up and trudged over to the mirror where a small counter lay. I flopped down, picked up a brush, and made an attempt to smooth out the huge mass of hair on my head, with a polished wooden comb. I kept my gaze locked onto the sullen looking girl who stared straight at me through the reflective glass. I hated her and I hated that stupid distraught look she always wore. Why did I still look this way? Even though I was sure my spirits had lifted from last night, my expression still reflected absolute sadness. I tried not to linger on those thoughts.

    After my naturally wavy hair was as smooth as I could make it with a quick comb through, I made to get up and head over to the windows to stare blankly at the world. But right as I put down the brush I saw it again, right in the reflective glass, something was moving under N's bed! I was sure I'd seen it! I clambered up with the speed of a race horse, knocking my chair over with a loud clatter. I reached the bed where the lump was still moving. I was overjoyed that I hadn't gone insane, and that there really was something beneath the sheets. I wondered if N was still hiding there, but I quickly pushed that thought away, realizing how ridiculous it sounded. N had left very early in the morning and whatever was quivering beneath the bed sheets was much smaller than a person.

    I contemplated on what the creature could be, chewing on my lip as I thought. I was too weary to tear the sheets off just yet because all sorts of outlandish possibilities kept flooding into my mind. A whale-shark? Some ancient ghost inhabiting the castle? A super-natural tunnel leading to a world of never ending falling? Ghetsis? I hit myself on the forehead; I really was going crazy inside this room. Finally, after swallowing what fears I had I took firm hold of the bed sheets and tore them away.

    A small black dog-like Pokémon was huddled into a ball underneath the covers. It had a red-tipped wisp of fur on its head, which kind of looked like the end of a paintbrush. It was a Zorua.

    It looked up, and by the harsh glare it was giving me I could tell it was peeved at being woken up. I stared at it still as a statue trying to feign innocence. I didn't work. With the blankets still in my hands I looked incredibly guilty. It gave a small, annoyed yip before taking a dive straight into a bundle of purple blankets.

    "…Sorry…!" I whispered, throwing the sheets back over the bed. Walking away I started to wonder how that thing ended up getting inside N's room. Was there some sort of way out apart from the front door? Maybe a secret passage or some ventilation shaft I could crawl through? The question endlessly demanded my attention as I began to pace the room, poking my foot on one of N's toys. After giving much thought to the possibility of escape I decided to let the idea drop. I knew that I wouldn't be able to find out anything by simply pacing the room like a robot. And I certainly wasn't going to head back to N's bed to dig up that Zorua again, asking it how it had got in. It was angry enough at me last time I disturbed its sleep. Something told me that it would do more than just bark at me if I pestered it again.

    Sighing in defeat I stalked over to the far row of windows, nearly tripping over one of N's toy boxes on the way.

    The windows had a sort of outward curve to them just like the walls. Just sitting inside of N's room is kind of like being in a gigantic sphere. The design perplexed me so. After taking my seat, with my legs folded, I stared at the brightening landscape beyond. A pale white sun rose over a row of mountains in the distance. Dark clouds of smoke drifted out on the wind from where the fires burned last night. It was definitely early morning, but I'm not good on telling time by the sun's position, I was unsure. So I sat awaiting either Anthea and Concordia, or perhaps N to return – depending on what he has to do this morning. I decided that when he returned I would ask him about that Zorua.

    I waited for what seemed like quite a while, and the sun had definitely gotten higher. Eventually the door opened. I didn't react to it at first because the depression that lingered inside my body left me unresponsive and a bit slow-witted. But when I did turn around to meet the visitor I saw that it was N who had come back. His expression was definitely hard to read, per usual, but there was an intense seriousness in his gaze.

    Is something wrong? Did something happen? I thought in a vague sense of worry.

    My suspicions were thrown to the wind as he broke his serious stare with a huge ear-to-ear smile.

    "You're awake?" he asked.

    I waited for some witty remark to follow but it never came. He just stood there staring at me. He's a bit of a weirdo sometimes but I guess
    that's beside the point. I clambered up and sped towards him, dodging all the clutter at my feet on the way.

    "You have to see this!" I bleated taking hold of his arm and urging him toward the bed. "Look. Look. Look!" I couldn't spot the Zorua at first glance so I figured it was still sleeping under the covers somewhere. I dove into the blankets digging through them in search of that elusive little dog. Little did I know at the time but that Zorua had already left the concealment of the bed sheets and was standing behind me, right beside N.

    I continued to tear through the sheets like a mad man, not really caring how much of a mess I made. N's bed was usually a huge mess anyway. N spotted the Pokémon standing beside him and kneeled down to pet it, smiling the entire time, completely ignoring the spectacle I was making. He'd been oblivious to it! That Zorua, on the other hand seemed to relish in the foolish attempt I was making trying to find it. Only when it gave a snide barking, that actually sounded like a laugh, did I realize where it was.

    I pulled my head out of the bed sheets and whipped around. "Youuu!" I shrieked, pointing at it with an accusing finger.

    N smiled at me, "You've met Laika, then?"

    My finger dropped, "It's a girl?"

    He nodded at me while still stroking the Zorua's back.

    "How did it get in here? I'm sure it wasn't here a few days ago…" I stopped myself as a thought came up from the depths of my memory. I remembered someone telling me that Zorua is a Pokémon of illusion. I wondered if it was possible that Laika had been secretly residing in this room under my nose the entire time.

    "She gets in through the dog door over there," N told me, making a small gesture towards the oaken front door. "I make it so that she can come and go whenever she pleases."
    I stared stupidly at the dog door for a minute, wondering if I could squeeze through it somehow. Even though I had a very small figure, I knew there was no way I was getting through that dog door. Judging by its size I doubt that my head would be able to get through. Looks like that chance for escape is out, I huffed subconsciously.

    I turned back to N who was smiling contently as he scratched Laika behind her ears. N emanates an infectious atmosphere whenever he's with a Pokémon. Just looking at his joyous expression even had me smiling.

    "I hope you can be friends with her," he said finally standing up. Laika looked up disappointedly, upset that her ear massage had ended. "Breakfast is ready. I've come to get you."

    I didn't really notice how hungry I was until he made that comment. I hadn't eaten in a fair amount of time and the thought of food made my mouth water, and the aching in my stomach grow. I obliged. And without having Anthea and Concordia appear to clothe me into some extravagant outfit, I followed N to the dining room. The dining hall wasn't very far away from N's room. It was just out the door, down the hall and around the corner quite literally. Fitting with the rest of the castle, it was an extremely grandiose room, very long and rectangular. A table which resembled the room's length was the dominant feature of the area, taking up most of the space. The wallpaper was a slate-like gray. Columns, just like the ones in N's room, lined the walls like ribs joining together on the ceiling where a light hung down. In the space between each column was an expertly crafted painting depicting images of Team Plasma, Ghetsis and the Seven Sages or legendary Pokémon. Small tables rested against each of the four walls. A vase of flowers lay sleeping inside, providing a spring-like aroma to the room.

    The food had already been placed on the table before N and I arrived, so we were ready to eat. I headed straight to my end of the table and took a seat. N went over to his side opposite, grabbed his chair and dragged it back over to where I was sitting. It didn't take us long to establish that if he sat on one end of the table and I sat on the other, we would have to scream to each other if we would ever hope to have a conversation. Let me stress that this was quite a long table. So he always brought his seat over to mine and sat beside me on the adjacent side. Once we were seated and established, N started to offer me certain dishes of food. Well, he knew I didn't eat very much, so he tried to coax me to eat as best he could.

    "Try the ham and eggs!" "Touko, try some of this garlic bread." "Hey. Touko, try this sausage that looks like an octopus!"

    The food provided for us was so incredibly rich. All of it looked like it was made right from scratch. And when I say that, I mean it was all grown and harvested in the castle too. I knew there must be a green house around here some place…

    After I had eaten a decent amount, more than what I would usually eat, I noticed that N had become silent. He was looking down steadily, slowly twiddling his thumbs. I could tell by his body language that he wanted to tell me something and whatever it was… it was important. I stared at him for a minute with cheeks full of chewed food as I waited for him to begin.

    "Touko…" Even the tone of his voice was unreadable. I couldn't draw any sort of inkling to what he was about to say. "There's going to be a dance at the end of the week. It will be to commemorate Ghetsis's success. I was wondering if you'd like to come with me…"
    He spoke so quickly, as usual, that I almost didn't catch everything he said. But once he was finished talking I took my chance to swallow my food and simply stare at him.

    "A dance?"

    "Yes, but it will be a formal one…"

    "I can go?" I asked him in bewilderment. "I thought I was supposed to be a prisoner in this place! I mean…" I paused for a moment, letting the news sink in.

    "Ghetsis agreed to let you come. But you'll be heavily guarded and watched at all times…" he said, staring towards but not directly at me.

    I knew there'd be a catch. Even if I got to leave N's room and attend the dance, there would be no chance for escape if I was constantly being watched by Plasma guards.
    "You don't have to go if you don't want too," he said at length.

    I turned to look down at my empty plate, analyzing the food smears and crumbs while I thought it over. I couldn't look N in the eye while I mulled it over. Even if I was to be guarded and watched the opportunity for escape could still present itself before me, and I would be a fool not to take it. This was a chance that I couldn't risk passing up.

    However, before I could give an answer, N suddenly stood up. He matched my curious gaze with a smile. "You can think it over. You don't have to give me an answer right away. The dance is at the end of the week."
    And with that, he left me. Before I even had a chance to speak...


    Author Notes: I will never know the joy of eating a sausage octopus ;__;
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