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  • Do you have spritzee in your safari? I need a hidden ability one and my safari is water, with wartortle in it, at least it is last time I checked.
    Don't reckon I could snag that Mawilite off you could you? I can trade you a shiny for it on your new save file? I traded my one away :(
    All legends caught in the newer gens have 3 IV's set, it just happens that it was in all the stats which a Rayquaza needs! I could always clone you one back so you can keep it?
    It's nice It has flawless IV's in Atk, Def and speed haha!
    Not a problem at all :) happy to help.
    Thanks a bunch for the Rayquaza dude, I will take great care of it.
    Just let me know when you want it back dude, i'm actively on this so you shouldn't struggle to find me online. That is a nice shiny Dragon you have there c;
    Top stuff man, did you want me to keep hold on anything until you get far enough to trade it back on your new save file?
    Sounds good, here's my details;

    FC: 2208-8573-6792
    IGN: Britto

    I'll get yours off your thread, cya in there!
    Hey, you need to delete some messages. I can't send you anymore since you have 200 in your inbox already.
    I completely agree with you about the letter box thingy nintendo removed... This forum is great (I've been here some time) and I hope you enjoy it. I promise you can find friends that will last for at least one generation :p Also, I would like to help you, but I have pokémon X too so I don't have the megastone you're looking for.
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