Emerald Pokémon Emerald - Nuzlocke

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Pokémon Emerald - Nuzlocke


This hack implements Nuzlocke rules into the code of the game. Once a Pokémon faints, they can never be revived. If you lose all your Pokémon in a battle, your game is considered over.


  • When a Pokémon faints, they cannot be revived.
  • When a Pokémon is obtained, you are forced to nickname them.
  • The game data self-deletes when you white out.
  • QOL features for a more enjoyable playing experience.



  • Bunch of minor bug fixes (Pret)
  • Self-deleting save file (Ghoulslash)
  • Run indoors (TheXaman)
  • Use item repeated (Ghoulslash)
  • Auto lowercase (Jaizu)
  • Surfing Sprite Glitch Fix (Ghoulslash)
  • Faster HP bar (Ryuhouji)
  • Summary Screen Wrap-Around (Zeturic)
  • Item description header (Ghoulslash)
  • BW Repel (DizzyEgg)
  • Show Natures ala Black and White (DizzyEgg)


  • Because there are so many variants in rules to catching Pokémon (not to mention that it would be hell to program), you have to self-regulate when it comes to which Pokémon you can catch.


Download Here

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Nice to see projects that make nuzlockes easier to do. Approved!

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