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    James Hendricks
    Bus to Ignea

    James heard a loud whistle noise as the bus entered the tunnel. The bus vibrates heavily as electricity arcs all around the tunnel.

    "EVERYONE OUT!! GET OU-" James hears from the front of the bus right before a bolt of lightning pierces through the bus driver, disintegrating him right after. James slings his backpack over his shoulder and jumps out of his seat. James takes a quick survey of the situation.

    The bus was being hit by arcs of lightning, eroding the frame of the bus. He had to act quickly. James rushed to the emergency exit at the back of the bus. He grabbed the handle for the door, which was a large bar placed across the door, and lifted it out of the way, and pushed the door open. The bus was slowing down due to the lack of a driver, but there wasn't enough time to wait for a stop before the bus was reduced to dust. James took a deep breath, and jumped out of the back, tucking his head into his chest, and bracing himself for a hard landing. James smacked down onto the asphalt of the road, and rolled several times before coming to a stop.

    James laid there on the road, and was in rough shape. He was going to wake up the next day with more than a couple bruises. He struggled to pick himself up off of the pavement, but managed to do it. His right leg jolted with pain as he tried to walk on it, enough to bring James back down to his knees. James took a couple seconds to think on his next move, he had to get out of this canyon quickly.

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