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Old July 26th, 2013 (4:19 AM). Edited July 26th, 2013 by Maruno.
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Got an idea for a game, but the only thing you've done with it so far is planning it out? Post it in here! This thread is for presenting ideas and giving/receiving feedback on them.

Note that this is not a recruitment thread, so don't ask for people to join your team. If you want to join someone's team, you can contact that person directly rather than posting in this thread about it.

Once you've developed your idea into an actual progressing game, you can make your own thread for it.
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I have a two year project that I have been working on known as Pokemon League Masters: Fire and Ice versions. There are two versions and it takes place in the Gildor and Virdon Regions. Hopefully I will use Crystal to help build the two region system and maybe DPP to build the geography.

It will have new Fakemon, a duel league system, and instead of the E4 and champion, there will be a new system: Five League Generals and a League Supreme (Jacen Ralvarn). All the gyms in the Gildor region are complete but I may need assistance for the Virdon League. Also, I will need assistance in the Generals.

Its all just planned out, unfortunantly. I am not a great artist nor a game developer. Yet, my idea for the game is rather big.

The legendaries for the game are rather nice in the game. Frosterix and Pyrrix, legendary dragons believed to have gave fire Pokemon and Ice Pokemon their powers. The legend of the 17 (which will be explained in the thread soon) is a major legend in the game.

There are two main organizations in the game as well. Pokemon League Masters Association and the Shadow Society. The PLMA is lead by Jacen Ralvarn, the League Supreme. The Society is lead by Lord Aberon. The Society's goal is to control the legendary Pokemon and conquer the Gildor and Virdon regions. The PLMA is determined to stop them. Further detail will be explained in the thread.

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I've hung on to the project of Pokemon Obsidian and Marble versions, which plays like a very classic Pokemon game with a few twists. It tries to maintain the general/basic feel of Pokemon while trying to throw in something new every now and then (A new game mechanic that requires some essences of strategy comes into play). Not only that, but I'm rather proud of the story -- it's about 90% done with some very rounded characters, as well as some crude humor (Something else you don't often see in a Pokemon game).

I have a formidable team that I rather enjoy working with, but there are loads of work to be done and we don't even have a game engine to start with. It's. . . Semi-sad.

I plan on making a PC thread soon so I may begin to recruit on the recruiting forum and also provide more information to any others.
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heartgold and soulsilver were two of the best pokemon remakes ever (in my opinion) But what if it was in the advance generation? I give you:
HeatGold and SoulSilver
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Originally Posted by Youngster Timmy View Post
heartgold and soulsilver were two of the best pokemon remakes ever (in my opinion) But what if it was in the advance generation? I give you:
HeartGold and SoulSilver
It's a bit difficult to give feedback when you've presented so little information. What would make them different from the official remakes? Just the graphics? Not having certain features that hadn't been developed yet?

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Originally Posted by Youngster Timmy View Post
heartgold and soulsilver were two of the best pokemon remakes ever (in my opinion) But what if it was in the advance generation? I give you:
HeatGold and SoulSilver
I tried that, as a GBA Hack, wasn't and isn't exactly the best idea.
Considering It would pretty much be a GSC remake as well.

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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thanks for the feedback, hadn't really thought much about what would make them different
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Is there a choices system in any of the new games? For PLM: Fire and Ice, I want to implement a choice system whereas whether then doing what you are told you are given choices that offer flexibility in the game.

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I've decided to leave fan game for a while and start working on my own idea.

Terror is an action 2.5d shooter game; It will have many aesthetic that most 2.5d shooter games won't have. This game will be set in the 23rd century (vast future); the time where hover cars, ultra powerful computers, or the best: Human-like living androids exist.

The Characters

Alvin is the main character of the game, he is smart and also a very intelligent student of the school. The only thing he lacks in is soldier training (which is an important subject in the 23rd century) that's why he is called weak by his friends. But some unfortunate circumstances makes him the best in the soldier training.

The main (sort-of) antagonist of the game, she is Alvin's girlfriend and is much similar to his personality, except that she is better than Alvin at soldier training. Her dad has his own robot factory which rivals Alvin's dad's factory of robots.

Cristobal Roderick.
Alvin's dad, he isn't such an important character in the story but still I needed to mention him. Ahem, he is the proud owner of G.W.R inc. (Good working Robots). But due to unfortunate circumstances he along with his business dies.

The main evil of the game Merlia's father! His plan is to create ultra powerful Robots that will cause war around the world and win to rule the world! His plan of unleashing powerful robots succeeds, but at his second plan... he dies of heart attack, so he left Merlia in charge of the plan.

Other characters I will continue to write.

The story

On one peaceful day Alvin is scold by his soldier trainer "blah blah blah." and suddenly hoards of marching robots come and attack the school which Alvin studies, those robot's were up to no good and were attacking with their ultra strength! Alvin has no choice but to use his handgun to destroy the robots, eventually the get knocked out easily. No one except Alvin was stable against them, as those drones were not afraid of Alvin and were doing nothing to him (Due to his bad skills in guns), instead they attacked the strong ones first. The situation got worse and spread on all of America! Cristobal was preparing a virus against the drones but during the preparation Cristobal was killed, Alvin in anger got even more strong and started to kill the drones... To be continued.

  • Multiplatform! (Linux, windows, and android).
  • I will try to make it have beautiful visuals!
  • Extensive collection of weapons! (Including the latest powerful Triple-Barrel SMG!)
  • Glitch free controls!
  • Awesome melee combat!
  • Multiplayer! four vs. four!
  • 150+ Levels!
  • 10+ Multiplayer characters including Alvin and Merlia!
Opinions and ideas appreciated (as well as weapon set suggestions).

That doesn't mean I'm not working a Pokémon game, I will but progress will be slow.
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Hello all! I am making a game with Pokemon Essentials here's the info:

The game is centered around two Pokemon, Eevee, and Jirachi.

Professor Rowan has come to the Nozimu (made up region) region to study the eveloution of Pokemon, he chose this region because it, being near the center of the Pokemon world is home to nearly five-hundred different species of Pokemon
, supposedly including the mythical wish Pokemon Jirachi, but professor Rowan doesn't believe it. He moves to the large city of Coco Town. You, whom also resides in Coco Town, are asked by the professor to help with his studies on evolution and he gives you and your sister (who becomes your rival) Eevees to start your adventure with. Meanwhile the evil Team Subspace (users of psychic and ghost pokemon) learn of Jirachis presence in the Nozimu region and are determined to capture it to use its power to grant wishes for there own evil purposes.
I loved the original Lavender town theme...
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I wanna make a game where you control a black pixel. in a psudeo-monochrome maze world. It's gonna be a stealth game, you view the game from a topdown prespective. and all the walls are black.

the gimmic of this is that, your black pixel is the same colour as the walls, so, by standing next to a wall, you look like you're an extension of said wall.

you use that ability to hide as enemy units wander past you. ie: theres a nook in the wall. a 1x1 nook. that's exactly the size of the character. if you sit in the nook you essentially "fill it up" making the wall look seemless.

Have a prototype working on game maker, but finding it hard to think of how to use the mechanic to it's full potential. maybe stealth game isn't the best genre?
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Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
I wanna make a game where you control a black pixel. in a psudeo-monochrome maze world. It's gonna be a stealth game, you view the game from a topdown prespective. and all the walls are black.

the gimmic of this is that, your black pixel is the same colour as the walls, so, by standing next to a wall, you look like you're an extension of said wall.

you use that ability to hide as enemy units wander past you. ie: theres a nook in the wall. a 1x1 nook. that's exactly the size of the character. if you sit in the nook you essentially "fill it up" making the wall look seemless.

Have a prototype working on game maker, but finding it hard to think of how to use the mechanic to it's full potential. maybe stealth game isn't the best genre?
That sounds interesting. One of the first things that popped to mind is the idea of becoming a wall while standing next to one (perhaps require a keyboard key to be held while doing so, which has a stamina-like draining/recharging meter). Doing so could let you interfere with the paths of other pixels, guiding them away from places you want to go or onto pressure plates or into lava tiles.

While using the "become a wall" trick, I imagine the player's pixel (which is normally about 75% the size of a square tile to help with movement) expanding to fill the whole square. You can't move while you're a wall, obviously. This animation helps to show what the player's doing.

The altering of move routes is the only thing I think turning into a wall can be used for, which would make it more of a puzzle game than a stealth game (although there are some stealth elements such as patrol pixels which ignore you as a wall, as you mentioned). My point is that the wall stuff should be a special activatable power, rather than just "you look like a wall".

You definitely need a variety of environmental features, both special tiles and entity pixels, to interact with. I'm reminded of games like Chip's Challenge and N, where the player has a single feature (can wear shoes/can jump around) and navigates levels containing many different things.
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Here's my idea that I'm turning into a game. It's called Pokemon Expedition: The Full Length RPG. It is an original game that brings the first four generations into one timeline and continues the story. Here's a quick run down on it:

Ten years ago Red set off on his journey through the Kanto Region. Around this time, Brenden, originally from Olivine City in the Johto Region, sets off on his journey through the Hoenn Region just after moving to Littleroot Town. During their respective journeys they take down the Rocket and Magma/Aqua organizations. After becoming Champion of Kanto and stopping the remaining Team Rocket members, Red sets off to train at Mt. Silver in Johto while Brenden heads to the Battle Frontier after becoming the Hoenn Champion. Three years later, Ethan sets off on his journey through Johto. After discovering that Team Rocket was attempting to re-establish itself by forcing Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados at The Lake of Rage so they could sell them at a high price. An angry red Gyarados begins to destroy everything in its path. a very short time later, Lucas begins his journey through the Sinnoh Region and foils Team Galactic's plans as Ethan does the same in Johto. After becoming Champion, Ethan travels through Kanto before heading to Mt. Silver to challenge Red. Around this time, Lucas becomes Champion of Sinnoh. Two years later, the Super League is established to help train proven trainers to help fight future threats. Two years later, Maxie and Archie settle thier differences, realizing they're stronger as a team. The two meet up with Giovanni of Team Rocket and Cyrus of Team Galactic to discuss an alliance; a super organization of criminals that call themselves Team Diabolic. Three years later our hero begins his journey in his native Pallet Town in Kanto. Shortly afterwards, Team Diabolic seizes control of the Almia Region, just south of Sinnoh. What are Team Diabolic's plans and can they be stopped? To be continued...


1. Bigger maps 2. All 6 Pokemon can follow you. (you choose how many) 3. Travel to the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Almia Regions and beyond. Also includes a brand new region (yet to be named) 4. Better use of the seasons and weather (more realistic) 5. 4 Elite 4's and 1 Super League 6. 3 save files 7. Lots of familiar faces 8. Higher difficulty level 9. Upon arrival in new region (K/J/H/S) you get new starter based on region. Pokemon region locked until all 4 Elite 4's are beaten) 10. A special treat. To be revealed in the future.
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I was watching the commercial for Pokemon X and Y and i was thinking, why cant they be friends with new people they meet in a game? Why do they have to go on an online service? Then it hit me, a Pokemon game based on the real world! One game where you can meet with anyone playing from around the world! It should have campgrounds, homes for players, motels, jobs, and much more! Why not enjoy the fun of catching pokemon with a new friend you have just met! I mean, walk around one region that has it all! Your pokemon follows you, a pokemon contest, a frontier, a league with all the champions and elite 4! One town where all the gym leaders gather! Genius! All Pokemon ever in one game with one region full of excitement! Below are some features:

-All Trading/online features from all the games.
-Campgrounds where one player can camp and have fun!
-Jobs for the player to earn easy cash!
-Homes in each town for a player to live!(No computers, just online players!)
-All Pokemon form each game.
-Pokemon Follows your from Pkm HeartGold/SoulSilver
-Pokelathon, Battle Tower, Subway, Frontier, etc.
-Different realms packed with players.
-Motels for a quick rest or just a cheap room.
-Boardwalks for games and swimming in beaches!
-Aquariums and Zoos for registering rare pokemon on the dex quickly!
-One huge championships every month!
-One town where one can challenge all the recent gym leaders!
-Boat rides to islands!
-Can complete stories(From Pokemon Movies)
-Have an adventure with friends from around the globe!
-Be challenged from any player!
-Pick any starter from any previous game.
-Can change clothes!

Begining Lines:

Welcome! You are entering the land of Verchoe! Now Let me ask you, are you a male or female?
<Choose Male/Female> Ah, yes of course! My computer is acting up, what is your name? <Choose Name> Of course its <Repeat Name>, correct? <Choose Yes/No)> Good. Now what region are you coming from so i can send the boat? <Choose a Region> Oh, i love that region! What starter did you get? <Pick the starter from that region> Of course, did you nick name him? <Choose Yes/No> <If yes, Choose Nickname> That is so <Cute=Girl/Cool=Boy> Okay, now let me register you. What do you look like? <Choose Your appearence> Ah yes, of course! I hope to see you in my lab soon! <End>


In the land of Verchoe, an evil organization called Team Spade is spreading across the region. They have a secret base somewhere and are summoning the legendaries so they can destroy the land! You must:

-Collect All Badges
-Defeat the Championships
-Defat Team Spade
-Defeat Team Rocket
-Defeat Team Plasma
-Fill your Pokedex
-Defeat Professor Oak(Final Challenge)

Team Rocket and Team plasma have entered the region, and the three fight to take over the legendaries and you must defeat all of them to restore peace.(You may catch them later)
After you complete all of that, you can enjoy yourself!

In the game you can have ranks. You unlock them by doing special things!

Ace Trainer: Catch every pokemon type
Aroma: Have a team full of Grass types
Artist: Catch a rare smeargle
BackPacker: Travel through the mountains
Beauty: Buy at least 5 different clothes
Biker: Have a bike
Bird Keeper: Have a team full of flying types
Black Belt: Defeat 50 fighting types
Bug Catcher: Catch a bug type pokemon
Burglar: Spend 1,000,000 Poke cash
Camper: Camp two times
Clown: Go to the carnival five times
Collector: have five rare pokemon
Cow Girl: Ride on a Pokemon
Dancer: Visit a club five times
Doctor: Heal your pokemon 100 times
Dragon Tamer: Catch every dragon type
Fire Breather: Catch every fire type
Fisherman: Fish 20 times
Gambler: Win at a game shop 10 times
Gentlemen: Receive 10 "Excellent" Reviews From other players.(See Trainer reviews)
Idol: Own a chatot and Jigglypuff
Janitor: Find 5 items in a trash can
Jogger: Run 5000 steps
Juggler: Play 5 carnival games
MaidSee Janitor)
LadySee Gentlemen)
Ninja: Own 10 Poison types
NurseSee Doctor)
Pokemon Breeder: Breed 10 different pokemon
Pokemon Master: Defeat all goals(See story)
Pokemon Trainer: Unlock First
Pokemon Ranger: Do side quests(See side quests)
Psychic: Catch every psychic pokemon
Rich Boy: Earn 10,000,000 PokeCash
Rival: Be someone's Rival( See Trainer Reviews)
Sailor: Ride a boat 10 times
School Kid: Visit The Pkm School
Scientist: Do a Story(See First Section)
Swimmer: Swim 10 times
Tamer: Catch every type 2 times
Veteran: Catch Every Pokemon from a region
(Below Are Very hard to get)
Champion: Complete the Championships
Professor: Defeat Oak

Trainer Reviews:

When a trainer battles or travels with another, they can rate each other! Below are the rates:

Little Kid

This determines who the player will battle when doing a random match up and some ranks!

Side Quests:
In the game, there shall be some computers! They will be in towns or on routes. They will ask for the player to do something and they will be rewarded with cash, items, and a rank.(See Rank: Pkm Ranger)

That is all for now! Reply with your suggestions and comments to make my idea better!
-The Shy Hydregion
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I have an idea for a new game. Preferably G/S/C but will work for any version.
I give free use to my idea if you would like to make a game off of it, just let me know because I'd like to play!

You start off as a Scientist in Khanto
Suddenly your team rushes in your lab stating that a meteor has hit Mt. Moon!
You rush out and start a search party for the meteor
Days have gone by with no sign of anything
The next day, your curiosity intrigues you. You decided to go off into Mt. Moon alone
Out of nowhere, you hear cries but you don't know where they're coming from
You fall through the floor, discovering a Space Ship
With nowhere else to go, you enter the ship
A group of Clefairies spot you and use Metronome
You black out and wake up in bed the next day
You wonder if it was just a dream but surprisingly find a Pokeball on your desk
You then hide the Pokeball and return to Mt. Moon
There was no sign of the hole you fell threw and no one knew a thing
You send out the Clefairy in your Pokeball and try to communicate with it
Clefairy tells you (maybe with writings/artifacts/anything) that they came here to vanquish their shadows. Clefairy decided to become your partner in hopes that you'll train it and help them in their quest
You take up this mission and depart from your co-workers

Your journey is not like that of the original Pokemon games. You can build your team, but Clefairy must never leave your side (this could be done with a script like maybe if the player puts Clefairy in the PC, exits the PC and tries to move, a text will appear saying "I shouldn't leave without Clefairy.") This takes place before Red takes off on his Journey. You go around Kanto (and hopefully Johto as well) solving mysteries and finding clues that would help your mission and finding out what the Clefairies meant by their shadow and how to defeat it.

Near the end:
You find yourself at Cianwood City (There is now a cave in that previously unused mountain).
The people here are too scared to leave their homes and refuse to speak about it
You enter the cave and Clefairy feels startled
-Note: this is the only place where you will find Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar
In the cave you find your Co-workers
You are confused as to why they are here and discover that they are enraged with you because you left with the special Pokemon
The Scientists forcively captured the Clefairy
They want to use the Clefairy to travel into space and find stronger Pokemon (maybe a Deoxys reference) so that they can (this is going to sound cliche and better ideas are welcome) take over the world
The Clefairy refused to cooperate with them so the Corrupt Scientists sided with the Gengar

Throughout the cave, you fight off the Corrupt Scientists. At first you will find Gastly, deeper into the cave you'll find Haunter. The Corrupt Scientists may also have these Pokemon in their teams. At the end of the cave, you find your old Partner, the one who you were closest to in the labs. He is the leader of the Corrupt Scientists and has (the only (unless the player had already evolved a Haunter into one)) Gengar in his team.

After defeating the boss, Gengar appears behind him. Gengar utters "I knew these humans were of no use." and all the Corrupt Scientists disappear.
Gengar then rebattles you, alone.
-If it can be scripted, make him over-powered (but beatable) like Arceus in Pokemon Raptor EX
Once you defeat Gengar, he fades away, never to be seen again
Clefairies then crowd the room
They thank you and then leave
You won! You are the savoir to a race of Pokemon, now adapted to life on Earth. However no one knows of your heroic deeds, you are only known as the lone Scientist who lives in Cerulean City.
In Mt. Moon, there is now a stairwell to where the Space Ship is
The Space Ship is unusable, however this area is where Clefairy can be found and captured

Easter Eggs:
After winning, you'll find Red receiving his first Pokemon in Oak's lab.

I would love it if someone were to make this a game. Please do!
I would like it if it were created on RPG Maker, but it's whatever.
A name could be like Pokemon Moonlight or something
I would like some accreditation
I would make the game myself if I had any scripting knowledge and thrive to

Let me know what you think!
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- My name is BlackyM, I'm probably too old for this, but who cares anyway. I've have this idea for a long time, I've done this map like 3-4 years ago, but never had time to commit to this. I dont have it now too much either...but with some help in mapping I might accomplish everything in next few months

- This will not be usual Pokemon game. Where you collect 8 badges, go to Pokemon League...etc. NO.
- I want to make this game more quest based, more open ended, as less limitation with exploring as possible. That is why I want big map, with lots of events.
- About features check below...


- You wake up on the sandy beach in the middle of nowhere, with nothing on you, not even a Pokemon. You have no idea who you are, why are you here, you don't even know your name!
Your goal is to find out who you are!


- 4 different Pokemon Leagues (4 different PL regions)
- NO final 4 - but actually random draws out of 64 trainers. So chance that any player will get the same opponents, will be small
- Preliminary rounds before draws
- Same Pokemon leagues will be accessible again, but after certain amount of steps made
- Losing during one of the leagues, forces you to start collecting badges again (trainers change places on the map, you have to find them again)
- 30 badges instead of 8
(every pokemon league will have different requirements)
- Badges are gathered by beating official trainers randomly scattered around the area
- Pokemon Leagues are also accessible by payments in gold
- World Championship
- NOTE - some things are still to be expect more on this topic


- Lots of Choices during conversation, so you would actually pay attention what people are saying
- GOOD / EVIL .... your every choice makes your personality
- Events based on your personality
(you can end up in Jail and losing most of your careful)
- Ability to steal things


- 4 generations of Pokemon will be catchable
(I think even after 3rd generation things went wierd...but I'm willing to add one more)
- Several different Rivals
- Lots of hidden areas
- Huge Map
- Open(ish) World
- At least 25 towns
- Over 300 trainers
- Riddles
- Battle Houses
- Lots of other things...I dont even know what I imagined...will remember later
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Made with the Poccil/Flameguru/Maruno Pokemon Essentials Kit, I present:

This game just started development, and I need a few programmers/coders, but other than that, I'm doing this solo. Also, my older projects were cancelled since I was into Minecraft and lost intersest for those ones. This one is my only project, currently.

Hey, I'm working on this project, Pokemon Jenstis Version. It was originally named both "MindCopper" and "Fluorite," but I combined it with another old project of mine, Pokemon Jenstis Region, and they morphed into the Swinnu region game, Pokemon Jenstis. This game features 9 Fakemon, the starters+evolutions, but you might not get one until later in the game...

You live in the Swinnu Region, in your secluded hometown of Dyariqat Town. You just turned 12, and eligible to get a Pokemon of your very own from the new Pokemon Professor, Professor Green. However, as you are leaving, your older brother, Black, comes in only to announce that he has become the new Swinnu League Champion. Since you and Black have had sibling rivalry your whole life, you decide to take the Pokemon League Challenge just to prove yourself to Black. Another problem: The three starter Pokemon Professor Green INTENDED to give you one of were stolen while he was off stopping you from walking into the tall grass without a Pokemon. However, along the way, you're sidetracked by an evil team, Team Magnet, who plans to steal the Swinnu Region's electricity for their own selfish wants.

Major Characters (None of these characters have in-game sprites yet):
Kyle (Protagonist)

Black's younger brother, the protagonist. He starts the Gym Challenge to prove that he can beat his older brother. If the player is female, he is one of the three rivals.

Kyla (Protagonist)

Black's younger sister, the protagonist. She starts the Gym Challenge to prove that she can beat her older brother. If the player is male, she is one of the three rivals.

Black (Champion)

The player's older brother. He is very Gary-like, always bragging and if he loses, he acts as if he made a simple error rather than admit defeat.

KoolKat (Rival)

A mysterious trainer from Johto who has conquered all the regions except Swinnu and Hoenn. His prized Quilava, Blaze and his prized Luxray, Flash are both incredibly powerful, but you will only face them late in the game.

Taz <you can name him though> (Rival)
[No Image Yet, Sorry]
A hotheaded trainer who collects the rarest Pokemon. He hopes to catch Raikou and Entei to lead his team.

Brendan (Rival)

A trainer from the Hoenn Region. He is timid, but won't hesitate for a battle.

Screenshots (Dyariqat Town is slightly updated, but I haven't done the screenshots for the updated version yet):

OK, so I haven't mentioned the "Town Trainers" yet. Once you receive a Pokemon, trainers from every town will give you a Pokemon once you reach that town. Be on the lookout for them, as you can obtain starters from other regions from Town Trainers. Bill is Dyariqat's Town Trainer.


Black bragging to the player about his becoming the champion.


Dyariqat Town (Exculding the update with trees surrounding the town rather than blackness)


Professor Green is the youngest Pokemon Professor so far, he just retired as a trainer not long ago.


So it's really boring in the intro, with all the wasted time. I added an option to skip the Pokemon lecture and get straight into the name-deciding and gender and all that.

Poccil - Pokemon Essentials
Flameguru - Pokemon Essentials
Maruno - Pokemon Essentials
Me - Mapping, Spriting
??? - Programming/Coding
Nintendo - Spriting
Gamefreak - Spriting
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Pokemon Avalon


I started working on Pokemon Avalon using V9 of Essentials some time last year however totally restarted it with version 11 this year. I'm the only one working on putting the game together at the moment however I surely will bring in others to help with ideas etc. I was going to call it Pokemon Legion but then decided that Pokemon Avalon would fit better. I have an though to somehow fit the Sword of Excalibur into the game however I have yet to have that brainwave.


Your journey begins in the Talonian Region where you start out as a Pokemon Trainer, however not yet knowing there are 3 evil teams looking to take over the world. Team Magma, who are trying to unlock the power of Groudon. Team Aqua, who are trying to unlock the power of Kyogre and Team Excalibur, who are trying to unlock the power of a mysterious Pokemon that holds the power of turning people into Pokemon. Your quest is to venture through the region and put a stop to all their activities as well as completing the gyms and helping out fellow trainers on your journey.


Starter Pokemon: 100%
Hero's: 0%
Rival Trainer: 0%
Opening Scenes: 0%
Credit Scenes: 0%

Lappet Town: 100%
Route 1: 100%
Cedolan City: 100%
Route 2: 100%
Lerucean City: 100%
National Park: 0%
Route 3: 100%
Hydrias Town: 100%
Liligan Lake: 100%
Route 4: 100%
Forett City: 100%
Route 5: 50%
Other Towns and Cities: 0%
Caves: 30%
Rynan Forest: 0%
Pokemon League: 0%
Battle Tower: 0%
Blissey Tower: 0%
Pokemon Kingdom: 0%
Routes 6-15: 0%


Pokemon from generations I - V
New Evil Team
New Starters
New Regional Pokemon
New Items
More will be added later.


Screenshots coming soon... *Still need more posts before I can post outside links.*

Development Team:

Lu Bu - Creator
Spriter - Kadaj & Lu Bu


Credit for Pokémon Essentials:

Peter O.

Credit for Pokemon B&W Overworld Sprites:

Help-14, Kid1513, Kymotonian, ChocoSrawloid, milomilotic11, Pokegirl4ever, cSc-A7X from Pokemon Community for the Pokemon Unova Pokemon Charsets.
~The Mighty Lu Bu~
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Hi all!

as my username says, call me Dexter. I am fairly new to the forum (as you can probably see at my number of posts so far) but I am not new to the Pokemon games (I've been playing since, ehm... 1998?). I've always wanted to create a Pokemon game, but I always failed as I started from scratch (one attempt in Visual Basic, several in Visual C#). Just recently, June 2013, I found Pokemon Essentials! All the hard work had been done for me, and I could now just focus on the nice and easy stuff to do... So that's what I did.

Thus, the game will be made using Pokemon Essentials as a starting point.

About the story...

I just wanted to make a game bigger then the others in which all Pokemon are available. I want caves in which you can get lost if you go off track, and I want a true forest, not something called 'Viridian Forest' but nothing bigger then a small park.

So that being the focus, there is not much of a 'real' storyline in the game. That doesn't mean there is nothing to do, however... You walk through the game, you talk to someone, and a (new) chapter might start. Simple but powerful storyline formula. See 'Storyline progress' for more info on each chapter.


Type change (progress 100%):
One of the things that you will notice very quickly. I added about 10 extra types (Light, Time, Wood, Air, Crystal, Lime/Skeleton, Aether, Berserk, Digital, Luck:if this turns out to be too ambitious, I will reduce the number again). Furthermore, all Pokemon can now have up to 4 types. Weakness and resistance will only be calculated according to Type 1 and Type 2. STAB is changed: Type 1 gives a times 1.6 bonus, Type 2 times 1.5, Type 3 times 1.4 and Type 4 times 1.3. For as far as I can tell, it works.
I also changed the ability 'Levitate' to the type 'Airborne'. This type is implemented as type 5 and is as such not visible to the player. Pokemon like Beedrill and Magnemite are now immune to Ground-type moves. All Pokemon with the ability 'Levitate' will get a new ability over time. For now, they don't have an ability. For as far as I can tell, this also works. This is including the AI not attacking with Ground-type moves on Pokemon with this as their fifth type.

Number of Pokemon per trainer (progress 100%):
Some trainers may have more then 6 pokemon, mostly Rockets might cheat on this old rule. For as far as I can tell, it works.

Fakemon (progress ??%):
There are plans for adding Fakemon, but as I am not very good at pixel art, I may not add too many (only those turning out well). So far only two evolutions have been added: one for Dunsparce (found some great artwork on the web and made the (back/shiny) sprites myself) and one for Meganium (wanted to make it a Dragon-type, but I will have to tweak the head of the sprite a bit to make it look right).

Playground (progress ??%):
The map is intended to become big. Don't know how big yet. You will start in a new region, Curame. It is located above the Kanto region. My intention is to include both Kanto and Johto as well, but I will see how that goes. At the moment, 16 outdoor maps are done. Not all are satisfactory though...

PP --> Energy(progress 0%):
I don't like the system of PP per move and I actually never have. Depending on how well that goes, I might switch to an Energy system. An extra gauge will be added next to the HP gauge, and moves will cost energy. At the moment, I only have some sketches of its implementation on paper.

Storyline progress

Progress by Chapter. Compulsory chapters cannot be skipped. Per chapter the progress of the events, the progress of the map parts needed and the estimated playtime for this specific chapter are depicted.

Chapter 1 (Compulsory)
This (Grazon Town, Curame Region) is where you begin. You are asked to bring prof. Catalpa his notebook (which he forgot when he went out). The professor is in his rather large backyard, and you are given a Pokemon for your protection. When you get back, Team Rocket has taken over Grazon Town, and a large part (Elecurf City, Paletox City, Candar Town, Tecca Village and a factory at Lacon Island) of the rest of the Curame Region. You will have to work your way around the towns through caves, and when you get stronger, take the towns that were taken back.
Progress Events: 90% --> Trainers in last building Paletox City still have to be done.
Progress Maps: 99%
--> Connection of Paletox City Pokemon Center to Paletox Sewer still has to be done.
Playtime: 15-20 hours

Chapter 2
Everyone knows this one! Defeat 8 gym leaders and go for the league. The gymleaders are those of the (new) Curame Region, and the league is located at its usual location in Kanto.
Progress Events: 0%
Progress Maps: 50%
Playtime: 4? hours

Chapter 3
Alright, Curame region is free of the Rockets. Now it is time to take them down! Most of the Kanto region has been claimed by the Rockets some time ago, and it is surrounded by a well-protected wall. Let's battle through the guards and seek out Giovanni, once again the mastermind behind Team Rocket. (Idea: might be nice fighting side-on-side with Lance every now and then?)
Progress Events: 0%
Progress Maps: 0%
Playtime: 12? hours

Chapter 4
No, no, no, no! Paletox City (Curame Region) is NOT a playground for hordes of Ursaring! You will constantly have to fight your way through well-trained Ursaring as you head for the unknown source of the problem deep in Paletox Forest.
Progress Events: 0%
Progress Maps: 10%
Playtime: 8? hours

Chapter 5 etc.


This is what people want to know, so I will put it here in advance. I work on this game relatively fast at the moment, but I make no garanties for the future. This game will never be done as I will keep on adding chapters! I will definitely get a beta done after finishing Chapter 2, I will not get a beta done before finishing Chapter 1.


Sorry, not there yet. But I will provide some shortly (don't know if I have enough posts for that, but who knows?).

Some images to test posting images. These are of course from the game as they are now. As for the evolution of Meganium, the head definitely needs improvements, but I will leave it like this for now.

... Seems I failed loading the images properly. Oh well, at least they are at the bottom of this post in the Attached Thumbnails...

Credits (incomplete!)

For now I will just thank Poccil, for the Pokemon Essentials initiative, and Maruno, for keeping the initiative running, but also for providing advise and just moderating this forum. More detailed credits will be added later. If you think you should be on this list, but you are not, please speak up!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Grazon Town.jpg‎ (54.2 KB, 11 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: jpg Rocky Corner.jpg‎ (55.3 KB, 21 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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I have an idea for a game made specifically for mobile devices using Html5 and JavaScript.
I guess I would like feed back and to know if its worth it, like would you download it?
I would like to possibly make a whole new region, but would also like to know if you all would want a new region or just to remake for android. If I go with a remake it still won't be 100% the same because I like to add my little customizations. I would really like it to have Online features like chat trading and battling.
I already have it planned out how I would be doing this, I will be using Melon JS with Tiled ADK and Pokemon Essentials for a good chunk of images.
So the feedback I would like I guess is:
Would you like a Android/Mobile specific game
Would you like a new region/story
Would it be great with online capability's
Is this idea even worth trying to go through with.

Thanks in advanced
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Disclaimer: We have no current images of the game, as only the concepts have been developed and the sprites at this moment are. . . Horrendous.

to the developing title, Pokemon Marble and Obsidian versions. Frankly, we don't care if you think the name is unoriginal! Our reasons for their titles lie solely in their story line (Which thankfully doesn't involve any bizarre legendary based off the title -- not that there's anything wrong with that). Why has this come to be? Well, it's controversial, to be honest, but we'll gladly answer that question via PM (Because hearing people fight over our reasons is plain-out annoying). PMB are the generic overworld walkers where you do all the lovable nonsense that we have grown so attuned to in the Pokemon world. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's JUST the generic overworld walker. . .

The Region of Kazan
Kazan is a lonely but large landmass that is a major tourist attraction, bringing in many various Pokemon from multiple regions. From the tourists come all kinds of people, from breeders to insomniacs, and only add more to the lovely land of Kazan. However, it's massive volcano doesn't only drag tourists in, but other phenomenon. . .

The aura is all around here. Though once strictly used by only the Aura Guardians, it now appears as though even the common people are dabbling in this magic known as the aura. No longer are battles restricted to the basic rules of trading blows, for now the aura has enacted new laws upon the original concept. Many trainers now hold auras -- energy channeled from them into the battle to unleash a whole new strategy to the game. And you know what? You're going to need it -- the game is set to be tearing at your throat the entire time.

Surrounded by the laws of Force. . .
Kazan is a relatively hip place. So hip, in fact, that even the common people have trouble seeing over their pelvis . Why is this important? Because no Pokemon game is Pokemon without a huge nerd cult armed with legions of fan girls and furries! That's right -- Team Gravity is the head power of Kazan, shunting aside those lame Renaissance cross-dressers and Spandex-loving flunkies with people of pocket-protectors and taped up glasses. Though it may seem a bit demeaning (And possibly unoriginal) to have such a team existent, the true, massive story if Kazan revolves around the tremendous and dangerous pack of wily internet talk-show hosts. The story is AMAZING, if I do say so myself (Which I just did).

Weirder things than what's in your breakfast cereal. I'm not sure if my point has gotten across yet -- the best part of this game that it has to offer is the story line. Why? Why don't you see it yourself?! WELL WE'RE GETTING TO THAT.

Anyway, more tremendous yet are the exceptional amount of freaks you will encounter (Along with a few less-freaky cameos) in your journey. Every gym leader, every boss, every trainer isso strange that you will undoubtedly come across something that will mess with your first ideas for Pokemon. Of course, might I warn, some of the content is rather rude, but if your children understand all the jokes -- it's not our fault!

Features? Features? Features?
- All new aura strategy! It's the FREAKING AURA -- Basically like switchable abilities, except for the trainer. These can range from an extra stat boost to an extra boost up. Aura abilities like WINK will allow you to switch in and out Pokemon without penalty; things likes BLITZKRIEG will allow a first strike no matter what. However, not all are solely positive effects, so don't expect to become all-powerful with that one mass-kicking ability.
- Always on hard mode! What's that, you baby? Think you're the king of the all-too-easy Pokemon games? Well THINK AGAIN -- you ain't gonna be able to mono-type challenge this on your first run! Just the CONCEPTS of the gym leaders' Pokemon teams haunt the mind and soul!

- Pokeball Hacks! Ever need a leg up catching Pokemon? Probably not, but for those really nasty encounters, some modded Pokeballs you buy (From a black market of sorts) will throw any nasty Pokemon that dares escape their catch into paralyses, sleep, and more!

- Interesting Day Care mechanic! Okay, that really didn't deserve an exclamation point, but the new mechanic tosses away the normal stat-boosting items and replaces it with the Day Care. Now, instead of ditching your Son until the end of the game and wait for it to become level 100, you are sending your Pokemon in to grow more in certain stats.
- And much more! Which basically means we haven't come up with anything else that interesting, but will get to it. . . Some day.

- Story: 97% (For working out Klinks)
- Characters (Concepts in art): 10% (Only main characters, currently beating in designers)
- Characters (Concepts in type and actions): 56% (Almost 90% of all percentages are made on the spot)
- Sprites: T-T (No me gusta)(Disclaimer: I have no Spanish blood of any sort)
- Map - 0.001% (Hey, it's still progress)
- Other: 2% (Probably)

The game is (Will) be(ing) made on RPG Maker VX (Most likely).


Thergox (Story, Game Scripting, Some Character Design)

DJDSDSTORT (Ideas man, basic spriting, Odd jobs)

Mikstr (Route Design, Pokemon Placing)

That-One-Guy-Who-Hasn't-A-Name (Character design, Concept art)
<img src= border=0 alt= />
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Pokémon Chaos Emerald

Character names

Male: Brendan ¦ Female: May

Basic Plot

The current story is based 17 years after Emerald. Your play the role of either Brendan or May throughout the story. After the first event in Emerald with Teams Aqua and Magma a mysterious plague of evil Pokémon begin to appear... A dark shadow begins to spread over the region.. The source is at first unknown however after some time passes the organization behind it all reveals there selves as Team Chaos. The Leader of Team Chaos never reveals his name or true identity by always wearing an iron, electronic mask that deepens his voice.

Team Chaos is in control of Hoenn for multiple years with no trouble, every plan is flawless. Then you appear...

Your character (Brendan/May) wakes up in the middle of a dark shadow however doesn't seem to be controlled by it like the other people and Pokémon. Your character see's that a wild Riolu is being cornered by a group of evil dark controlled Pokémon and so protects it. Your character then blacks out.

Your character then finds them self in Prof. Birch's Lab. This is where the main story begins..

(I won't go on any farther as I don't want to ruin it )

Art So Far


Team Chaos's Leader

New Legendary Pokémon Concept Art (You are able to fight but not catch in game)
This Pokémon has the combined power of Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Jirachi and Darkrai

Thank's for taking the time to read this thread. I hope you agree that this is an interesting way to revamp Pokémon Emerald and thank you.. again :3
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Okay. Hopefully this post doesn't get very long, but here we go!

I have loved Pokemon for as long as I can remember. I have always dreamed of making my own game someday, a game that would inevitably be picked up by Nintendo and made canon. While I now know that Nintendo would never do anything of the sort (lol), I still have enjoyed thinking it up on my own time. Of course, I never thought it would be actually possible, so when I found out about game development here I got really excited.

Now, in all likely hood this project won't be completed, as I have school and other interests besides, but I would still love to put work into it and see how far I can get. For now, I am content to at least get my early ideas down here.

The Region

As I said before, I wanted to create a game which could theoretically be accepted as a part of the same cannon as the real games. This means two things; I don't mess with already designed characters and places (outside of references), and I use the same logic when making a region. Thus this isn't just a region made up by and designed by me off of the top of my head but a map based on a real world location. Where best to make a game based off of? Where I grew up, of course, since I'll know tons about the landscape and layout. I've made a quick sketch of the region, although you can tell it's not finished (and I'm a poor artist). All towns are inspired by real places, as well as most locations; although I took a few liberties to add mountains and a desert, but those may not make it to the final version anyways. It's all conceptual at this point! Some of the towns don't have much of a personality on the map, but of course I won't try to make bland towns. If anyone is interested in which cities I used in particular, I'll make a list in spoilers.


(Oh god it looks so sloppy, and apparently I don't know how to post imgur pictures on these forums. If you really want to see it not stupidly big right click and open in new tab. Or complain enough and I'll resize and reupload it.)

Town Inspirations (names will be changed in game)

Southern Madison (yes Madison gets two towns, guess where I'm from?)
Mt. Horeb (turned into a literal mountain, but hey)
Fond du Lac
Green Bay
Wisconsin Dells
Eau Claire
La Crosse


This is something I've thought a lot about, and something which will likely change quite a bit. The player starts out in a small town about 16-18 years old. At this age, many kids head of to The University to pursue higher education in some field (Pokemon biology, battling theory, medicine, heck I don't know) but unfortunately your parents don't have enough money to send you. This is a travesty, at least according to a former professor of the University who has retired to your town. This professor is convinced that you have a keen intellect and would flourish at the college, and insists on finding a way to get you there.

He has a few left over items from back in his research days, and decides to give you a Pokedex, essentially hiring you out as a sort of 'research intern'. He convinces your parents to let you do this research for him (as you're going to need a job anyways after not affording college) and get you a Pokemon to aid you. He also gives you a list of old contacts of his around the region, who he advises you to seek out and prove your potential to, the idea being that with enough influential members of the community backing you the University will grant you some sort of scholarship. And so you leave your town to complete the professors research and to meet up with these individuals in order to some day make it into the University.

However, while you are starting your journey, there is corruption behind the scenes. A small group of people have in recent years turned Pokemon battling into a sort of 'cult of personality', with gym leaders and other important trainers getting ridiculous attention and making ungodly amounts of money. Essentially they've been turned into the sorts of movie stars and athletes of our own world who get payed millions of dollars and are the obsession of the masses. This wouldn't be awful, but the group working to keep battling popular is making tons of money at the expense of the rest of society as people pay to attend events and try to make their own way up the celebrity ladder with little chance of actually succeeding. As a result, the University is suffering as fewer people want to go to school and instead are focused only on achieving fame (and thus the University has to charge tuition higher than you can afford). As you travel in your journey you uncover this plot and are forced to confront it; the only question is will you be able to stop them and save the University and the rest of society, or will you fall into their trap like everyone else and become obsessed with the pursuit of fame? And even if you defeat the conspirators, can you make it past the Education Board and into the University?


New region, story, characters, unique regional Pokedex, blah blah blah. I may do custom legendaries and starters, but that's unlikely as like I said I'd like it to be at least possible that it exists in the same Pokemon universe as the main series games and don't want to invent Pokemon myself (most people won't think of it this way, but I will!)

I'd also like to give certain members of the Pokemon community a cameo in the games as a nod to all they've done for it, such as perhaps a Professor It (props if you get the reference; as a hint I may call him Professor Wittz) and so on.

You won't face gym leaders (at least not in the main story line, but after that new opportunities open up) and will instead have to complete tasks for those individuals you seek out to gain their approval. Of course, many will battle you after the tasks to test you in multiple ways, but you won't be collecting badges.

Otherwise this is intended to play like a real Pokemon game. No special mechanics such as new types or altering current Pokemon or anything. It was originally going to be even more traditional, but then I found a story line I liked and the old 'battle 8 gym leaders and save the world' mantra had to be scrapped (probably for the best).


I have a lot of conceptual stuff finished, such as important characters, places, and events, but nothing programmed or mapped yet. Really the main thing keeping me back is making a tileset, as I'm sure you all know clicking around deviantart looking for the tiles I want and assembling them in paint is pretty tedious. But for now I'm content just to plan things out anyways and perhaps work on my own spriting skills; I'll get to actual creation when I'm confident I know what my goals are and I've properly prepared myself with things like Ruby and mapping knowledge.
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So i am createing a pokemon real time strategy game at the moment. It is in pre alpha right now but i put up this blog to post screenshots and progress as i go along with it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Alot of people i know are telling me that this game looks like it will be pretty remarkable once it is finished and the kinks are worked out. Thank you.

any and all help and criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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I had an idea for a game that I may make which is esentially a pokemon game without all the big cities etc, its on a remote/deserted island with few people. It would still have little towns and gyms etc, but on a much smaller scale. Not only would it be unique but it would also be easier to make if it's small. I would like to take the challenge but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not...
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