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How often do you restart?

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Old December 8th, 2012 (1:50 AM).
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I've always wondered this and since I was considering restarting my HeartGold version.

How often do you restart Pokemon games?

As for me, I never really restart my games alot. All the progress and memories I have made on that said game makes it hard to start over. It's why I decide not to restart my HeartGold yet. Whenever I do start a new game, it's usually because I'm bored with the current save file. I usually have a reason for restarting a game such as I didn't like name I gave myself or the starter I choose and it's usually only when I haven't made a lot of progress on a game.

How about you guys? Discuss.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (2:01 AM).
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I don't usually restart my games at all. I only restarted once, with Platinum, but I guess that's cos I was disappointed with my starter choice (which was Turtwig) so yeah, I wanted to start with Chimchar (my fave Sinnoh starter) which explains that.

However, the reason I don't tend to restart is because I collect a lot of Pokemon and I don't want them to go to waste.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (2:04 AM).
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I tend to restart every game I get (but roms more often). At the moment, I send all my pokemon over to my Black version (the only one I never restarted) and then restart. I'm currently playing a challenge on HG, one on Black 2, have a dead postponed one on Emerald etc. I only usually restart for challenges.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (5:50 AM).
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Never at all...there's no such thing as me restarting. I only restarted once, because I was testing my HeartGold to verify its legitimacy. It's just not worth it because I've done so much.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (6:56 AM).
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I don't really restart my game. I only restarted my Soulsilver after fainting Raikou by accident.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (9:19 AM).
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I actually start over quite a lot. I don't really have Pokemon that I need to save or anything.

Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
I don't really restart my game. I only restarted my Soulsilver after fainting Raikou by accident.
Wow, you must've been pretty dang far.

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Old December 8th, 2012 (9:25 AM).
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I tend to restart more often than I ever thought I would. Even if there's something rare on the file or I if have put lots of time into it, I always end up telling myself that I can get it all back -- and more -- if I ever really want to.

The source of the restart tends to be the feeling of starting fresh after not having played for a long stretch, also from the notion that I could have played through the game better.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (7:34 PM).
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I never restart, the thought of losing all my progress has always refrained me from restarting.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (8:16 PM).
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I always save before important battles and restart if I lost or even when the pokemon which could have sweeped the other pokemon died.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (8:21 PM). Edited December 8th, 2012 by Heracles4.
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Never, ever. I think its dumb :>

Never, ever. I think its dumb :>
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Old December 8th, 2012 (8:48 PM).
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Old December 8th, 2012 (8:59 PM).
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I restart my games about three times a year and play through or get bored. I usually restart a generation I haven't played in a while, like I'm replaying Gen III right now and after that I might go through Platinum again, then back to Red Version or Blue Version.

Really I just go with whichever generation I feel like playing, but I usually keep a game per generation where I hoard all of my items and good Pokemon on with each restart, like I always restart Blue and keep stuff on Red, I restart Crystal version since it's my only working Gen II game, I hoard stuff on my Sapphire Version since I used my Action Replay on it to get max berries and it broke shortly after that, and for Gen IV I keep everything on Pearl Version since that's one game I've never restarted and have had the same file for nearly 6 years, something really rare with me lol.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (11:05 PM).
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I think I've restarted only once on one of the games I got new, and that was Sapphire (after having my original save file for about 4 years). I did restart on any of the used games I got (Gold, FireRed, Platinum, HeartGold), but that's just because I wanted to start my own game from scratch.

I might try restarting Sapphire again since I've done basically nothing on that file, and I think I'll to do some challenges or something. The rest of my games will probably stay the way that they are, since I've put in countless hours into each, and I don't want to just throw that away.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (11:10 PM).
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I don't think i've restarted any game except my HeartGold version,I already had the first badge but i screwed something up so i had to restart.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (11:21 PM).
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A soft reset? Many times, I always screw up somewhere.
A hard reset? After a year or so unless I've grown too attached to my Pokemon, as ridiculous as it sounds.
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Old December 9th, 2012 (3:45 AM).
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Not as often as I used to.

Whenever I restart a game I can send migrate Pokemon from, I usually do that, then restart.

I haven't restarted Pokemon White or Black 2. The last game I have restarted though was Heartgold.
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Old December 9th, 2012 (6:35 AM).
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I usually never restart my games. Although one time I restarted my Sapphire version for the heck of it.. Also, if I get a game from someone else that was used, I tend to restart those as well.
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Old December 11th, 2012 (5:52 AM).
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Way more times than I should. I actually plan on beating B/W2 again and trying not to start over from sheer boredom so I can actually complete the Pokedex.
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Old December 11th, 2012 (6:11 AM).
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Alot. I beat the game do all the side stuff afterwards and restart im on like my 12th playthrough of bw2
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Old December 12th, 2012 (1:58 PM).
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Nowadays I barely have time to finish one playthrough of a game, let alone multiple. Because of that, the only time I restart is at the beginning if I make a colossal mistake like picking the wrong starter accidentally or something similar. When I was younger, and had more time on my hands, I'd normally restart older games as soon as I'd finished them just to go through the joys of playing them again. I've probably started my Blue version more times than I can count! :D
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Old December 12th, 2012 (10:04 PM).
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A lot. I've probably restarted HG 15+ times since I got it about 2 years ago. Less for most games, but still 8-10 times for Black/White. I usually send my teams over to White where I keep all my Pokémon before I restart
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Old December 14th, 2012 (12:52 PM).
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I restart my games a lot unless they have something in value on the save file. Like events or just the entire pokedex filled out... I find great joy on re-starting the games at times, especially if I just do it spontaneously instead of planning bit-by-bit on which pokemon to use and entire movesets...

That said, I scavenge copies of my games from sales around here to save money. Or get them as second-hand.

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Old December 15th, 2012 (3:52 AM).
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Since I have all the games, I tend to keep one game with a permanent file and the other for restarting. Blue, Silver, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Pearl, HeartGold, White and White2 are my permanent ones; when I restart the others I trade my team over to the most convenient one.

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Old December 15th, 2012 (5:15 AM).
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I don't remember restarting much but I sometimes wish I had some of the pokemon I caught / bred (lv. 1 riolu, togepi egg, perfectly bred misdreavus with a planned moveset, a bagon and what not) at the start of the game, so I could try something fresh other than starting with one of the starters. I never did that though as far as I can remember.
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Old December 15th, 2012 (9:14 AM).
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I restart when I feel like being nostalgic and replaying the beginning of the game. Such great (and confused) memories wrapped up in those low-level battles. <3

I recently reset both Heartgold and Soulsilver. I traded my level 85 Charizard over to SS so I can rip through the gyms more easily. Partially because I want to soft-reset for shiny legendary Pokemon.
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