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    I'm goint to put the codes of items pretty soon.
    Golden Freezer is not in the game, I'll tell you when he's added.

    There wasn't any update for now, the gods are already in the game, but it's really hard to find them.
    However, the appearance of these 3 fighters is activated by the same script as Entei, Raikou and Suicune.
    I didn't change anything and I don't know exactly what is this script.
    Maybe you have to repair the machine on One Island with the ruby and the sapphire if you want to find them.
    Logically, getting the National Scouter only must release them but I can't be sure about that.
    I have to test it but it takes too much time, finding the legendary is very hard.

    About the save, I think that you can't do anything unfortunately. I already tried to recover a save before and I couldn't.
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