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Old September 26th, 2012 (5:32 AM). Edited September 26th, 2012 by Krazzikk.
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Am I the only one on PC that plays Magic the Gathering? I have yet to find anyone who plays MTG which is really disappointing because I love MTG, it's one of the best card games I've played imo.

Incase you've never played, MTG is a BIT like Yugioh in the sense that you have creatures that you play, but it's not. In a standard game you start with 20 life. Every time a creature attacks you, your life goes down by how much attack it has, etc. Once you reach 0, you lose.

So that's the just of it. Anyone else that plays MTG? Maybe I can find someone to play, haven't played MTG in so long because I have no one to play against. :<

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Old September 26th, 2012 (8:47 AM).
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I play Magic, but I'm kind of on an out phase and pretty much only play limited formats anyways. Never really gotten a good competitive standard deck out.
Old September 26th, 2012 (8:28 PM).
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Lol, I've only played casually with my siblings, besides the few times I played some un-official sorta casual tournaments at the bookstore, (which is closed now ;_ so I wouldn't consider myself a competitive player, even though I do try to make good teams because my brother is pretty good (he attends official tournaments from time to time, and has won a good amount of loot from drafts) and hard to beat.

Oh, well I guess by format you mean the type of thing your deck does? For example, one of my decks, also my favorite, is a vampire life drain deck which uses black vampires that use lifesteal, and it's loaded with lifesteal cards, and pretty much anything that benefits mutually from vampires, or has life drain. I guess that's what you're talking about when you say competitive format? Another example would be my sliver deck, a deck with TONS sliver type creatures that benefit from multiple stacks of cards that give "all slivers get [insert buff here]"

But yeah, those are my 2 favorite teams I like to show off. And I might add that 54/60 of the cards in my sliver deck are holographics xD
Old September 26th, 2012 (10:52 PM).
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By format, Digi means what cards are allowed at official events. There are several different MTG formats. Limited is the name for the format used at set pre-releases, while Standard is the dominant format used for official tournaments and events that tie into the World Championships, with other formats being used fairly infrequently by Wizards.

I was into Magic in the past, but I've kind of lost interest recently and am basically just sitting on my collection of cards, playing casually on occasion. I'm far more into the Pokemon TCG.

I did frequently go to prereleases and occasionally official tournaments like Regionals back in 2008-2010, though. I used the Bant shard in my attempt at playing Midwest Regionals in 2009, but I went a horrid 0-6 because Bant was a weaker shard.

I do own the Premium Sliver Deck, though, which is entirely composed of reverse holo cards. Glorious to behold, really. As are all all-holofoil decks from just about every TCG.

My only presently-intact decks I have are an all-sets Burn deck, and a primarily Shards Block (Shards of Alara and related sets) Naya deck.
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