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Who do you use the Master Balls on?

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Old February 16th, 2013 (6:15 AM).
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    In each game, who do you use the master balls on? As for me...

    Red/Yellow/LeafGreen: Mewtwo
    Crystal: Suicune
    Emerald: Rayquaza
    Platinum: Heatran
    HeartGold: Ho-Oh
    Black: Kyurem
    Black 2: Kyurem, Heatran
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    Old February 16th, 2013 (6:51 AM).
    blaziken153 blaziken153 is offline
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      Firered: Mewtwo
      Crystal: Suicune
      Emerald: Rayquaza
      Platinum: Moltres
      HeartGold: Ho-oh
      Black: Kyurem
      Black 2: Kyurem
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      Old February 16th, 2013 (8:50 AM).
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      I usually use them on roamers. If the game doesn't have a roamer or I have no intention of catching it, I just save it for something I'm too lazy to actually try to catch, like when the game forces you to catch the mascot legendary.

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      Old February 16th, 2013 (9:10 AM).
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        Usually on a roaming legend or a shiny pokemon, I will use masterballs on them.
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        Old February 16th, 2013 (9:25 AM).
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          ... I find I don't use masterballs XD
          It's like the Queen in chess, I feel it's so valuable that I need to save it for something really worth it, then I never end up using it. Usually it just ends up as 1hp sleeping ultraball spam, and my Masterball goes unused.
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          Old February 16th, 2013 (12:09 PM).
          Caelus Caelus is offline
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            I used to use them on any legendary pokemon that I really wanted, such as Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and Lugia. Now I use them for roamers like Latios and Entei since they're much harder to catch.
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            Old February 16th, 2013 (12:27 PM).
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            Roaming legendaries mostly, perhaps on one legend I absolutely want, but I worry that I can't catch. Like Regigigas in B2.

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            Old February 16th, 2013 (2:16 PM).
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            Not counting emulator games (since its so easy to cheat and make hundreds of M.B. appear on PC) -

            I have not used my master balls so far, I want to save them for a rare shiny - so far none have appeared in any of my 3 games. Maybe my only exception would be a legendary Pokemon but after I have ran out of all other Poke Balls I have with me at that moment.
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            Old February 16th, 2013 (2:52 PM).
            Hikamaru Hikamaru is offline
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            I usually save it for roamers or Legendaries I know are hard to catch.
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            Old February 16th, 2013 (3:04 PM).
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            When I first started playing (Gen II), I would usually save them for the game's mascot or some other legend. Now, I don't use them at all. Unless I need some filler for a quick trade.
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            Old February 16th, 2013 (3:43 PM).
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            I've used them mostly on the main legendary of the game. Like in Red and Yellow I always used it on Mewtwo or in Gold/HeartGold I used it on Ho-oh, and in White I used it on Zekrom. The only time I used it on anything else was in FireRed when I used it on Entei. Since it's a roaming Pokemon I figured it's only easier than chasing it around. Plus with the Roar glitch in Gen III games I figured it might be my only chance.Now I've been trying save them for the roaming legendary or one that's hard to catch.
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            Old February 16th, 2013 (3:54 PM).
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              I used to use it on the title legendaries, but I've grown to the point where I don't use it at all.

              I remember accidentally using it on a Doduo back in Gold the first time I got it.

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              Old February 16th, 2013 (5:37 PM).
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                Just shiny pokemon. And even then only as a last resort, or if it's a Pokémon that can flee/ explode ect.
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                Old February 16th, 2013 (9:07 PM).
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                Other than shiny Pokemon as well, the only times I can recall using a Master Ball was on Mewtwo in Yellow, and on Latias in Sapphire. I think that currently on HeartGold, I've got 8 Master Balls, transferred over from other games I didn't use them in (one of which I also won from the raffle in Goldenrod).
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                Old February 16th, 2013 (9:17 PM).
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                  This one time i fought Dialga down to the wire, and ended up using it on him, but then i turned it off and back on and chucked a quick ball first turn. Ridiculous catch that was.
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                  Old February 17th, 2013 (3:44 AM).
                  blissfullydoomed blissfullydoomed is offline
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                    I like to use normal pokeballs or any type of ball that doesn't give you a higher catch rate, but Just to piss of my girlfriend I used my masterball on a Magikarp. ^^
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                    Old February 17th, 2013 (5:31 PM).
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                      I use it as a backup in case I spend hours trying to catch a legendary and I keep failing. In Silver or Crystal I used it to catch a Chansey and in Pearl I think I caught Mesprit with it (but I could be wrong), so those were my weirdest uses for it. I clearly remember in Blue that I'd use it to catch Mewtwo because even to this day I hate the Cerulean Cave.
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                      Old February 17th, 2013 (6:22 PM).
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                      George the Poliwag
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                        I tend to save them in case of shiny Pokemon that tend to teleport/self-destruct/explode.
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                        Old February 18th, 2013 (9:41 AM).
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                          I didn't ever use them. Nothing was worth it, and I keep them as a collectors item. I suppose that defeats their purpose, but I enjoy the struggle of catching things.
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                          Old February 18th, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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                            If I have to capture a Pokemon to advance the game, then I'll just use it on that. To my mind, Reshiram is the only one I can think of off the top of my head, but there are probably others that I'm missing.
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                            Old February 23rd, 2013 (6:14 PM).
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                              In the Generation I games that I have played (before finding out about the item cloning glitch), I saved the Master Ball for Mewtwo, as had been suggested by many game guides and walkthroughs-however on my first full playthrough of Yellow, I wasted it on a Farfetch'd after getting frustrated over it breaking out of my Great Balls. I don't recall ever using my Master Ball in any of the Generation II games.
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                              Old February 23rd, 2013 (6:28 PM).
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                                Most of the time I never use the Master Ball. I enjoy the challenge of catching the legendary Pokemon in Poke, Great and Ultra Balls. The times that I have used it are usually on roaming Pokemon that are a pain in the ass to catch.
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                                Old February 23rd, 2013 (7:49 PM).
                                Jirachi504's Avatar
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                                  i just use them on certain legendaries such as Ho-Oh or Lugia.
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                                  Old February 23rd, 2013 (8:47 PM).
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                                    I used my masterball on a wandering legendaries like Suicune or Raikou. At least the other legendaries stay in one location!

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                                    Old February 24th, 2013 (10:34 AM).
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                                    I'd always use it on roaming legends. However, since there were none in B2/W2, I actually used it on a Metang.
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