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View Poll Results: Which Region is your favourite?
Kanto 10 8.40%
Johto 24 20.17%
Hoenn 53 44.54%
Sinnoh 12 10.08%
Unova 20 16.81%
Voters: 119. You may not vote on this poll

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Old January 8th, 2013 (9:01 PM).
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I didn't think this way with Black and White 1, but when the second games came out, my opinion drastically changed. There's so many things to do in this region. It's a big region too so exploration is fun to do. My play time's already 114 hours and I got the game only a week ago. And I remember I was around 50 hours and I still needed to do some after-game stuff. It's huge, maybe even moreso than HeartGold and SoulSilver.
The game also had quite possibly the best soundtrack in the franchise. Their own original tracks, as well as the remixes of previous games (the gym and champion themes, the regi battles, the lake trio). Unova's just my favorite.

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Old January 9th, 2013 (6:37 PM).
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If I haven't already posted in this topic, Houen or however they've localized it (it's been years and I still never caught on).

I'm kind of glad it's winning. Beyond all the water and surfing, it was the region with the most enviromental variety as far as I know.

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Old January 14th, 2013 (1:05 PM).
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I love Johto, mainly because I loved gen 2, and grew attached to Johto from all of my time playing Gold. Johto does a good job balancing urban areas (like Goldenrod) with an abundance of trees, forest areas, mountains, and even some water. If I actually lived in the Pokemon world, I could picture myself wanting to retire to Johto; it seems like a pleasant place to live. Unlike some of the other regions, Johto didn't seem too urban or crowded to me, nor did it have too much water (I've never enjoyed surfing too much, so I found the abundance of water in Hoenn irritating). The towns weren't so far apart in Johto that they were painful to travel between, but they were also isolated enough to give the region a rustic feel.
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Old January 14th, 2013 (5:17 PM).
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A very close call between Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh. I'm picking Sinnoh only because my favorite game is Platinum, and Sinnoh introduced some of my favorite Pokemon. Johto and Kanto are just as good in other ways.
Old January 14th, 2013 (5:27 PM).
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Wow, I'm really surprised so many people chose Hoenn! It seemed to be the one that had the most complaints. Anyways, Hoenn is my favorite. ^-^ The pokémon native to the region have a lot to do with it; most of my favorites seem to come from this batch. Also, the environment is so diverse, yet the pokémon fit well with their surroundings. Imagine how beautiful it would look in a remake!
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Old January 14th, 2013 (5:35 PM).
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Sinnoh, definitely. So much of the scenery was happy and vibrant and beautiful.
Old January 14th, 2013 (5:50 PM).
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As much as I love all the regions, I specifically place Unova at the top of my list. This region has lovely scenic views and beautiful towns and cities. The storyline was just incredible; the characters felt so real as if they were talking personally to me. <3
Old January 14th, 2013 (6:29 PM).
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Wow, people really like Hoenn on here. It was pretty good, I guess. I like all of the regions pretty much equally, although Johto didn't quite... click with me. I can't explain it, but it just didn't feel as interesting as the other ones. Since I have to actually pick on, I settled upon Unova because I'm quite fond of its various cities, although if I had to pick a favourite city I'd say Sunygrove in Shinnoh was the best... if that was the right name.
Old January 27th, 2013 (1:54 AM).
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Hoenn as in Ruby and Sapphire it made you travel round to compete in Contests, making it seem more like the anime version of contests (sort of).

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Old January 28th, 2013 (8:40 PM).
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My favorite has to be the Hoenn region. I'm biased because that's the first region I explored but I love the tropical setting and the abundance of water.

I also like the Sinnoh region because of the mountains.
Old January 29th, 2013 (7:08 AM).
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My favourite region has to be Shinnoh because of the platimun battle frontier
Old January 29th, 2013 (7:19 AM).
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>Hoenn #1
>implying that water-infested region is that good

on topic: Sinnoh and Johto for me; voted for Sinnoh
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Old January 30th, 2013 (8:17 AM).
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For me, it's a tie between Johto and Hoenn, but I'd have to say Hoenn takes my vote because it just seems like Hoenn has so much more to offer than other regions in terms of land size and exploration. The region is also half-filled with water, too, like others have said, which I liked. xD
Old January 30th, 2013 (8:35 AM).
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Sinnoh. Definitely. Beautiful landscape and interesting areas, great characters, best regional Pokédex (in Platinum), history and the mythology of the region, and much stuff to do.
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Old January 30th, 2013 (6:59 PM).
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Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
>Hoenn #1
>implying that water-infested region is that good

on topic: Sinnoh and Johto for me; voted for Sinnoh
I think it's an age thing. I would guess the average age of a PC member would be like 16, which would put them at 7-8 when Ruby/Sapphire came out, which is a common age range to start playing Pokemon. So it becomes nostalgic.

For me it's definitely Unova though. Partly because I live so close to New York so I felt really connected to it, and partly just because...I like it. Cool region imo.

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Old January 31st, 2013 (3:27 AM).
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Hoenn all the way. Love the water everywhere (fan of water types too) and the beautiful towns and dive implementation. The best, isn't it? Also, I like the starters there and few Pokémon like Linoone.
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