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If you could associate a Pokémon for each genre of music

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Old June 6th, 2012 (9:48 AM). Edited June 6th, 2012 by Pink Jazz.
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If you could associate a Pokémon for each genre of music, what would they be?

Here are mine:
Rock - Charizard (Fire)
Pop - Pikachu (World's most popular Pokémon)
R&B - Blastoise (Blue)
Smooth jazz - Clefable (Pink and soothing)
Hip-Hop - Umbreon (Dark)
Electronica - Porygon-Z (Technology)
Country - Dugtrio (Brown and lives out in the country)
Classical - Gardevoir (Psychic)
Disco - Espeon (IDK, I just do)
New Age - Ninetales (White)
Metal - Steelix (Steel)

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Old June 6th, 2012 (11:45 AM).
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Black Metal: Hydragon
Death Metal: Aggron
Grindcore: Expoud
Doom Metal: Maybe Houdoom

Metal is all that matters to me lol. I listen to a lot of Classic rock as well, but I'm not sure I could connect that to any Pokémon
Old June 6th, 2012 (3:50 PM).
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Rock - Raichu (with the pierced ear I can see him getting into it lol)
R&B - Mienshao (I can see it getting down lol)
Smooth jazz - Jynx (I can just see her with an instrument lol)
Hip-Hop - Krookodile (like a boss!!)
Electronica - Elektross (he'd light it up haha)
Country - Tauros (it just fits to me lol)
Classical - Chatot (it having a musical note and all, plus beautiful birdsong!)
Disco - Mr. Mime (please tell me you can totally see him strut his stuff on the dancefloor)
New Age - Altaria (it's got that spiritual wisdom to it)
Metal - Houdoom (he's a badass haha)
Old June 7th, 2012 (4:20 AM).
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Rock - Ditto
Pop - Ditto
R&B - Ditto
Smooth jazz - Ditto
Hip-Hop - Ditto
Electronica - Ditto
Country - Ditto
Classical - Ditto
Disco - Ditto
New Age - Ditto
Metal - Ditto

'Nuff said.
Old June 9th, 2012 (4:15 PM).
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Psychedelic Trance - Beheeyem (Psytrance often sounds alien and mysterious, and the flashing lights on Beheeyem's hands are a bit psychedelic. Plus, it's a Psychic type)

Classic Rock -Blaziken (It's mane looks like long hair, and it's strength and Fire typing reminds me of Eddie Van Halen's great guitar solo "Eruption")
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Old June 11th, 2012 (1:51 PM).
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Rock - Magmar - Feels like a rocker Pokemon.
Pop - Cinccino - Maybe the scarf-like fur makes me think of pop.
Smooth Jazz - Grovyle - I honestly have no clue.
Electronica - Electivire - Electric. Duh.
Country - Shuckle - Has a feeling of a country Pokemon.
Classical - Gardevoir - Ballroom gown appearance
Disco - Cacturne - I can imagine it dancing pretty well.
Metal - Garchomp - Harsh looking Pokemon.
Old June 19th, 2012 (4:50 PM).
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Druddigan - Heavy Metal for sure. The rest I don't really know though :c Meleotta would be like harpy/strings/etc... Disco has to be Medicham since it'd be great at posing. Pop... Probably one of the Gen V monkeys? I'll go with Simisage 'cos it looks really in the grove of Pop. Country has got to be Cacturne, it'd look amazing playing the banjo! Electro would be Registeel since that's how it talks! And I can't really think of any more genres right now :c
Old June 20th, 2012 (12:50 AM).
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  • Pop- Pikachu and Charizard cause they're the most popular Pokemon.
  • Rock- Loudred, it's based off a boombax/amplifier and rock music uses a lot of amplifiers to project the sound of the guitars.
  • Hip-Hop/Rap - Scraggy and Scrafty cause of their "baggy pants" and they have a gangster like appearance something that is associated with hip-hop/rap music.
  • Electronic/techno- Rotom. It can take control of electronic devices. If it can take control of a washing machine, I'm sure it use electricity to take control of a synthesizer or turntable. I think there should be a Sound Rotom, shapped like speakers or a phone.
  • Dubstep- Seismitoad - again the large "speaker like bumps" would be helpful with projecting a lot of bass.
  • Punk- Again Scraggy and Scrafty - their hoodlum/rebel appearance and the mohawks on their head
  • Christian rock/worship -Arceus, obviously cause it's like God.
  • Opera- Jynx , she looks at lot like the stereotypical black woman female opera singer, with the breast plates. I also associate Jynx with gospel music cause they also look gospel singers and in the original artwork she had black skin, which is what caused the controversy of Jynx looking a stereotypical "blackface".
  • Jazz- Swalot and Grumpig .I associate jazz with the colors purple and black and since both of have a black and purple color scheme, I'm reminded of jazz music. And for some reason I picture Swalot playing a double bass.
  • Screamo- Exploud. It's the Loud Noise Pokemon and it's very wide mouth makes it look like it's screaming.
  • Country- same as AlexOzzyCake here. Cacturne cause I can imagine it playing banjo and it comes from the dessert which always reminds me of country music and living in the country.
  • Classical - Gardevoir. It's the long dress thing it wears and how it looks very elegant.
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