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Character Name: Casey
Game: Pokemon Y

Optional Rules:
- Must nickname all Pokemon
- Battle style is SET
- No Super Training (EVs can be earned only by battling wild Pokemon and trainer battles. EV bags are ok as long as the Pokemon found it.)
- No Pokeaime
- Dupes Clause


- Thumper (Steelix, Impish, Rock Head, Rocky Helmet) LVL 79 - Iron Tail/Stone Edge/Bulldoze/Double-Edge
- Quacklin' (Farfetch'd, Jolly, Keen Eye, Sky Plate) LVL 76 - Night Slash/Brave Bird/Fly/Swords Dance
- Dodger (Absol, Calm, Super Luck, Black Glasses) LVL 74 - Night Slash/Ice Beam/Psycho Cut/Detect
- Lil' Boo (Pumpkaboo, Bold, Frisk, Eviolite) LVL 74 - Shadow Sneak/Leech Seed/Seed Bomb/Flame Charge
- Toad (Amoonguss, Lax, Effect Spore, Black Sludge) LVL 73 - Energy Ball, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis)
- Skyler (Altaria, Rash, Natural Cure, Leftovers) LVL 76 - Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard, Moonblast, Roost)


- Cally (Lapras, Docile, Water Absorb) LVL 62 - Rock Smash/Strength/Surf/Waterfall
- Fiona (Stunfisk, Jolly, Limber) LVL 61 - Revenge/Camouflage/Thunderbolt/Fissure
- Yveltal (Quirky, Dark Aura) LVL 50

- Baron (Volbeat, Naughty, Swarm) LVL 19
- Kricket (Sandile, Naive, Intimidate) LVL 24
- Buttercup (Snubbull, Gentle, Run Away) LVL 19
- Whisper (Mr. Mime, Bold, Soundproof) LVL 29
- Honey (Electrode, Jolly, Static) LVL 37
- Gawilop (Poliwag, Naughty, Water Absorb) LVL 25
- Red-Head (Druddigon, Lax, Rough Skin) LVL 58


- Feather (Pidgey) LVL 3
- Merlin (Fennekin) LVL 12
- Punchy (Riolu) LVL 15
- Muse (Roselia) LVL 14
- Mr. Grabby (Bunnelby) LVL 18
- Fang (Zubat) LVL 16
- Seedric (Ivysaur) LVL 30
- Campy (Pansear) LVL 32
- Oblio (Nidorino) LVL 22
- Terry (Aerodactyl) LVL 24
- Elektra (Skorupi) LVL 38
- Punchy (Lucario) LVL 53
- Frosty (Beartic) LVL 45
- Aurora (Aurorus) LVL 54
- Lucky (Abomasnow) LVL 42
- Beatty (Marowak) LVL 57
- Paula (Slowbro) LVL 59
- Trex (Pupitar) LVL 52
- Sir Swagz (Quagsire) LVL 49
- Nails (Gothitelle) LVL 52
- Blossom (Vileplume) LVL 68
- Rocky (Graveler) LVL 51

Update #14

Victory Road Entrance:

Lost Rocky to the gatekeeper (Raichu has Grass Knot? Ok...). I was suspecting a trick, but forgot I didn't have Sturdy on Rocky :(

Route 21:

Caught an Altaria and named her Skyler. Defeated all of the trainers and collected the items. Did a lot of grinding on my backup Pokemon and Skyler.

Victory Road:

Caught a Druddigon and named him Red-Head. Likely not going to use him at all. Got all of the items and defeated all of the trainers. Poised to finish the challenge today (wish me luck)!

Update #15

Elite Four & Champion:

Siebold: Lil' Boo was my Lead. Siebold led off with his Clawitzer. Lil' Boo took a few Dark Pulse attacks to the face (scary), but I spammed Seed Bomb and was able to take it out (and Siebold wasted all of his Full Restores on it). Switched out on Gyrados, into Toad, and then into Thumper (Toad wasn't taking hits well). Thumper took out Gyrados with a few Double-Edge attacks. Barbacle came in and I swapped into... Toad I believe. Starmie came in and I switched to Skyler, but after seeing the Dazzling Gleams coming my way, I went into Lil' Boo again and took it out with Seed Bomb.

Wikstrom: Led off with Lil' Boo again. Wikstrom led with Klefki. Klefki laid out some Spikes and Lil' Boo kept spamming Flame Charge, until the Torment happened. Tossed out a Leech Seed and then switched between Flame Charge and Shadow Sneak. Eventually took out Klefki (Wikstrom wasted all his Full Restores on it). Stayed in on Aegislash and actually managed to survive a few Shadow Claw attacks, while getting Leech Seed heals and switching between Flame Charge and Shadow Sneak while healing. Stayed in on Scizor, but had to swap in Thumper when Lil' Boo was taking too much damage (and she couldn't use Flame Charge due to Torment). Thumper took out Scizor with a few Bulldoze attacks. Stayed in on Probopass and a few Bulldoze attacks easily took it out.

Malva: Led off with Thumper. Malva led with her Pyroar. Took a Fireblast to the face and thought Bulldoze would 2HKO, but it didn't (Pyroar used her Noble Roar on the first turn). Had a free switch into Skyler when Malva used a Full Restore. Took out Pyroar with a few Dragon Pulse attacks. Torkoal came out and I stayed in and took it out with two Dragon Pulse attacks. Talonflame came out, so I went into Thumper again. Healed him up and took the Brave Bird easily. Talonflame switched to Flare Blitz, which started to do some damage, so I had to heal once more in between missing with my Stone Edge attacks. Chandelure was her last Pokemon and I switched into Skyler and finished it with Dragon Pulse.

Drasna: Led off with Dodger (taught her Ice Beam for some dragon killing). Drasna led off with her Dragalge. Took Dragalge out with three Psycho Cut attacks (Full Restore boo). Altaria came out for Drasna. OHKO with Ice Beam. Druddigon came out and went to half from another Ice Beam... and then killed Dodger with Revenge (oops). Sent out Skyler again and took Druddigon out with two Moonblast attacks (used her last Full Restore). Noivern was tough, but I won the Dragon Pulse battle by healing Skyler a few times (Leftovers helped a lot).

Diantha: Led with Skyler. Diantha led with Hawlucha and I took it out with one Moonblast. She sent out Aurorus. I foolishly stayed in with Skyler, but Aurorus missed with three Blizzard attacks (nice). I wasn't doing much damage at all with Dragon Pulse, so I should have switched, but I gambled that Diantha would use a Full Restore on it... she didn't. Skyler finally went down (from full health) to a Blizzard. Switched into Thumper and took Aurorus out with a Bulldoze. Diantha sent in Tyrantrum and I switched to either Lil' Boo or Toad. I think I swapped out into another Pokemon after seeing the Crunch attacks; probably Thumper. I think Tyrantrum killed itself from Rocky Helmet damage (so yeah, probably Thumper). Gourgeist came out and kept using Phantom Force, and after I got tired of that I switched into Quacklin' to cancel the attack. Took Gourgeist out with a Brave Bird. Diantha sent in Goodra and I switched into Thumper expecting a Thunder attack. Thunder attack as predicted, but then Goodra switched to Focus Blast (yikes). Was taken down to 1 HP and switched back into Quacklin'. Quacklin' survived the Focus Blast and I healed it up before taking out Goodra with another Brave Bird. Diantha sent out her Gardevoir and I chanced not getting recoil death on Quacklin' and used Brave Bird to win the match.
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Sacred Gold Update 3:

- Defeated every Trainer on Route 32
- Couldn’t catch the Makuhita in Union Cave, because Dump critted it
- Impa evolved into Croconaw
- Caught Papu the Hoppip
- Obtained Zetta the Mudkip
- Caught Gastro the Shellos
- Dump rollouted Proton
- Sarz died to a Confusion crit from an Dustox in the arena (Double battle against Volbeat and Dustox; I was really afraid of that Volbeat)
- Trained Glu and all other ones in my team to Level 21; Glu evolved into Charmeleon
- Joey called me and told about his top-percentage Rattata


Impa, the Croconaw - Level 21
Blitz, the Jolteon - Level 21
Gara, the Gyarados - Level 21
Dump, the Dunsparve - Level 21
Glu, the Charmeleon - Level 21
Moth, the Beautifly - Level 21


Geist, the Gastly
Magne, the Magnetilo
Togepi Egg
Papu, the Hoppip
Zetta, the Mudkip
Gastro, the Shellos


Sarz, the Bellsprout
Pixi, the Clefairy
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Pokemon Sacred Gold Update #2

On route 30 killed Tailow
Trained a little on route 30
On Route 31 Caught Natu, named it Pysch
Went back to Route 49 Caught Numble, named Blaze
During Training Numble died from a crit.
Acquired Charmander and named Her Chary
Went through Bellsprout tower caught a Ratta and named him Mighty
Chose Glaceon as my Eevee evolution
Trained Glaceon up till first Ice move
Went through Falconers Gym and Won.

Update Three

Acquired Togepi Egg
Then traveled south towards next city
Caught a Hopphip and named it Hipp
then in Union Caught Aron and named it Crack
While training lost both Crack and Mighty due to poor decisions
Next up on Route 33 ran into Crogunk and accidentally killed before I caught it
Trained up a bit more, then talked to Kirk and then kicked Team Rocket out of the well
While in the well I caught a Zubat, and lost Pysch to a Rocket member
Acquired a Mudkip and named him Stomper
Then Challenged the Gym
During the Gym Leader Battle I blacked out but I had fun up till then.

Challenge Status

Blaze Black Nuzlocke

Sacred Gold Nuzlocke
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Username: Jammi567
Game: Pokemon HeartGold
Main Rules:
  • Fainted Pokemon are 'dead', and must be boxed or released
  • Must nickname all Pokemon
  • Must always capture the first Pokemon on each route
  • White/Blackout is Game Over, even with Pokemon in the PC
  • Cannot reset if something bad happens

Optional Rules:
  • Dupes clause in effect - if I encounter a Pokemon I have already encountered on another route, and can kill it, and have 5 more chances to catch a new Pokemon
  • Must fight every battle - wild and Trainers
  • If Trainer ID ends in 1-3, Grass Type; 4-6 Fire Type; 7-9 Water Type
  • Challange begins when I first have access to PokeBalls

Progress Log #1:
  • Deleted old data and started a new game. Sped through dialogue aqap and named myself James
  • Went downstairs, got Menu options from mum (?) and set the text speed to Fast
  • Went outside, bumped into pointless rival, and went to the lab to get my first Pokemon
  • Trainer ID was '62953', so picked Chikorita as my starter - nicknamed him Chicory
  • Left Lab, spoke to mum and Prof. Elm, and made my way to Cherrygrove City. Whilst there, gor myself some Running Shoes.
  • Healed up, and went to Mr Pokemon's house, making sure not to run away from any wild encounters
  • Reached the house, got the Mystery Egg and Pokedex, healed up, and received a phonecall from Prof. Elm, asking me to get back to the Lab
  • Got back to Cherrygrove, and fought my Rival for the first time. Naturally, he used a Cyndaquil, but I kicked his ass easily
  • Made my way home, got accused of stealing the Pokemon, and named my Rival Peter
  • Afterwards, went back to Route 29, where 'rival' showed me how to capture Pokemon, and also gave me PokeBalls
  • Finally! On Route 29, caught a Sentret (Ferret), and on Route 46, caught a Spearow (Sparrow)
  • On Route 30, caught a Caterpie (Caterpill) and fought everyone's favourite Youngster.
  • On Route 31, I caught a Bellsprout (Venus) and in Dark Cave a Zubat (Bram)
  • Healed up in the Violet City Pokemon Centre, and deposited Venus and Bram into one box, and renamed another box 'Death'

Current Team:

Chicory: Lvl. 10; Hasty Nature

Ferret: Lvl. 7; Gentle Nature

Sparrow: Lvl. 7; Hardy Nature

Caterpill: Lvl. 7; Adamant Nature

Boxed Pokemon:

Bram: Lvl. 2; Rash Nature

Venus: Lvl. 3; Hardy Nature
Currently doing:


* Kanto: 8/8 Badges + Champion Defeated (Completed)
* Johto: 2/16 Badges
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Sacred Gold Update 4

- Moth died against Bugsys Scyther
- Won against Bugsy
- Put Geist, the Gastly to the team
- Defeated Silver (Bayleef was hard to take down)
- Caught Spy the Spinarak
- Found my first Revive – Moth, welcome back
- Caught Spearow at Azalea Town, named Ibi
- Caught Copy, the Ditto
- Obtained Ace the Chimchar
- Gara died against Lyras Nidorina (why does that Nidorina know Thunder?)
- Put Geist back to the team


Impa, the Croconaw - Level 23
Blitz, the Jolteon - Level 24
Geist, the Gastly - Level 15
Dump, the Dunsparve - Level 24
Glu, the Charmeleon - Level 24
Moth, the Beautifly - Level 23


Magne, the Magnetilo
Togepi Egg
Papu, the Hoppip
Zetta, the Mudkip
Gastro, the Shellos
Spy the Spinarak
Ibi, the Spearow
Copy, the Ditto
Ace, the Chimchar


Sarz, the Bellsprout
Pixi, the Clefairy
Gara, the Gyarados


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Ruby Nuzlocke update time!

3 badges down, 5 to go.

Current Team:

Loomie|Male|Naughty Nature|Effect Spore|Lvl 24
Mega Drain
Stun Spore
Mach Punch

Pinoccio|Female|Bold Nature|Early Bird|Lvl 23
Nature Power

Gyarados|Female|Bold Nature|Intimidate|Lvl 21

Nammy|Male|Jolly Nature|Guts|Lvl 25
Focus Energy
Vital Throw
Arm Thrust

Tellso|Male|Calm Nature|Natural Cure|Lvl 14
Poison Sting
Stun Spore

In the box:
J the Whismur

Dead (6):
Lea the Cascoon
Elena the Nincada
Ed the Poochyena
Ninja the Treecko
Lina the Linoone
Sparky the Electrike
I don't care about EV's or IV's - I play for fun not competitive.
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  • Fainted Pokemon are 'dead', and must be boxed or released
  • Must nickname all Pokemon
  • Must always capture the first Pokemon on each route
  • White/Blackout is Game Over, even with Pokemon in the PC
  • Cannot reset if something bad happens

Optional Rules:
  • Dupes clause in effect - if I encounter a Pokemon I have already encountered on another route, and can kill it, and have 5 more chances to catch a new Pokemon
  • Must fight every battle - wild and Trainers
  • If Trainer ID ends in 1-3, Grass Type; 4-6 Fire Type; 7-9 Water Type
  • Challange begins when I first have access to PokeBalls

Progress log #2:

  • To begin with, went to Route 32, where there is a patch of grass before the man who gives you the Miricle Seed. Managed to catch a Mareep; nicknamed 'Deckard'
  • Trained Deckard up to level 10 in order to learn Thundershock, in preparation for Falkner's Gym.
  • Went to Sprout Tower - unfortunately during the day, so no Gastly for me - although I did catch a Rattata, nicknamed 'Rattette'
  • Reached the top of the tower, met Peter, and fought and defeated Elder Li (hahaha....). Walked out afterwards and healed.
  • Headed over to the Ruins of Alph. Along the way, met Arthur and he gave me a Hard Stone, perfect for the Rock-type I don't have yet -_-. I also received HM06 Rock Smash from a random person.
  • Entered the Ruins itself and solved the very easy sliding puzzle (G/S/C was definitely harder). Caught an unknown, nicknamed 'Greek'
  • Healed at the Pokemon Centre, gpt a few Potions, and finally went to the Gym. Easily defeated Falkner's underlings, before facing the man himself. Pidgey was easily taken care of using Deckard. For Pidgeotto, I continued to use Deckard, and paralyzed it, before Growling to weaken its attacks. Afterwards, went in for the kill, and realised that Growling was pointless. Ohh, well.
  • Left the Gym with my shiny new badge, got Egg/Kimono Girl events out of the way, and went to Route 32 proper.
  • Defeated all of the trainers and wild Pokemon easily, making sure to keep my team as equal in levels as possible. Along the way, stopped in the Pokemon Centre, and got the Old Rod, which I will make sure to never use.
  • Entered Union Cave, and my first encounter was a Geodude, nicknamed 'Geode'. Was hoping for a Sandshrew, but meh. Retrieved all of the items (including hidden), and fought all the trainers.
  • Eventually reached Azalea Town, where the nefarious Team Rocket were clearly exerting their influence. Naturally, once I healed my team, I brought a few more Pokeballs and went back to Route 33 to catch a new Pokemon. Turned out to be a Hoppip, nicknamed 'Dot'.
  • Now I decided to talk to Kurt, who promptly rush out to the Slowpoke Well and hurt his back. I followed, and managed to catch myself a Slowpoke, nicknamed 'George', on the fifth encounter! Otherwise, my chance would be gone, for a while at least.
  • Kicked Team Rocket, including their leader Executive Proton, out of town, just in time for Kurt's back to make a 'miraculous' recovery after I had already done all the hard work. -_-
  • Kurt took me back to his house, and offered to make some custom Pokeballs. Left, healed up, and did some training on Route 33 in preparation for Bugsy's Gym. During this, Deckard managed to evolve into a Flaaffy.
  • Entered the Gym, and Sparrow kicked its ass, with a little help from George. Healed, brought some more Potions and Antidotes, and fought the man himself.
  • Lead with Sparrow, who did some damage, but not before that Scyther almost 1HKO'ed her. Switched to Deckard, and used Thunderwave to slow the beast down before Thundershocking it. Once it got to half-health, the stupid Sitrus berry was used.
  • And then, almost inevitably, Scyther used U-Turn on Deckard, and Deckard was knocked out! Whilst Bugsy switched to Metapod, I used George for some easy experience, although it took a while due to George's low stats.
  • With the Metapod dead, Bugsy switched back to Scyther whilst I went for Ferret, who had evolved into a Furret during all the fighting that I had done. Fortunately, Scyther was still paralyzed, and didn't use U-Turn again, so I was able to use Quick Attack's to wittle Scyther's health down - after Bugsy used a Super Potion, of course.
  • His last Pokemon was a Kakuna, and I used Slowpoke and Watergun to wear the Pokemon's health down. Bugsy finally admitted defeat, and I was the winner, although not without a loss.
  • Taking my new badge, I left the Gym and healed, but not before depositing Deckard into the Death box on the PC.
  • Making my way towards Ilex Forest, I was interrupted by Peter, who went on a rant about Team Rocket and me being weak, before fighting me again.
  • He lead with Gastly, me with Sparrow. Easy. His next Pokemon was Quilava, whilst mine was George. I managed to put it to sleep with Yawn and spammed Watergun. Although Quilava woke up, it only used Smokescreen before being defeated, which seemed to have no effect at all. His final Pokemon was Zubat, so I switched back to Sparrow. However, Zubat confused Sparrow, so I swapped her out for Ferret, who managed to deal the finishing blow.
  • After Peter's second defeat, he disappeared somewhere, and I made my way to Ilex Forest. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to encounter a new Pokemon in the area. However, the Mystery Egg hatched, giving me a Togepi, nicknamed 'Stein'.
  • Whilst in the forest, I encountered the apprentice who had lost the two Farfetch'd, so I was sent to find them, which was easy enough. I went back, and was rewarded with HM01 Cut, which I promptly gave to Ferret, along with Rock Smash.
  • Saved my game.

Current Team:


Chicory: Lvl. 15; Hasty Nature

Ferret: Lvl. 16; Gentle Nature

Sparrow: Lvl. 15; Hardy Nature

George: Lvl. 12; Hasty Nature

Boxed Pokemon:

Bram (Zubat): Lvl. 2, Rash Nature
Venus (Bellsprout): Lvl. 3, Hardy Nature
Rattette (Rattata): Lvl. 4, Quiet Nature
Greek (Unown): Lvl. 5, Relaxed Nature
Geode (Geodude): Lvl. 6, Lax Nature
Dot (Hoppip): Lvl. 8, Hardy Nature
Stein (Togepi): Lvl. 1, Hasty Nature


Caterpill (Metapod): Lvl. 8, Adamant Nature
Deckard (Flaaffy): Lvl. 15, Relaxed Nature
Currently doing:


* Kanto: 8/8 Badges + Champion Defeated (Completed)
* Johto: 2/16 Badges



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Username: Daydream

Game: Pokémon Y

Optional Rules:

- Wonderlocke: Every Pokémon that I catch is immediately Wonder Traded.
- No Starters/Gifts: My starter and any gifted Pokémon are boxed at the first opportunity.

Update #1:
Started my adventure! Chose Chespin. After the initial adventure preparation stuff I went and caught myself a Fletchling, which was immediately Wonder Traded for a Level 1 Absol! Lucky first trade there! Once Absol was precariously trained a couple of levels, I continued onwards.

In Santalune Forest, captured the first Pikachu I encountered. Pikachu was Wonder Traded for a Level 7 Purrloin… Less thrilled about that one. Nonetheless, I battled through the forest and saw no fatalities.

Purrloin viciously savaged a young Azurill on Ouvert way, meaning no trade there. So I battled on with my team of two, Absol being paralyzed by the static of a wild Pikachu on the way. Aggressive children faced me at every turn of this route.

Made it to Santalune City. Healed up.

Bought a hat and a pin. Gotta be stylin’.

Won me some Roller Skates.

Caught the first Psyduck I encountered on Route 22, he was Wonder Traded for a Level 2 Caterpie! As Butterfree is one of my favourites, I’m pretty happy about this one.

Whilst my team undertook drills in preparation for the oncoming battle against Viola, Caterpie evolved into Metapod, and then Butterfree. Yay for fast-evolving bugs!

Butterfree battled hard, sending dizzying Confusion attacks the way of Viola’s Surskit, eventually causing the pond skater to faint. Purrloin ended up trapped by Vivillion’s Infestation, and despite my best efforts, is no longer with us.

That leaves us with just Butterfree and Absol for the trek to Lumiose City!

Team Status is as follows:

Butterfree (F), Level 12

- Poison Powder
- Sleep Powder
- Confusion
- String Shot

Absol (M), Level 16

- Detect
- Leer
- Pursuit
- Quick Attack
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Challenge accepted...
Name: PokeChallengeAccepted
Additional rules:no exp. share
Update 1:
Got leotardo the Froakie
Got grandpa the Fletching
Got Benny the Weedle
Got Tumper (I forgot the h OK!) the Bunnelby
Got Dr. Derp the Dunsparce
Benny evolved into Kakuna!
Tumper died to a critical scratch from a Psyducl
Benny evolved into Beedrill!
Dr. Derp swept Viola! (rollout ftw!)
Challenges completed: none yet :(

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I *might* do a Nuzlocke in Black 2... Yet, I need a recommendation for my Starter choice.
Choose paper, rock, or scissors and I'll choose for you :)

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Tepig gets some nice moves and access to Flame Charge without TM. Can sweep without much effort. Gains a lot of common weaknesses when it evolves though (Fire/Fight).

Oshawatt (sp?) looks like a good choice too.

I am running Snivy on my B/W 2 game, and I am confused on whether it wants to be a special or physical attacker.

EDIT: You could also just not keep the starter once you've caught your first Pokemon. That's one of the optional rules :)


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I *might* do a Nuzlocke in Black 2... Yet, I need a recommendation for my Starter choice.
Some people pick their starter by the last digit of their ID No. 1-3 is Grass, 4-6 is Fire, 7-9 is Water, 0 is your choice. Ever since Marriland did that in his Emerald Nuzlocke, i've always went by that method because I think it's a nice way of choosing your starter for you.
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I picked Tepig.

Username: Digimon Kaiser
Game: Black 2
Optional Rules: Starter can't faint, avoid Pokemon that become Fairy-types in Kalos/Pokemon that evolve by trading. Nickname everything. Blackout means game over, And... the Dupes clause.
Just beat Hugh at Flocessy Ranch. Now to grind levels and look for the missing Herdier. My team is:

Pumbaa (Tepig lv 9)
Ellen (Patrat lv 2)
Bob (Sunkern lv 2)
Momo (Lillipup lv 5)
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Sacred Gold Update 5

- Trained everyone up to Level 23
- Defeated everyone in the underground
- Went on Route 35 to do some more training
- Caught Star the Staravia and Bee the Kakuna
- A Bibarel in the gym killed Char (Level 20 and already Aqua Tail?)
- Wanted to train Magne, but it died during the Training :(
- The next in my box Is the Egg, so I put the Egg in my team and trained the rest of my team to at least Level 25
- Geist evolved during the training
- Won against Whitney (it was a very hard battle though)
- Defeated Sudowoodo
- Caught Doggy the Growlithe and Brand the Magby
- Togepi hatched, named it Eggy
- Fought Silver: Silver’s Bayleef used Nature Power which turned into Rock Slide and killed Moth :(
- Papu the Hoppip joined the team and I’m training now Eggy and Papu


Impa, the Croconaw - Level 27
Blitz, the Jolteon - Level 27
Geist, the Haunter - Level 27
Dump, the Dunsparve - Level 27
Papu the Hoppip, Level 15
Eggy, the Togepi Level 13


Zetta, the Mudkip
Gastro, the Shellos
Spy the Spinarak
Ibi, the Spearow
Copy, the Ditto
Ace, the Chimchar
Star, the Staravia
Bee, the Kakuna
Doggy, the Growlithe
Brand, the Magby


Sarz, the Bellsprout
Pixi, the Clefairy
Gara, the Gyarados
Glu, the Charmeleon
Magne, the Magnemite
Moth, the Beautifly


Get Poke'd

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Name: GucciMeme
Game(s): Yellow, Platinum

Unfortunately, my DS emulator is being a pain. I'll have to postpone my Platinum Nuzlocke (almost at 2 badges now) until an update/fix is up
This post is a question about my Platinum Nuzlocke (yes, the same one from New Years'). I just caught a Shiny (Hoothoot for what it's worth) and I'm unsure of the rules regarding Shinies. Do I have to figure those out myself?

If I have to choose, then I'll allow the Shiny to be used in battle. This Shiny has the privelage to be Revived once and only once, until it goes into the Box for good. I can DM if necessary.
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Yay 3rd try okay:

Usrename: KillerCroCohen
Game: Sacred Gold
Optional rules:
-Black out=Game over.
-Dupes clause (in a case i find the same pokemon, i can re-encounter until i find a new one)
And i picked Chikorita.
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I started my Heart Gold Nuzlocke run a while ago, but I just now got back into it. I just got badge #3, the Plain Badge from Whitney.

Current Team:


Arthur, ♂ Lv 17 Quilava
Quick Attack, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember

Edmund, ♂ Lv 17 Geodude
Magnitude, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Rock Polish

Francis, ♂ Lv 18 Skiploom
Tackle, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

Ivan, ♂ Lv 17 Spearow
Aerial Ace, Pursuit, Leer, Fury Attack

Katherine, ♀ Lv 17 Butterfree
Confusion, Gust, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder

Muscle, ♀ Lv 21 Machop
Low Kick, Foresight, Focus Energy, Karata Chop
(I allow ingame trades as long as I have the wanted pokemon through normal means. Since Drowzee was the pokemon I was able to catch on Route 34, I was able to trade it at the Dept Store in Goldenrod)


Beatrix, ♀ Lv 9 Hoothoot
George, ♂ Lv 11 Gastly
Current Challenges:
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Completed Challenges:

Solo Run: Dewgong (Blue), Dodrio (Blue), Kangaskhan (Silver),
Nuzlocke Challenges: Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire



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Username: Dontstay96
Game: Platinum
Optional Rules:
You must nickname all of your Pokemon. (highly recommended)
You must change the battle style to SET.
You may not use legendary Pokémon. (I'll catch Giratina, but not use it, If one of my pokes faint in the catch, it will be boxed forever)
After the first wild Pokémon was caught, you must release your starter.
Bulbapedia rules:
Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to ban duplicate captures.
As an extension, setting a limit on how much Dupes Clause can trigger in an area. If that limit is reached, no Pokémon can be caught in that area. (If the first encounter is a dupe I'll have another try, if the seccond encounter is a dupe too I won't catch any pokemon in that area, unless I want to catch the dupe, of course)
My Rules:
I won't use any gift pokemon (Riolu egg, Bebe's Eevee etc.).
I won't use Rotom.
OH, by the way does the challenge end when I defeat Cynthia?

- I started my game, named myself "Nuzlock" and my rival "Barry".
- Chose Piplup as a starter, named it Joe just to be boxed forever.
- Bought 10 poke balls
- Went to route 201, caught my first poke, a female Starly called Amy, boxed Joe the Piplup
- Trained till lvl 5
- Went to route 202 and caught a Bidoof, named him Goofy
- Trained him to lvl 5
- Got to Jubilife city
- Delivered the town map to the rival

I have to stop playing today, I'll play again tomorrow and start updating :)

Current Team:

Amy (Starly) Lvl 8
Goofy (Bidoof) Lvl 6


Not yet
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Decided to do a Biblical Nuzlocke myself. I haven't really thought of all the rules yet, and really, this is my third Nuzlocke of the same Game (as in, in one - two weeks I've done three nuzlockes, RIP my shiny Fletchling). Don't worry, I'm not a religious person, so I won't be throwing out religious beliefs and the like. This doesn't restrict itself to just one religion, so it should appeal to everyone, religious or otherwise.

Biblical Nuzlocke III

Username: machomuu

Game Challenged: Pokemon X

Optional Rules:
  • Every Pokemon and the MC must be named after a biblical figure. Nuzlocke attempts 1 and 2 only.
  • Every Pokemon and the MC must be named after a Religious Figure.
  • Upon reaching the first PC, assuming you have at least two pokemon, the starter must be boxed.
  • No healing during battle, this includes status-healing items.
  • You can only heal at a Pokemon Center three times until the gym in the next city is beaten, afterwards the town/city's Pokemon Center can be used freely.
  • As a mercy rule, the player is allowed one pokemon. Afterwards, a white out/black out is game over.
  • Gifted Pokemon are not allowed to be used in battle, and instead must be boxed in a box named "Heathens/Demons" or released. Contrarily, if the player wishes, they can use Heathens as HM slaves.
  • Should the player wish to use Heathens, the player may invert the above rule and, as a result, only use Heathens/Demons in battle and use Angels (caught Pokemon) as HM slaves. Do note that if Heathens are used, the Pokemon Center cannot be used for healing BUT the player can use items in battle and the mercy rule is extended to two retries.
  • In a similar case of the above two rules, should the player wish to use the captured legendary, they may only use the legendary and no other pokemon (this includes HM slaves). As a result, both the Pokemon Center and Battle Items are prohibited.

It's still a rather prototypical challenge and I'm still trying to think up rules that make it more religious, but these are the optional rules for the current playthrough.

This playthrough will be documented in something of a first person, in-character style. Probably not the whole way through, though.

A New Journey - Biblical Nuzlocke Part 1

"What's wrong?" my female competitor, Shauna, says to me as I eye my white collared Froakie. I didn't know what it was, but something about it's rubbing me the wrong way. I almost don't want to use it, but I have no idea why. It's probably just jealousy; after all, it has more facial hair that I do and I'm old am I? Well, I don't have much time to dwell on the matter as Shauna's Fennekin uses Ember. The battle ends pretty quickly thanks to my type advantage, and after the battle we part ways.

After the battle I say goodbye to my mom, and stock up on potions and pokeballs, all the while thinking "When can I box this darn Froakie?" It's funny, because I've seen Froakies before and I liked them, but this, it's no big deal. I capture a Pidgey on Route 2.

Sati the Pidgey

Suddenly I had a flashback of this same thing happening before. Just standard deja vu, probably. Anyway, I make my way through the Route and then towards the Santalune Forest. I heard the place was known for its Pikachu, and I'm pretty excited to catch one, but what I really want a Caterpie. C'mon, look at 'im. C'mon. Heck, even a Weedle would be good, I'm always down for a Beedrill. Or maybe even a Flet-

"..." Ignoring yet another bit of deja vu, I catch the pokemon and name it Isaac. Still, I'm speechless. This won't help me against the leader...or any other pokemon on the route (especially not pikachu). Is there some sort of curse on me or something? Do I just attract pokemon that are weak against Electric-Types? I mean sure, there was one time when I accidentally put a fork in a power outlet once, but that doesn't mean I need to have a team of anti power outlet pansies!

I calm myself...barely, and continue out towards the next route, catching a Fletchling on the next route that I name Bhunivelze. It's not the name of a real religious figure...but it's god, albeit in a fictional religion. I make it to Santalune city and box Bhuni, realizing there's no need for two Flying-Type pokemon at the moment, and I decide to go to Route 22. Bad idea. What comes next is an absolute massacre by the most unlikely of foes. How can trainers be so nice to you after having killed your pokemon?

After capturing a Psyduck which I named Throne,I challenge a trainer of moderate strength. Unluckily for me, they had a Litleo and Isaac had yet to learn any Water-Type moves. It did have strength though, and it tore Sati apart. It was kinda like seeing that Fletchling that always comes by your house and sits outside your window suddenly be mercilessly torn apart by a Houndour.

...Actually, it was exactly like that, just with slightly different pokemon. I won the battle and put Sati to rest, unboxing Bhuni and continuing through Route 22. I completely underestimated Bhunivelze, she really held her own. Just like Sati.

Sad Face

Oh well, at least I still have Bhuni, the first gym will still be easy. Oh, this trainer has Riolu, simple for a Flying-Type. One Peck takes it down to the red, this'll be over as quickly as- wait, Counter?



Whelp, now it's just me and two water types against a Bug-type gym. Perfect. If it hadn't been for that Riolu and its Counter I'd at least have Bhunivelze, but nope. My luck, I guess. I (reluctantly) challenge the first kid to a battle and he sends out a Ledyba while I send out Isaac.

I'm able to lower the Ledyba's Attack with Play Nice but it easily has a stat advantage. And Supersonic. Oh, does it have Supersonic. Isaac goes down and so do my spirits. Even though I was disappointed when I caught him, he was with me for not much shorter a time than Sati. More than that, though, I only have one more pokemon, and it is barely more effective than Isaac. I'd already used it in the battle before, and it was a little worn thanks to some hits from Tackle and Supersonic. It was pretty much over. Ledyba used Comet Punch, bringing Throne down to one HP. Even with Water Gun, I'd still need two hits to take it down. Ledyba used Comet Punch again and sent the nearly dead Psyduck back to its pokeball.



...Or so I thought, but by some sheer AMAZING luck, Throne dodged out of the way and used Water Gun, finishing the job. I won. I won? DEAR CHRIST I WON! Completely have new found respect for Throne now. All I have to do is beat the gym leader. With one Pokemon. A Psyduck.

...Guess I'll be using that mercy rule earlier than expected.
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Nuzlocke Challenge Update #2

- Wasn't able to catch a Pokémon on route 204 (read 1st update dupes rule)
- Defeated the trainers on that route
- Found a Zubat on the Ravaged Path... accidentally killed him
- Defeated Barry on Route 203 just with Amy the Starly
- My 1st encounter on route 203 was an Abra... and I caught it!!! Nickname: Psydude
- Realized that Abra is useless
- Caught a Zubat on the Oreburgh Gate, Name: Batgirl
- Caught a Machop on route 207, Name: Muscle

I'll do another update later!

Goofy (Bidoof) Lvl. 12
Amy (Starly) Lvl. 10
Muscle (Machop) Lvl. 7
Batgirl (Zubat) Lvl. 6
Psydude (Abra) Lvl. 4


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