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    GAH! i feel bad now fro not putting anything up, because I'm sure there is at least one person who reads this.... and if not I'm sad, but oh well, i dont know. this is definately one of my longer chapters


    Latias woke to the see nothing around her. <Am I dead?> she asked herself.

    <Far from It.> a deep voice answered her. Latias looked around, startled. She looked on in wonder as a pale, translucent green shape appeared around her. She tried to back float up and confront whatever was before her, but a searing pain raced through her body and she passed out again.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Andrew sprinted to the front ranks of the army that gathered, his legs pumping as if they had a mind of their own. He reached the front to find Latios, Luni, King Aimone, and Jogun, all in full battle armor, staring at the dark army that had gathered on the other side of the clearing.

    Andrew drew his sword and disappeared in a flash of light, to be replaced by a Rayquaza. The sword, along with Andrews' body, grew and changed shape. What was a five foot long sword was now a 20 foot scimitar. The waves in the hilt and blade of curved sword looked as if they were moving. They seemed to roar across the blade with a vengeance.

    The strange fusion of pokemon from Andrews' dream stood at the front of the dark army.
    <Why don't you climb back into that cave of yours, that way you wont be mocked for the rest of your life for having lost to me.> Andrew said snidely. Some of the pokemon in Andrews' army chuckled at this but were quickly silenced when the dark being roared.

    <you? Defeat me? Not in a thousand years.> the Darkness smiled coolly.

    <You're right, not in a thousand years… today.> Andrew retorted. The Darkness gave Andrew such a cruel stare that he flinched, but he held his ground. <Today, you will perish into the abyss, never to return!> Andrew roared. The men of his army cheered at this. Andrew watched patiently as The Darkness scanned his dark army.

    <I would have thought that the king of the sea would have gained a larger army than this.> The Darkness muttered.

    <I don't take kindly to those who mock me.> Andrew said and gave the creature as cold a stare as it had given him. This didn't make The Darkness flinch, but Andrew could see that he knew to be wary. The Darkness scanned Andrews' army again and grinned as if had just won a prize.

    <Where is your red friend?> the creature grinned evilly.

    <Leave her out of this!> Andrew said, a cruel glint in his eye.

    <oh, but I'm sure that Lucas's Salamence would love to sink its teeth into her skinny little neck again.> at this, Andrew snapped. He rushed the dark creature only to be repelled by a black orb of energy which threw him back so far he crashed into what was left of the burnt out camp. The army gasped as their commander hit the ground with an audible thud. A mushroom cloud of dust rose from where he fell.

    When the dust settled, Andrew was seen rising from the ground, dark energy crackling around him. His once green skin, now black, a faint shine to it.

    <You will be gone before the end of this day.> Andrew growled. "The day will be ours! We fight for our lives, now!" Andrew roared into the minds of his soldiers. He flew above his army and watched it surge beneath him as if it was a river.

    The Darkness did the same and watched giddily as his men began to march. The two armies clashed and the screams of men could be heard for miles. The cavalry unit charged into the middle of the battle, hacking with their swords, and crushing the dark army beneath the hooves of their Rapidash.

    "Bombs, launch!> he called to the minds of the men up on the city walls. Loud whistling was heard and black spheres entered the midst of the battle.

    <Those little rocks didn't do anything!> The Darkness laughed and was about to say more, but before it could open its mouth, explosions below it drew its attention. It looked down to see more explosions blasting his men into dust. <very clever, but not clever enough.> the being sounded un-happy, but lifted his arms and a black thundercloud formed over his army, more bombs came, but just disappeared into nothingness as it hit the shadow that the cloud made.

    <we have been watching our armies fight for some time now. I think it's our turn.> Andrew challenged The Darkness.

    <foolish child. You cannot win against me.> the being called and molded the air with its hands. Two large, double-headed battle-axes appeared and The Darkness swung them experimentally. <Prepare to meet death child.> the creature growled.

    <You are more of a child than I. you find it fun to torture others.> Andrew retorted and lunged at The Darkness. He missed and in return, the creature swung its axes. Before Andrew could turn around and have any hope of blocking the attack the axe blade hit him in the side, going just deep enough to draw blood, yet it still sent a horrible pain through his body. Andrew lifted his scimitar just in time to block another crushing blow. The force of the blow sent pain down his arms, but he could also see the darkness stiffen as the power reverberated through it. Andrew used this moment wisely, hitting The Darkness over the head with the flat of his sword, and followed up with down stroke that left a large gash spread across the creatures' chest. Silver blood poured out its chest. After the Evil regained its senses, it hacked at Andrew again, leaving another gash across his body.

    <you will never win!> Andrew roared and let loose a hyper beam so large, it took out 100's of Dark soldiers and knocked The Evil into the forest behind the dark army. Andrew approached the being. <never.> he said as he brought the scimitar down on its neck.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Latias woke once more to a burning pain. She groaned and lifted her head and opened her eyes. All she saw for a few minutes was red, and she had a massive headache. After she regained her sight and hearing, Latias looked around and thought that the translucent green creature was gone. That was until she saw it shimmer back to existence, still surrounding her.

    <Ah, you're awake again.> it said kindly.

    <Who are you?> latias asked nervously, but than looked closer, and saw that the shape was one she new very well: Rayquaza. <I thought you were dead!> Latias exclaimed after the form didn't say anything.

    <I am. For I am nothing but a spirit.> Rayquaza said solemnly and looked out of where the opening of the tent should have been. Latias looked through the spirits' body and saw that the tent had burned down, and that many others had also. That's when she became aware of the sound of clanging metal and men yelling. <It's happening…> Rayquaza told Latias.

    <Wait, what's happening?> Latias sounded confused.

    <The war has started.> Rayquaza whispered.
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