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You wake up in your home in Viridian City, Kanto. This is the day when the resident pokémon researcher, professor Pine, has promised to give you a rare pokémon of your own in return for your participation in her study. The study involves training this pokémon, capturing as many others as you possibly can, and taking part in the annual Pokémon League Tournament. You will have to travel around Kanto and defeat all the gym leaders. The exact details and purpose of the study is not revealed to you. But the professor compensates your family richly for letting you go on this journey, and you're getting the rare pokémon and pokédex. Everybody seems to win.

You will travel, either alone or with friends or people you meet along the way, and gather many pokémon in order to do well against the increasingly powerful gym leaders. But more and more, you will start feeling uneasy and strange. As if some things just can't be coincidences. As if someone is following your every step. Is this true or are you paranoid? And if it is true, are they helping you or hindering you? Is there a hidden agenda to this study, something that the professor did not want to tell you...?

The world of pokémon lies ahead. Step into your very own adventure!
Currently, spots are closed.

the workings of the RP
This RP is an opportunity for you to play through Kanto in a more creative and free style than playing the real games would allow. I will present new areas as chapter posts with obligatory and optional events to include in your own posts. This reboot of the RP begins in Pewter City and goes towards the Mt Moon, Cerulean and so on.

You are welcome and even encouraged to create NPCs at any time but make sure that your posts mostly revolve around your main character and their pokémon.

Levels exist and I will let you know when your pokémon level up, learn new moves or are able to evolve. Even though battles earn you the most levels, it is not the only way! Making your pokémon appear and act in your posts will likely earn them levels occasionally. Evolution items and TMs will become available now and then. Max number of moves is 6.

When capturing pokémon, you don't have to wait for approval or anything. You may capture pokémon in any way you like, but if you are going for rather rare and strong pokémon, it'll be much more interesting and less godmoddy if you make the capture more difficult than for common, weak pokémon!

Player interaction should most often be done through joint posts, which are best created by sending a PM back and forth and building onto the text until a story worthy of a post has been made.
BUT if you sign up, be prepared for that eventually in the RP, you might be required to post a bit more consistently since interaction directly in the IC thread will probably become necessary in some story arcs. Don't leave others hanging and waiting for you for more than a day or two unless you have a good reason for it!

1 - Follow all the PC and Roleplay Corner rules.

2 - The rating is T. I don't see a reason to describe battles, romance or injuries with more detail than this rating will allow ^^ You are free to describe pokémon battling in a way you feel comfortable with, but things should be closer to the anime's style than to a bloody war or real life streetfight.

3 - Be polite and nice OOC. I have the final word on everything, for the sake of organisation.

4 - Reservations last for a couple of days and you may reserve starter and appearance. Take your time to think up an interesting character but don't drag things out for too long.

5 - If you want to sign up when spots are open, fill out the sign up sheet found in the OOC thread. Then post it in the OOC thread and wait for my evaluation :>

6 - Post at least ONCE a week. There is no minimum post length beside that in the Roleplay Corner rules, so make tiny posts now and then if you're having busy days or longer posts if your fingers feel happy~
Only sign up if you feel eager to make up your own pokémon trainer adventure and have some time to spare. Thank you :D

chapters so far
Route 2
Viridian Forest
Pewter City

player list

? - ?
No details yet

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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chapter 1; FRIENDS AND RIVALS // Route 2

Leading north from Viridian City is a fairly plain route. Fields of grass line the road and many trainers from the city come here to train rather than going south to Route 1, since more interesting pokémon live here and the landscape is pretty open. A good place to catch some reliable pokémon before entering the treacherous Viridian Forest. At the entrance to the forest is a resting house where they heal pokémon and sell potions, pokéballs and antidotes in case travelers didn't stock up on that back in the city.

Mandatory event:
Somewhere on Route 2, you will somehow encounter a trainer who has gotten a pokémon from another professor just the day before. It will be the unevolved version of your starter and it will know all the same moves except for your egg move! They have traveled from Pallet Town already, having gotten their pokémon from the more well known professor Oak while you got yours from the young and relatively unknown professor Pine.

You may battle or talk or otherwise notice and interact with this trainer. Make up their gender, appearance and personality briefly and let it show through the post. As brief or detailed as you want to bother with ^^ This trainer will appear on more occasions, just so you know, but I will decide when.

Minimum number of posts: 1

Wild pokémon catchable:
Their evolutions/prevolutions may be encountered but not captured.
You can keep playing after having caught a pokémon,
but I will assign level 7 or 8 to it in the first post,
depending on how good your capture post was!


[Tail Whip] [Growl] [Scratch]

[Leer] [Peck] [Focus Energy]

[Absorb] [Growth] [Leech Seed]

[Absorb] [Growth] [Leech Seed]

[Tackle] [Camouflage] [Growl] [Sand Attack]

[Tackle] [Tail Whip] [Growl]

[Quick Attack] [Tail Whip] [Charge]

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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    chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS
    Trey Vincent//Route Two

    The early morning had vanished, the bright sun that hung high up in the sky burned away the last remnants of the the morning mist that blanketed the earth. Route Two was easily traversable, making it an ideal road to take for beginners. It was flat and grassy, only a few roads cutting through the grasslands. A truck drove by the lone trainer and Croconaw, it seemed to be holding medical supplies of some kind from the city. Was there a Pokemon center up ahead? It had been so long since Trey had been here he wasn't sure how much had changed.

    "Zilla! I'm hungry, how 'bout we stop for a snack?" The newly nicknamed Croconaw happily ran over to a hill a little ways away, eager to get a bite to eat. Stepping at the top of the hill, he had a marvelous view of the entire route up ahead. He decided to capitalize on it and take a nice picture, they weren't even officially on Route Two yet. He admired the picture he took for a little before shrugging of his bag and taking a seat next to an oddly shaped rock which Zilla claimed as his throne.

    He lifted the red piece of technology Professor Pine had given to him, the Pokedex. Tapping open the front face upward, he saw the monitor come alive and almost instantly bring up a profile on Croconaw. It displayed its current statistics, the tank of a water type was at level 10. He had a long way to go before becoming a full fledged beast. After swinging on his bag, he munched on a bag of oreos he brought out and gave another to Zilla. He hoped chocolate wouldn’t upset his stomach, then again he wasn't a dog. The two ate quietly. Trey didn’t have anything to say to the Pokémon and he seemed perfectly content about it. Instead, the boy examined the route up ahead and wondered what other beauties the world had to offer. At that moment, Zilla's tail twitched and he looked towards the left. Trey looked too and was surprised to see a periwinkle form. Darker blue triangles littered its body. Her triangular ears were rounded-like, erect and forward. The shorter horn typical of the female version of the species moved about as her red eyes scanned the area.

    “That’s a female Nidoran.” Trey said. Nidoran made sporadic appearances in Viridian City, but much less than Rattata and Pidgey. Much like the Rattata, however, the farmers claimed it a pest if not worse. Did they really expect wild Pokémon to not invade their fields for easy food? Any creature in their right mind would see that as an opportunity. Giving a smile, he brought up Nidoran's profile and its vitals were displayed. “This displays all of its attacks, its level and basic stats. This is amazing.” The creature didn’t move except for the occasional twitch of the nose and shifting of ears. Trey tapped Zilla on the shoulder and smiled broadly. “Put the oreos down man, this will be an easy catch for us , especially when its this wide open.” Cautiously, they began to ease closer.

    He slowly began to stand upright until he stood tall, "Aqua Jet!" Zilla sneered and was engulfed in a sphere of crystal blue water before blasting off towards the tiny Poison type. The creature stared at the incoming Zilla with those big red eyes of innocence before zipping out of the way just in time. It may have been a trick of the eye, but Trey swore she narrowed those red eyes and…smirked? Did that thing actually smirk? “That’s just weird.” The Pokémon wasn’t staring at him entirely, but past him. Feeling another presence, Trey slowly turned to what held the Pokémon’s attention. That smirk turned into a full-blown sneer. Trey finally identified the bad feeling from earlier. He’d been had.

    "NIDO!" The rock Zilla had been sitting on earlier was no rock. The beastly form uncurled itself and hefted itself up to its monstrous legs, "QUEEN!!!" The roar from the gigantic final evolution shook Trey's very bones. The tiny female Nidoran had quietly and quickly made her escape while Trey was left to deal with its mother.

    "Shi-" Trey was interrupted by a giant fist breaking a nearby boulder. "We're out of here Zilla!" The boy dashed by and grabbed the water type by the arm, the Nidoqueen stomping its way over to them. It wasn't very fast, but neither were the fourteen year old boy and three foot tall water type. With one stomp to the ground, the very earth beneath them began to tear apart like a piece of paper. "Holy crap, its Earthquake. I ain't trynna die out here man! Zilla, Aqua Jet us the hell outta here!!" Trey had hoped that year on the Swim Team really payed off as he held his breathe and threw his body onto the Croconaw who almost instantly burst from where it once stood and down the hill away from the exploding hillside.

    It was hopeless. They weren’t going to find that Pokémon in such a wide-open space. They had been looking for about an hour now, at first it began as a simple quest to capture a nice Poison type to use in the future against any grass types that dare to tangle with Zilla, but now it was an epic mission to reclaim his pride and a test of his manhood. That thing would be lucky if Trey used it as a meatshield against Zubat swarms. Zilla had even gone as far as marking his face with some burned wood to make some war markings. Maybe there had been a fire type around, that sure would be a lot easier than this stupid little thing.

    "Out of the way!!" A trainer riding a bycicle zoomed by with what Trey could only see as being a poisoned Pikachu. "Stupid Nidoran!!" The trainer yelled as he rode away. Could this have been the same Nidoran? Zilla gave a firm nod to his partner as both continued down the road. But it wasn't long until they came across a small moving shape underneath a tree.

    Their perpetrator stepped forward. She planted her clawed feet firmly onto the dusty floor, puffed her chest and held back her head. Her mouth opened and drew back her lips. The bucktooth gleamed slightly in the low light. Obviously, it was prized part of her anatomy. Her large, spiked ears flattened, almost folding over, as she displayed her warning. There she stood. Defiant. Challenging. Smirking. That Nidoran definitely was a haughty one.

    “Lets try to reason with it," Trey gave another glance at the Nidoran who was still waiting and smirking. That stupid smirk. Trey could feel his cheeks heat up with embarrassment and anger. There was no way he was letting that little pest get away. "And by reason with it I mean, A WATERGUN TO THE FACE!" Having heard the trainer's decision, Nidoran gave a great squeal. Just as Zilla stopped his watergun attack there was a sudden charge of purple rodents. A group of male Nidoran behind her suddenly leapt forward, over the female’s head and charged towards them. Zilla darted in one direction and Trey planned to go in another. Several male Nidoran had caught up to him, but he managed to twist away. He made his way over to a large canister that looked to be twice the size of a water heater and scrambled up to the top. It rocked violently, dangerously close to tumbling over, but it held. The thing was metal so it was impossible for them to climb, leaving the rodents to claw and hiss.

    Being stranded on some rusty container was not a great start, not to mention he was separated from Zilla. Preoccupied with watching Zilla evade all the Nidoran on the way up the metal container with him, the trainer failed to notice the shadow lingering above him until it gave a shrill squeal. Trey snapped his head upward to see the female Nidoran diving from above, triumphant smirk in place. “This Pokémon is crazy!” From her angle, she was aiming for Zilla. “Zilla!” Trey alarmingly called as he thrust an arm between the sneaky Nidoran and his Pokémon. Barely did he get his arm lifted when the Nidoran chomped down. Trey made a noise of pain as he flung the creature away. He didn’t have any time to cradle the wound for the impact and shifted weight caused the container to topple over.

    Both crashed onto the wooden floor, Trey landing painfully on her shoulder. Groaning, he shoved himself to a seating position and took in the condition of his forearm. The skin wasn’t punctured, meaning the fangs were dull, but a nice bruise would be expected later from the way it throbbed. Hearing enclosing chitter, he checked about themselves to see many of the male Nidoran converging on them. “Leer, Zilla!” His piercing, menacing eyes were targeted at the pack. Their opponents halted their attacks, trying to look away. “Scratch!” Zilla tore into the pack, bowling them over like pins with his larger bulk. Nidoran had barely managed to open an eye before Zilla rammed his claw into her side with enough force to send her head over end. She hit the floor with an audible thud, but recovered quick enough to evade the next scratch. Putting space between them allowed Nidoran to release her growl, effectively halting Zilla who tried his best to go against the noise. Following the growl, she made another series of noises that several males responded to. Zilla shook his head to clear himself when he heard the growl of three Nidoran who bore upon him with speed too fast for him to counter. On contact the trio sent him into a somersault.

    “Aye, yo! What do you think y'all are doin?!” Trey shouted as he continued to watch the onslaught of quick attacks. They continued mercilessly and his Croconaw was defenseless. He had to do something, Croconaw would surely lose at this rate and if he did, he would be stuck in the service of that crazy Chansey for an unknown length of time. He scanned the area about himself, spotting a piece of rectangular plywood. Taking a fleeting look back to the battle, he saw Zilla breathing heavily and sweating, but was admirably holding his ground. The trio of male Nidoran pivoted, returning for another blow. Running behind them was the female Nidoran. If all four of them struck, Zilla would be out. Trey ran for the plywood. “Heads up!” he shouted as he hurled it in their direction. Catching sight of the projectile, Zilla hopped back a few paces just as the board came crashing down. Timed perfectly, the males smacked into the board painfully. Surprised, the Nidoran skidded to a halt. The missile toppled forward, revealing Zilla who was in inhaling deeply when he managed to hit her with a Water Gun. Though it still packed a punch, this time it had merely caused her to roll backwards. Nidoran go to her feet, growling and glaring at Zilla. He was set for another attack when she suddenly turned tail and ran.

    Trey ran up to him and grabbed the plywood. “These guys are out so you don’t have to think about the Males. Just worry about that female Nidoran,” Trey urgently told him. Giving a nod, he pursued the female Pokémon who had already scaled a pile of fallen debris up a tree. Zilla took the same route, not climbing quite as fast, but getting up there. She zigzagged when the branches allowed it. When she stopped to catch her breath she heard a call and saw Zilla running after her. Making a sound akin to sucking of the teeth, Nidoran scurried off. The poison Pokémon still had a lead on Zilla and she was climbing higher. He had to catch up. Trey's blue eyes scanned for another solution or anything that would be of assistance. There was nothing he could do directly from his position except alert his Pokémon to an awkwardly shifted branch. He hoped the Nidoran would keep moving as he predicted. “Zilla…there, up ahead that narrow space. If you jump you could cut her off!” He looked to where his trainer pointed and saw what he was referring to, but shot him an effective "child please" expression.

    Zilla continued his pursuit, but he was losing precious energy fast. The chase couldn’t go on much longer. Coming across the indicated point he could clear with a jump and cut her off, Zilla decided to take the leap at the last minute. When he noticed the Nidoran was running right into his path and his failure to slow down did realization dawn on him that he misjudged both their speeds. Hearing a whoosh of wind coming from the side, Nidoran paused briefly which proved to be a mistake when the water Pokémon collided with her. Both tumbled from the branches towards a pile of debris below. Reacting quickly, Trey removed Zilla’s ball and recalled him in time. Nidoran was the only one to feel the impact as she slammed into the accumulated debris. Dust rose mightily from the crash. Panicked, Trey ran for the spot and no sooner had he spotted the unmoving creature did he fling an empty ball at it. He couldn’t let her get away. The dazed creature turned red and disappeared into the ball, which began shaking afterwards. Undoubtedly, the Pokémon was fighting to be free of the contraption. But much to Trey's pleasure, it didn't have the energy to do so and was captured after an alarming chime was heard from the Pokeball.

    He had done it.

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    Chapter 1; First steps into a new world
    Adam Jenkins//Route 2
    Lvl 10

    Adam took in a deep breath of air as he and Blair the Quilava strolled along through the tall grass covering the expansive, flat fields sorrounding Viridian City. Every now and again, a hill, or a small bunch of trees broke up the expansive landscape while a soft, summery breeze blew across the fields, making the grass wave softly in the air.

    With a warm smile on his lips, he glanced down at Blair who was trudging through the grass just as he was, though with a bit more difficulty, due to the grass being… well, rather tall. “Hey Blair, you going to be okay?”

    The Quilava let out a huff and simply continued, causing Adam to snicker quietly. Apparently his new companion wasn’t going to let a few tufts of grass beat him so easily. Grinning at his new friend’s willpower, the two continued through the grass, Adam glancing around himself, taking in the environment.

    “This is going to be so exciting. But aside from sight-seeing, we also need to become stronger, mmhm? Which means that we can’t afford to pass up any challenges or fights offered to us. You with me on that?”

    “Quil, la.” He replied, being careful not to let the fires on his back set the grass surrounding him ablaze. Adam nodded softly, raising a hand to tug his hat down ever so slightly. “Right. We’ll also need to find more Pokémon to add to our little team, but we can’t accept just anyone. Only those we find worthy, yeah?”

    Glancing down to Blair, he noticed the fire Pokémon looking up at him with a curious gaze. “Well, what I mean is… we can’t just let any Pidgey and Rattata to join us, you know? Have to have the right mindset, have to have the –will- to become stronger! Like the two of us, yeah? Which reminds me, we need a talk.”

    Blair looked confused for a moment, but decided to follow Adam as he went over to a small, grassy knoll, which he sat down on, the Quilava sitting down in front of him, Adam tossing his scarf across his shoulder, placing his hands on his knees.

    “Right! First rule of fighting alongside me… you can’t ‘just’ fight. Being sensible and using the advantages given is a good idea and we’re going to make use of it… but what’s even more important is to do what we do with –style-.” At Blair’s confused look, Adam let out a little laugh, waving a hand slightly in the air. “What I mean, is that just tackling away and beating your enemy like that is no fun. Every battle you have should be remembered, by you, or someone else. Ergo, we need to do it –flashily-, yeah? We’ll work on that after we get into the swing of things. Is that okay?”

    “Quilva lavaa.” Blair responded, the flames on his back extending a little as they flared up, gaining a tinge of orange. Adam nodded with a wide smile. “Perfect! Alright, we’ll sort that out later, get working on some special techniques. For now though…” Adam pushed a hand against the soft soil beneath him and stood up again, dusting his pants down.

    Just then however, they heard a fluttering nearby, along with what sounded like animals bickering back and forth, though the noises sounded rather… aggressive. Glancing down to Blair, he gave a nod to his companion and they both ducked down, sneaking closer to the noises through the tall grass. It didn’t take long for them to get to a little clearing, where a male Nidoran and a Blitzle seemed to be ready to fight one another, staring each other down. Glancing down at Blair, Adam flashed a grin. “This’ll be the perfect moment for us to get introduced to the world of battling.

    Watching the two Pokémon a while longer, Adam then stood up and thrust his arm forwards, catching the attention of the two Pokémon. Blair stepped out of the grass and growled challengingly, looking from the horse to the rat, both of which clearly thought of the two newcomers as threats.
    “Alright! I see the two of you have a little dispute going on! Care to let us join the fun?”
    After a moment of hesitation, the Nidoran let out a snarl and lept forwards, knocking into Blair, who had been watching the Blitzle at that moment, knocking him backwards, and just as Blair tumbled back, the Blitzle dashed in and slammed it’s horn into the Rattata, sending it tumbling to the ground. Adam laughed and stepped out of the grass and into the little ‘arena’ of sorts.

    “I guess that means yes! Alright Blair, we have our work cut out for us! Ember on the Blitzle!”
    Adam was quite happy he had taken a moment while they were walking earlier, to check over his new friend’s moves and stats, and he had quite a good idea of how he wanted the battle to go. The Quilava growled out and took a deep breath, the flames on his back flaring up as he spat out a few, small balls of flame, which hit the Blitzle’s side, causing it to stumble and turn its attention to Blair.

    The Nidoran had gotten up by now though, and flung itself at the Quilava again, the Blitzle seemingly ready to attack as well. “Smokescreen, now!” he called out, covering his mouth with his scarf pre-emptively. The flames on Blair’s back almost died down and a thick, black smoke billowed around him, covering the little patch of short grass. “Get out of there, now!”

    At this comment, Blair dashed off to the side, just as the Blitzle charged in where he had just been, causing the Nidoran, previously flying towards Blair with its teeth ready to bite, to chomp down on the Blitzle, which gave out a painful cry, shaking off the rodent Pokémon, which flew out of the cloud of smoke, landing new Blair, where it got up and stared its foe down.

    “Wow, they’re tough. This is –great-!” Grinning, he thrust out his arm again, as if he was a captain on a ship in the middle of an amazing seafaring battle, and he was ordering the cannons to fire. “Leer, and follow up with a tackle!” “Quil!” The Nidoran charged at the Quilava, just as its eyes flashed, causing the Rattata to slow down slightly, but none the less connected with Blair, sending him skidding backwards.
    This didn’t seem to deter Blair however, the flames on his back roaring as he set in a dash and slammed his entire weight against the Nidoran and with a squeak, it was send tumbling backwards, landing on its back, knocked unconscious. By now, however, the smoke had dispersed and the Blitzle had turned to Blair, hoofing the ground.

    “Blair, watch out, it’s going to at-“ before managing to finish the sentence however, the Blitzle had dashed forwards at a crazy speed, spamming its horn into Blair’s side, which made him tumble to the ground, but quickly moving onto his feet again, panting and growling out at his foe.

    “Whoa! It’s… really fast. I don’t think he can match his speed… tackle, leer, smokescreen, ember… oh!” Snapping his fingers, Adam grinned before calling out to his companion. “Leer! You gotta take the next hit, but I know you can do it!” The Quilava let out a huff and arched his back, his eyes flashing once again, while staring at the Blitzle. It shook its head slightly, seeming slightly dazed before lowering the horn once more, speeding towards Blair and knocking him over once more.

    “Ngh… it’s okay, Blair, you can do it!” Adam called out as the Quilava got up again. However, his constant yelling made the Blitzle turn to Adam himself, making him blink a little in surprise. “… Oh. Uh. Sorry, I’ll try to keep it down?” The Blitzle wasn’t having any of it, cried out and ran straight towards him. Adam tossed himself aside and landed on the ground, rolling around to quickly stumble to his feet, facing the Blitzle again, who was readying another attack.

    “H-hey, no! You’re supposed to fight my Pokémon, not me!” Just as it was going to charge at him, Blair suddenly slammed into its side, making the horse stumble to the side and back away from Blair, the attention back to the fire Pokémon. Adam breathed out a sigh of relief and broke into a grin. “Alright, this is it Blair. We can’t outmatch its speed, so we better outmatch its power instead.”

    For a moment, the silence was only broken by a faint gust of wind as well as the two Pokémon’s heavy breath before the Blitzle seemed to charge in energy, the mane on its back glowing a firm yellow. Adam pointed at the Blitzle and called out “Flare Blitz!”, to which Blair responded with a roar of his own, mixed in with the roar of flames from his back which suddenly spread out and engulfed his body.

    The two Pokémon bent slightly down and almost flew towards one another, the Blitzle having electricity streaming behind it and Blair being completely coated in orange-red flames as they flew towards one another. After just a single moment, the two collided, flames and electricity bursting up into the air in an odd mix, the impact sending dust billowing past Adam, who kept pointing towards the two unflinchingly.

    As the dust settled, the two Pokémon had managed to back a few steps back from each other, staring one another down and panting heavily, both seemingly having gotten a few bruises. After a few moments of silence, however, the Blitzle stumbled and fell to its side, passed out. Adam let out a laugh and threw a fist into the air.

    “Hahahaha! We did it! –You- did it, Blair! That was a battle for the ages!” He grinned brightly and ran over to his companion, kneeling down by the panting Pokémon to check him over. “You look a little worse for wear, but you can keep going, right?” “Quil!” he growled out and Adam nodded with an impressed smile. “Exactly what I’ve come to expect from you. That was an –amazing- battle and a fantastic finish. Exactly what we should be expected to pull off… maybe not every battle, but as often as possible!”

    Glancing towards the two fallen Pokémon, Adam lowered a hand to the Pokéballs resting in the pocket of his backpack, a look of contemplation falling over him as he glanced to the exhausted Quilava, and back to the Blitzle. “… Hmh. It’s no fair if the Pokémon is knocked out. Another time, maybe.” He pulled his hand out again and stood up after having given the Quilava’s head a little nuzzle with his hand, smiling as he stretched out.

    “Our first battle. And we started as we mean to go on.” Grinning down at his friend who, from what Adam could tell, was equally as happy about the victory, he gave a little nod forwards and muttered a “Let’s go, partner.”, and the two continued their trek through the tall grass of route 2.
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      Let's see here...where to begin...I'm sorry. I've never been very good with these kinds of things. The name's Hector, by the way. Hector Ayoba. It means Hector the Great. I don't blame it.... *laughs hysterically* Just kidding. I'm not that great. Anyways....let's start. Maybe...breakfast. Yeah. Let's start there. I had a delicious Oran berry sandwich. My mom makes really good Oran berry sandwiches. They make me happy. I like being happy. Wait, I'm supposed to be telling a story. Crap! Well, ten trainers were chosen by none other than the Professor Pine to go and travel the world, mainly to fill up her pokedex. She was very livid about it. We got stage 2 pokemon because SCREW THEM is a legitimate answer to Professor Pine. I was one of the ten trainers. I got Ivysaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur. His name is Paris. He's my bro. Anyways, I'm gonna tell my story. Listen close, because I'll only tell it once. *the world ripples into a flashback, taking place on a warm, sunny day*

      I was sitting there on a warm, sunny hilltop with Paris sitting next to me. "So...." The new pokemon and I weren't exactly friendly yet. The only reaction I've gotten from him was the small bit of interest when I chose his name. Otherwise he kept a blank stare. "What do you wanna do?" The Ivysaur gave a look that suggested that he was bored. "Hey, listen. I'm bored too. We're both in the same boat now." The Ivysaur just stared blankly. Then I thought about lunch and my stomach growled. His growled as well. "Hungry are you?" Paris nodded reluctantly. The key to his heart has been opened: His stomach.

      I reached into my handy backpack and produced a savory, succulent Oran berry sandwich. His eyes grew wide when he spotted my prize. I unwrapped it and tore it in half. The scent of deliciousness filled the air. I extended the peace offering out, and he accepts it. With one bite. "Hey, you could've taken my hand off!" He just smirked. I began walking down the small hill nibbling on my sandwich with my little shadow close behind. He was all right. He could be a little friendlier.

      By the time I had finished my sandwich we were in town. I crumpled up the used wrapper and tossed into the nearest trash receptacle. “Now, Paris, to the Pokemart!” He nodded, as passive as ever.

      I could’ve sworn we got lost a dozen times. I almost got mugged four times. These damned thugs were gonna take my money, but Paris scared them away. All he did was lazily launch a Leech Seed on the wall next to them. The Pokemart was a welcoming sign, with its obnoxiously blue roof. The air conditioning inside was an even bigger relief. “Damn it feels good in here!” That was a little louder than I expected…

      The clerk called me over. “Hey kid, did Ms. Pine send you?” When I nodded, he went out into the back. He came out again with a tray of five pokeballs. “She forgot to give these to you when you left.”

      “Oh. Thanks.” I took the balls and put them in my pocket.

      “No problem.”

      With that, I exited the building. I was surprised they let me keep Paris out. Oh well. Alright buddy, let’s go.” We moved off to Route 2.
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      chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS pt. I
      Aberdeen Black // Route 2

      Route 2 was as boring as it had ever been, in Aberdeen's eyes. He had come here many times to play, especially when he was younger. He and his friends used to pretend that they were pokémon trainers but every time they spotted an actual wild pokémon, most often Nidoran, they became scared and quiet and only dared to carefully sneak up on the pokémon. They would never have dared to step up and catch its attention; that was something that only people who owned pokémon of their own did. Aberdeen smiled at the thought as he sat on the grassy hill by the road and ate a sandwich in the sunlight. He threw a glance at the pokémon sitting beside him with his eyes closed. Apparently, Servine didn't eat often. It was quite content with sunlight for the time being, creating its own energy by photoshtishashdjskjstesis or something. Well, Aberdeed wouldn't get scared and back away if he met a wild pokémon now. He did have his own.

      Only a few people passed them by on the road beneath the hill while they were sitting there. They were somewhere in the middle of route 2, halfways to the dark forest that Aberdeen had never been to before. All kids in Viridian were told stories about how the wicked spirits and pokémon of Viridian Forest took the souls of children who dared to wander in there without permission. Not even Aberdeen had dared to go against that.

      Suddenly, a voice reached the sunbathers on the hill. "Excuse me young trainer, have you happened to have seen a wild Ponyta in this area?"

      Aberdeen swallowed his current chomp of the sandwich and looked down. Judging from how she had talked, he had expected an elder, or at least pompous middle aged woman to stand there but instead there was a girl who couldn't be older than himself. She was wearing a ridiculously wide, white hat as protection against the sun (or perhaps she thought it looked good?) and a coral red dress and long, white stockings over a pair of cute, brown shoes. She was also holding a bicycle that she had supposedly just stepped down from. Aberdeen's first instinct told him to totally get up and help this lady in distress, but then he saw her face. It was cute, sure, but it had the look of someone who thought everyone else was a nuisance in the world and that everyone should just fall down to their knees and worship her. A complete brat, in other words. Aberdeen cursed himself for caring about personality when a girl was that cute!

      "Nope, haven't seen no Ponyta here!" he replied with a wave and a bright smile anyways. "Have you, Servine?" he asked his pokémon, who only vaguely opened one of his eye to look lazily at Aberdeen and then the girl on the road. Then it shook its head. "Didn't think so. Sorry, little lady!" Aberdeen called down again.

      "Who are you calling 'little lady'?" the little lady snapped and made her sweet face take on an even more repulsive grimace. "I happen to be a brilliant pokémon trainer and no one shall 'little' me!"

      Aberdeen leaned his head to the side and just looked at the girl. "Whaat?" he said slowly. "Hehe. Are you a trainer? So they really do come in all sizes and shapes!" he giggled.

      The girl now took on a really angry face and parked her bike by the road. "How dare you! Come down here and I'll teach you some manners, you... you little brat!"

      Aberdeen stood up. "Whoa. Who are you calling a brat? Me? 'Cause there ain't no brat on this hill, or what do you say, Servine comrade?"

      Again, Servine just shook its head, not even opening one eye this time. The girl, now really fuming, pointed with her index finger at him and opened her mouth to say something, probably to challenge him to a battle which made Aberdeen feel really excited... but they were interrupted by a loud, clear 'neeiiigh'.

      "Neeiiigh?" Aberdeen echoed, looking around. On the other side of the small hill, he found the source of the sound. "Oh, wow, I've never seen a Ponyta this up close before!"

      "What! Let me look! Wait!" the girl on the road called out and started running up the hill. Clearly, her constitution wasn't the best because when she was finally up by Aberdeen's side, almost poking him in the face with the broad brim of her hat, she was panting heavily.

      "Not really girly," Aberdeen sighed but didn't let her hear it. Instead, he did her a favor and pointed to a grass field very close to them, just by a patch of forest. Three Ponyta were grazing there, seemingly not noticing or caring about the kids on the hill just some dozens of meters away.

      "AMAZING!" the girl said, her face breaking up into a smile that actually made her look cute again. Aberdeen almost wanted to melt and treat her like the girl he wanted her to be, when she turned around to him with her big, blue eyes and said: "Capture one for me, young trainer!"

      The boy blinked with his seagreen eyes. "What? No way, haha! If you're a trainer, why don't you just capture it yourself?"

      "My pokémon is of the grass type. I cannot just battle a fire type like that now."

      "Then... just capture another pokémon first?"

      "No! I have made up my mind ever since I heard about what pokémon are living in this route. I want a Ponyta and I am going to get one! So hurry up before they disappear." She sat down on a rock on the hill, as if preparing to be a spectator to a battle that was soon going to take place. Aberdeen felt handfallen for a few moments, until Servine came sliding across the grass on its tiny legs.

      "My pokémon is a grass type too, you know? I was thinking I'd get a water type or maybe fighting type or something, before I try flying types and fire types and stuff that he's weak against. Basic pokémon logic!"

      "You're weak, you're saying," the girl said without looking at him. She took up a pokédex from her leather shoulder bag and scanned Servine with it. The grass reptile watched her uninterestedly. "As I thought. Level 10 is nothing. But it should be enough to capture that Ponyta if it is lower leveled and if you're smart."

      "Listen, missy! I'm not a trainer just so I can do other people's bidding! I'm my own and I'm not going to help you!"

      The girl sighed, as if she possessed infinitely more wisdom than he did. "I see. I'll let anyone I meet know of the frightened trainer Aberdeen Black, then."

      "What... How do you know my name?"

      "The pokédex can scan other pokédexes and tell who's their owner. You are Aberdeen Black, 14 years of age from Viridian City."

      Aberdeen fumbled to get his own pokédex up from his bag as the girl talked. He scanned her without her resisting and it did detect her pokédex. Karen Winter, 14 years old from Pallet Town. "Karen," he said. That was a name that he usually liked. Why did such a stupid girl have to be named that? "I..."

      "The Ponyta seem to be getting away. Why don't you get a move on? You don't want me to spread the word of your inferiority, do you?"

      Aberdeen somehow knew that what she was saying made no sense, but some kind of pride inside him just couldn't let go of a challenge that easily. He looked at Servine, who didn't seem to have anything specific in mind. Oh, so what if they had fire manes and Servine was made of leaves! He had SPEED. And Aberdeen sure had the tactics! They would do this!

      "You just wait, missy," he said, fists clenched, and marched down this side of the hill, going through the high grass towards the grazing Ponyta. Servine slid after him with ease through the grass.

      The wind made the high straws sway. They reached Aberdeen almost to his waist and allowed him to become hidden if he crouched down. They carefully got closer to the trio of Ponyta. Suddenly, one of them put their head into the air as if sensing something.

      "Crap," Aberdeen whispered. "Servine, you ready to battle? It's a fire type so the main thing you'll have to do is avoiding its fire. Hang on..." He took up his pokédex again and scanned the nearest Ponyta with it. They were only about ten meters away now, hidden in the grass so far. "The pokédex says they aren't that strong. Maybe they don't know any fire attacks yet! One can only hope."

      Servine hissed, once again making the closest Ponyta raise its head and back off a little. "Schh, you're scaring it! Oh, well. Let's get this show on the road. I've never battled for real before... but I imagine it's just like on TV and in video games, right?" Aberdeen said, mostly to himself before taking a deep breath and really getting the show on the road.

      "Servine, Vine Whip on its legs!" he called out and popped up from his crouching position just as Servine shot forward and let its vines out. Ponyta neighed and got up on its hind legs. Servine had aimed for its front legs and thus now missed.

      "Again!" Aberdeen said while working on a continuation of the plan. Servine whipped away with its vines once more and aimed for the hind legs this time. They got hold of a leg and pulled, trying to make the pony fall over. But it was too heavy, or too strong. Instead, Ponyta Growled at Servine, making him shudder and loosing his grip. The other two Ponyta neighed wildly and fled into the patch of forest, leaving their comrade behind.

      The Ponyta that was stuck by the vines now tried to run towards Servine to Tackle him. Servine jumped away, using the vines attached to the Ponyta's hind leg to slow the pony down and steer it away from him. This tedious game went on for a while, until Aberdeen realized that Ponyta indeed wasn't going to use any fire attack. Time to start battling for real, then.

      "Let it go, and use Iron Tail!" Aberdeen told his pokémon, who loosened and retracted the Vine Whip. Ponyta Leered at him, but Servine was cool enough to be unaffected by that. Instead, his tail began glowing and he focused as he closed in on the Ponyta and -BAM- the horse was quick enough to Tackle him before the Iron Tail could get loaded up completely.

      "Dammit!" Aberdeen said, not making his mother proud by his language. "Ok, just use your vines to whip it! But watch out for the fire mane!"

      Servine slid around in the grass, avoiding Ponyta's Tackle attacks with more ease when he wasn't readying an attack of his own. But now he came to a stop and sent out his vines again. Just as the angered pony was about to Tackle him yet again, he whipped it right in its face. Ponyta stopped and moaned. Apparently, these Vine Whips were good for several tactics! Aberdeen made a mental note. "Whip again!"

      The whipping went on, keeping the pony in the spot, until a vine suddenly caught fire from the mane at last. Servine squealed and retracted both vines, not wanting to keep that up. Aberdeen, who was still standing in the taller grass, had to agree. But since Ponyta was more focused on its injuries than on its opponents at the moment, this could be their chance!

      "Servine, use Iron Tail, now!"

      Once again, the grass type readied its tail, making it glow and becoming steel hard... he struck Ponyta at the middle of its body, earning a pained 'neeeiiiigh' and seeing the fire type fall into the high grass just beside Aberdeen. The boy let out a huge breath. "That was... intense," he said. Servine was panting but seemed strangely happy. Apparently, it enjoyed when things got rough and dangerous. It sure wasn't as delicate as its appearance let one to believe.

      Karen Winter had been sitting on the rock on the hill, watching the battle from afar. When Aberdeen and Servine finally returned to her side, a stretched out hand offered her a pokéball. "There you go! See? It's not impossible to defeat an opponent when you're at a type disadvantage!"

      Karen took the pokéball and put it away in her bag. Then she said: "Boring battle."

      Aberdeen's jaw dropped, before he felt anger swell up inside of him. His mouth turned into a thin line. "What do you really know? Have you even ever battled?"

      "As a matter of fact, I have. On Route 1 and in Viridian City, I defeated five trainers straight in a row. With only one pokémon." She looked up at him and saw that he didn't really believe her. She smirked. "I am one of the privileged trainers who got a rare starter pokémon from professor Oak just yesterday. I'm participating in his program to produce the most successful trainers in the Pokémon League Tournament. I know how to win battles swiftly and painlessly, not with all the fuss you just made out there."

      "Professor Oak?" Aberdeen's heart sank. He was a big fan of that professor and had been a bit sad about not being chosen to get a pokémon from him. Oak had always favored Pallet native trainers. He had jumped at the chance of participating in Pine's study, which was practically similar to what Oak had his trainers do.

      "Yes. Actually, my starter has reached a higher level than yours, without the need to evolve." With those words, she picked up another pokéball and let the pokémon out in front of them. What appeared was a green creature that looked like a miniature version of Servine. Also, not quite as elegant.

      "A Snivy!" Aberdeen couldn't keep himself from exclaiming. Servine half curiously slithered up to its smaller counterpart and eyed it up and down. The Snivy seemed overjoyed at meeting its evolution and tried to shake hands with him. He didn't really respond much, but let the little grass type do it.

      "Indeed. She is exceptionally quick and strong and I doubt I'll be evolving her until I feel like she could really gain anything from it. I like to make her surprise her foes with her strength, when they think she is so small and powerless." Karen got up from the rock and picked up Snivy from the ground. "You know what more? I just got you to capture a pokémon for me without getting anything in return. Ah, the magnificence of the power of persuasion, aren't you impressed?" With an evil smile, she turned and started walking back to the road...

      Aberdeen just stood there and felt really silly, almost numb, for a moment. Servine poked his leg with his nose but got no reaction. That clever, awful woman... He was the first girl in a long time that he hadn't even been remotely interested in and yet she got him to do this for her? How? Just... why?

      "HOW! JUST... WHY?!"

      The shout made him look down at the road. There stood Karen and Snivy, apparently looking for their bicycle. But there was no bicycle there. It was gone.

      "Someone has stolen my bicycle!" the Pallet trainer exclaimed, panicking. "How am I supposed to travel fast and light without it?"

      "Use your feet, monkey," Aberdeen suggested, walking down the hill and past them onto the sandy road.

      "My feet? Excuse me, but... wait... it's YOUR FAULT!"

      "My fault? I didn't even touch that bike."

      "If you hadn't been a prick and teased me, I would have remembered to lock my bicycle before calmly walking up that hill!"

      Aberdeen kept walking but turned his head around, giving her a stare that made it clear that he considered her a crazy witch. "Don't you even think about blaming me, missy!"

      "You're getting me a new bike this instant!"

      "I just got you a Ponyta! Can't you ride on that, for Arceus' sake?"

      Karen stopped dead on the road, making Aberdeen stop too and look at her. Snivy wondered what was going on and tugged Karen's leg. The girl responded with a wide grin under the brim of her hat, sent the grass type back into its pokéball and took forth the other pokéball that was newly occupied. "That is so true...!"

      Ponyta was energized out into the open on the road and stood before Karen for a split second - then it fell back into a pile of legs and fire. It was still tired and weak from being beaten in a battle.

      "My god..." Aberdeen facepalmed. "You should get it healed up first, of course!"

      "Oh, you poor thing!" Karen said, patting the pony with a look of empathy. "We need to get you treated!" She sent it back into its pokéball. "I'm going to the resting house in the north. Don't you even TRY to follow me!" she said, marching right past the boy and his pokémon.

      "I wouldn't even dream of it, thank you!" Aberdeen called back. "What... just... I hope the world outside Viridian City is not filled with girls like that," he then said to Servine. "She's the last girl I'd want to hook up with, ever!"

      "Sure," Servine would have said, if he could speak human. "Suure, boy."

      @ Charizard_Man
      I loved how you really set the atmosphere for the setting at the beginning of the post!

      - Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 12!
      - Trey's new Nidoran is on lvl 8! (see first post for details)

      @ Sir Bastian
      Dramatic battles seem to be a thing in this RP ^^

      - Blair (Quilava) grew to lvl 12!

      @ heretostay123
      Cute first post ^^ Just remember that *doing actions like this* is kind of almost against the rules of the Roleplay Corner :p So try to not do that! Your Ivysaur didn't really do enough with detail in this post to warrant a level, but that'll probably come in your route 2 posts!

      @ me
      - Servine grew to lvl 12!

      "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
      Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

      Discord Trainer Tournament
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        chapter one; PART II
        Trey Vincent//Route Two

        There were a few rookie trainers further down the road, much like Trey, hunched over in the grass, observing footprints to see if they could find a Pokemon to catch. That reminded the fourteen year old rookie about the wobbling Pokeball clipped onto his belt - next to a second one that was relatively still - it held Stitch the Nidoran he just caught earlier. She was obviously not happy with being captured by him, which made the boy smirk like an evil villain in a movie. Next to the outraged poison type was a sleeping Zilla, he had taken a crap load of hits trying to capture this "she devil" which was what Trey had officially been calling her for the past hour or so of walking.

        “I’ve never seen this house here ...” Trey said thoughtfully, stopping in his tracks and pulling off his headphones. It was a wooden cabin it seemed with glass windows and a blue colored door with a white Pokeball symbol on it. He dragged his bag to his frontside where he could easily open it up and access its content. He pulled out a small soft covered book, it was the Kanto guide he liked to read at night before sleeping. He didn't travel back then, and his constant need for new information was fed by this book. It seems he missed a page though, since he had no clue about his house here. Until he finally found a page on it, it was an article of a chain of houses owned by small families where trainers could stop by and heal their Pokemon and buy basic healing items.

        His hunch was right. That truck must have dropped off supplies here.

        Unknown to the concentrated trainer, a young boy, a few years younger than he, crept up behind him, his bare legs getting scratched up by the long, itchy grass. He turned his baseball cap around so his bangs poked out from the hole in the back, his white shirt dirty with grass stains. He then raised his arms, his fingers outstretched and his palms flat, before reaching and grabbing the trainers' shoulders, shaking him while yelling, “I LIKE SHORTS!”

        "The fu-" Trey held his breathe and turned to see this young boy with a wide grin and large enthusiastic eyes. The boy proceeded to unclip the lone Pokeball on his waist and shove it in Trey's face,

        "Wanna take a look at my Rattata?!" The boy yelled. Trey pushed the Pokeball aside and simply walked away, he wasn't getting involved with any crazy people. That stupid little brat actually reminded Trey of his rival back in the city, Connie. He shivered and quickly opened the door to the cabin to try and get his mind off of it.

        "Thank you." A young girl with a wide brimmed white hat and red dress zoomed past Trey and into the house. The boy was dumb stricken and sighed.

        "After you, your highness." His sarcasm was not heard by the girl, maybe for the better. She seemed the type to hold grudges and manipulate people. He didn't know why he got that feeling, he just did. There were two sides to the cabin, one with a healing machine just behind the counter and the other with shelves of items ready to be sold. Since the girl with the large hat took up the counter to heal her own Pokemon, Trey took the opportunity to stock up on just a couple of Antidotes. He didn't want Zilla getting poisoned in the forest up ahead, just then Stitch began jumping around in her Pokeball again.

        "Yeah, yeah. You neither." Trey sighed. He looked up and saw no line at the counter to heal his Pokemon, great! He walked up to an elderly man with a scruffy mustache and kind eyes.

        "Why hello there young man! How may I help you?"

        This struck a nerve with Trey, who sighed. "I'd like a burger, a side order of fries and a soda. Actually, super size the order. I'm a baller like that." After a few moments of silence Trey placed two Pokeballs on the counter, "I'd like my Pokemon healed of course! What do you think?" The boy chuckled a bit before noticing the man's worried look. "Please." The boy let out a very large, fake smile. The man scoffed and quickly healed his Pokemon,

        "Thanks!" Trey chuckled as he walked out.

        Trey liked meadows. It was so wide-open it made him feel like anything could happen. It wasn't very hilly, so it wasn't hard to spot the gate entrance to the Forest up ahead. He'd sat himself down on a small stump, just to rest his feet and admire the view. Zilla inhaled deeply and smiled, the water type had been walking alongside his trainer every since he was healed. The boy had been scrolling through the list of Pokemon available around this route on his Pokedex, a little bit of variety. Which was only expected from a route this close to the city.

        Trey closed the Pokedex and put his bag on, when about a dozen small, purple Nidoran scurried by. Trey grinned, a male Nidoran! He instantly bounded off the fence and after the group with Zilla running behind, struggling to keep up with his stubby legs.

        “Shhhh,” Trey waved his hand behind him to where Zilla was closely following.

        “Croccccccc,” he replied, and put his small blue hands over his mouth.

        “Yeah,” he nodded, and looked back along the long fence they were now hiding behind. They followed the pack of male Nidoran for who knows how long before they finally stopped . He and Zilla were right up against it, with a good convenient twiggy bush between them and their quarry. It was evening now, and the sun was low, making the places where light still touched the ground look dark gold. Up ahead, near a small bunch of trees, there was the pack of Nidoran taking in some of that end-of-day sunlight.

        “The goal of Professor Pine's study is to capture as many Pokemon as possible. We're not letting her down, Zilla." He smiled and tried to peek his camera around the edge of the bush. This is why he loved the camera he had, despite the bad lighting he can still manage to capture a beautiful picture. He touched the button a few times, hoping to catch at least one clear frame. “Huh, not bad,” he decided, scrolling through the results. Three of them were just blurry messes, but two were decent. He put the camera away and went back to his Pokedex. Trey chuckled to himself, and wondered if he should send out Stitch to battle to try and avoid falling victim to Nidoran's Poison point ability with Zilla.

        “Psssst…your smell is gonna scare them away.” A feminine voice whispered into his ear, startling him enough to fall over and nearly drop his Pokedex. He turned to his side to see Connie sitting next to him, happily looking at the wild Nidoran. “I want one soooooo bad. They’re soooooo cute!” The girl cooed.

        “Damn, girl! If you gonna sneak up on a dude at least try not to look so damn scary....Hol' up. What are you even doin' out here!?”

        "I'll explain later! I just really want to catch one of these!!"

        "So, how badly you want one of these?" Trey grew a devilish grin as he looked over at Connie. The girl’s eyes widened, she knew that look.

        “Oh nooo! I saw them first! I've been tracking this group since Viridian” She protested, but Trey ignored the girl’s whines. Now, Trey was a very serious and mature young lad. But whenever he got involved with Connie, his...well for lack of a better word, his stupid side emerges.

        These were poison types, he knew that. So instead of battling and having the risk of Zilla getting poisoned - and Areceus knows he wasn't about to try and use Stitch - he decided to try his luck. He unclipped an empty Pokeball from the backside of his belt, the size of a ping pong ball and held it between his index and middle fingers. He quickly pressed the center button and grew it to a size of an orange and let it fall into his palm as he gripped it tightly.

        “I’ll catch that Pokemon!” He yelled, a large grin on his face as he threw the Pokeball at one of the wild Nidoran by the pond, thanks to his baseball experience the Pokeball was pitched perfectly and make contact with the Nidoran’s head. Unfortunately, when it made contact the Nidoran swung its head and managed to knock the Pokeball away with an indifferent look on its face. Trey stomped his foot and clenched his teeth. “They’re not taking me seriously, screw this! Come on Zilla!” The water type hopped out next to Trey, one of the Nidoran looked up in shock and quickly warned the entire group. The Nidoran all scattered, “Wait! I said wait!!” Trey shouted as he ran towards the scattering group, Connie snickering in the back

        “What happened Mr. Perfect!?” Connie laughed as she made her way towards Trey. “Chompy, go!!” A yowling Totodile bounded over the fence. The group of Nidoran continued to scatter, bounding off, a couple going straight past them, the rest disappearing back among the little stand of trees.

        “Totodile?!?!” Trey muttered.

        “Alright, I'll tell you. The reason I was laughing back at Viridian at the idea of you getting a Pokedex and everything, is cause,” the girl looked back from her battle and held up a red device. "I've got one, from Professor Oak." She smirked.

        Trey froze. In what kind of sick, twisted reality was he in?! Where his arch enemy, got to live out HIS dream? She got meet the esteemed Professor Oak? Now, Trey did admire Professor Pine. But his admiration for Professor Oak completely overwhelms what he admired about Pine. He was famous for always releasing the best trainers for the League tournament.

        “Archie, good job! Now for the grand finale!” Connie smiled as she arched the pokeball at the perfect angle to land on the small male Nidoran’s body. The tiny capsule rolled around furiously for a couple of seconds, Trey couldn’t believe it. Was he about to let her actually beat him at capturing a pokemon? No, she wasn’t going to pull this off. No way. After a few more seconds the ball sealed, white sparks shooting out. Trey stood there in disbelief, frozen. Connie ran right by him, actually managing to knock over the statue of a boy. She actually beat him, Trey sighed. Connie walked up to the boy. “So... battle?” She asked.

        Trey clenched his fist, "You bet yo ass we're gonna battle!"

        "Fine, but its only one on one. Since this Nidoran is weak from the battle and I'm sure that second Pokemon of yours is at full health." She motioned at the second ball clipped to his belt. He wasn't planning on using Stitch anyways.

        "Sounds good, let's do this!"

        "Well, alright Chompy! Let's unleash hell on them!" Connie cheered her tiny water type on, looking ahead at her opponent's intimidating Croconaw.

        Chompy clapped his jaw open and closed, prepared to punish this jerk for daring to disrespect his trainer. He obviously didn't know that they had completely tore through Route One without a single loss.

        "Alright, let's give them a taste of your WRATH! Full throttle assault with your magnificent HYDRO PUMP! GO!!" Connie screamed, perhaps too carried away by the heat of battle. Trey's eyes widened in disbelief.

        Chompy couldn't help but tumble down to his face, maybe she gave Connie too much credit. She got back up to her feet and turned back to Connie, a look of confusion plastered on her face.

        "W-what's wrong?" Connie asked, oblivious to any error she just made. "You don't know that attack?" Chompy sighed in dissapointment and sat down, did her trainer expect more than what she could achieve?

        "Oh, no, it's okay! Just a minor setback. Surely though, you can bring hell to the battlefield with your apocalyptic DYNAMIC PUNCH!! GO!!!" Connie roared in blind excitement once again.

        Chompy burst into tears, her cries loud and whiny. It reminded Trey of Connie back when they were little and she didn't get what she wanted. Were he and Zilla alike in any way?

        "Wait, no! Okay, I was just trying to finish this with one attack. But okay, serious time now! Water gun!" Chompy wiped her tears with a smile and finally turned with a confident look on her face that was met with a claw to the face courtesy of Zilla that scooped up Chompy and launched him airborne, causing him to spin like a wheel uncontrollably.

        "Cheap shot! Cheap shot!" Connie cried out. But Trey only met her with a cold stare of amazing intensity. When it came to battles, Trey didn't play.

        “Aqua Jet!” Trey commanded, pointing at the falling Totodile. Zilla growled and engulfed itself with clear blue water that allowed him to swiftly charge and ram head first into Chompy's side. Chompy groaned as she skidded back a few feet, using her claws to stop herself.

        “Hang in there, Chompy!” Connie said. “Try using Scratch!”

        Chompy obeyed and growled cheerfully again. She ran over, and scratched Zilla's face hard with a mighty sweep of her claw. Zilla moaned, the scratch on his face turning a bright red.

        “You can do it, Chompy! Try Scratch again!” Connie encouraged her pokémon.

        “Aqua Jet, Zilla!” Trey countered, replying to his opponent's attack.

        The two Pokémon charged at each other and Zilla's head met with the Chompy with a tremendous force. Zilla was dazed just a bit, it seemed the hit rattled him but Chompy stumbled around a little like she had an inner ear infection. She then fell onto her side, exhausted.

        Connie gaped, pulling out Chompy's pokeball. “Chompy, return,”

        Without a single word exchanged between them, she walked away towards the Rest House. Trey smirked and looked down at Zilla who plopped down onto the floor, exhausted. "Crocconaaaaw." He muttered.

        "Good job man, you did work." Trey's fist immediately met with Zilla's. This was becoming a regular thing now. It seemed hi journey was heading in the right direction. "Let's get you healed. Maybe we can brag to Connie when we get there." Zilla smiled as Trey picked him up in his arms and started down south to the house.

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        chapter one; pt. II
        Aberdeen Black // Route 2

        The weather was slowly getting a bit cloudier, much to Servine's dismay. Aberdeen did not care about a bit of cloudiness, or even rain for that matter, but his pokémon pretty much lived off sunrays and would have to eat a lot more regular food if the weather was bad. It wasn't long they had walked along the road of Route 2 before the grass type's stomach gurgled loudly.

        "Oh? Time for lunch, is it?" Aberdeen said with wink. "Don't fear, pal! I have the most awesomest sandwiches in the world in my bag!"

        Servine sighed. Was sandwiches all that this kid ate? He had gotten one for brunch not too long ago, on this very same route. Just before all that fuzz with the Ponyta. At least the battle had been good; Servine smiled at the thought. Too little fire though. Too little danger.

        "Let's eat over there!" Aberdeen said, pointing at a big rock sticking up on a field some ways from the road. Servine didn't even shrug, he just followed his trainer's happy leaps off the road and up onto the big rock. It was more like a cliff than a rock, actually. The clouds were even grayer above them now. Servine didn't mind a bit of rain, of course. Plants like rain. But not too much of it. Just like with sun. Except that Servine just happened to LOVE sunlight. Couldn't get enough of it, really.

        "Here you go, pal!" Aberdeen said and tossed a sandwich from his bag at Servine. It missed the snake-like pokémon, bounced off the cliff and landed in the grass below. "Oops..." But Servine didn't mind. It's just the ground, what of it?

        Someone else also saw the dropped sandwich. Someone who was even hungrier than Servine. Someone with blue, eager eyes and legs as fast as lightning. At least when he wasn't hungry. Just as Servine began slithering down the rock to half-reluctantly fetch the food to have a normal meal, something bolted past him. He had to blink and when he looked down again, the sandwich was gone. What!

        A giggling noise reached Aberdeen's ears and he turned around. "What are you doing?" he started asking his pokémon, when he spotted a completely different species standing some meters away in the grass, chewing up a sandwhich faster than Aberdeen had ever managed to do.

        "Whoa!" he exclaimed and stood up, putting his own half-eaten sandwhich onto his bag and fetching the pokédex instead. Aiming it at the new creature told him that it was a Blitzle. An electric zebra pokémon. "That's amazing! I haven't managed to see them before. They are just too shy and quick. How come this one's here alone?"

        Servine didn't care about that. He just knew that this "amazing creature" had just stolen his food. It didn't matter that Servine wasn't a big fan of food. It was a matter of principle. He hissed dangerously at the electric type, who gulped down the last of the food and turned to run away. But Aberdeen was thinking the same as his pokémon. Well, not exactly. But their trails of thoughts both came down to stopping this pokémon. Now.

        "Vine Whip around its leg!" Aberdeen called out with an eager smile, thinking of how they had captured Ponyta earlier. Servine did just that and just caught a hind leg of Blitzle before the zebra could dash away. Instead it now fell flat on its head.

        "Tackle, before it can get up!" Aberdeen said, jumping down from the rock to get closer to the actual battle. Servine dashed away towards Blitzle, letting go with the vine whip, but the zebra got up and took the attack straight on. It didn't budge much, even though the attack seemed to hurt. Instead it was the grass type who bounced back.

        "It's a tough one!" Aberdeen exclaimed. This was good. He would totally capture it. Servine got up, ready to attack again, when Blitzle suddely waved its tail frantically. It caught the attention of both Servine and his trainer. All of a sudden, the zebra smashed into the reptile, as if from nowhere, and threw it several meters away to land on the field.

        "Ouch! Was that a Quick Attack?" Aberdeen said as he moved even closer to the battle, and to where his partner had fallen down. Servine was panting; but it was also smiling. Now we're talking, were its thoughts. A battle with some action!

        Blitzle took charge again, coming in with another Quick Attack that hit Servine straight on. "Two Quick Attacks! Servine, you've gotta dodge or something!" Aberdeen shouted, afraid that his pokémon wouldn't be up for this. Blitzle didn't seem to use any electric attacks... it shouldn't be too strong.

        "Vine Whip, and then Wrap!" the boy tried, now standing almost in between the two fighting pokémon. His shouting caught the curiosity of the electric type, who turned its ears towards him. "Uh-oh!" Aberdeen said and turned pale as sparkles began flickering around the Blitzle. Was he about to get electrocuted?

        But then, the vines came and wrapped themselves around Blitzle's neck and belly. And they started squeezing hard, making the creature groan in pain. Sparks flew, it was obviously some kind of electric attack on the way. Aberdeen let out a breath and threw an appreciating smile at Servine, who was cautiously marching closer to his foe as he was Wrapping. The boy lifted the pokédex which he was still holding in his hand.

        "Charge... what does that do? Boosts the power of the next electric move. So where's that electric move, then?"

        But none seemed to come, and the few crackles didn't reach Servine through his kind of isolating vines. Aberdeen decided that they could finish this rather easily now, even though Servine had been hit several times. The Wrap was effectively keeping the pokémon in place.

        "Pull your vines away and then quickly use Tackle!" Aberdeen ordered. Servine smiled even wider and did as told. Blitzle breathed hard when the vines released him and tried to jump away but was struck in time. He fell over onto the ground and groaned again. Not very horse-like. But then again, he wasn't really a horse.

        "Pokéball, go!" Aberdeen couldn't help himself saying as he tossed an empty one at the weakened wild pokémon. It got sucked in and the pokéball came to a stop, laying on the ground silently after just a few seconds. "Haha! Great! Servine, do you realize what this means?"

        Servine pulled himself together and walked up to his trainer with one eyebrow raised. That I'm really really cool in battle and that we just caught someone that I have to try and get along with?

        "That no pokémon on this route seem to use elemental attacks! How lame isn't that? HAHA!"

        Ugh. Servine just went back to the rock and helped himself to the remains of the half-eaten sandwich that lay there. Well, at least his trainer wasn't incompetent when leading him into battle. It's something.

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          chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS
          Meredith Hudson // Route 2 // Post One

          Feeling quite full, Meredith and Wartortle found themselves on Route Two. It was a pristine route, the perfect place for new trainers to test out their skills. Lining the road, the grass fields played in the light breeze that blew. There were a couple of other people walking the same road that Meredith was on but none of them seemed to look like they had just become a new trainer.

          Wartortle had eaten his own meal and half of Meredith’s at the takeaway bar before devouring scones at Meredith’s house that her mother had just baked. Her younger brothers had taken to Wartortle like a Combee to a flower, becoming instant friends for life.

          Wartortle seemed content as he plodded along side Meredith as they continued towards the forest, scanning the area as they went but Meredith sensed he still had his guard up. It hurt a little, seeing her new partner play so care free with her brothers whilst with her, he was still reserved and a little too quiet. Nevertheless, they were partners now and it was up to Meredith to sort this out, whether Wartortle liked her or not. Deep down, she desperately wanted Wartortle to like her though she didn’t know how to go about doing anything about this. It was only hours into their journey and Meredith crossed her fingers in the hope that it would only be uphill from here.

          “Do you wanna take a short rest Wartortle?” Meredith asked, yawning as they came across a small clearing on the side of the road that looked like it was calling for someone to rest there. Wartortle only nodded in reply before making his way over to a tree, plonking down with a sigh.

          Meredith sat down next to the water type before pulling a piece of banana bread for each of them out of her bag. Wartortle’s eyes shone with delight before he gobbled down the morsel. Meredith couldn’t help but giggle before she was greeted by glaring eyes which stopped her abruptly.

          “Sorry,” Meredith mumbled to the Pokemon before she finished her bread.

          “War,” Wartortle short, sharp replies continued to make Meredith feel like she was doing something wrong.
          Not knowing what else to say, Meredith pulled out the Pokédex Professor Pine had given her, not having a chance to study it back in the city. Back at home, her Dad has hastily inscribed her initials on the back of it before she’d left, the small letters M.H. sitting in the bottom left hand corner. Meredith clicked the button, opening the Pokédex and booting it up. It seemed to be already personalised to her specifically, with her trainer status and information popping up automatically. She turned and pointed it towards Wartortle, who stared back with curious eyes before his species information popped up on the screen. It displayed his type, available attacks, habitat information and differences between genders, amongst other things. All valuable information, Meredith decided to read all of it in depth. Turning back to face the road, her back against the tree, she began to read.

          She’d just got to the interesting part about Wartortle’s attacks before something popped up on the screen, blocking the passage she was reading. It was presented as a silhouette before appearing as a new Pokemon tab, displaying information about a Pokemon she’d only vaguely heard of.

          It had unusual skin, almost a dark pink with a tinge of purple, the colour of poison. Its aqua coloured ears contrasted with its coat colour. The horn on its forehead was small but looked deadly.

          “Nidoran,” Meredith read out loud, before turning to Wartortle. “This just popped up randomly and it looks like it’s recorded the data of this Pokemon in the system. Does that mean…” Meredith trailed off before looking straight ahead, peering into the bushes opposite her that she had previously walked past that lined the road. “Could there be a Nidoran in there?” Meredith whispered to Wartortle before she very quietly stood up, the Nidoran data still flashing on the screen of the Pokédex. In turn Wartortle rose as well, puffing his chest out slightly, trying to appear more formidable if there was a Pokemon hiding in the bushes.

          Meredith slowly tip toed towards the bush, not sure of what else to do in a situation like this. She turned back to look at Wartortle, motioning for him to follow her. It wasn’t even a second after she had turned back to face the bush that a small pink nose appeared where it shouldn’t have, sniffing the air before two paws, a horn and two beady eyes appeared.

          Meredith froze, unsure again of what to do. Wartortle, however had a different idea. He launched forward, placing himself in front of Meredith and the wild Nidoran, initiating an attack from the smaller Pokemon, that placed his horn on Wartortle’s stomach, coming close to piercing the flesh but not so due to the tough skin of the water Pokemon. The attack thankfully seemed more like a reaction due to fright than a proper identified technique, so it didn’t do too much damage.

          “Wartortle! What are you doing!” Meredith cried, horror showing on her face at what had just happened. Wartortle swiftly looked at her, his eyes trying to portray what he wanted her to do before turning back to face the wild Pokemon, waiting for his trainer’s command.

          It took a couple of seconds for Meredith to catch on and realise that this was her first Pokemon battle!
          She tried to switch to thinking logically and tried desperately to remember what her friends had told her about battles but nothing really came to her mind at that point.

          “Oh! The Pokédex!” Meredith quickly brought up Wartortle’s information, running through his attack list.

          “Arghh I don’t know which to choose! Wartortle, try a Bubble attack!”

          Wartortle nodded and before taking in a deep breath and blowing out, not really aiming anywhere in particular (not his fault really, his first attack after all!). Most of the bubbles simply shot into thin air, dissipating quickly or carried around the clearing by the wind, finally popping on the trees that surrounded them. A couple lucky shots landed on the Nidoran, frightening the poor Pokemon and stinging at the same time.

          Meredith failed to see the flaws in Wartortle’s first attack, her eyes shining at the mere sight of Wartortle attacking for her. Maybe this partnership was going to work after all!

          The defending Nidoran was quick on its paws, recovering from the bubble attack quickly before jumping towards Wartortle, who was still kind of basking in the light of his first attack, slamming head first into Wartortle for an effective Peck attack.

          This knocked both Meredith and Wartortle off the pedestal both of them were fighting to be on. Checking the Pokédex entry for Wartortle once more, Meredith commanded another attack, not noticing the lower level Pokemon was begin to waver.

          “Wartortle, use Brine!”

          For what was meant to be a decent attack, Wartortle’s attempt at Brine was a little below average. Again, Meredith failed to notice this, cheering her starter Pokemon on as most of the jet of water knocked the Nidoran off his feet, forcing him to struggle in an attempt to get up.

          He was still up for the fight however, launching at Wartortle with all his little might for another Peck attack. This one really hurt Wartortle and Meredith stopped cheering, suddenly seeing that both her Pokemon and the wild Pokemon were looking a little too worse for wear.

          “Wartortle? Are you ok?” She questioned, before thinking back to yet another lesson from her friend’s who had a Pokemon each. One had said that it was easier to capture a wild Pokemon if their health was lowered through battle. Did this qualify? Was Nidoran’s health low enough that he would allow himself to be captured?

          For once, Meredith decided not to focus on the questions and follow what her instincts told her to do right now. Throw a Pokeball. Fishing one of the minimized balls out of her bag, she pressed the white button, enlarging it before she threw it towards the Nidoran, who had now collapsed, sitting close to where Wartortle had also had to sit down, panting heavily.

          Nidoran was swept up in a blur of red light and the ball dropped with a thud on the earth. Meredith, having never actually seen this take place, knew it wasn’t over. The ball seemed to rock and fidget for what seemed to be hours yet it was just minutes. The glow dissipated and it stopped rocking, lying seemingly lifeless on the ground. Meredith cautiously went over to pick it up, surprised by the amount of heat that was given off.

          “Wartortle, can you believe it?” Meredith questioned, her eyes wide as she stared at her partner. “I just caught my first Pokemon!”

          All Wartortle could do was give his trainer the thumbs up sign before rolling onto the back of his shell, closing his eyes. Even though that was a low levelled battle, he could feel the aching in his muscles from where the Nidoran’s strong attacks had hit him and the tightness in his chest from the water attacks. That was it, he would have to tell Meredith somehow that they both needed more training before taking on any more wild Pokemon, let alone trainers.
          Meredith could see Wartortle turning things over in his mind, much like he had done when they’d left the Pokemon Center in Viridian, which seemed like such a long time ago now. Whatever he was thinking about, it had to wait.

          “First things first Wartortle,” She said, gathering up her bag and placing Nidoran’s Pokeball carefully within it as she pulled out Wartortle’s Pokeball. “We have to get you guys to the treatment center. Shouldn’t be too far from here,” Meredith offered out the ball to return Wartortle.

          He flailed his arms and legs, not able to get up after rolling onto his back. Meredith just smiled, helping her new friend up. Wartortle looked at his trainer before thankfully pressing the white button on his Pokeball himself, disappearing in a flash of red light. Meredith stored his Pokeball alongside Nidoran’s before checking the clearing once more. Satisfied she had everything, she made her way back to the road, hoping that the treatment center wasn’t too far away.

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          Chapter 1; First steps into a new world
          Adam Jenkins//Route 2
          Lvl 12

          “We need to get more team members. As amazing a team as we are, we can’t beat everything on our own, you know? So we gotta stop knocking out everything we meet.”

          Blair looked up to Adam as they continued their trek through the tall grass, not wanting to be boring and travel along the road itself, leading north out of the town. The look the Quilava gave him was a sort of “Then stop ordering me to keep attacking, you dumbass”-look. Adam seemed to get the gist of it and sighed, waving his hand dismissively. “I know, I know I know I know. You don’t have to tell me. I’ll try to work on it.”

          After their initial battle with the two Pokémon a little while ago, they’d fought two Cottonees on their way here, not that they had been much of a challenge, considering Blair being a, according to Adam, “Pokémon with a fiery attitude”. Adam continued to scout the grass around them, frowning as there were no Pokémon in sight, least of all the one he wanted to catch.

          “Alright, so… we want a Nidoran on our team, right?”


          “And we want it to be a male… yeah?”


          “And we want him to have a… distinctive personality, mmh?”


          Folding his arms across his chest, Adam nodded again, looking a little down, with his brows furrowing. “Right. So we need to find a Nidoran first of all. They’re rodents. They wouldn’t run around in the open. Maybe they…” he paused for a moment before sighing, shaking his head. “Bleh, I can’t think like this. I need some food. You up for a break and some food, Blair?”

          “Lava!” Blair responded, his eyes suddenly shining as he stared up at Adam, who responded with a snicker and nodded, trudging over to a grassy knoll nearby, which he plonked himself down on, Blair quickly skittering up to his side and sitting down next to him as Adam pulled the backpack off of his… well, back, rummaged through it and pulled out a wrapped-up ham sandwhich.

          As he unwrapped it under the hungry stare of Blair, he looked up as he saw a figure speeding down the road, towards the north. It was a girl with an unbelievably big hat and a dress. She looked rather sweet from what Adam could see, and he partially forgot about Blair, up until the Quilava growled and gave his hand a little nip, making Adam yelp in surprise.

          “W-what? Oh! Right, sorry.” He grinned lightly and picked up the sandwhich again, tearing it in half and offering one half to Blair, whom then growled out happily and snagged it from his hand, the flames on his back having been lowered away ever since the last fight had been over. Thanks to the Pokédex, Adam had learned that the flames only ever respouts whenever the Quilava gets some kind of upset.

          Munching happily on his part of the sandwhich, Adam looked out over the rolling grass and the warm, blue sky, with only a few, white, fluffy skies dancing softly across the blue canvas of the sky. Adam’s lips curled into a soft smile as he watched a cloud trailing along lazily before looking to Blair whom had laid down and was chewing happily on the sandwhich wedged between his paws.

          Adam opened his mouth to say something to Blair as he heard something shuffling about nearby that he hadn’t noticed before. Turning his head to the foot of the small knoll, a Nidoran was sitting at the edge of the grass, staring up at the two of them, its little nose wriggling slightly. Slowly turning his head to look down at Blair, Adam noticed that his Pokémon was now staring directly down at the Nidoran.

          In a sudden scramble of limbs, Adam got to his feet, as did Blair. “Blair, get him! Tackle!” The Quilava growled and launched itself forwards, but the Nidoran had been startled by their sudden movements and lept forwards, seemingly disappearing into the knoll itself, avoiding the attack. As Adam got to the ground besides Blair, he saw a small hole in the ground, which must’ve been the Nidoran’s tunnel. “Ack, damnit! How’ll we get him now?” Pulling out his Pokédex, he pointed it down the hole, hoping to get some more information on the bugger.

          Nidoran’s picture popped up on the screen, and he slowly read through the information, mouthing it out to himself. “… Blah blah blah… connected tunnels. Ahah! Blair, I have an idea.” Shutting the Pokédex and pocketing it, he pointed down the hole and looked to Blair. “Alright, Ember down the hole! Let’s smoke him out!”

          As the smoke billowed from the hole which Blair had spat a couple of embers into, another small whirl of smoke emitting from the other side of the knoll. Adam snapped his fingers and looked to Blair with a grin. “Perfect! We’ve got him now, come on!” Running around the knoll, Adam came to a skidding stop, Blair right behind him as the found the hole with the smoke emitting from, which was obviously connected to the previous hole. However, just as they rounded the side of the small, grassy bump, the Nidoran emitted and stumbled towards the nearby grass tufts, coughing to itself from the smoke.

          “Don’t let it get away! Blair, ember and follow up with a tackle!”

          “Quil… av!” he growled as Blair spat out a small ball of fire which flew through the air with a crackle and hit the Nidroan square in the side, making it stumble to the side. Turning around, the little creature growled out angrily, having quite had enough of being pushed around by now. It lowered its ears and narrowed its eyes, seemingly gathering energy for its next attack. “Don’t let him hit you, Blair! I think he’s gonna pack a punch!”

          Not letting the Nidoran get the upper hand, Blair charged forwards, the red patches on his back erupting into crackling flames as the Quilava slammed its head square against the Nidoran’s and flicked his head backwards, sending the rodent, squealing, mind you, tumbling backwards. Adam held his breath, not wanting to have another knockout on his hands, but to his relief, the Nidoran slowly stumbled to its feet, seemingly readying to attack.

          “Perfect! And now, for the finishing blow!” Reaching into his pack’s side, he pulled out a Pokéball, clicking the middle of it as said ball expanded. He pulled his arm backwards and threw it, knocking against the horn of the Nidoran as it was turned into red energy and sucked into the ball. Adam and Blair watched tensely, Adam’s hands clenched into fists as he bit onto his lip. After a little while of wriggling, the ball fell silent and Adam let out a laugh, thrusting his hands into the air.

          “Hahah! We did it! We got ourselves a new team member, Blair!” The Quilava seemed satisfied and sat down, letting out a huff as the flames on his back simmered down once more and he took to cleaning himself. Adam walked over and picked up the ball, smiling as he let out the Nidoran next to Blair, who blinked his eyes softly.

          “Hey there, fella. Don’t be worried, you’re on our team now. And I take good care of my team members.” He grinned lightly and reached into his pack’s left-most pocket, pulling out a small potion, kneeling down in front of the curious-looking Nidoran, before spraying the fluid onto the Pokémon. Within long, the Nidoran seemed to recover from its exhaustion, shuddering and shaking itself slightly. “Ran!”

          “Hah, awesome. Alright, as it’s custom, I should probably name you… hmh…” he packed away the used-up potion in his pack, thanking his parents for their little ‘starter package’ of a couple potions, an antidote and a couple of Pokéballs. However, before he managed to think of a name for the Nidoran, Blair turned his head towards the road, as did Adam and the Nidoran afterwards, as they heard a voice yelling out.

          “’Ey! ‘EY! What d’you think y’doin’, chump? ‘S –MY- Nidoran y’got there!”

          Looking confused, he looked down to the Nidoran and got up, raising a hand to push his hat a little back as he took in the figure of the man quickly making his way through the tall grass towards them with murder in his eyes.

          Well, man is as much said. He looked to be about fifteen as well, same age as Adam, albeit a lot better… built, than him. Where Adam is pretty lithe, but not exactly athletic, the guy storming towards them was ever so slightly wider, a little pudgy, but still somewhat muscly and slightly taller than Adam too. He was wearing a pair of dark-grey cargo pants, sneakers, a pair of fingerless gloves, a black tank top with the image of a roaring flame on it’s back, and on top of that, a black and dark-blue coat. His hair was slicked back and Adam was wondering just for how long he had dunked his head in a vat of gel to get his shoulder-length hair to stay as flat as it was.

          “What do you mean it’s “your” Nidoran? If it was, I couldn’t have captured it, right?”

          The guy came to a stop in front of Adam, folding his arms across his chest, Adam’s new Nidoran backing a little away from the intimidating man, Blair moving up to the side of Adam, the patches on its back flaring up again.

          “I didn’t mean he was –mine- mine, but I’s got my sights on ‘im! What’re you doin’ takin’ my catch from me, huh? HUH? Go on punk, lemme hear you’s excuses!”

          Adam frowned slightly at the horribly attitude this guy had, and from what the guy had said, it was clear no matter what Adam said, he wouldn’t believe him, and he’d just get more pissed off than before. So Adam simply smiled and decided to push his buttons a little further.

          “Well, I didn’t see you anywhere around here, nor was your name on the Nidoran. If you really wanted to catch it, you should’ve TRIED to catch it, and not just stand by and let someone else do the work for you.”

          The guy was absolutely fuming as he stared down at Adam, seemingly wanting to wring his neck, judging from the look in his eyes as he raised a hand to point at the Nidoran.

          “T’li’l **** beat m’Pokémon up! I had t’go heal ‘im at the center all the way back in Viridian!”

          Adam raised his brows and glanced down at the Nidoran and then back up at the man, unphased with his hands resting on his hips. “… Then your Pokémon probably isn’t very strong, and you should go train somewhere with easier Pokémon. I hear there’re a lot of Rattatas on route one.”

          The guy in front of him clenched his fist and let out a little growl and moved his hand in front of him, pointing straight up at Adam’s chin. “Look, pal… I’d fought ‘lot ‘f Pokémon ‘fore him, ‘s not my fault my Pokémon can’t handle fightin’… uh… ten Pokémon before faintin’!”

          “Well, if you push your Pokémon like that, no wonder it fainted. You should take better care of your Pokémon.” Adam was starting to get fed up with this guy. He was just trying to pick a fight no matter what, and from the looks of things… Adam was spot on.

          “That’s it y’little ****! ‘M gonna beat y’Pokémon up so badly y’can’t even tell ‘em from yourself once ‘m done with ‘em!” With this, he turned and took several steps back before turning again, pulling a Pokéball from his pocket. Realizing that if he probably didn’t get a Pokémon out there, the guy would let his Pokémon attack –him- instead. He glanced down at the Pokémon by his feet and pulled his lips into a smirk. Blair let out a growl and was ready to step forth, but Adam shook his head. “No, hold on Blair. I’ve got a better idea.”

          Turning to the Nidoran, Adam gave a confident grin and gave a nod towards the guy standing a few feet away. “You beat his Pokémon once. Think you can do it again?” The Nidoran hesitated, but spurred on by Adam’s confidence, he waddled forwards and spread his legs, letting out a low growl, Adam chuckling and nodding, putting himself into a battle stance as well. “Alright, let’s take this guy down a notch!”

          “Y’gonna fight with –him-? Oh, y’best be ready for a poundin’, ‘cause I’m sendin’ one y’way, pal, or my name ain’t Bruce!” With this, he opened the ball in his hand, the red light shooting to the ground in front of him, forming a Cyndaquil who looked… well, more than a little nervous. “Q-Quil?” “A’ight y’runt, this time y’better not fail me! Ember t’bastards Nidoran!”

          The Cyndaquil squeaked softly and readied its attack, Adam quickly pulling out the Pokédex and aiming it at the Nidoran. “Moves, moves… right! Nidoran, use leer!” The Nidoran’s eyes flashed momentarily, staring down the Cyndaquil who seemed to shiver, but it didn’t deter its attack as it opened its mouth and spat an ember at the Nidoran, which hit it square on the forehead, making it squeak in pain. The attack was weaker than Blair’s, but the potion hadn’t done wonders for him.

          “Hang in there, I have a plan! Use leer again!” The Nidoran’s eyes flashed once more, making the Cyndaquil quiver slightly. “Don’t just stand there ‘n let ‘im do tha’! Ember! AGAIN! ‘S your strongest attack, keep poundin’ ‘im!” The Cyndaquil meekly did as it was told, and another ember flew over, the Nidoran barely dodging the attack.

          “Nice one! Alright, one more leer should do it! Keep it together now!”

          “Oi! Shut t’hell up over there! I ain’t able to concentrate with y’yellin’! EMBER!” He shouted and thrust his arm forwards, the Cyndaquil obeying despite the shiver moving through it as the leer was directed at it once more. The ember hit its target and the Nidoran was panting for air, weakly.

          “Okay, that’ll do. Focus energy now! And try to avoid the next ember, if you can!” The Nidoran tensed up, digging its claws into the ground beneath it as it let out a low growl, energies building up within it. “’S this really all y’got? Y’just gonna sit there starin’ at me while I’m wailin’ on you? ‘S fine with me, pal! Ember, again!”

          This ball of fire flew towards the Nidoran as well, but despite trying to dodge it, it hit Nidoran and the rodent fell to its side with a squeak. “No! Nidoran!” Adam called out, eyes wide in worry. “Pffhahaha! Looks like t’runt wasn’t worth my time anyways! Weak lil’ f-“ Just then, the Nidoran shivered and got to his feet again, turning around with a growl. Adam let out a laugh at the annoyed/angry look on Bruce’s face, smirking as he brushed away his scarf, snapped his fingers and pointed forwards.

          “Let’s end this! Nidoran, use peck!”

          “Nido…!” The weakened little rodent bent down before launching itself forwards, the Cyndaquil surprised at the sudden attack and receiving no orders from its trainer. The horn of the Nidoran slammed firmly into the side of the stumbling Cyndaquil, and with a flick to the side of its head, much like Blair had done earlier, the Cyndaquil yelped out in pain as it was launched off to the side, tumbling to the ground, unconscious, having been knocked out in a single hit.

          Bruce stood agape, staring dumbstruck at the Cyndaquil lying motionless as he looked from it, to the Nidoran standing near him, growling challengingly up at him before sauntering back to Adam, quite proudly. Adam smiled and lowered down to pet the Nidoran gently. “Nicely done, buddy. I think you’ve earned your name now. How about… Stomps?” The Nidoran growled out happily and Adam smiled, pulling out his Pokéball, returning him to it. “Get some rest, buddy.”

          “You… y’little… y’humiliated me! Y’cheated! Somehow!” If Bruce had looked angry before, it was nothing compared to now. His hands were clenched into fists as he glared over at Adam who looked back at him challengingly, folding his arms across his chest, Blair standing by his side, watching the man wearily. “Yeah? I won the battle fair and square. You should take better care of your Pokémon. And maybe I was wrong earlier, the Rattata might be too big of a mouthful for you.”

          Snarling, Bruce whipped out his Pokéball and recalled the Cyndaquil, turning with a final deathly glare at Adam, stomping through the grass while hissing out quietly. “I was chosen by Oak. Me, not t’li’l ****. Gonna get ‘im f’this…”

          Once he was out of sight, Adam let out a soft sigh, bending over and placing his hands on his knees. He took a deep breath of air before standing up again, smiling to himself. He didn’t like acting like such a prick, but when it had to do with people like Bruce… he had no quarrel with it at all. People like him should know how to take a defeat, and act with more sportsmanship.

          “… Sure was something, huh Blair? Got our new team member –and- beat a trainer. Not bad for a first day, eh?” He grinned down at his companion who let out a little murr, bending his legs and leaping up onto his shoulder and further onto his pack, laying himself down to rest his hind legs on the top of the pack, and the front legs on his shoulder. Adam blinked in surprise at the warmth felt from the Quilava, but simply smiled and raised a hand, scratching his cheek softly. “Tired of walking, huh? Yeah, I think we’ve fought enough Pokémon for now. Let’s get to the rest house and focus on getting through Viridian Forest next.”

          With a new team member in tow, and a guy now hellbent on making life miserable for Adam, he moved out onto the road itself and headed towards the rest house to the north.
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          chapter 2; VELVET LIGHTS // Viridian Forest

          The forest is ancient, much older than all human settlements in Kanto. It's dark, leafy velvet stretches out towards the bay in the east and up the mountains in the east, reaching the very Indigo Plateau until it's edge comes. Scientists and explorers have tried to map what pokémon species really live here, but never a full decade has gone by without someone encountering a new unexpected creature in these woods. It doesn't matter how diligently the road is tried to be kept clear; it still overgrows in a matter of days and always feels like it's a winding trail through the thick nature. It is not a normal forest, that is for sure. It is the stuff of fairy tales.

          You may team up and make a joint post, or several, in this chapter. Either about anything or doing one of the events together. Click the picture to get the theme music for this area.

          Mandatory event:
          You will in this forest briefly spot the pokémon called Mew, who is believed to be the common ancestor for all pokémon but since long excinct. A few things about it are in the pokédex though. Or you will spot a pokémon called Mewtwo, who neither the pokédex nor you recognize or can name. You'll just know it OOC so you'll know what to describe :p You may also spot both if you feel like it, but not at the same time.

          Optional event:
          You may in this forest meet a group of trainers who are trying hard to round up and capture one of the more rare pokémon here (Scyther, Heracross or Emolga). If you write a decent post about helping them out, they will give you either a Leaf Stone or a Sun Stone as a reward; it's your choice which.

          Minimum number of posts: ... 2

          Wild pokémon catchable:
          Their evolutions/prevolutions may be encountered but not captured.
          You can keep playing after having caught a pokémon,
          but I will assign level 8 or 9 to it in the first post,
          depending on how good your capture post was!


          [Tackle] [String Shot] [Harden]

          [Poison Sting] [String Shot] [Harden]

          [Tackle] [String Shot] [Bug Bite]

          [Tackle] [Sand Attack] [Gust]

          [Growl] [Peck] [Astonish] [Sing]

          [Tail Whip] [Thundershock] [Growl]

          [Tail Whip] [Thundershock] [Quick Attack]

          you may not capture this AND Scyther
          [Night Slash] [Tackle] [Leer] [Horn Attack] [Endure] [Fury Attack]

          you may not capture this AND Heracross
          [Quick Attack] [Vacuum Wave] [Leer] [Focus Energy] [Pursuit]

          chapter one; part III
          Aberdeen Black // Route 2

          The afternoon sun was turning a gilded orange color as Aberdeen and Servine closed in on the tiny cluster of houses that sat at the northern edge of Route 2. Beyond them, the darkest forest imaginable began. Still, the trees themselves looked kind and delicate, having light green leaves and gentle brown stems. Maybe they were just so close together that they gave the route an ominous feeling. Aberdeen couldn't wait to get in there.

          But not even he was stupid enough to begin trying to trek through Kanto's darkest forest in the afternoon. He would probably need a whole day to get through, if not several. The thought of camping outdoors, among those trees... no, no, certainly there were no ghosts in this forest. Just bugs. Aberdeen could totally handle bugs. He bet they were even cool!

          One of the houses seemed to be a place where someone lived. Another one looked more like some kind of storage unit and the third, and biggest, looked more like a wooden pokémon center than anything else. They had even put up a pokéball sign over the wide porch, as to signal that trainers could indeed come in and have their pokémon healed up here.

          Entering the resting house, Aberdeen noted that he was far from the only trainer who had thought about staying here tonight. There were at least a dozen people sitting in the groups of odd sofas that the owner of the installation had apparently put up to make it feel more like a pokémon center. The first room one entered was a large hall that further brought this resemblance on. Why not just make it official and probably get loads of sponsor money from the Pokémon Association in the process? Aberdeen snickered.

          There was some sort of counter where Aberdeen lent a nice looking lady his pokéballs, after calling back Servine to his, and after only a matter of minutes, he got them back as good as new. He peeked down into Blitzle's ball and saw the pokémon blink back up at him, not completely satisfied with having been deprived of his freedom.

          The sun went lower in the sky and even though Aberdeen had reserved a room to spend the night in, inside the resting house, he wanted to spend as much time outside with his pokémon as he could on this day. He had to get to know Blitzle, after all!

          The electric type was sent out of his pokéball in a grassy field just a stonethrow away from the resting house. It shook its head and looked around, seeing that it had the chance to just run away if it wanted to. But then it spotted the smiling Aberdeen who looked like he most of all wanted to run up to the pokémon and hug him, no matter if he got an electric zap or not, and Servine who's eyes dangerously glimmered to warn him that if he tried anything funny, a vine would come whipping after him to drag him back here. With his teeth clenched, Blitzle accepted that he should perhaps just stand there for now.

          "Hello! Nice to introduce myself to you, Blitzle!" Aberdeen said with his ridiculous smile and waved. "I'm Aberdeen and I'm your new trainer! This here is Servine, but you've already met him. Well, battled him. Haha!"

          Servine nodded in Blitzle's direction. It had been pretty weak but at least it seemed brave. Maybe it could become a nice ally with some training. Blitzle sighed and didn't nod back. Instead it just turned and stared out over the field. Aberdeen's smile faltered a little. Hm. The zebra didn't seem too happy at all with having become the property of a trainer.

          They only trained a little, having Servine exhibit all his moves and Blitzle showing all of his, even though they were a lot fewer than the grass type's, before it became too dark for Aberdeen to bother continuing.

          Later that evening, Aberdeen had fallen asleep in his bed already at sunset and Servine did the same, being a grass type and rather dependent on sunlight. But Blitzle, whom Aberdeen had left outside his pokéball to sleep wherever he wanted in the room, couldn't seem to lie still.

          After an hour or so of sleep, Aberdeen woke up from being whipped in the face by some sort of scaly leaf. He sat up straight with a little sound of terror, but quickly realized that it was Servine who sat on his lap, trying to get his attention.

          "What's the matter, pal?" he asked. It only took a gesture from Servine for him to realize that there was one person too little in the room. "Blitzle," he said and his pokémon nodded. The window was open. Darn it! Aberdeen had left it open before he went to bed because he preferred a little cool when he slept. The zebra seemed to somehow have pried it wider open and escaped. They were on the bottom floor after all.

          "Oh, no! I didn't even know it was possible for pokémon to escape from their trainers!" Aberdeen moaned and quickly got dressed. Servine shook his head at that silly comment.

          Grabbing his belongings just because he felt better with his bag with him than with leaving it here, Aberdeen dashed out from the room just in time to collide with someone else. "Ouch!" they both exclaimed and were pushed backwards a little. Looking up, he saw that it was a girl, about his age and with blazing red hair. She pouted slightly and Aberdeen quickly got up, repeating that he was sorry over and over.

          "My name is Aberdeen, what's yours, cutie?" he asked with a blinding smile, completely forgetting the task at hand because of the girl's wonderful hair and cuteness-

          Servine pushed him roughly against the wall and pointed at the window in the room they had just come out from. "Oh, right... Sorry," he said, turning back to the girl without even giving her time to reply in the first place. "Gotta chase after a friend. Hope we'll meet again! But in a less rough way, haha." With that, he ran down the corridor and out from the resting house, leaving the girl to believe whatever about him. Dammit, Blitzle, why would you have to be more important than picking up girls? Aberdeen guessed that this was what he was to put up with if he wanted to be a pokémon trainer, even though girls were his first reason of traveling... or was it now?

          It took quite a while before they found any trace of the escaped pokémon. They were all the way back at the rock where they had first battled and captured him. Aberdeen stod on top of it and looked around to see any glimpse of electricity. "I don't want my first captured pokémon to hate me..." he thought out loud.

          Servine sat in the grass below and heard him. He looked up at his trainer. Poor guy. He shouldn't have captured a thieving creature then. He should have stuck with honest pokémon who fought straight up front and didn't sneak around and steal stuff. Steal food, more importantly. That's just evil.

          At last, Aberdeen spotted some crackling just a little bit away, among some trees and a creek. "There!" he said, trying not to shout despite his happiness. "It actually looks like a battle is going on. I sure hope no one is trying to capture my pokémon! Should we get closer?"

          Servine followed him through the tall grass as they quickly crept towards the crackles in the night. As they closed in, they saw that there were actually a whole bunch of Blitzle standing by the creek. On the other side of it, on Aberdeen's side, two Blitzle were indeed battling. One of them were very familiar.

          "It's our Blitzle!" Aberdeen hissed to Servine, who hissed back to shut up since they were at most ten meters away and the night was quite silent apart from the noises from the battle. The zebras were constantly using Charge, seemingly just to boost themselves mentally and to look cool, because they never really threw an electric attack at one another. They instead Tackled over and over again, and both of them were starting to get tired now.

          One of them were slightly bigger than the other. It was not Aberdeen's Blitzle. His zebra seemed to not be faring well here... "What is really going on? Why is Blitzle sneaking off in the middle of the night just to fight other Blitzle?"

          "It is obvious, is it not?" another whispering voice suddenly said beside Aberdeen. He would have jumped and screamed if a hand hadn't been put over his mouth just then. "Ssschhh," Karen said. She sat just beside him and for once didn't have her wide brimmed, white hat on. Perhaps she wasn't stupid enough to wear it when the sun wasn't out, after all.

          "What are you doing here! And why aren't you all 'uuh, catch me a Blitzle, I'm super strong but can't do a blasted thing myself or I'll break a fingern-'"

          "Sschh," Karen repeated, with the face of a kindergarten teacher who didn't really listen to the ramblings of a child she had to take care of, putting her hand over his mouth once again. "It is completely simple. The bigger Blitzle is the leader of this herd. The smaller is challenging him. By the unenthusiastic looks of the rest of the herd, this is not the first time this exact thing has happened and everyone is likely believing that the smaller Blitzle will lose again. A pointless fight, it is."

          Aberdeen clenched his fists and growled. "My Blitzle? Lose? Never! Sure, it lost against me, but that was just necessary!"

          Karen blinked. "It is your Blitzle? Why is it out here in the middle of the night and not inside your pokéball?"

          "Firstly, I don't think it's fun to keep the pokémon inside those tiny balls all the time. Do you? Secondly, he probably just wanted some fresh air so he went out from our room and wandered off and then this big bad, evil Blitzle boss came and-"

          "That is totally not how it happened," Karen said, once again putting on the kindergartenteacherface. "You are more incompetent than I thought."

          "I'm not!" Aberdeen said and stood up just as his Blitzle managed to dodge an especially nasty looking Tackle from his opponent. "Blitzle!" he called out, and his pokémon actually turned around and stared at him in surprise. So did the rest of the herd, and wondered if they should flee or not. But their leader growled menacingly at the boy so they stayed.

          Servine and Karen remained hidden in the grass, giving each other looks of hopelessness and not at all agreeing with Aberdeen's actions.

          "You can do this! Come on, I'll help!"

          Blitzle looked from his supposed trainer back to the zebra boss and wondered if he should be thankful or ashamed. The boss turned back to him though, and brought on another magnificent Charge. Blitzle decided to get back into the battle as well and was just about to ready a Charge too, when Aberdeen stopped him by running up and coming to stand just a few meters beside him.

          "Don't do that, it won't help the battle," he said with a serious face. "Listen, if you want to win you have to apply other tactics! Use Tail Whip!"

          Blitzle sighed and obeyed, just because why not? He knew he'd lose anyways. He just... he just couldn't give up without a fight. That was not in his brave nature. He flailed his tail and caught the attention of the boss.

          "Use Quick Attack!" Aberdeen shouted, and while the boss was distracted, Blitzle did so. Swiftly, he dashed forward and hit the boss in its side with a nasty noise and pushing him back. The boss neighed high and Charged again. This affected Blitzle, who automatically wanted to Charge as well; it was a sign of power among them to have the flashiest Charge attack.

          "No, use Tail Whip again instead!" Aberdeen called out. Blitzle didn't like it... but he obeyed once again, flailing his flashing tail around instead of charging up energy for a display. The boss clearly was more brawl than brains; he got distracted again.

          "Quick Attack!" Aberdeen shouted, almost running along side Blitzle as the attack was performed and this time hit the boss straight in the chest, making him topple over backwards onto his back in the mud near the creek. The herd of Blitzle on the other side all gasped.

          "Watch out, get over here!" Aberdeen said quickly, somehow feeling that the zebra on the ground would try something dirty now. He was right. The boss flailed his legs around to get up and at the same time tried to kick Blitzle, who had remained just nearby after the attack. But thanks to Aberdeen, it bolted away to the boy's side instead and avoided the kicks. The boss got up, furious now. But also panting; it was injured.

          Karen had dropped her jaw. She was still sitting in the grass some ways away, Servine beside her with a content grin To be honest, he hadn't thought this would work, but Aberdeen's naive mind was fearless enough to erase everything that didn't matter from the task at hand and focus on the battle only. It was a wonder that he even reminded to pay attention to the environment. It was also probably good that the only cute girl around was Karen, someone that Aberdeen wasn't the least bit interested in for some reason. Karen just didn't believe what she was now witnessing. The boy was crazy to step in between two wild pokémon fighting for power, but it was even more crazy that the pokémon actually listened to him. So it was true then? He really had already captured it?

          "Tail Whip!"

          This time, the boss didn't fall for it and instead induced his own Quick Attack, charging towards the Blitzle who had now moved to stand just beside the creek. "NO!" Aberdeen gasped. "Quick-" No, there wasn't enough time.

          But someone else was apparently still faster than everyone else here. The boss never reached Blitzle, because all of a sudden, his front legs were wrapped by some green vines and pulled downwards. Instead of striking the smaller zebra, he was dragged down face first into the dirt and landed with his back into the whirling creek. Crackling water flew up in the night and the herd in front of him gasped once again and ran up to the creek to see if he was alright. The water was shallow enough to not cover the boss even when lying down though. He looked more surprised than anything, but fainted before he had time to give Aberdeen's Blitzle another mean look.

          Both Aberdeen and his zebra turned around and Karen stood up. Aberdeen laughed. "Servine, pal!"

          The grass type had jumped up in the nick of time and helped his ally with the Vine Whip. Blitzle stared at him. The reptile who had defeated him before. When he had challenged another member of his herd, he had been driven away and laughed at when he lost. But when he had challenged this pokémon and lost, it instead wanted to help him and be his friend. So defeat could strengthen bonds as well as sever them? Blitzle was so confused, but then saw the look in Servine's eyes and the cool grin beneath them. Just chill, pal, the look said.

          "Oooh!" Karen exclaimed and walked out from the tall grass, looking at everyone with rapid eyes. "I should... capture this large Blitzle now!"

          "Hang on, first I catch a Ponyta for you and then you try to catch a Blitzle whom I defeated? What's wrong with you! I don't believe that you were actually winning things on Route 1!" Aberdeen snapped angrily.

          Karen stared at him with an equally angered face. Her lips turned thin but she didn't say anything else, just crossed her arms and stood still.

          The herd had realized that their boss was defeated. Some of them were crossing the creek with menacing neeeighs at Aberdeen's Blitzle now. He tried to tell them that he had won now and that they should leave him alone, but they were just angry. Then, Servine stepped in between again.

          "That's right, pals," Aberdeen told the herd, walking up to stand with the grass type at the edge of the creek. "He's on our team now. So let him go already! Servine?" The grass snake smiled its devious smile again, actually making the Blitzle herd nervous. "Growth!" A green light enveloped Servine, who made the illusion of getting bigger all of a sudden. The zebras backed away from the creek again.

          "Heh, they'll need one last push to get the hell out of here," Aberdeen snickered, once again not making his mother proud with his language. "Vine Whip!"

          The vines merely touched the closest zebras but they screamed and ran back into the trees anyways, leaving the fainted boss and the boy and his team alone at last. As Aberdeen high fived Servine's unwilling tail, Blitzle watched them and still tried to puzzle all the pieces together in his head. Maybe... maybe he'd give this a chance after all.

          @ Breezy.
          I assume the pink Nidoran you caught was a male one ^^ I really like the details you put into the post! Fun, yours and Trey's team are becoming opposites ^^

          - Wartortle grew to lvl 12!
          - Meredith's new Nidoran♂ is on lvl 8!

          @ Sir Bastian

          Awesome rival! Hahahha. Really creative!

          - Blair grew to lvl 13 and learned Quick Attack!
          - Adam's new Nidoran♂ is on lvl 7!... but...
          - Nidoran♂ grew to lvl 9 and learned Double Kick!

          @ me

          - Servine grew to lvl 14!
          - Blitzle grew to lvl 9!

          "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
          Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

          Discord Trainer Tournament
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            1-1; ROWDY ROOTS
            Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
            10 00 00 00 00 00

            Excitement sets in as Zoey sets out into the rolling hills north of Viridian City. Behind her lies various conglomerations of residential neighborhoods scattered around the corporate high-rises of downtown. Glancing upward, the sun signifies time of day, lying in the upper western portion of the sky, but often gets obscured by passing clouds due to the partially cloudy conditions of the day. Partially moisturized from her earlier bouts of physical exertion due to her late appointment with the Professor, she sighs in relief, looking upon the wooden sign dictating entrance into the first wilderness that her journey will take: Route 2. No longer pressing for time, her adventure from here on out can take a more leisurely course. Here and now, her journey as a Pokemon trainer begins. However, trepidation soon bubbles to the surface, Zoey's focus shifting to the pink bag resting on her left hip, the current location of her pokeballs, and one in particular. The creature she chose as her starter, Grovyle, presents a unique challenge to her. The girl's never been great with Pokemon, even when they've been domesticated pets, and often escapades into her home's backwoods involved interactions with Pokemon that usually resulted in chasing or getting chased by the mystical creatures. If she will have any hopes of capturing some Pokemon or winning battles against other trainers, her first order of business requires earning the respect of her new companion.

            Hesitantly, Zoey unzips her pink sack part of the way, forging an opening of an appropriate size to withdraw her glittery white pokedex in addition to feeling out the pokeball she's certain contains her reptilian comrade, or, as she sees it currently, her first Pokemon, as she has much to do before the two of them can manage to strengthen their relationship. Given the specially designed trainer's bag slung with a strap over her right shoulder, a compartment inside that allows the pocketing of occupied Pokemon as well as their organization permits easy access to whichever Pokemon she wants at a given time, this case it being her grovyle. Placing the pokeball in her right while the pokedex stays clenched between her left's fingers and palm, her smile crooks into an anxious slant, engaging the releasing mechanism to unleash her feisty grass-type into the open world once more, this time without the interference of the Professor. Who knows? Perhaps the more pristine environment of Route 2 will allow Grovyle to act more relaxed. After all, it's a grass type, and there's a lot more greenery and nature present. This might be the perfect opportunity to establish lasting bonds with the peculiar jungle raptor! Not.

            Screeching in relief, it takes a mere moment before the creature's eyes lock onto Zoey, not unlike the time she first met the green and red monster back at the Pokemon Center. In no time at all, it spikes its head into the air, hissing and gurgling before dropping off with its piercing glare, returning its steely eyes onto the apprehensive young girl, the gall of a -human- who dares intrude on its territory once again. Gargling oddly as its maw opens and closes subtly, Zoey returns the lizard's hostile recognition of her, a crooked smile on her face, lifting her right as it trembles slightly in order to ease the scenario as best as possible. Social niceties were never the girl's strength, and they validate their proficiency, the grovyle wasting no time in lunging towards the young woman. This time, she's better prepared for its expected assault, ducking and rolling to her left, keeping her pokedex and the Pokemon's pokeball intact while the creature's Quick Attack's claws narrowly escape the teen's sporty attire. Howling in a raspy voice, the vicious lizard jerks its noggin around furiously in a fit of rage, but its eyes don't linger for long, quickly identifying the new location of its "trainer", slowly shifting its position to face the girl while the beast's scowl fixates onto her feminine frame, hissing routinely in irritation.

            This time, Zoey's expression hardens, arching her brows and straightening her smile as she holds her own in the stare-down, ensuring the grass-type that this girl means business, all while flipping open her pokedex in curiosity to analyze the creature in case any answers can be given to assist her predicament. "Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. Grovyle lives in dense jungles and deep forests, able to camouflage from its prey using the leaves that grow out of its body. While closing in on its prey, it leaps from branch to branch with speed and agility unmatched by any other creature, no matter how fast they might be. Ok, but this doesn't tell me enough..."

            Blood-curdling noises burst from Grovyle's mouth, frothing in rage as it makes a hasty beeline for Zoey, its gaping maw wide in preparation for an attack. "Yiieeeep!"

            Squealing in shock, Zoey dodges again the Quick Attack to the left, quickly folding up her pokedex and tucking it back into her sack before her momentum pivots her around to face Grovyle once again, who to her surprise not only adjusted its position after missing its target, already commences its next attack, striking Zoey square in the face with an aggressive Pound attack, launching her several yards back, even sending her airborne for over a second before she lands in tall grass aside the road she was previously on. Moaning in pain from her grass-type's ruthless assault, she begins sitting herself up, opening her eyes to take in her surroundings, until she spots a moderately sized green object leaping into the air at impeccable speeds, landing on top of Zoey as she, wide eyed in astonishment, tries to scramble backwards on her hands to avoid the lizard's third Quick Attack, to no avail. Its attack slams into the belly of the young girl, forcing her to reel in agony, coughing up spit and mucus and launching it into the air above her in reaction to Grovyle's fierce assail. Screeching atop her, the reptile eyes the human under foot, a bizarre case of deja vu from only a few hours earlier. In conquest, the beast lowers its head, hissing in the girl's face her eyes locked shut due to the pain and the stream of saliva getting sprinkled all over her pretty face, before preparing its next attack, expanding its mouth to reveal a fierce assortment of daggers for teeth. Tossing its head up briefly, the grass-type aims its maw for the girl's neck, thrusting downward to unleash a rather bizarre attack for its species.

            BAM!!! Caught completely off guard, a fist smashes into the reptile's jaw, causing it to topple over and fall off of Zoey. Wasting no time, she rolls to her right, jumping up onto her feet before hastily returning her focus to Grovyle. The monster hisses and groans in the pile of grass, taking a longer time than expect to recover, but remains on all fours, shaking its head in a recovery effort before returning its golden glare to Zoey. This time, however, the creature's moves are almost sluggish, Grovyle hesitating to move much as it stares at its trainer, returning the same expression back towards the felled lizard. Zoey's first instinct in this case is to pull out her pokedex and begin scanning grovyle, maybe to learn more about her's in particular, but instead, she defers, shifting her gaze from her sack to her grovyle, watching it hiss towards her but no longer striking out at her like before, its behavior puzzling the Pokemon-ignorant young woman. Lost in the scenario, Zoey softens her gaze, her eyes drifting lower to the ground, her mind lost in analysis in an attempt to salvage what potential for a partnership there might be left.

            "I don't know why you keep attacking me, but... you're my Pokemon now. I want us to be friends, but... I'm not sure what I can do to be a friend to you. Thing is... I don't really know how to be a good friend myself," the girl's soft but clear voice professes, "I have a feeling there's something deeper that's causing you to behave this way, but I want us to get along."

            Grovyle's scowling expression still lingers, hissing occasionally in the girl's direction, signifying its unwavering hostility towards its trainer, despite Zoey's attempts at bridging the distance between the two of them. She sighs, her patience thinning over the creature's refusal to give her chance. Nonetheless, Zoey refuses to give up, already mentally committing to her unruly partner, even if it takes days, weeks, or even months for Grovyle to become compliant and learn to build a friendly relationship with her.

            "Oh! How about a name? I'll give you a good name, I promise, so I hope you'll like it!" proclaims the brainstorming Zoey, Grovyle not fazed by the girl's attempts to ingratiate herself to the green reptile. "I'll name you Vuowth, alright?"

            Grovyle, or under its new name Vuowth, couldn't give a damn what this stupid human in front of it decides to call it. The grovyle growls angrily, finding its feet quickly before lunging forward out of the grass that concealed it, heading straight for Zoey at extremely high speeds, crashing into the teenager's body before she has a chance to retaliate. Flying backwards, the girl skids a few yards across the rocky trail, landing on her back, but recovers quickly enough to evade Vuowth's second consecutive Quick Attack, rolling away to the left, all while withdrawing the frenzied beast's pokeball from her sack. Leaping into the air, Vuowth's green form overshadows Zoey despite her athletic reaction, aiming yet another Quick Attack for the girl's slim belly. However, this attack of Vuowth's falls short, its pokeball aimed directly at it from Zoey's outstretched hand, engaging the returning mechanism that envelops the grass-type's silhouette in a red glow before sucking the Pokemon back into its private domain. Sighing in relief, Zoey takes her time to find her feet, brushing off her denim short shorts before inspecting Vuowth's pokeball, a concerning frown overtaking her demeanor.

            "What am I going to do about this? I can't figure you out..." internalizes the young girl, reflecting on the day's events, shifting her gaze upwards to catch sight of the sky's shifted colors, converting to hues of red, orange, yellow and pink as opposed to blue, marking the advent of evening hours. "Huh!? It's already starting to get dark! ****! Dammit, why do I have such bad luck? At this rate, I'll be lucky to reach the forest's edge by nightfall. Dammit!"

            "I'll deal with you later. Like it or not, you're my companion and I need us to cooperate with each other if we want to get the most out of this journey, alright?" Zoey declares, tossing Vuowth's pokeball into her pink sack after a short eye-to-eye lecture with the pokeball, assuming that the grass-type can even hear her from inside its high-tech lair.

            Zipping up her sack after making her deposit, Zoey redirects her focus down the sandy trail that is Route 2. With the evening sun preparing to hide behind the rotating planet, Zoey realizes she has no more time to waste. Under that knowledge, Zoey begins taking off, moving at the brisk but leisurely pace of a light jog.

            "Maybe I can try to practice some moves and battle with Vuowth tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll even find an interesting Pokemon in the area and make an attempt at a capture! I hope it all goes well" she decides, continuing her journey down the road as the first day of her journey begins to come to a close.

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              chapter one; Friends and Rivals
              Ben Tobin // Route 2 // pt. 1

              The squat blue otter Pokemon named Dewott came bounding up the hill onto Route 2 with Ben not far behind. The two stood admiring the landscape below. Ben looked down at the Pokemon at his side, then the empty Pokeballs hanging from his belt. He walked over to the shade of a large tree, taking a seat at the base of the trunk as Dewott came and sat across from him. Ben unzipped his pack, taking out the lunch bag that his grandmother had packed the small otter chirped happily at the smell of the food, rubbing her paws together eagerly.

              "Yumm. PB&J." He said smiling fondly and handing half of the sandwich to Dewott who nibbled unsure at the end and then gulped the half down quickly, burping loudly, flushing red in the cheeks.

              "Haha it's ok girl. Grandma's PB&J are pretty great. I don't blame ya." He took a bite from his own half of the sandwich, chewing thoughtfully and watching the rolling hills and lush forest below.

              "We gotta think of a name for you, huh?" Ben said, taking another bite as Dewott nodded, smirking.

              "Hmmm. How about Lucy?" Ben asked, grinning. The little blue otter scratched her head, as if in thought, then jumped up and down eagerly.

              "Dewwwott!" She said, clapping.

              "You like that name? Lucy it is then." He said, finishing his sandwich and taking an apple out of the bag. As he raised it to the light to examine a smudge on one side, the apple was snatched from his hands and he turned to see a strange horse-looking Pokemon standing beside him, gnawing hungrily on the apple and swallowing.

              Ben jumped up, almost in shock as he stared at the majestic black form with white down the back of its neck and white stripes across its underbelly. Lucy stared as well, then looked to her trainer, unsure of what to do.

              "What kind of Pokemon is that?" Ben said, taking out the Pokedex Professor Pine had given to him he flipped it open and it beamed to life, registering the Pokemon isntantly; Blitzle, the electrified Pokemon. Its mane flashes when it discharges electricity. They use the frequency and rhythm of these flashes to communicate.

              "Hmmm. An Electric-type huh?" He looked down at the small Water-type otter at his feet.

              "I know that Water-types are weak against a Pokemon like you, Blitzle, but that'll just make you more challenging to catch!" He unsnapped one of the Pokeballs from his belt, taking a few steps back.

              "Alright Lucy! Let's see what you can do! Give him an Air Slash attack!" Ben had studied Dewott's moves intensely before leaving the city and he knew how to use them. With a confident cry, Lucy leaped high into the air, glowing a bit around her elbows she flew towards the electric horse and attempted to strike at the chest area. However the Blitzle had other ideas and it sidestepped the attack easily, watching the otter collide with the bushes behind it.

              "No! Lucy! Are you okay?" Ben ran over to where she was sitting up, rubbing her head but looking fierce in the face.

              "You alright?" Ben asked, deeply concerned. Lucy nodded and got to her feet, gasping and pointing.

              "Dew! Dew! Dewott!" Ben turned to see the Blitzle stamping its hoof, angrily blowing air as its crystal white mane crackled and shone with a bright white light as it charged faster than Ben could see and it was all he could do to call out.

              "Quick Lucy! Dive out of the way!" Lucy heard the command, but the charge was so lighting-fast that she only barely got out of the way, catching the tail end of the charge in her back, crying out in pain as she tumbled into the dirt path leading away from the city. She lay there for a moment with the electricity crackling around her as Ben came to her side, cradling her in his arms, tears welling in his eyes.

              "You don't have to do it. He's too strong for you. We'll catch another Pokemon okay?" He nuzzled the pained blue otter but she grunted defiantly, hopping out of his arms and stamping a foot in the dirt.

              "Huh? You wanna keep trying?" She nodded and then took off as Ben turned he could see the Blitzle galloping away across an open plain, neighing triumphantly.

              "Alright! We can do this! This Pokemon is strong but that'll make him an even better team member! Go, Lucy! Air Slash to follow him!" At this command the petite blue otter ran as fast as she could and then jumped high into the air again and was off in a flash, hurtling off after the Blitzle landing just behind it.

              "Now, Water Gun!" Lucy's jaws expanded and then she released a great burst of water, catching the Blitzle full-on on its back, sending it tumbling to the grass.

              "Don't let it recover! Give it a tackle! Everything you got!" Lucy charged after the falling electric horse, smashing into its side with a hardy tackle, sending it tumbling even farther across the plain where it stopped and lay, attempting to stand up. But Ben was already sprinting down the plain, Pokeball in hand. He pressed the button on the front and the ball expanded within his grip to roughly the size of a small apple and he hurled the ball with all his force, sending it flying through the air as the Blitzle turned to him, the ball landing on its chest, opening and releasing forth a bright white light and pulling the horse inside and closing it within. Ben stopped beside Lucy, huffing and breathing roughly he put his hands on his knees, looking down at Lucy who stood with her arms crossed and a smirk of victory.

              The ball rocked once, twice, three times and then burst open letting loose the angry Blitzle who came forth with another impossibly fast charge, barely missing Lucy and then turning and charging once more, this time tackling Ben directly knocking him off his feet sending him against a tree trunk where he sunk into the grass. Lucy cried out in anger attempting another tackle but the ticked off Blitzle sidestepped again and continued on back across the plain, this time much faster until it was out of sight. Lucy watched it go for a moment, then remembered Ben, running over to him and lifting his chin, examining him for any cut or bruise.

              "Dew? Dew-ott?" She said sadly as Ben's eyes opened slowly and he smiled then winced, clutching his stomach.
              "Quite the powerful Pokemon eh Luce?" He said through gritted teeth, pulling himself up to his feet but with every step he took he was in pain and he sunk back against the tree, sighing.
              "Maybe we should just rest here for a bit." And with that, he fell asleep.

              -- -- -- -- --

              Ben woke with less pain in his body than before, but it was still there, lingering. A constant reminder of his failure. He glanced down to see Lucy asleep at his feet, curled in the grass. He stretched and sat up a bit, the blue otter instantly coming awake and jumping to her feet.
              "Dew, Dewott?" She said, uncertain as she looked him over.
              "No, I'm fine now. That was one heck of a charge though." Ben rose to his feet, shouldering his pack and looking around the plain.
              "Wonder where it ran off to." He said.
              "Let's head back to the path, maybe we can pick up its trail."

              They walked back across the plain with the sun beating down on their backs as they came back upon the path of Route 2. Ben could see distinct hoof prints in the dirt leading down the path and he followed them carefully, Lucy at his heels watching the prints intently. They walked along the path for some time as the trees got more and more dense around them until they could scarcely see around them. The prints remained, however and they kept on them as they lead across stumps in the route and through a patch of grass where they continued on. They walked on for what seemed like hours before the prints stopped at another massive clearing in the brush.

              Ben raised a hand to his eyes to get a better view and he could see a small stream below in the field where the Blitzle he'd tried to capture was lapping water alongside three of its own kind.
              "Great. Now he's got friends. This won't be easy." He said, glancing down at Lucy.
              "You sure you wanna continue?" We can always catch a different Pokemon.
              But the little otter was indignant. She put her foot down and pointed at the small group by the stream.
              "You're right. This guy's given us some trouble but he's gonna be worth it to add to our team. We can do this."

              They started off down the field, trying not to make themselves known but the Blitzle from earlier knew their scent. Its ears perked and it made a cry to its fellows who all stood at attention, staring at the boy and the otter coming across the field. Ben expected a group charge from the small herd but the others strangely backed off and their Blitzle stepped forth, stamping a hoof in the lush emerald grass. He waved his head about, as if taunting Ben.

              "You can do this, I know you can." He said to Lucy as they drew near of the herd.
              "You've gotta dodge that charge whenever you can and then hit him back even harder. Your water attacks won't do much but you've got Air Slash and your Tackle. You've also got Tail Whip to weaken its defenses."
              That's when a light went off in Ben's head; Tail Whip! That was it! The perfect trick they needed to capture this fierce Pokemon.
              "Ok, here's the plan," Ben said, squatting down to converse with the squat blue otter.

              The Blitzle called out to them as they worked up a plan, stamping his hoof several times and letting his mane shine brightly in the sunlight.
              "Alright Lucy! Let's show this guy that we're worthy of training him! Now, use Air Slash!" And with a flash Lucy was flying down the field, elbows aglow but the electric steed was ready. He burst forth with a charge of his own and met the otter head on. But Lucy was more prepared this time, she dove underneath the Blitzle, through its legs and came out behind it, gripping its tail roughly.
              "Now! Tail Whip!" Lucy turned in mid-air, whipping the steed with her tail over and over until it was dazed, stumbling around the field as its fellows watched on.
              "That's it! Now he's weakened, use Tackle!" The fierce otter landed for only a moment before she was in the air once more, slamming into the Blitzle full on in the face, nearly a headbutt. The horse floundered for a moment, stepped back and sank to the grass, attempting to raise itself up as its whole body crackled with electricity.
              "Quick! Tackle it again with your full force!" Lucy gave a resounding battle cry and sped off up the field as the Blitzle got to its hooves and prepared a charge the otter crashed into its chest, sending it to the grass once more and this time, it stayed down.

              "That's the ticket!" Ben called out, hurling the Pokeball from before at the fallen steed, the same white light from earlier snatching it inside and closing, dropping to the grass where it gave off a fierce shaking, Ben sighed, expecting another failure but suddenly a red light appeared on the center of the ball and it stopped, signaling the capture complete.

              "Yes! We finally got him!" Ben ran over and picked up the ball, pumping it in the air.
              "I caught a Blitzle!" He shouted as the others of the herd backed off and ran away into the trees. Lucy stood at his feet breathing heavy, exhausted but swelling with pride.
              "It's all thanks to you, Luce! You really gave it your all! I'm so proud of you girl." He said squatting down and hugging the small otter. He looked at the ball in his hand, seeing the expectant blinking eyes of the Blitzle within.
              "Welcome to the team bud! You put up a great battle. I just know you're gonna be a great team member.

              And with that, Ben continued on back to Route 2, feeling very happy with his newest team member.
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              Haha, this is cool. Zoey and Grovyle are like the worst of enemies while Ben and his (adorable female) Dewott are the best of friends. Trainers and pokémon can be really different, which is why it's fun to have this many players to read the creations from.

              @ Xlugon Pyro
              So much detail! *puts golden star on player*

              - Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 12 and learned Quick Attack!

              @ Letham
              Nice first post! I kind of feel like you and I have the same writing style ^^

              - Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 12 and learned Water Sport!
              - Ben's new Blitzle is on lvl 8!

              (I'm a bit lazy now, it's late/way too early. I'll edit the OP tomorrow)

              "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
              Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

              Discord Trainer Tournament
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                chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS
                Meredith Hudson // Route 2 // Post Two

                It was a little over half an hour since leaving the clearing where Meredith caught her Nidoran that she was finally able to make it to the treatment center. She had travelled with hast, worried that being in the condition they were in for too long would be harmful to her team mates.

                There had been several people, all travellers, in the center. Most of them looked like they were gearing up to tackle the infamous Viridian Forest, thankful that supplies were able to be bought here. Whilst Wartortle and Nidoran were being brought back to full health, Meredith had stocked up on supplies. Not that she could afford much but an extra Potion or two might come in handy at some point. She’d rather be over prepared than not at all.

                The kind looking assistant Meredith had spoken to about healing her Pokemon had brought them back to her their Pokeballs looking extra shiny as Meredith had settled down on a comfy couch. She intended to sort out her bag before they headed off again but decided firstly to have a chat with Nidoran. Clicking the white button on the Pokeball, her new Pokemon appeared before her on the ground, stretching and yawning as he blinked a couple of times, taking in his surroundings.

                His extremely large ears, that looked oversized for a normal Nidoran twitched as he focussed on different sounds in the main room. They then both faced towards Meredith, as he waited for his new trainer to say something. He had not long ago just left his mother’s nest, after all and had no idea who this human girl was or what she wanted from him. All he knew was he was no longer scared, for he knew it was this girl who helped him feel better after the awful Wartortle had beat him down and scared him.

                “Hi, little Nidoran!” Meredith wasn’t sure whether she should be enthusiastic or slow and steady with this little guy. He was a little startled by her sudden outburst so she decided to tone it down a little.

                “Sorry Nidoran,” She lowered her voice tone, trying to be soothing. “I didn’t mean to give you a fright. My name’s Meredith and I’m sorry Wartortle and I startled you earlier.” At the mention of Wartortle, Nidoran’s ears suddenly laid back and he bared his teeth, his eyes darting around the room cautiously.

                “Hey! There’s no need for that little guy,” Meredith reached out and scooped him up into her arms. Nidoran instantly felt more secure and nuzzled into his new trainer. “Wartortle’s my friend too, we didn’t attack you out of spite or anything, I think we were as surprised as you were to find someone else in the area at that time.”

                Not wanting conflict between her new Pokemon and her starter, Meredith tried to think of things to say that would ease Nidoran’s feelings towards Wartortle. That seemed to work though, receiving a little nod from Nidoran before he closed his eyes in her arms, feeling quite content. Not wanting to be stuck here for a while, Meredith laughed before lifting Nidoran onto the ground.

                “No sleeping yet Nidoran! We’ve got some more travelling to do yet? What do you say? Is that ok with you?” Meredith questioned the little Nidoran before letting Wartortle out of his ball, keeping Nidoran’s attention on her as she did so. “Do you want to come on a journey with us?”

                Nidoran took a couple of moments to think about this proposal before seeming to agree with his new trainer, happy to tag along with someone who would look after him well. The little pink Pokemon then noticed Wartortle standing behind him and he jumped round, his shoulders raised and his ears lowered again.

                “Nidoran,” Meredith said in a stern voice. “Wartortle, can you explain to Nidoran that you don’t want to hurt him?”
                With fascination, Meredith watched Wartortle reason with Nidoran, their speech and gestures unbeknown to their trainer. Before long, the young Nidoran had seemed to understand what Wartortle was saying to him and they shook on it, leaving Meredith with a smile on her face.

                “Great! Now, we’ve got to get into the forest and out before sun down guys! We’ve got to make it to the next city already. So Mum and Dad can actually see we are doing something productive.” Meredith picked up her bag, replacing the Pokeballs and headed for the door, Wartortle and Nidoran in tow.

                Meredith was always one to mind her own business when it came to strangers. It took her by surprise and annoyance when out of nowhere, a voice started yelling.

                “Hey you! Hey! Stop!”

                Not realising the voice was calling for her, she kept walking, the automatically doors sliding open and closed quickly enough.

                “Hey, stop! Girl!”

                At this, Meredith turned around to see what all the commotion was about, to find a young boy, probably only one or two years older than herself stopping in front of her, grinning like a mad man.

                “Hey! I was calling you!” He said, still grinning. His messy brown hair hung above his shining blue eyes and he certainly looked like he was ready for a journey, his backpack slung on his back, trainers seeming well worn.

                “Sorry, do I know you?” Meredith answered, motioning to Wartortle and Nidoran to stand behind her, not knowing what this creepy kid was trying to do.

                “No, of course not! I came to check out your Wartortle, is all!” The boy knelt down, trying to coax Wartortle forward so he could take a closer look at him. That was when Meredith saw, by the boy’s side, stood a small blue turtle. It was something she recognised only from a book she’d read. This was Wartortle’s first evolution form, Squirtle. As intriguing as this boy was, she didn’t want anything to do with him. Meredith put a hand protectively on Wartortle’s head, who stood at roughly her hip height.

                “Sorry, we don’t really talk to strangers,” She said, taking a step back from him. Nidoran took a defensive stance, his ears flat against his back. Wartortle glared at the boy, who had grabbed a small notebook and pencil and began to sketch Wartortle. “Excuse me, can you not do that?”

                Meredith, becoming extremely annoyed, tried to snatch the notebook out of the boy’s hand. He was too quick for her though, standing back up and jumping back a step before she could reach him. She ended up standing a little too close for comfort near him. He smelt pretty good too, for a traveller. Erasing that thought from her mind and instantly as she had thought it, she took a step back, trying to appear as annoyed as possible.

                “You can’t just go ahead and draw a stupid drawing of someone else’s Pokemon without their permission!”

                Wartortle and Nidoran backed her up, both clearly following their trainer’s lead. The boy just continued to grin.

                “Sorry about that Miss, I’m Noah Dune, amateur Pokemon sketcher and new trainer,” He held out his hand for her to shake but Meredith just crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him. Wartortle did the same.

                “Well, if you don’t want to tell me your name, I’ll just have to call you… Missy. So where did you get your Wartortle? He looks kinda overweight if you ask me. Are you one of Professor Pine’s students?”

                Meredith just gaped at the rudeness of this stupid boy. How dare he say Wartortle was overweight? She looked down at her partner, who looked back at her, a little sadness in his eyes. The look he received from his trainer told him that she wasn’t going to let this Noah Dune character get away with a comment like that.

                “Don’t you ever say anything like that ever again! I wondered how rude and insensitive people could be but obviously I’ve just found the epitome of that! You!”

                Shaking her head in frustration, Meredith motioned to Wartortle and Nidoran to follow her before she turned her back on Noah, heading down the path towards the forest. Her blood was boiling now. No one had ever been able to make her feel so mad before. As they continued, Meredith was unable to see that Noah had begun to sketch again, drawing the outline of herself, Wartortle on her right and Nidoran on her left, as they walked quickly down the road away from him.

                “Tough nut to crack, huh Royce,” He said to the Squirtle, who nodded in return, choosing not to react to Meredith and what she had said about his trainer. “Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again. Definitely…”. His sketch, though brief, had captured all he needed of the pretty girl with the Wartortle.
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                  chapter 1; Proving One's Self-Worth, Part I
                  Katherine Aldine // Route 2

                  Route 2: A simple, clear-cut route that led from north of Viridian City to the foreboding Viridian Forest. It is here that Katrina and her new Pokemon partner, Phoenix, begin their journey.

                  Katt took in the fresh, crisp air of the route and smiled, "Okay, Phoenix, our journey begins now!"

                  Phoenix the Combusken clucked happily and threw a clawed hand in the air, "Combusken!"

                  Encouraged by her Pokemon's enthusiasm, Katt decided it'd be best to train. "Alright, let's find some wild Pokemon to battle, okay?" Bounding up a near-by hill, Katt scanned her surroundings from its crest: the route really was in pristine conditions. The grass was cut from the wild Pokemon who munched on it, the dirt road was beaten but overall pleasant to see, and flowers bloomed in abundance while sentient pines rose from the east and the west.

                  "Combusken!" The Pokemon's cry ripped Katt from her revelry. Attempting to find Phoenix, the young Trainer finally spotted her Pokemon battling against, what appeared to be, a Nidoran!

                  "Phoenix! Wait!" Katt cried as she descended the hill to be closer to the action.

                  However, her cry was a mistake, allowing the wild Nidoran to launch a flurry of Poison Sting at an unsuspecting Phoenix. "Comb!" The Fire-type cried in agony from the brutal assault and dropped to one knee.

                  "Phoenix!" Katt reached the Combusken and put a hand on her back, "Are you okay, girl?"

                  "Comb...Busken!!" The Pokemon gave a cry, assuring Katt she could still battle.

                  Katt nodded and looked at her Pokemon's adversary. It was a female Nidoran and it was smiling smugly, waiting for her opponent to make its strike.

                  Katt rose to her feet and said, "Alright, Phoenix, use uh..." Katt froze. She didn't know Combusken's attacks!

                  The Pokemon looked at its Trainer uncertainly, "Comb?"

                  "Um, one second, Phoenix..." Katt reached into her bag and retrieved the PokeDex. "Okay, let's see...Combusken knows Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember and Night Slash...It's a physical Pokemon so...Phoenix, use Night Slash on Nidoran!"

                  Phoenix gave a cry and launched itself at Nidoran with lightning speed! Its talons become coated in a sinister black aura and struck Nidoran head-on!

                  "Nido!" The small Poison-type went flying backwards, landing dazed a few feet away. Katt began to cheer until Combusken fell to her knee again.

                  "Huh? Phoenix, what happened?!" She ran over to Phoenix and gasped. Her Pokemon's talon had been punctured by one of Nidoran's spines. "Poison Point, of course! Gods, I'm so stupid!" Katt sank to the floor and put her head in her hands. "How can I be a Trainer when all I've done is mess things up like this? And it isn't even a Trainer battle!"

                  "Comb..." Phoenix placed a talon on Katt's shoulder, causing the girl to look up at her Pokemon, "Comb, combusken!" It gave a smile and rose to its feet, albeit shakily. Phoenix then assumed a fighting stance, "Combusken!"

                  " still want to fight? Even though my mistake got you hurt?" Katt couldn't believe it. In all her years of field study, it never occured to her that a Pokemon would want to keep fighting while injured. "Okay, Phoenix," she said firmly, "let's try this again, then! Ember!"

                  "Combusken!" The Fowl Pokemon unleashed a flurry of flames that hit the still dazed Nidoran perfectly.

                  "Nido!..." With a final cry, the Pokemon fainted, its right hind leg twitching in the air.

                  "Oh wow," Katt was amazed, "Phoenix, we did it!" The excited Trainer gave her Pokemon a hug and noticed that Phoenix tensed. "Huh? Is everything okay?" She released her Combusken from the embrace and noticed the grimace on Phoenix's face.

                  "Comb..." It clucked weakly. Katt then remembered the spine and a cold chill ran down her spine. The ability Nidoran possessed was Poison Point, a dangerous defense mechanism that causes an attacker to become afflicted with terrible toxins if they make physical contact with the small rodent Pokemon.

                  "We need to get you patched up right away! Luckily," Katt reached into her bag, "I remembered to bring some supplies from home!" She pulled out a small, pink Pecha Berry and handed it to her partner. "Eat that and your poison will clear up right away!"

                  Phoenix just nodded and ate the fruit fervently. A moment later, the Pokemon jumped up and cried happily, "Busken! Combusken!"

                  Katt giggled, "Glad you're feeling better." Rising to her feet, Katt exhaled a breath she didn't even release she'd held in. "Well, I may not be the best battler, but at least I know how to treat an injured Pokemon!"

                  Phoenix clucked in agreement and the two continued on their way.


                  The couple of Katt and Phoenix didn't make it much farther along the route before Katt encountered her next wild Pokemon.

                  There, frolicking happily in the field were three Grass-type Pokemon just waiting to be fought: A Deerling, a Cottonee, and a Petilil.

                  Katt pulled out her PokeDex and, after registering data on the three Pokemon, turned to Phoenix, "Okay, girl, this time we're going to do things right! None of our targets have harmful abilities so you can hit them with Scratch and Night Slash easily. But, snce they're all Grass-types, Ember's our best bet!"

                  "Comb," the Pokemon nodded in understanding.

                  "Okay, so let's do this!" Katt pointed at the Cottonee, which happened to be floating farthest from the group and commanded, "Phoenix! Use Ember on Cottonee!"

                  "Combusken!" The flurry of orange flames flew forth and seemed to hit the airborne Pokemon, but when the smoke was no where to be seen!

                  "What?! But, it was right there!" Katt was utterly confused until she looked overhead and saw the Pokemon there! "How did it-" A thought clicked in her head, "Chlorophyll! It doubles a Grass-Pokemon's Speed in sunlight! That's why it was able to dodge the attack!"

                  "Cottonee!" The wild Pokemon gave a cry and launched a Leech Seed attack at Phoenix!

                  "Phoenix! Dodge it and use Ember again!" Katt shouted.

                  Phoenix responded quickly, but its attack still missed the impossibly fast Grass-type! "Drat!" Katt looked at the Deerling and Petilil who'd basically been forgotten and made note that they weren't trying to attack. "Must think this is all a game..."

                  Phoenix looked around frantically, finally spotting the wayward Cottonee near a large oak tree. "Comb!" Without provocation, the Fire-type launched another Ember, this time hitting the Pokemon before it got a chance to move!

                  "Way to go, Phoenix!" Katt cheered. She then realized that, when she gave Phoenix the command to use Ember, Cottonee dodged the attack. Yet, when Phoenix launched the move independently, the Pokemon wasn't given warning and couldn't flee. "Now, how to use that..." Katt mumbled.

                  Before she could finish her thought, the injured Cottonee launched an Absorb move at Combusken! "Quick, Phoenix, jump over the attack and strike from above in an arc!" Katt cried.

                  Phoenix jumped, barely missing the assault and launched an Ember that spread out into a fan-like shape towards Cottonee! The Pokemon moved from the center, but was caught before it could completely evade the arc!

                  "Cottonee!" The Pokemon gave a weak cry before falling to the ground, fainted. Katt cheered, "Woo! We did it! Good work, Phoenix!"

                  However, there was no time to rest. The wild Deerling finally took notice of Cottonee's dillema and came charging at Phoenix. Before Katt could get out a word of warning, the wild Pokemon slammed its ead square into PHoenix's chest, sending the Fire-type into the trunk of the large oak!

                  "Comb!" Phoenix grunted, but rose and let out a cry of challenge, "Combusken!"

                  "Deer! Deerling!" The wild Deerling stomped its hoof in response.

                  "Be careful, Phoenix! Deerling is faster than Cottonee, and more powerful, but it has four legs you can trip up! Use Night Slash! Aim for its forelegs!" Katt commanded confidently. She was feeling more and more empowered as she battled.

                  Phoenix responded effortlessly, sweeping Deerling's front legs out from under it with one Night Slash!

                  "Now, use Ember and follow up with a Scratch attack!"

                  "Comb!" The Fire-type unleashed an Ember that pelted the injured Pokemon from above and nearly planted the finishing blow before being hit sideways by Petilil!

                  "Oh, so you've joined the fight, too?" Katt smirked, "Phoenix, make sure not to K.O. Petilil! We're capturing her!"

                  Phoenix nodded before rising to her feet and coming at Deerling and Petilil with outstretched claws. "Comb!" With blinding quickness, Combusken slashed at Deerling and Petilil, batting the smaller Pokemon away.

                  "Deer!" "Petil!" Both Pokemon cried out in pain and Deerling, unable to rise due to fatigue, slumped to the floor.

                  "Two down, one to go!" Katt's eyes scanned the horizon and spotted Petilil, still dazed, a few feet away.

                  "Alright, Phoenix, it's capture time! Whittle down Petilil's stamina until I say to stop!"

                  "Combusken!" The fowl Pokemon charged at Petilil, but was knocked backwards!

                  "Phoenix?!" Katt saw that Phoenix was covered in strange, brown pods and vines. "A Leech Seed! Phoenix, quick, use Scratch the shred the vines before they sap your strength!"

                  The Combusken attempted to cut the vines, but already the attack was draining Phoenix's energy! "Comb!" The Pokemon cried in pain as her energy was sapped!

                  "Petilil!" The wild Petilil charged into Phoenix again, sending her rolling. Katt chewed her lip in anxiety. What to do?

                  "Got it! Phoenix, use Ember on the vines!" Katt shouted. Phoenix did as told and, thankfully, the vines burned away, allowing Phoenix to rise to her feet. "Now, Scratch!"

                  "Combusken!" Phoenix launched herself at Petilil and struck it hard with her talons! The small Grass-type gave a cry and was flung by the attack!

                  "Alright, now let's see if I'm any good at capturing Pokemon..." Katt muttered as she retrieved a PokeBall from her bag. "Go, PokeBall!" The spherical object flew from the girl's hand and struck the weakened Pokemon, causing the rb to pop open and a shower of light to come out and absorb Petilil into the sphere!

                  The ball wiggled...Once...Twice...Thrice! With a resounding PING, the ball stopped shaking. Katt couldn't believe it. "We did it, Phoenix!" She gave her Pokemon a hug and the Combusken clucked cheerily. "We caught our first Pokemon!" Running to the PokeBall, Katt was as giddy as a kid on Christmas! "I can't believe it!"

                  And, now, with a new comrade in tow and a bit more confidence in herself, Katt and Phoenix continued along Route 2, certain to encounter even more interesting Pokemon before reaching Viridian Forest.
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                    chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
                    Trey Vincent//Viridian Forest

                    “HEY! YOU! GET OFFA MY PROPERTY!” A shrill shriek pierced the calm walls of the Viridian Forest Gate, the soft golden disc of a sun was about to begin to fall below the trees, lighting the sugary clouds above with a magestic golden glow. Pidgeotto and Swablu eagerly hopped among the ground below, eating the unfortunate bugs that were run down by vehicles throughout the day. Everything was peaceful….

                    “Who are you buddy?” Trey demanded, squinting at the elderly man before him with distaste.

                    “Buddy? HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME YOUNGIN'! GO GET ME SOME COFFEE! I NEED COFFEE!” Trey sighed and immediately attempted to walk around the hunched, balding man, but the man tripped him with his cane. “Where are you going mister? This is my property! You get off it! RIGHT NOW!” The man stuck his face in Trey's and yelled. The young trainer head rubbed his forehead and sat up, scowling.

                    "YOUR property? This the gate to Viridian Forest! You can't just block it because you're delusional!"

                    ”NO! How many times do I have to say it?!”

                    “Oh grandfather, stop being so pig brained!” A girl came up from behind the old man. She had black hair pulled back tightly into a bun and kind brown eyes. The old man sniffed, then walked off. The girl smiled, then turned to the trainer. “I’m sorry, my grandfather lost his Weedle this morning, and we’ve been scouring the area around the gate for it. He’s a little grumpy. I’m Yolei Hatsuko. My grandfather’s name is Sesu.”

                    Trey looked at her for a moment and stayed silent, "It's all good, I'm Trey. I'd just like for him to get out of my way.” His ice blue eyes narrowed as the old man continued to run around the gate looking for his Weedle.

                    Yolei looked taken aback. “Well, I’m sorry to inconvenience you trainers, but I’m afraid I can't do anything. You'll have to wait till Sesu’s found Weedle.” She sighed.

                    ”No. That ain't gonna cut it.” He sighed, "Do you really think a Weedle would just aimlessly wander around a small enclosed Gate like this? No, he's probably in the forest. Now come on, if it'll get y'all to move out of my way...i'll help."

                    The girl smiled brilliantly. “Really? Thank you so much! Let’s start right away….” She eagerly chased after Trey through the gate and to the forest.

                    Once Yolei had convinced her grandfather Trey wasn't after his granddaughter's "goodies", they had departed for Viridian Forest, the indefinitely creepy forest that separated Pewter City from Viridian City. The trees were large and covered with moss, dangling in strips of grungy fuzz. The grass was knee high in some places, things shifted in the boughs of the mighty trees, their eyes glowing and seeming to taunt the travelers, daring them to walk past. The only path through the forest was a small, thin ribbon of short, run down grass and petite flowers. It was lined with Bug Catchers, children with wide brimmed straw hats and nets, earnestly capturing the bug pokemon around these parts, battling each other, and being relative…well…kids. They didn't seem to mind the creepiness of the forest; they were probably used to it.

                    Yolei on the other hand, “ACK SOMETHING MOVED! HIDEMEHIDEMEHIDDDDEMEEEEE!” She sunk behind Trey, eyes darting around nervously.

                    “It’s just a Sewaddle….” Trey looked at the worm pokemon with some interest.

                    “Cowyee?” The Sewaddle looked up at Sesu with a smile as the old man grinned down at the bug, showing off his lone tooth.

                    “Aw…it’s kinda cute….” Yolei peered at it from over the boy’s shoulder, and in return got a face full of string shot. “NOOOO! GET IT OFF!” The girl clawed at her face desperately and Sesu, worried, attempted to help.

                    "Darnit! Stay still would'ya?" Sesu yelled out as the tiny Sewaddle crawled off into the tall grass. Trey's female Nidoran, now nicknamed Stitch, was cracking up, and Zilla decided to ‘help’ too. So he used water gun, on her face. So now not only was she covered in bug mucus, but now was wet.

                    “ARGH!” She stomped her foot and peeled the mask off slowly. Sesu wiped his forehead, “It's been too gahddayumm long….” He sat down on a nearby stump and let out a sigh of relief. “Hey Trey, I'm gonna stay back here and watch over my grandfather, okay?” Trey only shrugged,

                    “Fine. I'll scout up ahead,stupid girl..." Trey walked down the road, it wasn't too long before he disappeared past the dense vegetation. Yolei sighed and looked away from where Trey once was and ahead of her. She froze.

                    “Hmmm....? Grandpa..?”

                    “Eh..? What is it?” The elderly man was focused and rubbing his tired feet.

                    There was silence from Yolei’s end.

                    Grumbling, the man looked up to Yolei and followed her gaze then immediately assumed a shocked position as he saw what she had discovered. It was a smooth, shiny, rounded yellow bug. A Kakuna, with a bell around it’s neck.

                    “Shkiiks….” The Kakuna’s dark pupils slid up to look at the humans looming above.

                    “ACK! It evolved!?!?!?!” Yolei screamed eagerly.

                    Sesu broke into a toothy grin, spotting the cocoon pokemon on the ground, resting lightly against the base of a tree. “My dear Weedle evolved? Incredible! I hope it-“ But the old man never got to finish his sentence. A large, sturdy net was thrown over Yolei, Sesu, and the pokemon, immediately closing the ropey bonds around the group tightly.

                    Yolei's face contorted with shock. “What the-“

                    Sesu stepped back, looking scared. “What is this? A trap?”

                    “A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A raspy voice came from the shadows behind a tree, and stepped forward. It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in camouflage print from head to toe.

                    “Oh, don't be so harsh. A Kakuna, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. She wore the camouflage outfit as well, and she was the one who held the net shooter gun in her hands.

                    Sesu snarled across at them. “Unless y'all want trouble, let us outta here.”

                    The woman laughed, "Our names are Jane and Luther. We're poachers, we've been catching all the Beedrill in this area for weeks. But lately we haven't spotted any. This Kakuna will have to do.” she looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, LILLIGANT! Drag the net now!”

                    “Lilli!” The Lilligant was released from its Pokeball and smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over her shoulders, and proceeded to walk away. The grass type stopped in her tracks, there was no weight at the other end of the net.

                    Luther grunted. “What the hell?”

                    Jane shrugged. “The old man must've cut through the net with a knife, how clever.”

                    The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just make this a whole lot easier. Go, Ponyta!” The large pony pokemon with black eyes and the fiery mane faced the group. Luther quietly commanded the Ponyta. “Use Hypnosis.” Ponyta began to shake its head back and forth, but suddenly stopped once it noticed a pair of large blades behind the resting Kakuna.

                    "Scytheeeeee...." The mysterious figure whispered. Both Sesu and Yolei crawled away in terror as a large green pokemon with blades for arms sprung out from the grass they were on and landed with powerful force. It wiped its blades together, prepared for battle. Jane raised an eyebrow, "A Scyther?"

                    "They're known to travel around the forest low to the ground in the tall grass to avoid being spotted by trainers. It's why they are so rare here." Yolei half mumbled, still frightened by this entire situation.

                    "Well whatever the case may be, Ember." Luther commanded his fire type. The tiny horse neighed and released sparks of ember from its fiery tail towards the Scyther. "A bug type like Scyther will be weak to a fire attack. This is over."

                    “That's what y'all think!” Trey appeared, scowling at the poachers. A quick water gun attack doused the ember and saved the Scyther, who merely looked over at Trey with a cold look. One that reminded him of his own at times. Laughter shook Jane, she giggled madly until she caught her breath. Luther only smirked. “A trainer. Charming. Ponyta, attack the Scyther with Flare Blitz.”

                    “Lilligant, Giga Drain!” Jane ordered as well, still chuckling slightly. Scyther dug its feet into the ground and readied itself for the incoming attacks.

                    "Stitch!" Trey shouted out, releasing the small periwinkle Nidoran. "You know what to do!" The Nidoran merely shot a look over at Trey as if to say, "no sh*t". The small poison type darted in front of Scyther and lunged into Ponyta's fiery body. Taking the fiery hit while Scyther was left wide open for the Giga Drain attack. It didn't do much damage, due to its Bug typing.

                    "Good Stitch, now Growl!" Stitch's high pitched growl sounded through the entire forest, the echo from the never ending abyss of trees gave the growl an eerie tone. The attack made both opposing pokemon flinch, "Now go for the Scratch!" Nidoran bounded towards the staggering Ponyta and Lilligant only to get knocked to the side by the gliding Scyther.

                    "SCYTHER!" The bug type smirked as he sent the Nidoran flying, and proceeded to bombard both enemy Pokemon with Quick Attacks.

                    "Ponyta! Stomp!" But the fire type only fell to its knees and shivered, it was poisoned. "POISON? THAT DAMN NIDORAN!"

                    "Yeah, that's its Poison Point ability." Trey smirked and then ran over to his Nidoran who puffed out her little cheeks in frustration, she was the only one allowed to act like a brat around here. Without even acknowledging her trainer she ran off towards the battle and let out another growl, this time even making the Scyther stumble a bit. "Haha, she's a lil' fiesty." Trey smirked as the poison type proceeded to scratch scyther in the face, followed by Ponyta. But was knocked down to the ground by Lilligant's Magical Leaf. Trey tightened his fists, he was going to have to pull Stitch out if he wanted her to stay healthy. They had only just entered the forest, but soon after Lilligant was met with a Pursuit attack that sent her crashing through a tree.

                    That Scyther was strong.

                    "EMBER THAT DAMN THING!" Luther ordered, and was followed by a large number of flaming embers that rained down on Scyther. It was super effective, the charred bug type stumbled down onto one knee. "Great, got the Net Ball Jane?" Luther smirked over to his partner.

                    "Hell naw. Zilla, Aqua Jet!!" Trey ran closer to the battle as he released his trusty water starter that immediately took flight like a watery space rocket that soon came crashing down onto Ponyta. The fire type was sent sliding across the ground, sending the male Poacher down onto his face. The teenager chuckled at the man spitting out mud and grass as Zilla landed before the burnt bug and gave him a thumbs up. The bug type looked away and scoffed.

                    "DAMMIT! RETURN!!" The fire type returned to its Pokeball with a bright red light. "I'm outta here." The poacher hopped onto a camouflage printed all terrain vehicle just a little ways off and drove off.

                    "WAIT!" Jane cried out.

                    "Water gun! Scratch!" Zilla spat out a tower of water while Stitch ran beside it, and after the Water Gun attack pinned the Lilligant against a tree proceeded to scratch at her mercilessly.

                    "Time for the gran' fnale! CRUNCH!" Trey ordered, and Zilla proceeded to clamp its powerful jaws down on the grass type's body until its cries stopped. The Croconaw released its grip and let the Lilligant fall to the floor, swirls in its eyes.

                    "Son of a-" Jane called her pokemon back and ran off into the forest.

                    “ALL RIGHT OLD MAN! Time for some PAY UP for our work!” Trey shouted out, they had decided to rest at a clearing they found in the forest. Zilla and Stitch were laying down next to each other sleeping, while the Scyther was sitting down with both its legs and blades cross. Sesu groaned good-naturedly, cradling his Kakuna in his arms.

                    “How does dinner sound?” Yolei smiled.

                    “Yeah, that sounds amazing! I'm mad starving, I burn everything i cook." They all laughed slightly and Sesu looked on in shock as his Kakuna began glowing. The Kakuna grew exponentially, the light faded, and there stood a giant bee with two stingers on its hands.

                    “Shiskssss!” Beedrill swung it’s stingers around happily and Sesu whooped. “That’s my boy!”

                    “Omigod! GRANDFATHER!” Yolei came running up, and seeing the Beedrill hugged her small gradndfather ecstatically. Trey only smirked, then looked over at the Scyther, he decided to walk over.

                    "Yo, whatsup my man? You know, you got some pretty nasty burns. You might wanna get those fixed up." Trey sat down on the ground next to where they were all resting. The Scyther darted his head the opposite direction of Trey,

                    "Haha. Yeah, i thought you might act that way." Trey smirked, and Scyther's eyes shot open when he heard the sound of a Pokeball enlarging. It was a sound all too familiar to him, when trainers unworthy of his strength would try and capture him. The bug type sprung up, causing Zill and Stitch to fall over and wake up in a fright. Trey proceeded to stand up slowly, giving Scyther the time to flinch slightly at his burn pain. "You're not getting away, in the condition you're in. I'm saving you." Trey laughed slightly, and inconspicuously darted his eyes over at Zilla who nodded back at his trainer.

                    The Scyther growled and used Pursuit to strike at the trainer, only to be met by Zilla's Aqua Jet crashing in from the side. Both tired pokemon fell to the floor and rolled around Yolei and Sesu who both cowered behind a large log that had fallen on the floor, the Scyther proceeded to dig his feet into the forest floor and growl in a deep voice to itself as it charged up for something. "Focus Energy." Trey said to himself, and took note of its pose for future battles.

                    "Stitch, come here. This is a fast little a**hole, you know that. You got this girl." The small Nidoran nodded and readied itself for anything. The Scyther screeched out and flung its blades into the air in front of him, sending pulsing waves towards the poison type. Trey managed to duck out of the way, but Stitch took the attack head on. She was brave, and smart. A fighting type attack wouldn't do much against her poison typing, especially since it wasn't coming from a fighting type Pokemon.

                    "Vacuum Wave, huh? Damn, stronger than I thought," Trey said as he picked himself up from the ground. The Scyther followed up with a Quick Attack, "Growl!" Stitch stopped the quick bug type in its tracks with an abrubt growl attack, "Now Scratch!" She dug her claws into the already weak Scyther. The small attack was enough to send the Scyther to its knees, as it dug one claw into the ground and picked itself up to one knee a Pokeball was hurled at its face.

                    "SCYTHE!" The bug type let out as it was inhaled into the capsule. After it furiously fumbled around in the tall grass, it clicked and Trey let out a large sigh of relief. He quickly picked up the Pokeball and smiled down at Zill and Stitch, "I'm really proud of y'all. Good work little homies." Trey fist bumped both of his pokemon and chuckled until Sesu came up slowly from behind him and wrapped his arm around Trey's neck.

                    "Ya know sumthin? I was wrong about ya! You should marry Yolei! Yeah, she needs a good man!" Sesu and Yolei laughed, and Trey managed to let out a fake laugh as he tried to escape the old man's death grip. "Come on! We'll go back to my place, we'll feed ya. Then ya get married!" Both the grandfather and Yolei laughed again, but he was actually dragging Trey along. Who was still trying to squirm out of the man's grip, Zilla and Stitch followed their trainer. Their faces full of worry.

                    "Your parents will pay for the wedding of course! HAHAHA" Sesu's cackling laugh sounded through the forest.

                    But he didn't. The boy looked over at Yolei once more. She...reminded him of someone. Someone dear to him. They were almost identical. Was it her? Is this a sign of some kind. She...looked like her. Acted like her.

                    His sister.

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                    @ Breezy.
                    That's just the kind of storydriving pokémon interaction that I like to reward with levels :3 Maybe not always, but sometimes.

                    - Wartortle grew to lvl 13 and learned Water Gun!
                    - Nidoran grew to lvl 9 and learned Double Kick!

                    @ Red Wing

                    Phoenix really is a battler!

                    - Phoenix (Combusken) grew to lvl 12!
                    - Katt's new Petilil is on lvl 8!

                    @ Charizard_Man

                    An interesting implementation of the grumpy coffee man ^^ But some parts of the post are a bit confusing.
                    The woman laughed, "We're poachers, we've been catching all the Beedrill in this area for weeks. But lately we haven't spotted any. This Kakuna will have to do.” she looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, LILLIGANT! Drag the net now!”

                    “Lilli!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over her shoulders, and proceeded to walk away. The grass type stopped in her tracks, there was no weight at the other end of the net.

                    Luther grunted. “What the hell?”

                    Jane shrugged. “The old man must've cut through the net with a knife, how clever.”

                    The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just make this a whole lot easier. Go, Ponyta!” The large pony pokemon with black eyes and the fiery mane faced the group. Luther quietly commanded the Ponyta. “Use Hypnosis.” Ponyta began to shake its head back and forth, but suddenly stopped once it noticed a pair of large blades behind the resting Kakuna.

                    "Scytheeeeee...." The mysterious figure whispered. Both Sesu and Yolei crawled away in terror as a large green pokemon with blades for arms sprung out from the grass they were on and landed with powerful force. It wiped its blades together, prepared for battle. Jane raised an eyebrow, "A Scyther?"

                    Lilligant? Marowak? Uh? Also, Jane? Luther? When... what... where these introduced? What I mean is, maybe read over your whole posts an extra time and make sure everything makes sense before posting them :3

                    - Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 15 and is able to learn Scary Face!
                    Forget an old move or skip learning Scary Face? Answer in the OOC thread.

                    - Stitch (Nidoran) grew to lvl 10 and learned Double Kick!
                    - Trey's new Scyther is on lvl 9!

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                    Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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                      chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
                      Meredith Hudson // Viridian Forest // Post Three

                      Meredith had decided as soon as they’d stepped foot in the forest that it was the most creepiest place she’d ever been in. Some of the trees hung low over the worn pathway, looking dead and lifeless whilst other reached tall and fruitful towards the skies, letting much needed light in. Meredith half expected to find a wizard’s lair around the next bend or a cottage made out of gingerbread, it was the stuff of fairy tales. Concentrating on staying on the path and making sure that she or her two Pokemon didn’t trip or get separated from the group forced her to stop thinking about the equally creepy meeting with the boy, Noah Dune. Still seething at his comments about Wartortle, she tried to put it behind her. They weren’t going to be seeing him ever again, if she could help it.

                      Good thing too, because it wasn’t long before Meredith had to concentrate even harder as bug type Pokemon dropped down from the low hanging trees, attacking the intruders to their territory. It was not a great day to be walking through a Beedrill’s nesting area and it was Nidoran who was given a shot at taking down the pair of bugs first.

                      “Nidoran, jump up and use Peck attack!” Meredith was getting more and more used to throwing commands around and becoming more comfortable with thinking about strategy and attacking at the same time. The little pink Pokemon gathered all his might and jumped towards the Beedrill, hitting the bug square on the chest. Nidoran seemed more capable than Wartortle at aiming his attacks, probably due to the fact that Nidoran used his whole body to attack rather than an external force like Wartortle had to. Meredith still failed to see this however.

                      As Nidoran landed safely back on the ground, running back to take up position in front of Meredith, Beedrill retaliated very quickly, the sharp points on its arms failing only twice out of five hits to penetrate Nidoran’s tough skin.

                      “Keep it up Nidoran, use Peck again at close range!”

                      Meredith’s quick thinking changed the fortune of this battle to her favour, Nidoran’s Peck being very effective. The Beedrill was knocked back, it’s partner buzzing over to it, seeming to want to attend to its wounds. Meanwhile, Nidoran was panting hard though he still looked rearing to go.

                      “Nidoran, try Focus Energy whilst those Beedrill are busy,” Meredith’s command was quiet, so only Nidoran could hear her whilst the second Beedrill coaxed the other one back into battle.

                      Nidoran’s Focus Energy was quick, short and sharp but all he needed, still being at such a low level. Without a command from Meredith, he launched at the Beedrill head on, as his attacker met him with equal ferociousness. Luckily for Meredith, who had stopped short of breathing, watching her Nidoran defend her so well, it was Nidoran’s Peck that landed first, knocking the Beedrill out of battle. It dropped to the ground, still breathing but out of luck. If the second Beedrill decided to attack in honour of its fallen comrade, Meredith had decided she would ask Wartortle to take Nidoran’s place but the bugs disappeared as quickly as they had appeared, back into the winding maze of trees. Though they would be able to pass safely through this part of the forest, they would not be so lucky in other parts patrolled by other menacing bugs.

                      “I really dislike bugs,” Meredith told Nidoran and Wartortle as she retrieved from her bag a Potion and a small drinking bowl, carefully measuring the medicine before placing it in front of Nidoran who lapped it up willingly. It quickly soothed his aches, whilst also tasting like strawberries. “Thanks for taking care of that Nidoran! Hopefully we can get through a bit more forest before running into Beedrill’s again.”

                      Once Nidoran had finished and he was feeling better, with an affectionate pat on the head from Meredith, they were off once more. Whilst still being cautious, Meredith felt more confident than ever after that battle. Defending themselves would be no problem now. Not even if that horrible Noah person turned up again.

                      It wasn’t long before Meredith was thinking twice about her new found confidence as the three of them were chased down by more wild Pokemon. It was difficult to stay on the right path when running from crazed Pokemon who thought you were going to steal the young from their nests. This time, it was an angry Pidgeotto mother who they had run into. Meredith had been gawking at the young Pidgey in the low lying nest, charmed by how cute they were as babies, wondering how they turned into such annoying pests that flocked to the cities when the mother had returned, raging and squawking as she chased them down.

                      With her heart pounding in her chest, sweat running down her forehead and her Pokemon at her heels, she managing to run into a small shaded area, fooling the Pidgeotto into continuing so Meredith ended up behind the Pidgeotto, able to attack from that angle. She called upon Wartortle to do the job.

                      “Wartortle, use Brine!” Thinking vaguely that they could wash away the Pokémon’s anger, Meredith watched as Wartortle’s attack shot the Pidgeotto in the chest, covering most of the tree behind her as well. The Pidgeotto didn’t seemed fazed by the attack at all and she swooped towards Wartortle before thrusting her wings at him, creating a powerful gust of air that knocked both Wartortle and Meredith off their feet. Nidoran managed to avoid the attack by hiding in a bush, just as he had when they first found him.

                      “God, it’s highly unlikely this is a Beedrill battle Wartortle,” Meredith brushed herself off as she stood back up, helping Wartortle off his back. “Use Bubble! Aim for her face!”

                      Wartortle obeyed the command, puffing up his chest and sending the jet of bubbles towards the Pidgeotto. Hardly any of them stung her face though. Wartortle’s aim was off and the Pidgeotto was too fast. She darted in and out of the jet with ease. Gritting her teeth, Meredith tried to think of another strategy. There was no way Pidgeotto would let them leave without one party falling.

                      Before she knew it, Pidgeotto had unleashed another Gust attack, this time aiming it at the forest floor. Scattered debris, leaves, twigs, branches, you name it and it was what went flying towards the pair, who were unable to get out of the way in time.

                      It felt like a long time before the attack stopped and Meredith finally opened her eyes, finding herself curled on the ground, her arms shielding her head. She felt like how she looked, battered and a little bruised. Other than that she was fine. Looking around, she saw Wartortle, retracted into his shell behind her, realising that he must have been the very hard ‘rock’ she felt knock of the wind out of her before she fell. The attacking Pidgeotto was nowhere to be seen.

                      Meredith slowly rose to her feet, checking all her joints as Nidoran came crawling out from the bush, looking unscathed.

                      “Are you alright?” She asked the Poison type, who nodded and whimpered in reply. “Wartortle?” She questioned the water type next. His arms quickly shot out of the shell, followed by his head, legs and tail, which was then followed by a groan.

                      “Man, I am never going near any nests again. That was just too horrible to even bother,” Meredith said, watching Wartortle push himself up of the ground, wincing slightly as he looked more worse for wear than she did.

                      “War, Wartortle, War,” Though she didn’t understand what he was saying, it seemed that Wartortle knew this couldn’t be helped. This was all part of the trainer experience, right?

                      “Well, we better get back on track guys,” Looking around, Meredith wasn’t actually sure of which way the main path was. “Um, Wartortle, do you remember the way back?” Meredith, suddenly worried, looked to the Water type, who’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head.

                      “Nidoran? Do you?” Meredith then questioned the other Pokemon as she continued to look around, looking for a familiar point in the forest. It all looked the same though.

                      “You don’t think we are lost, do you?”

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                        chapter one; Friends and Rivals
                        Ben Tobin // Route 2 // pt. 2

                        The sun which had hung high over the route for most of the day had now faded nearly all of the way behind the western hills, darkening the landscape a bit but not too badly. Ben was in a bit of a rush. He knew that Blitzle was hurt fairly bad and needed a good rest but Lucy was in a bad way herself, resting atop Ben’s shoulders holding onto his long white hat his grandmother had knitted for him a few weeks ago. The blue otter preferred to stay out of her Pokeball if possible, enjoying the fresh air and wanting to see the world as her trainer did. Judging by the guide book which detailed the various routes and cities he’d packed he could see that there was a rest stop ahead with cabins where traveling trainers could stop and rest their Pokemon and even get a room for the night. He held up the weighted Pokeball in one hand, smiling to himself as he watched the sleeping Blitzle within.

                        He clipped the ball to his belt and as he continued on down the path he began to come across other new trainers like himself, combing the bushes along the trail for signs of wild Pokemon. One young boy was squatting before a thicket of bushes, his partner, a circular plant looking Pokemon that Ben had never seen before beside him. As he walked, Ben flipped open the Pokedex, aiming it at the strange little thing as the handheld machine registered the entry instantly; Cottonee, the cotton puff Pokemon. They go wherever the wind takes them. On rainy days, their body becomes heavier, so they often take shelter beneath trees.

                        What a neat Pokemon. Ben thought to himself, looking up at Lucy smirking.
                        “We’re seeing all kinds of new and exciting Pokemon, huh girl?” The little otter nodded her agreement, resting her chin on Ben’s head.

                        “I know you’re tired. The rest houses should be just up the road here.” Ben said, looking up the path as far as he could see. Sure enough, far off down the path he began to see a line of cabins and other houses in a huge clearing within the trees.

                        “There it is! You and Blitzle are gonna get a much deserved rest, girl.” He said, smiling broadly.
                        They went inside the first building they came to and a young girl behind the counter made a face upon seeing the exhausted Lucy on Ben’s shoulders.

                        “Your Dewott looks mighty beat young man. You should have let it rest inside a Pokeball.” She frowned as Ben stepped up to the counter, placing Blitzle’s ball in the rack and taking out Lucy’s.

                        “I know, but the thing is she really hates Pokeballs and doesn’t like to stay in them. I’ve been keeping her out of the sun as much as I can ma’am.” He said, holding up Lucy’s Pokeball.

                        “You’re gonna need to get in just for a bit so the nice lady can give you a rest okay?” The feisty otter grunted her indignance but reluctantly allowed herself to be recalled into the ball as Ben smiled, placing it beside Blitzle’s ball in the rack.
                        “Your Pokemon will be feeling much better after a bit of rest. You may explore the grounds or rent a room for the night if you wish. We have a cook in the next house over serving lunch at about this time. Feel free to drop by.” The lady said kindly, taking the tray into the back room.

                        Ben was sitting on a bench eating a sandwich, watching the other trainers on the grounds with their Pokemon, training or just relaxing in the afternoon breeze. He thought about the tough battle they’d fought to capture Blitzle and he opened the Pokedex, selecting the entry of the electric steed Pokemon, reviewing its moves and behavior, what it liked to eat and so on. He then remembered that Lucy and Blitzle should be healed by now, checking his watch he got up, packing up the rest of the lunch to save for them and he headed back into the rest house as the lady was just coming back to the counter with his Pokeballs in the rack.

                        “Your Dewott and Blitzle are all better now. They had a nice long sleep and they both seem very happy.” She said, placing the rack upon the counter as Ben collected the two Pokeballs, clipping Blitzle’s back onto his belt and automatically releasing Lucy who stretched big and yawned, scratching her head as she saw Ben she cried out affectionately and hugged his leg.

                        “It’s good to see you too, girl. You feeling better after your nap?” The cute little otter nodded happily.

                        “Dew! Dewott!” She cried.

                        “Awww that’s so sweet. She seems to be a very well taken care of Pokemon!” The lady said.

                        “Now is there anything else I can do for you? A room for the night? Supplies?”

                        “Hmm. Well I know Viridian Forest is not far ahead. I wouldn’t want you or Blitzle getting poisoned.” He said frowning down at Lucy.

                        “2 Antidotes and 3 Potions please.” He said, placing some bills upon the counter as the lady handed the items across and he stowed them in his bag, shouldering it and patting Lucy on the head gently.

                        “Come to think of it. I don’t want you to have to sleep outside. We’ll take a room as well ma’am.” Ben said, Lucy jumping up and down excitedly.

                        “Very well, your room will be just up the stairs, the first door on the left.” She said as Ben laid a few more bills on the counter.

                        “Thank you for all your help ma’am. These rest houses are really great!” He exclaimed heading off up the steps with Lucy in tow.

                        The room was a fairly big with a single bed in one corner and few other small beds for Pokemon in various spots and a table in the center with water and packaged snacks. Lucy immediately plopped onto one of the small beds and tore open a packet, munching down the treats within, grinning broadly as she dripped crumbs down her chin.

                        “Awww, I forgot you must be hungry huh? Help yourself I don’t think Pokemon treats are very good for me anyway.” He said with a light chuckle, taking a seat on the bed and setting his pack down before him. He placed the Pokedex on the nightstand beside the bed and took out the guide book and the rest of his meal from earlier, nibbling the sandwich and flipping through the guide book, checking out the pages on Viridian Forest and the different types of Pokemon he would find when he felt a jiggling at his belt, remembering Blitzle he unclipped the ball, smirking.

                        “You wanna stretch your legs a bit bud, alright! Come on out, Blitzle!” He pressed the button on the center of the ball, which opened and released a beam of white light which took the form of the graceful electric steed who gave a big stretch and neighed contently, glancing around the room and then at the treats on the table where Lucy was on her third packet. The little eager horse Pokemon stepped forward, sniffing at the packets nervously and watching Lucy out of the corner of one eye, unsure of himself in this strange place. The little blue otter smiled at Blitzle, patting him on the head and offering the rest of the treats to him, even opening them for the shy little fella which he gratefully accepted, chomping them down hungrily and swallowing and excitedly eating the rest, nuzzling his mane against Lucy, neighing happily.

                        “Awww that’s real nice of you Luce, helping out Blitzle like that. He’s gotta be shy you know, he’s used to the open fields of the route. We’ve gotta make him feel at home.” Ben said, admiring the way the two got along.
                        “I suppose we’ve gotta give you your own name too huh, Blitzle?” The electric horse Pokemon sat beside Lucy, nodding eagerly.

                        “Hmmm. Well you’re a tough guy when you need to be, and your pretty fast. How about Zeus?” The little electric horse turned its head slightly, as if pondering on the name, then nodded happily.

                        “Zeus it is! I think that name really suits ya bud.” Ben said, smiling as he lay back on the bed and immediately Lucy hopped up on the bed with him, curling up beside him as Zeus stood at the side of the bed, still unsure of himself.

                        “It’s okay bud, you can get on the bed too.” Ben said, petting Zeus fondly as the small horse jumped onto the bed, plopping down between Ben’s feet, resting his head on his leg, sighing contentedly.
                        “There ya go. Now everyone’s comfortable. Let’s see if we can’t get some sleep.”

                        -- -- -- -- -- --

                        Ben awoke with the early morning dawn shining through the window adjacent from the bed, he sat up in the bed, Lucy stirring at his side he glanced down at Zeus who was still sound asleep. He eased himself up out of the bed, stretching big and pulling on his hat. He took a bottle of water and an apple from his bag and sat eating, sharing the apple with Lucy who sat at his side still wiping sleep from her eyes. Zeus, smelling the food, began to wake, stretching himself and hopping down off the bed, nudging Ben’s hand which held the apple until the boy laughed and handed the rest of it to the horse Pokemon who chomped it down quickly and swallowed, nosing in the bag for more.

                        “You should eat a little slower, bud you’re gonna get a tummy ache.” He said, gathering the Pokedex and guide book, shouldering his pack he got to his feet.

                        “Alright guys, time to head out to the Viridian Forest. Who knows what we’ll find there but after reading the guide book here, I’ve a good idea of the Pokemon I want to catch. So let’s get to it. Return, Zeus.” He recalled the smallish electric horse and clipped the ball to his belt, walking out of the room with Lucy at his his heels.

                        He thanked the lady for her kindness once more and stepped out into the bright crystal clear morning light, breathing a breath of fresh air and starting off back down the route, walking past trainers with their Pokemon which he catalogued in the Pokedex as he walked; a Nidoran female, tiny and light blue. A feisty looking thing. A Nidoran male, a purplish slightly larger version of the female. Deerling, a cute little Pokemon which looked like it would belong more in contests than in a battle. As he left the row of cabins and was walking back onto the route path, he heard the familiar computerized voice of a Pokedex that was not his own; Dewott, the discipline Pokemon…

                        “Hey! That’s you girl. Wonder where that could be coming from.” He said, looking about, seeing no one.

                        “Quite the specimen you have there. “ A voice said. “Looks a little fat to me though. You should feed it less.”

                        “Who said that? Come out and show yourself.” Ben said, a little flustered as was Lucy who stood at his feet with arms crossed a frown across her features.

                        At that, a figure dropped from a nearby tree. It was a boy about Ben’s age who wore a white shirt and grey coat with a torn pair of blue jeans. His hair was cut close to his head, nearly a buzzcut and he wore a necklace with a Pokeball on the end.

                        “Name’s Harrison. I’m from Pallet Town.”

                        “Where’d you get that Pokedex?” Ben asked, staring at the more updated-looking version in the kid’s hands.

                        “Huh? This old thing? Pffft. I got this thing from Professor Oak. He said he needed help completing it. And that’s what I’m gonna do.” Ben was in shock. He’d heard of Oak but had never had the chance to actually meet the man let alone…

                        “P-professor Oak?” Ben stammered, trying to regain his confidence.

                        “Yup, that’s right. He gave me this here Pokemon too to start out with. He ain’t much though. Only knows three attacks. I’ll likely trade him once I get some stronger Pokemon.”

                        “Trade him?! Why would you ever trade a Pokemon?” Ben was angry now. This kid had no respect for Pokemon.

                        “Because he is weak. Don’t you get it? The only Pokemon worth raising are the strong ones who can win battles.

                        You’ll learn eventually once you drop the tubby little otter there. “

                        “Rrrrggghh! You’re gonna regret saying that! You have to learn that Pokemon are our friends. We work together with them they don’t win battles on their own and neither do we. It’s a partnership.”

                        “You think so huh? Well battle me then. Show me what your little chubby thing is made of.”

                        “You want a battle? Well you’re gonna get one! You ready Luce?” He looked down at the fierce blue otter who stamped a foot, readying herself for battle.

                        “Alright then show me what you got!” Ben was ready. He knew Lucy’s moves through and through and he had Zeus too, for backup.

                        “Fine. Alright Oshawott don’t mess this up.” Harrison plucked the ball from his necklace, expanding it and releasing a tiny little otter which looked eerily similar to Lucy, albeit smaller. Ben flipped open the Pokdex, registering the little guy; Oshawott, the sea otter Pokemon. It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing. Lucy stepped up to meet her unevolved form, raising her own scalchops ferociously.

                        “Go Oshawott. Use Tackle.” Harrison commanded and the tiny little otter came charging head first at Lucy.
                        “Lucy, use your own Tackle!” Ben said, smiling. The bigger otter put away her scalchops, lowering herself to the dirt and meeting Oshawott head on. The two collided and the unevolved little Oshawott bounced back to her trainer’s feet, sitting up rubbing his head.

                        “Don’t embarrass me you runt! Use Tackle again!” Oshawott looked up at Harrison, unsure of himself but he obeyed.

                        He raised himself and cried out, “Osha! Oshawott!!” And charged Lucy again.

                        “Lucy, end this quick! Use Air Slash!” At this command Lucy leaped high above the tiny little otter who ran right under her, stumbling a bit, surprised he looked up as Lucy charged down with her scalchops glowing she struck the little guy across the chest, sending him tumbling into the bushes.

                        “Arrrrggghh you useless little twerp!” Harrison yelled, recalling Oshawott.

                        “Fine, you want a real battle? I’ll give you a real battle kid.” Harrison took a second Pokeball from his belt, releasing the same strange circular Grass-type Ben had seen earlier.

                        “Cottonee! Use Leech Seed!” The harmless looking Pokemon suddenly grew fierce, shooting seeds from its fluffy underbelly which latched onto Lucy, wrapping her up and sending her into the dirt where the seeds sapped her energy, giving it to the insane little Grass-type. Ben was shocked. He had never seen a move like that.

                        “Lucy! Can you get out of that?” Lucy struggled, crying out in pain as her very energy was sapped from her but she wiggled a scalchop free and sliced the seed-vines apart, standing to her feet but looking hurt bad.

                        “It’s okay girl, you did great! Return!” He recalled her into her Pokeball for some rest and clipped it to his belt, taking out Zeus’s ball.

                        “Alright, Zeus. I know you can do this! Go!” He released the energetic electric steed which came out with a resounding neigh, its mane crackling fiercely. Harrison was dumfounded for a moment, taking out his Pokedex he registered the strange horse.

                        “A Blitzle huh? Kind of a dumb choice choosing an Electric-type to go up against a Grass-type but hey, who said you were smart in the first place. Take him down Cottonee! Leech Seed!” The spherical little Grass-type produced the seeds from before, shooting them at Zeus who instinctively, without command sidestepped the attack.

                        “Great bud! Use your speed to your advantage! Use Quick Attack!” Ben said and the little zebra obeyed. He shot off from where he’d been standing leaving only a trail of crackling electricity faster than either trainer could see Zeus crashed into the Cottonee, sending it flying and brimming with the electric charge. The little spherical Pokemon raised itself up but it was badly hurt.

                        “Don’t fail me Cottonee! Use Absorb!” The little Grass-type shot out a blast of orbs at the electric zebra who took them, waving his head a bit but he was fully rested and no simple Absorb would take him down.

                        “You got this Zeus! Use a full-power Quick Attack!” The electric steed stamped its hoof several times, readying itself with lightning shining in its mane it shot off again, even faster this time. It smashed into the Cottonee, which sank into the dirt, fainted.

                        “Nooooo!” Harrison shouted, throwing his arms up and sinking to his knees, cradling the Grass-type.

                        “I know you could have done better. You didn’t give it your best and you lost because of that.” He glared at Ben.
                        “And you! This doesn’t mean anything! Wait until I evolved my Pokemon and catch some stronger ones! I’m gonna get you kid!” He recalled the Grass-type and stood looking over Ben and Zeus for a moment and then ran off into the bushes. Ben watched him go for a moment, grinning victoriously then he looked to Zeus who neighed proudly and stamped his hoof.

                        “You did it bud! You were so fast! I’m so proud of you!” He ran forward and hugged the electric zebra which in turn, albeit accidentally gave off an electric shock.

                        “Ahhhh! That’s your way of giving a hug I suppose.” Ben said laughing and holding onto the little steed.

                        “Alright bud, return! You get a good rest.” He recalled Zeus and released Lucy who was looking better already.

                        “You did great too girl.” Ben said smiling as he kneeled down, taking off his pack and producing a potion. He sprayed the little otter over and she giggled at the cool feeling and jumped up and down, hugging Ben.

                        “Glad you’re feeling better.” He looked off up ahead where the forest got much thicker, so much so that Ben could not see through. He stood up, walking down the path to a sign which read; Viridian Forest.

                        “Well, I guess this is it. Let’s go girl! I hope we meet some cool new Pokemon!”

                        And with that, they went on inside the gate to the Viridan Forest.
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                          chapter 1; Proving One's Self-Worth: Enter Kyte, Part II
                          Katherine Aldine // Route 2

                          "So, let's see what our new partner can do, huh?" Katt said to Phoenix as she threw her new Petilil's PokeBall into the air. The Trainer and her Pokemon were farther along Route 2, taking in the pastoral surroundings and basking in the triumph of winning against the wild Pokemon they'd encountered.

                          The thrown ball opened as it reached the apex of its throw, releasing a shower of red light on the ground before Katt and her Combusken. The light materialized a moment later into the Petilil that Katt had captured only a few minutes ago.

                          "Hi there!" Katt smiled and waved a hand at the tiny Grass-type Pokemon, who responded by hopping up and down in excitement. Katt giggled, "Well, you seem happy to be with me, huh?"

                          "Peti!" The bulb Pokemon really was excited. It hopped up into Katt's arms and snuggled against her cheek affectionately.

                          "Whoa! You're really happy," Katt said with a smile. "Petilil, this is Phoenix," she said while holding out the Pokemon so it could see Katrina's other partner. The Petilil let out a cry of happiness and Phoenix returned the gesture. Katt laughed, "I'm glad you two are getting along so well! Alright, Petilil, now we need to come up with a nickname for you, okay?"

                          "Lil! Petilil!" The Pokemon appeared to be beaming at the idea.

                          "You're too cute, hahah, okay, how about we call you...Lily?" Katt suggested. The Grass-type hopped out of its Trainer's arms and hopped up and down in response with a happy look on its face.

                          "Peti! Petilil, petilil!"

                          "Alright," Katt said cheerily, "Lily it is!" Looking around, Katt noted a small cottage and said, "Okay, Lily, Phoenix, why don't we check out who lives in that cottage over there? We may even be able to have our first Trainer battle!"

                          The two Pokemon responded excitedly. Wow, Katt thought, I really have some battle-happy Pokemon! The young girl and her Pokemon made way for the cabin, all anxious for the chance to battle, which, for Katt, was a welcome feeling to quell her insecurities.


                          "Hello?" Katt knocked on the front door of the small wooden home, "Is anyone here?" The cottage was modest in size and style, being made entirely of wood with a thatched roof of branches, earth and vines. It seemed to have some up-to-date features, like windows and a chimney, but that was all.

                          Katt huffed, "Guess no one's home...C'mon, guys, we may as well head for Viridian Forest." Combusken and Petilil seemed unfazed, but just as the trio turned to leave, the front door opened!

                          "Hello? Can I help you, young lady?" The old woman standing in the doorway looked, to Katt, like she could be anyone's loving grandmother. She was small, probably no taller than 4 feet 3 inches, wore a pink dress with floral patterns and had her gray hair tied up in a bun. Her wrinkled face was set in a look of curiosity and slight apprehension.

                          "Oh, we were just wondering who lived here and if there were any Trainers we may be able to battle," Katt explained. "It's nearly sundown and we were hoping to have a battle before camping for the night in Viridian Forest."

                          "Ah, I see," the old woman said, "Well, sadly my cottage has no room for guests, but there is a young man here who is also a Trainer. He stopped in about an hour ago to rest his Pokemon. You're welcome to speak with him." The old woman stepped back inside, leaving the door ajar for Katt.

                          "Did you hear that, guys?" Katt said, "We might have a Trainer battle after all!" Giddy with the prospect of testing herself against another Trainer, Katt entered the small abode.

                          The interior was no more impressive than the exterior. It was a one-room cottage with a wooden floor and a stone fireplace set into the far wall. To Katt's left was a small kitchen area consisting of a table, a small cupboard, a wash bowl and an old-style ice box. To her right was a small cot for sleeping.

                          On the cot was a small, orange Pokemon covered in orange down. The Pokemon appeared to be sleeping while sitting erect and beside it was a young man that could have been no more than a year or two older than Katt. He was also asleep, although cross-legged with his chin resting against his chest. Katt rose an eyebrow at the sight, "Is this him?"

                          "Yes, yes," the old woman clucked. She was preparing a fire in the fireplace, "He's an odd one, that boy. But, he's also a capable battler! Don't let appearances fool you, now!"

                          Katt made a face and Phoenix and Lily exchanged unconvinced expressions. "Well, if you say so," Katt said. The young girl walked over to the supposedly sleeping Trainer and nudged him lightly, "Excuse me-"

                          "Yes," the boy said, startling Katt, "I'll battle you."

                          "Huh?! I thought you were asleep!" Katt exclaimed.

                          The boy chuckled, opened his eyes and rose to his feet, "C'mon, Torchic." The small Pokemon also opened its eyes and rose, "We were meditating. I'm Kyte, and this is my partner, Torchic. We were passing through to reach Pewter City. Torchic got a little beat up during our training, so we stopped here to rest."

                          Katt nodded, "I see. I'm Katt, and these are my partners, Phoenix-"

                          "Comb!" Combusken raised a talon in greeting.

                          "-and Lily."

                          "Lil!" Petilil hopped up and down enthusiastically.

                          Kyte smiled, "Cool, so you got a Pokemon from Professor Oak too?"

                          "No," Katt answered, "I received Combusken here from Professor Pine in Viridian City."

                          "Ah," Kyte smirked, "Well, since your Combusken is the evolved form of my Torchic, then you should be stronger than me, correct?"

                          Katt blinked, "I suppose so..."

                          "Well then," Kyte grinned, "let's find out!"


                          Katt gulped. Here she was, standing across from this boy Kyte and they were about to have a battle! All of her confidence and giddiness about battling melted away when she saw the determination and confidence in Kyte's eyes. He was a decent looking boy, too, which made her nervous. He had olive skin with jet-black hair that was kept short and wore a red and black tank top with beige cargo shorts and black sneakers. By all respects, Kyte looked like someone who could handle himself.

                          "Are you ready?" Kyte called from across the battlefield outside the old woman's home.

                          Katt swallowed her anxiety and shouted back, "Yeah!"

                          The old woman, who Katt came to know as Patty, announced from the sidelines, "Alright then, you two, this is going to be a simple two-on-two battle! The winner is the Trainer who knocks out both of their opponent's Pokemon first! Ready...go!"

                          Katt called, "Phoenix, go!" The Combusken let out a cry and took to the field.

                          "Hahah, Torchic, go!" Kyte said, causing his Pokemon to run onto the field and meet Phoenix at the center.

                          For a moment, the two Pokemon just stared at one another until the first battle command was called:

                          "Torchic, use Focus Energy!"

                          Katt was nervous, but tried to keep her cool as she commanded, "Use Night Slash on Torchic before it can finish focusing its energy!"

                          Phoenix let out a cry and lunged with a shadowy talon at Torchic, whose body was beginning to glow!

                          "Dodge it and use Scratch!" Kyte called. Torchic responded automatically, jumping over Combusken's swepeing talon and scratching the larger Pokemon in the back!

                          "Comb!" Phoenix let out a cry of pain, but retaliated by knocking Torchic sideways with its Night Slash attack! The small Fire-type was sent flying!

                          "Good job, Phoenix!" Katt cheered. "Now, follow up with a Scratch attack!"

                          Phoenix obeyed and ran in Torchic's direction, but the Chick Pokemon proved to be faster! Before Phoenix could land a hit, Torchic was behind it and landed another Scratch attack!

                          "Good going, Torchic," Kyte said, "Now finish it off! Keep using Scratch!"

                          Combusken was losing health quickly, but Katt didn't know what to do. This was entirely different from a wild Pokemon battle! Trainer battles meant dealing with people who were just as smart, if not smarter, than yourself! Katt could only watch, petrified, as Phoenix took a beating.

                          "C'mon now, girly! Get your head into it!" Katt snapped out of her daze at the sound of Patty's voice. "Can't you see your partner's being beaten up? Are you just gonna stand there and let it happen?"

                          That brought her back to herself. No matter what, Katt was not going to let anyone defeat Phoneix, or any of her other partners as long as she could still fight!

                          "Alright, Phoenix, get rid of that pest with Night Slash!" Combusken let out a cry and launched the attack, sending Torchic flying. "Good! Now close-in on it and use Night Slash with both talons! X-Formations!"

                          Luckily, her Combusken understood. As fast as it could, Combusken homed-in on Torchic before it could recover and unleashed duel Night Slashes! The attack sent Torchic flying backwards!

                          "Torchic!" Kyte cried. The Fire-type was still standing after the Night Slash assault, but it appeared to be on its last legs! "That's enough, Torchic. Return!" Kyte retrieved Torchic's PokeBall and pressed the release switch, causing it to open and for Torchic to retreat in a red light.

                          "Do you forfeit the match, Kyte?" Patty asked.

                          Kyte shook his head, "No, but I don't want Torchic to overwork itself. We'll switch to our second Pokemon, agreed, Katt?"

                          Katt admired Kyte's concern for his Pokemon's well-being and nodded, "No problem. Phoenix, to me!" The Combusken clucked and returned to Katt's side. Lily, who up until this moment had been watching the battle fervently from atop Katt's head, hopped down and let out a cry.

                          "Petilil!" It hopped and looked at Katt, letting its Trainer know that Lily was ready to battle!

                          Katt nodded, "Alright, Lily, let's do it!"

                          "So, you're using Petilil, huh? Well, I'm sorry, but this match is all but mine, then! Go, Nidoran!" From its PokeBall emerged a small, purple rodent Pokemon that Katt knew was the male form of Nidoran.

                          "A Poison-type...but all Petilil knows are Grass-attacks...this could be tricky..."

                          "Since Kyte withdrew Torchic, Katt gets the first move!" Patty announced.

                          Kyte nodded, "Fair enough! Let's see what you can do when you're at a type disadvantage!"

                          Katt set her mouth in a hard line, "You'll see I'm just as capable! Lily, use Leech Seed!"

                          "Peti!" The Grass-type released an onslaught of small seeds which landed perfectly on Nidoran, sprouting vines that ensnared the small rodent!

                          "Nido!" The Poison-type couldn't move as the Leech Seed began to sap its energy!

                          "Nidoran, use your horn to sever the vines!" Kyte called.

                          Nidoran tried to do just that, but Lily wouldn't have it!

                          "Lily, stop it! Use Absorb!" Lily released the attack, a strange particle of green energy, at Nidoran and hit it dead on! The particle then returned to Petilil, restoring its health partially.

                          Nidoran, however, would not be so easily cowed. A moment later, its horn successfully cut through the vines and the Pokemon was free of the Leech Seed!

                          "Good work, Nidoran! Now, hit Petilil with Poison Sting!" Kyte commanded.

                          Nidoran launched a flurry of Poison Sting towards Lily!

                          "Dodge it! Follow up with Growth as soon as possible!" Katt cried.

                          Lily attempted to dodge all of the attack, but was hit dead-on by one stray needle! "Peti!!" It stumbled backwards in pain.

                          "No! Lily, are you okay?" Katt shouted. To answer, the small Pokemon began to shimmer, a sign of the Growth attack. "Alright, girl, now use Absorb once more!"

                          This time, the particle was larger, and hit Nidoran with enough force to send it flying a small distance!

                          "That's a strong Grass-type..." Kyte muttered, "Okay, Nidoran, run in close and use Peck!"

                          Nidoran rose to its feet and began its charge, but stopped a short distance from Lily and fainted!

                          "Huh?!" Kyte was baffled! He ran over to his Nidoran and, a moment later, rose to his feet. He looked at KAtt with begrudging admiration, "Your Leech Seed, Petilil aimed it so that one seed was stuck in Nidoran's flank, where I couldn't see it and he couldn't feel it."

                          Katt blushed, "Um, yeah, while we were battling the entire time, Nidoran was slowly losing health...All I really had to do was stall you until the seed sapped all of Nidoran's strength."

                          Kyte smirked, "Good game, Katt." The young Trainer returned Nidoran to its PokeBall before turning to Patty and bowing slightly, "thank you for your hospitality, Ms. Patty. I must be going on to Pewter City, though."

                          Patty chuckled, "No trouble at all, kids. Be sure to visit again soon, though!"

                          Katt smiled, "Definitely! We should be going too." Turning to Kyte, Katt said, "I hope we can battle again someday soon, Kyte!"

                          "Me too, Katt," Kyte answered. "Now, I gotta make a run for the Pokemon Center in Viridian before I think about traveling through the forest. Catch ya later, Katt!" And with that, the boy was off.

                          Katt, Phoenix, and Lily waved good-bye to Patty and her cottage as they made their way down the dirt road leading to the gate of Viridian Forest.

                          Thinking about her battle, Katt felt a bubbling mixture of apprehension and excitement. She hadn't frozen up as bad as she'd thought she would, but she still needed Patty to snap Katt out of her thoughts. Well, at least I succeeded in proving my self-worth...
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                            1-2; ROWDY ROOTS
                            Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
                            12 00 00 00 00 00

                            The sky darkens in preparation for fast approaching night, the atmosphere taking the appearance of nearly every color of the rainbow in the western skies where the yellow sun sits. Zoey's self-imposed timer ticks ever closer, nearing the time when the buzzer goes off, to be indicated by the sun's complete concealment behind the planet's curved surface. The girl's pace quickens ever so slightly, moving at a pace somewhere between a jog and a full run, her pink sack swinging back and forth wildly in reaction to her high momentum. Zoey's side-bangs whip off to her sides in addition to the long cluster of brown hair tied up into a ponytail that's conveniently looped into her hat's whole by its rear, taken by the rushing of air caused by the girl's own attempts to make up for lost time with her dash northward. If she just had gotten up on time, this wouldn't have happened, and she might have gotten a chance at getting a more obedient partner in charmeleon too! To her dismay though, luck just never seems to on her team, or even on her sideline for that matter. At this rate, Zoey's positive that it'll be dark well before she arrives at the resting center.

                            Nonetheless, her strong pace shows little signs of lessening, a testament to her outstanding fitness level having been running for nearly an hour straight. Interestingly enough, the road has been void of other people ever since she's been on it, perhaps due to how late she arrived on Route 2, but then again, she still should've crossed a few people, but she hadn't. Despite this fact's peculiarity, Zoey didn't think much of it. Her mind is more preoccupied that fatigue is beginning to catch up to her, despite her great fitness level. To make matters worse, her water bottle is on empty and the last thing she wants to do is scarf down food during or shortly after a tough workout. Her body is also coated in a thick layer of salty bodily moisture, excretions that have accumulated over the course of her running along Route 2. Most definitely after her arrival at the resting center, perhaps they'll be able to lend her a shower before heading to bed. Here's to being hopeful.

                            The peace of the evening run, while it lasted for a damn long time, begins to find its conclusion. While the rustling of grasses due to playful or hunting packs of rattata, sentret and zigzagoon, along with the vibrations of the various bug-types, even spotting a trio of singing tricketots in the bushes along her way north have been rather soothing, the distant sound of gruff laughter and banter begin to draw quiet from nature's musicians, rushing back to their lairs and thickets in trepidation of the oncoming disturbance. Naturally, Zoey catches wind of the commotion too, hearing the voice of men, probably older adolescents due to the frequency with which their voices crack and the overall depth of their voices who, from the sounds of it are embroiled in Pokemon battles themselves. Sure enough, the twist in the road of Route 2 reveals a pack of boys, approximately around the ages of 15 or 16, all well groomed and well dressed in attire that, from the looks of it are popular brands worn by the youth of their day, the stuff that certainly wont be found in the bargain or clearance racks or in discount stores. They even have bicycles probably worth more than every article of clothing on Zoey's body combined, the bikes resting up against a park bench along the side of the path. In comparison, their garb sure beats Zoey's cheap get up, which includes torn denim shorts, well worn boots but still well made, and a black zi-up sleeveless jacket that's seen better days. The only thing relavely new about her attire is the pink trainer's bag she carries with her and her white and pink brimmed hat that serves as both a practical and fashionable look. Well, maybe not so fashionable compared to the clothes of these boys, that is.

                            One of them catches her eyes the most. A taller, blonde haired, green eyed young man with a little golden stubble for a goatee stands among them, but as a spectator, watching a battle between his two accomplices, one battling with a mudkip, and the other with a chimchar. He appears slightly older, but this could easily be visual deception as he also sports more definition in his muscles as well. Her eyes stay fixed on his biceps for a bit longer than Zoey would ever admit, but even so her interest with them is sort lived, hoping to run by them without grabbing too much attention from them. Unfortunately, she should've thought about a strategy. What adolescent male would let a pretty girl pass by without making a move on her? Sure enough, one of the boys takes notice of Zoey, the girl deliberately cocking her head slightly to the right so as to avoid any potential for eye contact to be made.

                            "Hey there, girl!" hollers the taller, blonde man. "What's a cutie like you doing all by yourself out here at this hour? You could get hurt. I certainly wouldn't want to see that happen. So how 'bout it? Want a ride?"

                            Paying no heed to the battle between his buds that he interrupted, teenage hormones thrown into full throttle, his comments follow up with his gesture towards his dark green 'ride', which is, for all its worth, a pretty high valued vehicle, but by no means is it a machine used to pick up girls with. As if she isn't sweating enough, Zoey looks down and away, but keeps up her running pace, distraught, but not too surprised that she got spotted.

                            "Uh, no thanks!" she bellows at an audible tone, lower than it normally would be as a result of her nervousness.

                            "Aww, that's too bad... But are you sure?" he presses further, pulling out an object that Zoey fails to get a good look at before flicking his wrist in a throwing motion. "It can get pretty dangerous out here at this hour. A good lookin' lady like yourself is a prime target for any thugs or hungry Pokemon. I'd hate to see something bad happen to you! Why don't you stick around?"

                            His persistence begins to push into Zoey's boundaries, feeling even more uneasy than before, as well as a little agitated, her quivering lips clenching tighter as her brows sink lower down her face, her pace picking up speed in order to escape the horny lads fawning over her. To her surprise, a small green creature pounces towards her out of nowhere, causing the girl to screech in astonishment, only to be smacked in the face by the mysterious beast's oddly textured green tail, launching her backwards several yards before landing flat on her ass, her hands rushing to her face, covering it as she reels in pain as her hands clench the agonizing portions of her forehead and nose, moaning in pain as her hands muffle the sounds from her mouth.

                            "Aww, what the hell Arboran! That's not how you treat a lady! You better apologize to her if you want to have a decent dinner!" lectures the blonde guy, taking a different tone towards what supposedly was the thing that assaulted Zoey's face.

                            "Tee... Treeeecko..." squeaks an odd, nearby creature, causing Zoey to slowly withdraw her hands from her ailing regions to identify the thing that responded to the name Arboran.

                            "Atta boy! I hope you remember proper etiquette in the future, alright pal?" he states again, reaching into his pocket before tossing a few small pellets into the air in the Pokemon's direction, revealing what appears to be the man's treecko.

                            Even more surprising is his treecko's stellar agility, leaping into the air with incredible athleticism, catching a few pellets in its mouth while launching a few others that flew out of the range of his mouth, batting them into the air with its tail and its left hand before landing on its left leg briefly, pivoting and springing its small green body high into the air, gobbling up the rest of the pellets in one big, mid-air gulp. Impressive indeed, although the treecko species are well known for their speed and feats of athleticism. His treecko, Arboran, runs back towards his trainer on all fours, coming up to his side before rotating on its heels, facing Zoey once again along with its trainer.

                            "I gotta say though, man" he addresses his little green lizard, looking down to his left to make eye contact with Arboran. "You got good taste my friend, but pick up lines or in your case pick up tails won't get the job done. You have to make your woman feel comfortable!"

                            "Treh, treecko!" calls out the reptile, probably in acknowledgement of its trainer's wisdom.

                            Still with her ass on the ground, Zoey watches the whole exchange unfold, in addition to the battle unfolding between the two other boys, the blonde man's friends who, from the looks of it, all have starter Pokemon, but from where? This puzzling fact pokes away at the girl's nosy noggin, slowly rising up to her feet while the rest of her attention divers to the battle unfolding before her.
                            "Go, go, Mudmar! Mud Slap!" commands one of the boys, this one a longer haired boy with auburn hair who guides the blue Mud Fish Pokemon into battle.

                            "Aww hell no, man! Ember his Mud Slap and flank his side with a Scratch!" conducts the other, this boy with short, buzzed black hair who has the chimchar as his partner.

                            The battle had already raged on for awhile, which was to Zoey's surprise considering the black-haired boy has a type disadvantage and there's no way their Pokemon could've been trained to such an extent where they can make up for those shortfalls. Yet, that's exactly how the battle pans out, but in a way far different than Zoey would normally expect it to. They battle with more than just calling out attacks, but using them defensively, turning them against the other attacker, and exploiting other weaknesses that aren't necessary related to Pokemon or move typing. From what Zoey sees, the boy battling with chimchar is utilizing its agility to dodge the mudkip's stronger Water Guns while using ember to dry up Mud Slaps, weaken other Water Guns, and to dry up the battle field, making the mudkip all the weaker for chimchar's Scratches. However, the other trainer is also battling smart, using cautious but liberal use of Water Gun to moisten the earth not just around chimchar but also in areas where chimchar has yet to burn with ember, creating new moist turf while limiting the terrain chimchar can cover, thereby reducing its ability to dodge. For what appears to be rookie trainers like herself, Zoey is intrigued by what's unfolding before her.

                            Sliding into damp territory, Mudkip's cheeks bulge before releasing a high pressure stream of water towards the chimchar, locking the Chimp Pokemon between two damp areas that the monkey must use in order to slip away unscathed. The black haired boy clenches his teeth, realizing the dire straights he's in, decides to make a risky call.

                            "Alright, Burnout! Somersault to your right and use Ember on the ground, then get out of there and back away from the damp ground!"

                            The chimchar, named Burnout, complies aptly, flipping into the air while its jaw opens forth, glowing a faint orange color as it prepares to unleash its fire attack.

                            "Not good enough!" retaliates the auburn boy; Mudmar's Water Gun connecting, albeit by just a hair, sniping Burnout's left leg just as the fire-type begins firing balls of fire from its mouth. Caught in a bad state of affairs, the blowback of the Embers bounce back up, smacking chimchar with its own attack in addition to the Water Gun to its Achilles Heel, as ironic as that is. Rolling back after suffering two simultaneous blows to itself, the battle appears all but over for the back-haired boy and his monkey Pokemon.

                            "Geh... Damn! Burnout, get up quick! He launched you onto dry ground so you have a chance! Use Ember and strafe him with it!" utters the panicked boy, urging his near defeated partner to make a final stand for victory.

                            "Too late, WATER GUN!!"

                            Struggling to find its footing, Burnout is shot straight in the head with a direct Water Gun, tossing his head back as the rest of the pressurized water pierces his tiny orange torso. Stumbling back a few yards, the chimchar collapses to the ground with a soft thud, water dripping off of its body and forming puddles around it.

                            "Aww, dammit!" the losing trainer blurts frustratingly in defeat. "Well Burnout, that was a might good attempt. You really held your own against your weakness. Good job."

                            The other trainer approaches his Pokemon too, picking up a blank-faced mudkip and turning its small body towards his own face as he holds Mudmar up in the air, smiling proudly towards his companion. "Way to go man! You never know what your foe might have up his sleeve, so its best we be ready for all combat styles! Great job today!"

                            "M-muuuud!" squeaks the drained mudkip, a little red in its cheeks due to its apparent bashful nature and the praise from his trainer.
                            Both trainers snatch their pokeballs and call back their partners, a job well done indeed, and a fierce battle for such upstart trainers. Zoey's mind is yanked around in endless twists and turns, analyzing the battle that unfolded before her eyes, fascinated and excited by the intensity of Pokemon battling. Still, one thought of her as a trainer still haunts her. If she hopes to partake in battles like that one in the future, somehow, her and Vuowth must make ends meet first. What was a smile from exhilaration from the battle found its way to a slightly longer frown, realizing just how far she'll have to go to begin realizing her dreams.

                            "Hey, miss! I bet you're a trainer, right? I doubt you'd be out here at this hour if that weren't the case. Am I right?"

                            Snapping back to reality, Zoey redirects towards the blonde haired man, looking directly at her with a smug gesture. Having forgotten completely that she was not only assaulted by this man's Pokemon, but also delayed by his interruption of her travels. At this rate, it'll be dark before... too late. The sun, kissing the horizon of the landscape's western side, is already partially sunk beneath the horizon, with most of the sky now taking to hues of darker blues and purples. She'll have to travel in the dark at this rate. At least Route 2 has streetlights hung high above the path towards Viridian Forest so that she wont have to resort to stumbling around in the dark. Not to mention, it's not like Vuowth will help her deal with any wild Pokemon that she might encounter along the way. If anything, Vuowth would seize the opportunity to beat her up further, as if she isn't already bruised and battered enough from her earlier bouts with the lizard. What a way to look forward to her Pokemon journey.

                            "Um... yeah..." peeps the girl, anxiety rising to a climax rapidly with the dread of what she feels he's about to press upon her next.

                            "I thought so. Well, how 'bout it then? Let's have ourselves a little scuffle, eh miss?" he challenges Zoey, the man's treecko stepping forward a few times, this time upright as the Wood Gecko sets its sights intently on the girl sitting atop her thighs.

                            "Uhm... well... I uh... really have to get going! I'm sort of late..." she mutters, bringing herself upright as her head tilts away, trepidation crawling throughout her blood as she makes an effort to escape this quickly escalating discomfort.

                            "Hahah, what!?" he cracks up in laughter, grabbing the other two boys' attention as they look at him, back at Zoey, and begin to chuckle in cohorts over the woman's unusual comments. "A trainer that turns down a battle? What kind of trainer are you? C'mon girl, your pride is at stake here! If you want to be a well respected trainer, you can't turn down an opportunity to prove that you're the best!"

                            Now she's angry, gritting her teeth, but keeping her lips shut as she glares slightly in their direction. Her gaze then shifts towards the ground, resorting to a frown once again, a sign of her sensitivity to hurtful words, lips trembling slightly.

                            "Hey girl!" the auburn boy yells towards her as the other boys continue laughing at her. "Don't tell me you'll let him wail on you like that! Even a girl should have some backbone!"

                            The trigger is flipped now. Zoey pivots back towards them, stomping her left foot down in fury, facing the blonde with arced brows and quivering, tightly clenched lips as if she's about to let loose her emotions.

                            "Fine. I'll kick your hairy chinned ass!" boasts Zoey boldly, this time her voice carrying an air of ferocity.

                            "Whoa there miss! Watch the mouth, man! Let's keep it real a'ight? How 'bout a 3 on 3 battle since you seem so anxious all of a sudden?" chuckling back in her direction, amused by her immature reaction.

                            "Don't bleed all over the floor now! We don't carry tampons with us!" howls the black haired boy, the other two boys bursting into uproarious laughter.

                            Zoey's fists turn to a deep red, clenched as tightly as possible as rage fills the poor girl's mind. Glaring up at the pack of adolescents with extreme hatred, all she can do is continue taking the verbal beat-down, her eyes welling up with excess moisture, ready to pour down her face with enough hurtful remarks. Not only are they insulting her desire to avoid a battle, but they also attack her angry reaction, using whatever thoughts that percolate in their minds to use as a weapon against the suffering thirteen year old girl.

                            "I don't have 3 Pokemon... O-only one," she stammers, inhibited by bloodlust pulsing throughout her veins.

                            "Oh, wow, really!? How do you expect to get anywhere as a trainer with only one? You're a bigger lost cause than I thought! Do you even -know- what you're doing?" taunts the blonde man, a smile plastered on his face, a crooked smile, half signifying concern while the other noting his disbelief. "You must be a newbie. Or a complete imbecile. You tell me, girl!"

                            Knowing all she can do is take in their verbal crucifixions, she stands there, boiling with blind anger as her lips and fists remain clenched.

                            "Alright. Let's make this a bit more dramatic. One on one. I'll go at it with my champ, Arboran. Hell, if you win, I might buy you dinner. How 'bout it then? Deal?" barters away the young man, grinning confidently.

                            "Shut up and fight me, jackass!" roars the abused girl, thrusting her right arm out of her pink sack with a pokeball clasped between her hands, her pointer ready to release the creature inside.

                            "Woah, hot and dirty mouthed! You're my kind of girl!" smirks the blonde teen, tossing up Arboran's pokeball up and down into the air casually as his little green warrior steps forward, eyeing intently the area it expects its adversary to appear. "Let's oil this machine up!"

                            "Vuowth, kick this guy's ass!" hisses Zoey, releasing her grovyle out onto the battlefield, appearing before everyone with its cold, golden stare, eyeing its new environment in displeasure.

                            "Oh ****! I don't even know what attacks grovyle can use!" she realizes, dipping her left arm into her pack to pull out her pearly white pokedex, flipping it open and activating its scanner, analyzing her emerald lizard.

                            Meanwhile, the boys stand in awe with what she put out onto the battlefield, with the exception of the blonde who looks over her evolved grass-type with admiration. However, the boys soon shift their gaze towards their partner, all of them smirking with interest, perhaps with the knowledge of something Zoey is ignorant of. One of the boys, however, the one with auburn hair, catches wind of Zoey's pokedex being out.

                            "Seriously? You don't even know what moves your Pokemon knows? Pathetic," blasts the boy, ridiculing her.

                            Scowling back in his direction, she returns to the data upon her screen, looking over the details uncovered regarding her own grovyle.

                            "Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack, and... WHAT!?" she finds, eyes widening in surprise at what she sees. "He knows Crunch!?"

                            Vuowth however, to Zoey's good fortune, becomes fixated on the boisterous youth around it, hissing in their direction hostily, causing them to back away apprehensively. Her green creature's attention is averted elsewhere, shifting its focus between the three males, and then locking hard onto something else; the treecko present only a few yards away, his demeanor not even slightly deterred by the arrival of its evolutionary form on the battlefield. Instead, Arboran stares Vuowth dead straight into the eyes, even grinning slightly, brimming with confidence. Vuowth, instead, returns his gaze with a piercing scowl of its own, but its grimace bears more the appearance of spite rather than cool swagger.
                            Without even a command given, Vuowth lunges forth, initiating combat with an angry Quick Attack, aiming right for the treecko's smaller body. Arboran, being in perfect sync, anticipates the attack and with its own high speed, shuffles off to its right, easily dodging the grovyle bearing down upon it. Vuowth's momentum carries it into a grove of bushes, catching its missed attack and allowing it to re-calibrate its assault.

                            "Woah there! Do you not have any control of your Pokemon!? This is just embarrassing," berates laughingly after witnessing the unwarranted blitz by the girl's grovyle, diving instead into foliage with Arboran unscathed.

                            "Just... shut up," she utters, her tone lower and quieter, but still presenting the same anger.

                            There's no end to Zoey's humiliation, fuming over their language. Her expression shifts subtly, looking to the brush that Vuowth resides in, frustration present in her eyes as Vuowth crawls out onto the road, scowling in the direction of Arboran who simply smirks in response.

                            "Don't attack unless I tell you to Vuowth!" reprimands Zoey, who's flustered words are completely ignored by the grovyle as it rushes Arboram with yet another Quick Attack.

                            "Hah!" laughs the boy in amusement, glancing down at his treecko, readying for battle. "This is just sad. Let's go Arboran. We'll put her grovyle out of its misery."

                            "Treeeeeeegooooo!!" growls Arboran enthusiastically, rushing onto all fours and preparing to address its foe properly. "Dodge and Pound!"

                            Arboran eases into battle, leaping over and behind Vuowth, to the grovyle's surprise, halting its furious barrage, shoving its right foot into the dirt to cut off its momentum and divert its attack, hissing derisively in the direction of the boy's treecko.

                            "Dammit Vuowth! I didn't tell you to attack!" huffs Zoey angrily, pointing directly at Arboran. "Listen to me! Use Pound!"

                            Grabbing the unruly reptiles attention, Vuowth growls violently at Zoey, speeding towards her instead, turning on its trainer as it readies a Quick Attack on her. SMACK!!! Arboran's Pound catches distracted Vuowth off guard, taking advantage of the grovyle's agitation with its trainer. Vuowth's head smashes into the ground, hitting the surface with such force that its head is shot back up in the air briefly before returning to the ground with a cold, hard thud. Aboran meanwhile glides to a soft landing off to grovyle's side, cocking its head back dismissively, looking over its shoulder to examine its fallen opponent.

                            "Kkk-Krooooo..." moans Vuowth, its voice gargled as the creature struggles to recover from the brutal blow, shooting Arboran a death stare, not phasing the cocky treecko one bit.

                            "Vuowth!" blurts Zoey in concern, looking upon her downed Pokemon, her fists clenching even tighter as anger begins to return to her veins.

                            "Pre-ty saad... I thought we'd see a lot more out of your evolutionary form Arboran, but it looks like her grovyle is about as strong as the adolescent rattata we faced on our way to Viridian City!" jeers the blonde boy once again, looking over to the girl with a grin. "No dinner for you. Too bad. I was looking forward to treating you to something nice."

                            "Vuowth! Don't let him taunt you like that! Use your Crunch attack!

                            "Quick Attack."

                            Arboran makes swift contact with Vuowth's struggling form, tossing it back, rolling to a stop, only for grovyle to craft back to its feet, hissing angrily into the air as it looks around rapidly in an attempt to find treecko. However, Vuowth's head appears to be bobbing back and forth, appearing disoriented as it stumbles around, trying to straighten its vision out.

                            Skidding to a stop from its last attack, Arboran instinctively readies its next attack, leaping into the air above Vuowth. "Alright, boy. Let's finish this. Pound, and then take it out with your strongest Quick Attack!"

                            "Come on Vuowth! Get out of the way!" she urges her grass-type to no avail, gurgling coming from its mouth as it appears to barely be able to stand upright. "Use... uhm... Absorb! Something!"

                            SMACK!! A direct attack to Vuowth's forehead sends the grovyle reeling, but still maintains its upright posture. Pivoting around quickly, Arboran speeds towards Vuowth agaim and again, slamming the helpless lizard with a barrage of Quick Attacks before Vuowth finally slumps over unconscious, colliding with the ground in defeat. Paralyzed in shock, Zoey looks down upon her only Pokemon, unable to do anything in the Pokemon battle, although Vuowth's disobedience certainly didn't contribute anything to the ordeal.

                            "TREE! TREECKO!" howls Arboran in victory, standing a few yards away, looking back at its weak opponent.

                            In shock to everyone, the treecko's body begins to illuminate slightly in a bright green aura before becoming engulfed in an obscuring white light, overtaking the green creature's figure. Taking the shape of Arboran's body, the light begins to take a new shape, growing larger and taller over the course of a few seconds before the light begins to fade away, revealing a larger green creature, who's stature dwarfs even Vuowth who before stood over the unevolved Arboran. With a stunning end of events, the blonde man's starter Pokemon evolved with the conclusion of battle into the mighty form of grovyle like its former adversary.

                            "Whoa... dude! Arboran evolved!" gasps one of the boys in awe in what just unfolded.

                            The blonde simply smiles in reaction, marveling in the tremendous power boost this evolution means to his Pokemon team. Zoey is surprised as well, looking over the miraculous transformation of Arboran. She's never seen a Pokemon evolve before, much less in person. Still, the evolution of her opponent's Pokemon seems only to mock her, spitting in the face of an already pathetic loss. The girl returns to gaze upon fallen Vuowth, rushing to its side to examine the lizard's injuries.

                            "...Dammit... Vuowth, are you alright?"

                            "K-kroo..." squeals the grovyle, its voice raspy and barely audible, having suffered severe amounts of damage from the battle.

                            "Well, at least your grovyle is good for something," jests the boy sarcastically, redirecting his focus to his newly evolved partner. "Great work Arboran! We'll be in great shape for the next for sure."

                            "Gu-ROOH!" growls pridefully Arboran, exuberant over its physically enhanced new form, leaping once to its trainer, demonstrating its rapidly improved athletic talent.
                            After giving his new grovyle a rub on the head as a reward for its victory in battle, the blonde aims his pokeball at Arboran, recalling him back into his ball. Shifting his focus to the losing trainer, he and his gang stroll towards her, looking down upon the scene with pity as Zoey kneels over her Pokemon. Her body trembles with overwhelming anxiety, too shocked by the circumstances to act on the crisis properly.

                            "If you want to be a trainer, you have to learn to grow up fast, kid. It isn't a joke. Pokemon have lives, feelings and dreams too. They aren't minions to help you win battles and contribute to your own personal glory. You should be able to respect this fact, but I'm really not sure about -you-. Whoever decided it was a good idea to lend you a Pokemon made a HUGE mistake and probably should be fired by the league and stripped of their Pokemon issuing license. I would quit now if I were you, both for your and your Pokemon's own good. You're clearly not cut out to be a trainer. It's really a shame. You're a cute girl. I'd like to see you around, but not at the expense of your Pokemon's well being," declares the Blonde, turning towards the northern road as they prepare to depart.

                            Looking back briefly before taking off, he bears witness to Zoey choking up, sniffing and snorting as if on the verge of completely falling apart. Pausing to reflect on the scenario, he reaches into his back pocket before tossing a small cluster of change in her direction, scattering itself across the surface of the road, among them a coupon for the resting house up ahead.

                            "Name's Andy. See you 'round," reveals the young man before he and his crew take off into the night.

                            Zoey remains on the ground, looking over the defeated lizard, eyes welling up with emotion. Clarity slowly coming to the surface of her mind, she begins digging through her bag, pulling out a Super Potion, placing it to her side as she feels around for something that's not right.

                            "W-where's my pokedex!?" inquires the overburdened girl, looking around her immediate vicinity to find her pokedex sitting on the ground nearby, still on the page pertaining to Vuowth's data.

                            Taking a second look at it before turning it off, she catches sight of a peculiar statistic on screen. The symbol denoting gender, to Zoey's surprise, is a pink circle with a plus shape hanging off of its bottom, signifying the creature's sex. Still, new revelations won't do any good in easing the girl's fragile emotions. Her eyes begin to leak, closing up her pokedex and placing it softly within her bag, exchanging it for a Super Potion. Holding the bottle in her hand, trembling to such extremes that she tries to stabilize her arm with her left hand, aiming it towards Vuowth and coating the reptile in a restorative gloss. Emotions overtaking her, she drops the bottle atop Vuowth absent mindedly, choking up several times before finally letting loose her sorrow in the form of tears. Into the night, she begins to sob profusely. Unbeknownst to Zoey however, Vuowth slowly regains consciousness, her left eye slowly opening to witness a shocking sight. Endless streams of tears begin pouring down her trainer's face, drenching her clothes and splattering on Vuowth's body below, the girl whimpering in anguish over the terrible events of her first day as a trainer. It truly is a rough road indeed as a trainer.

                            My posts look too short, so I'm going to misguide the general public and artificially enhance the length of my posts with this garbage of a signature!



                            In a world without substance, a nonsense signature is only appropriate!
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                              Paris and I were having a jolly old time wondering around Route 2. The sun was shining, we weren't hungry, and we were actually bonding a little. "Paris, what do you say? Will you be my buddy?" I stopped our progress beside a large pine tree and extended my hand in fellowship. The Ivysaur chewed his lip in thought, but eventually extended his paw and placed it in my hand. I shook it and laughed. "Excellent!" The Ivysaur began to run around in circles. His heart was finally unlocked! I began to run around as well. This was going to be an excellent relationship! "Wooho-"

                              "Hey nerd!" A high pitched voice called out. Who the **** was that? "Battle me!"

                              I spun around to come face to face with a beautiful girl. She stood at about 5'4, she had long blonde hair, she was slim as a twig, and the worst of all: She wore short shorts and a black belly shirt! "Damn..." It was all I could say. She was breath taking. "Well...we could battle if you want...m'lady." That was so stupid!

                              She laughed. "Cute." She then sent out a Bulbasaur. "Let's go, Tootsie!" The Bulbasaur roared with confidence. "We'll show you what a chump you are!"

                              I pointed at her. "Well, I'll show you that I'm not that bad a aren't a bad one either?" Damn it! I'm so stupid! "Screw it. Paris, use Tackle!" The Ivysaur slammed into the smaller grass-dinosaur-thing, knocking it down a hill.

                              "No fair! No fair!" The girl stomped the ground repeatedly. "Tootsie, use Razor Leaf!" The Bulbasaur stood up shakily and fired a volley of leaves at Paris. The leaves struck, but it was only a glancing blow.

                              "Keep using Tackle!" I laughed as the Ivysaur tossed and battered the Bulbasaur. It didn't stand a chance against its larger, stronger evolution. When the Bulbasaur struck a tree, I cried out a command. "Paris, use Leech Seed!" He obliged and fired a seed from the flower on his back. It pinned Tootsie against the tree. "Damn right!" I jumped around in triumph. The battle was over. It had been a short one, but it was my first battle, and I had won. I ran around Paris laughing and cheering. "You're amazing!" "I love you buddy!" These cheers were only the humble ones.

                              The girl looked down sulkily. "Good battle..." She returned Tootsie to her pokeball. "My name is Valorie." She walked over to me and extended her hand in greeting.

                              I shook it. "The name's Hector. Hector Ayoba."

                              "Well, Hector, I assume that we're going to be rivals now."

                              "You've assumed right." I smiled. I had my first rival! Boo ya! "I have to be going now." I lied and waved goodbye. Her hand had been so soft and silky...I was intoxicated by her...

                              Anyways...We were walking, walking, and guess what? Walking! It was getting old. It really was. "Hey Paris, you wanna get a new buddy?" He nodded enthusiastically. It looked like I needed to catch a new pokemon. I understand him getting a little lonely. "Well then..." I had stumbled into Viridian Forest without noticing it. It was cold, dark, and I loved it. "This is strange." Everything around him was silent.

                              A Swablu came out of no where and used a strong Peck attack on Paris. The Ivysaur was knocked back a good deal. "No!" It was a surprise attack! "Paris, use Petal Dance!" I didn't know what the move did...but it sounded better than the rest of them that I knew. Paris nodded and launched several razor sharp petals from the flower on his back. They caught the Swablu on the back. It was almost knocked from the air, but it regained its composure and came at its opponent with an Astonish attack. Paris was knocked into a tree.

                              Swablu was a tough opponent. "Use Leech Seed!" The seed was launched out and it attached itself to the target. Vines ensnared it within seconds. It came crashing to the ground. I decided it was now or never. "Hold it down with Vine Whip!" Paris wrapped his vines around the Swablu, further trapping it. I pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at the bird. It clicked once. Twice. Three times. I was beginning to think it was hopeless....but then it clicked shut. "I-I...I CAUGHT A POKEMON!" I ran up and picked up the pokeball and ran around circles. "YEAH! I'M THE BEST TRAINER EVER!" Paris even got in on the celebration. He was running around as well. "BOO FRIGGIN' YA!" I was beginning to think this would be an excellent journey.
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                                chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS II
                                Trey Vincent//Viridian Forest

                                "Kari? Kari?”

                                “She can’t hear you anymore, son.”

                                ”Then unplug her ears! MAKE her hear me!”

                                ”The only thing that’s plugging her ears is death, boy. Ain’t no way you can unplug that.”

                                “NO!! SHE’S NOT DEAD!!!” The boy threw himself on the ambulance, over the body of his sister.

                                The warmth she had provided for him was gone. The soft touch of her hand running through his hair had vanished. All that was left was a pale body with empty eyes that stared out at nothing and everything at the same time.

                                Including their former younger brother.

                                “She’s….somewhere else now, kid. I’m sorry, we did everything we could.” The man dressed in the doctor’s outfit stood behind him, sixteen hours of surgery weariness etched on his face.

                                The young six year old with ice blue eyes sobbed, his chest heaving. The doctor proceeded to walk over to where a couple stood, clean lab coat and glasses covering the puffy eyes of a man that just finished sobbing, a brown mess of hair and ball of used tissues covering the face of a grief stricken mother.

                                “The piece of metal from the car punctured and inflicted a major wound to her heart. She passed out because of blood loss, and she was still blacked out when she died. She went peacefully.” The doctor continued. The boy could hear what the doctor was telling his parents, it didn't make a difference. She was still dead. He walked over to his parents and listened to what the doctor had to say.

                                “The authorities are trying to find the car that hit her, but they haven’t identified them yet. Don’t worry, justice will be served.”

                                The boy looked up at the doctor, face smeared and blurred with tears as he motioned toward the deceased young woman. His deceased sister.

                                “Justice is a lie.”

                                There had been a time when he wasn’t so good at lying. Before the days where he would come home with a bloody lip and bruised eye, and if Kari was there she would ask; ‘What happened?’

                                ‘I fell down the stairs.’ His small voice would come out, emotionless.

                                ‘They locked you in the closet again, didn’t they?’

                                ‘I told you, I fell down!’

                                ‘Silly brother, come here and let me see that….’ Bandages and salve would be whipped out and applied.

                                Before the days where someone else healed his wounds, Trey had been a terrible liar.

                                As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, and slowly, the months to years…..Trey began to get better. He was soon able to lie to a teacher’s face and get away with it so well, that the grown up in question didn’t suspect a thing. He had become a smooth talker, supported by fictional facts and airs of fake enthusiasm. The truth stopped showing, eventually. If he was upset, he tried not to show it. Emotions gave the opponent an advantage.

                                All the world was an opponent. People were no longer people. People were demons with horns and teeth that made you crazy eventually.

                                And Trey Vincent was above people.

                                Trey Vincent was above insanity.

                                Thoughts of the past now swirled through his head. It was too hard to face the future now. The mistakes he had made piled up. Despite his cautionary actions…..mistakes had still happened.

                                The demons had gotten to him.

                                He wondered if he had done the right thing. He wondered how she had gotten into his life in the first place, looking like another person. Perhaps….it wasn’t her at all. Perhaps it was the fates playing some kind of cruel joke on him.

                                Perhaps it was his mind, giving one final chance to redeem himself. If so, he had blown it.

                                It had felt right, real. It had been her….


                                Somehow, he knew the answer to that question already.

                                Yes, it had been her. He didn’t know how he knew, he just did. It was like finding a familiar face in a crowd of people, like seeing someone’s familiar shape from far away.

                                Yes. It had been her.

                                The demons are coming.

                                In a way….Trey had gotten his final wish. He should have felt better. A weight should have been lifted.

                                But it wasn’t.

                                Cover your ears…

                                Why was it that whenever he tried, nothing went right? Why wasn’t he a normal person, someone that succeeded in life every so often?

                                Why was he like this?

                                THE DEMONS ARE COMING

                                He cursed his own mind. He cursed his human mind. The thoughts flowed in faster than he could register them, thoughts of questions and answers and pleas and cries and poems and sounds and smells and feelings and those stupid what ifs that burned away at his sanity….

                                He still couldn’t erase the image of her face. It haunted him, wavering on the edges of his vision. It maddened him. The guilt and his own reasoning clashed like waves on a defiant shore.

                                You shouldn’t have-

                                I deserve to be happy

                                no you don’t

                                It wasn't my fault.

                                It was. Unforgivable…

                                She didn't blame me...

                                There was hate in her eyes. You had no right-

                                I can think for myself!

                                Can you?

                                I can live my own life!

                                Can you?

                                Some scars sink into your skin, and melt away there, a faint line under the cellular organ of many colors.

                                Some scars grow continuously deeper, never expanding, only growing and growing and growing until they hit bone.

                                Some scars bleed.

                                Some scars scab and heal.

                                And some……never fade.

                                Just like people.

                                Just like our souls.

                                It loomed above all, the treetops light and everything below still and dank. No wind blew here. Nothing stirred. It was eerie and silent, boughs of darkness beckoning for all to enter, but none to come out.

                                He sat there, silent. His knees pulled up to his chest, his arms dangling off them as if he were a lifeless mannequin. His head looked down, at nothing.

                                A single Emolga hovered on by.

                                “I TOLD YOU TO LET ME CATCH IT,!”

                                “LIKE I WAS GOING TO DO THAT, YOU PSYCHO!”

                                “I LOVE LAMP.”


                                Two young boys had stumbled upon Trey and stared at him awkwardly. He looked up, emotionless.

                                “I love yelling.” One of them said.

                                Trey continued to sit there, then placed his head in his hands. His frame shook slightly and he threw back his head quite suddenly, letting his laughter out to the world. It was a laugh of a madman, the laughter of someone confined within a closed room for too long.

                                One of the boys looked up from the Viridian Forest map, nervously. “Dude?”

                                “Ahaha….” His laughter died slowly, and he exhaled. Inhaling again, his face regained it’s usual bored composure, and he spat angrily at the ground.

                                “That Emolga…..”

                                “What about her?” the boy with the map inquired lightly. "Did you see her??"

                                “Heh. Nevermind. It’s nothing.” Trey grinned slightly, standing up and looking toward the distance, off beyond the cradle of two large stones, where a clearing could be seen. “Who are you guys, anyway?” Trey inquired lightly, picking up one of his clipped pokeballs.

                                "I'm Chris." The boy with the map smiled.

                                “And me? I’m Andrew Krilling, expert Pokemon trainer and the reincarnation of TARZAN!!!!!!!” Andrew struck a pose, his smiling teeth glinting with blinding light.

                                “MY EYES! MY EYES!” Chris yelled.

                                “TURN IT OFF!” Trey yelled.

                                Andrew frowned sadly and closed his mouth. “I brushed really hard to get this smile.”

                                "This Emolga has been paralyzing unsuspecting travelers as a prank. So I called my friend Andrew here to help me capture this fiend."

                                “This is my home, Viridian Forest, so when I heard the commotion I mosied over as fast as I could mosy on a vine. I will capture this prankster to restore peace to my home.” Andrew proudly stated.

                                "Whatever the case may be. Emolga's are extremely fast and agile," Trey turned over to the two trainers. "We're gonna need an even faster Pokemon."

                                "WE?" Both Chris and Andrew inched closer to Trey.

                                "Yeah. I'll help." Trey smirked and pressed the button on the ping pong sized Pokeball in his hand to enlarge it to the size of an orange. "Grim!" Out came the large praying mantis, its large scythes tore through the tall grass surrounding it as it stood there silently.

                                "WOAH!" Both trainers were amazed by the rare bug type Pokemon.

                                Just then there was a loud barking as a large, purple and brown, Herdier launched himself towards the trainers from behind the trees. He skidded to a stop and growled at Andrew, who looked over immediately, a worried look on his face.

                                “What?! Bip, are you telling me the truth?”

                                Bip barked. “ROWR ROWR!”

                                “What’s wrong?” Trey looked at Andrew’s pale face.

                                “He’s found the Emolga.”

                                Well that’s great!” Chris grinned happily.

                                “The Forest Guardian has put her to sleep and is torturing her with nightmares.” Andrew finished.

                                “And….that’s bad.” Trey cracked his knuckles, and looked at Bip.

                                “Lead the way!” He ordered, and Bip nodded, launching himself into the depths of the forest towards the clearing Trey spotted earlier, the three humans and Grim following close behind.

                                Speed was of the essence. When they arrived to the end of the forest, the deepest part, a small Emolga was laying on the ground, writhing in pain. A large, blue Altaria, it’s eyes glowing a burning white, was singing a beautiful tune, looking down onto the electric type. Nightmares in the form of fanged imps danced above her head, and luckily the Altaria was so absorbed in her Dream Eater attack that she didn’t notice the five intruders until Grim performed a Pursuit Attack and slammed her across the clearing.

                                “Wow, look at him go.” Chris observed, watching the battle.

                                “Yeah. I don’t even have to order him around.” Trey mused, looking slightly put out from that fact. Grim lunged quite suddenly to perform a Quick Attack, Altaria dodged and lowered her head to charge. Trey saw what she was doing and quickly thought it through. This pokemon was levels above Grim in literal and power terms. He would need to even the playing field.

                                "Leer!" Grim concentrated, and a cold chill ran up into Altaria’s feet and eventually spread through his whole body. The dragon pokemon sagged, her Headbutt attack interrupted. She shook it off after a few seconds of weakness and lowered her head again, this time immediately charging for Grim. He took the brunt of the blow, flying through the air and landing a ways away, beside Emolga’s body.

                                Altaria smirked, satisfied. She then turned to the humans, scowled, and lifted them all in the air telekinetically. Bip struggled to attack, but it was useless. Altaria’s Psychic attack was far too powerful.

                                “Chris!” Andrew yelled, and Chris looked over at him.

                                “We’re going to need some fire!”

                                Chris looked confused for a few seconds, then nodded.


                                "Ready…………” Andrew concentrated as he spoke out loud.


                                Chris released his Flareon in the blink of an eye, the growling fire type released a fire spin the engulfed the Altaria. Trey watched as a ring of large flames dance around the confused pokemon, "Grim, use Vacuum Wave!" The fire and deafening waves combined to create a frustrating wall, a barrier of heat and noise. The Altaria scowled, and concentrated. While she kept up his telekienisis, she breathed out a veil of energy that protected her from the flames and made the explosion noise duller.

                                “Dammit!” Trey gritted his teeth.

                                “That’s all she's got….” Chris muttered. His Flareon coughed up the last few embers she could and floated there, exhausted.

                                “What are we going to do?!” Chris asked Andrew, and he struggled.

                                “I think I have something…..BIP! USE GLARE, NOW!”

                                The Herdier opened it’s eyes, now a blood red with slit pupils. He focused on the Altaria, and it shivered slightly, trying to look away. The telekinesis faltered.

                                “That’s it!” Trey whooped happily. "Zilla! Scary Face!" The large jawed water type immediately shot a nasty look towards the wild Pokemon, who tried to look away. Zilla proceeded to stick out its tongue playfully and wave his behind around to catch its attention. As soon as it did, Zilla shot another Scary Face. It let down it’s telekinesis immediately and began to chase the Croconaw around with numerous Headbutts. “Think Bip can help out now, Andrew?”

                                Andrew nodded. “Sure thing. Bip! Body Slam attack, now!”

                                Bip came up behind the distracted Altaria and charged into him with full force. The Altaria was knocked into the air, falling back to earth rapidly. Grim jumped high to meet the Altaria halfway, took her wings in between his scythes, and whirled her around several times, flinging her up and away, spiraling out past the treetops and far, far into the forest. The Emolga awoke almost immediately, and began to cry with thankfulness as Andrew picked her up in his arms and they all began to walk to Andrew's home.

                                Andrew lived in a small treehouse constructed of bamboo. It rested among the leaves of a huge, hulking Sitrus berry tree, gnarled and old. Inside, the place was small, with a cot, table, and chairs lined up against the wall. Andrew plopped everyone down in chairs, seated himself on the bed, and sighed.

                                “All's well that ends well, eh?.” Andrew clapped his hands. The Emolga happily flying around the tree house.

                                "You're not going to use a Pokeball?" Trey raised an eyebrow as the Emolga landed gracefully on Andrew's shoulder.

                                "Don't need to, she's beyond happy we saved her so I think she'll stick around the treehouse for awhile now. Oh, and let me thank you for helping us out!" Andrew smiled as he handed a small item wrapped in a bandanna. Trey's curiosity was peaked and he unwrapped the item to reveal a dark stone with a fossilized leaf inprinted on it. "It's a leaf stone, living my entire life in the forest I've come across many items."

                                "This is a token of our appreciation." Chris added.

                                "OUR appreciation? It's MY stone that I'm giving him. I don't see you giving him anything!"

                                "I let him draw out the map of the forest I have, he said it would help alot so take THAT!" Chris snapped back. The two went at it for a little while longer and Trey looked down at his notebook he layed down on the desk. The leaf stone placed on the part of the map he no longer needed, from the treehouse it was about a ten minute walk to the exit it seemed.

                                He closed his notebook and placed it in his bag as the two broke out in a wrestling match, Bip and Emolga cheering on Andrew as Trey looked on. This brought a smile to Trey's face, and the boy chuckled.

                                For once in his life, Trey Vincent was happy.

                                The leaf stone held Trey's page in his notebook a breeze flew through the tree house. But the pages were shuffled about just enough to reveal a taped letter on the back cover of the notebook.

                                Dear little brother,

                                When I heard from Mom and Dad that you were taking an interest to Pokemon, I got so excited I decided to drive out to my old Academy and enroll you. It's a last minute registration but since I'm close with the dean of admissions she's decided to admit you! My shift just ended so I decided to just drive over to the Academy to pick up your registration packet. Sorry you couldn’t come with me, work tied me up, again. That and the fact that some tourists keep fiddling around at the League Gate. I’ve had to chase snitchy old men away for days. I need a vacation.

                                Love you lots. I’ll be home soon to see the smile on your face this packet bring to you. Count on it.



                                YOUR BEST SIS EVAR,


                                P.S. i told them you're name was Moe.

                                P.P.S. That was a joke. They know your name.

                                P.P.P.S. Nads. I win.

                                Ricky: 2294-4261-3282
                                twitter. My Anime List. Youtube
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                                Phew! So many posts in just one day. I'm thrilled and very happy, I just wonder when I'll get time to write my own haha. I would gladly have ten of your posts to read through rather than time to write two of my own though :D <3

                                @ Breezy.
                                Lost in the forest, oh no! I like that you made Pidgeotto female :3

                                - Wartortle grew to lvl 14!
                                - Nidoran grew to lvl 10!

                                @ Letham
                                Maybe a bit short battles, but you decide how to write and I just evaluate how much experience the pokémon likely got (and how much happened inside your post ;] )

                                - Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 14 and learned Focus Energy!
                                - Zeus (Blitzle) grew to lvl 10!

                                @ Red Wing
                                I liked that rival :D Colorfully written.

                                - Phoenix (Combusken) grew to lvl 14!
                                - Lily (Petilil) grew to lvl 10 and learned Sleep Powder!

                                @ Xlugon Pyro
                                That's got to be the longest post in the thread so far. Over 5000 words! Also, I'm impressed by the fact that you let Vuowth and Zoey lose to devastatingly.

                                - Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 15!

                                @ heretostay123
                                A beautiful rival, eh? ;) Ah, I'm thinking of catching a Swablu too. We'll see!

                                - Paris (Ivysaur) grew to lvl 12!
                                - Hector's new Swablu is on lvl 8!

                                @ Charizard_Man
                                Such a beautiful post ;; I really pictured the page fluttering underneath the stone at the end...

                                - Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 16!
                                - Grim (Scyther) grew to lvl 10!

                                "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
                                Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

                                Discord Trainer Tournament
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