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Old January 10th, 2014 (7:57 PM).
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This topic isn't for the faint hearted. If you're not too fond of the inner works of mother nature you may want to stop reading now.

Well, we all know that pokemon are the ingame counterpart of real life critters. Like, for instance: Scyther = Mantis, Beedrill = Bee, Butterfree = butterfly, Muk = ???, and so on and so forth.

Have you guys ever played with a virtual pet, or am I getting old? I remember back when it was the hype and how people would go insane about taking care of their pets. Perhaps, one of the many factors that make pokemon so addicting is the fact you raise your pet but you can also fight to find out which pet is stronger.

Well, I digress. With every new installment in the franchise we've been getting closer and closer to our pokes and one of the features that really caught my attention on the game box was the pokemon amie feature. I was like: this is going to be one hell of a virtual pet minigame! But something terrible has been bothering me to the point I can't sleep anymore. So forgive my rant, but I have to let this off my chest:

Where have all the pokepuffs I fed to my Ninetales gone to?????? I don't want to be nasty but seriously.. where have they gone to? We all know that at a given time they will have to come out. Even virtual pet games would portray the harsh reality of every life form: they need to poop eventually. Yeah, that's right, I said poop.

So, what are your insights? What else do you think that might be missing on the new pokemon amie feature? Would you rather have a remodeled pokemon amie feature in the next installment where your pokemon actually poops or would you rather keep it neat and clean as it is in X and Y?

Now seriously though, the new feature is really amazing and I spend a lot of time petting my pokes. What else would you like to see in pokemon amie? Maybe a throw and catch game? A hide and seek game? The possibilities are endless. Lemme know waddya guys at PC think c:

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Old January 10th, 2014 (8:18 PM). Edited January 10th, 2014 by Honest.
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Er, I guess this would belong in Pokemon Gaming Central , but as I'm not sure, I'm going to lock this thread and recommend you contact PGC's moderators regarding if reposting this there would be the right move.

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