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Where do we go?

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Old July 22nd, 2013 (10:47 PM).
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I have always wondered and really really wanted to know, where do our characters go?

I feel somewhat upset that we at the time, the best pokemon trainer, VANISH into oblivion!

Seriously, we need more trainer comebacks. (Maybe a little dialogue too?)

In my opinion pokemon has a very lacking sense of events, and was only barely corrected by saying B/W2 are 2 years after.

I want to use memory link, but for real time... like: "Event Link". It could sync up to your older games, and bring your old player (with the pokemon in party) to your current game as a friend or even rival.
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Old July 22nd, 2013 (11:11 PM).
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This is a very interesting concept however there is one issue with this there technically has never been a main series game where the story was the most important thing and personaly I prefer it that way. And the way most people train pokemon (most do not even notice this) they train close to the same teamin every game. Not necessarily the same exact pokemon but relatively the same. So these "rival" battles if you will would be rather boring after a while.
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Old July 22nd, 2013 (11:49 PM).
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I've always imagined that with each new game comes a new generation. Meaning that the old champions are now dead. Yup, dead. Just a long forgotten legend. You may ask "Well if so many years are passing with each generation then why are their no technology advancements?" Well that's simple. They spend way too much time playing with pokemon to care about advancing their society.
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Old July 23rd, 2013 (12:21 AM).
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Wow, that's a great concept! But wouldn't pokemon evolve a lot farther over a long period of time? And how can we explain fighting Red in PWT?

Still, neat idea.
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Old July 23rd, 2013 (3:22 AM).
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This is a great idea, but if you bring your past self to be your rival... My past self had all level 100's and stats combined with moves that would obliterate EVERYTHING! Maybe your final challenge is this? Like with Red in Johto?
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Old July 23rd, 2013 (3:29 AM).
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I'm pretty sure they just stay in their respective regions as champions and live their lives tbh. We know they're still acknowledged because in BW2; Hilbert/Hilda are mentioned a few times throughout the games so they don't just 'vanish'. Just a lot of the time there's no need of a mention.

iirc the RBY hero gets a mention in GSC about defeating TR.

And trainer comebacks? I doubt it; I mean we might get a few appearances of the trainers but we won't get OUR trainers and our Pokemon.
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (3:03 AM).
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I feel like this isn't something explained very well in-game. How is it that we "transfer" the pokemon from other trainers to be our own, despite being new fledgling trainers? This is even more confusing in GSC, when you face who you used to be in another game, theoretically using your own pokemon against yourself?
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (5:29 AM).
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Hmm...I think with the exception of Red, who really likes mountains, our characters journey off around the world, and we just never happen to meet them? I mean, you consider how much of Japan (and NYC) has been covered in the games, presumably there's a lot more land to be explored yet.
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (1:43 PM).
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Most of my old characters are still in whatever regions they're in, doing whatever they're doing. They haven't vanished - they're still there, at the Battle Frontier or out on the Sevii Islands or hanging around White Treehollow or... whatever. I can load those games up any time and go visit them, and they've still got their teams and they're still the champion and nothing much has changed, since no time has passed at all in their lives since I saved them.

Except for the ones that got deleted when I restarted over them, but they got deleted, so they don't exist at all. Poof.

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