Pokémon General Rules and Club Directory

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So, what are these clubs I've been hearing about?

Pokémon clubs are exactly what you think they'd be- a place to chat, discuss, and hang out with other members who all share an interest in a certain aspect of the Pokémon franchise. Whether that be your favorite Pokémon types, characters that span across multiple forms of media, or even something as simple as cute Pokémon, there's probably a club out there waiting for you!

Rules for Pokémon clubs

While it would be nice to post whatever you want and spam to your heart's content, there are a few rules you need to follow when posting in/creating Pokémon clubs. Of course, all PokéCommunity global rules and the Pokémon General rules above apply, as well as the rules below, adapted from the previous rules of the Pokémon Clubs forum.

Please follow all rules of your club.
What, more rules? Yes, I know there are a lot of rules to keep track of, but if the staff and club owners are happy, then you'll be happy too, since your favorite clubs can run smoothly and be as active as possible. These rules will likely include a sign-up form found in the opening post, so take a little extra time to read it, to be sure that you're welcomed into the club with open arms!

Keep club themes broad, if possible.
While you may be the self-proclaimed world's biggest fan of Bidoof, there may not be as many people you think that share your passion. Try making a club with a broader theme (such as Normal-type Pokemon), since you're likely to get more members if you cater to a wider audience.
NOTE: Some clubs that don't follow this rule may be deleted so that other threads aren't pushed off the front page. Feel free to contact Sheep for any questions/concerns about a missing club.

Club owners can own no more than 3 clubs in Pokémon General.
A rule carried over from the Pokémon Clubs forum, this is to ensure both that members don't have a monopoly over all the clubs, and that they aren't stretched thin by trying to run too many clubs at once.

Club ownership may be transferred under special circumstances.
If a club owner has been inactive for an extended period of time, or if they no longer wish to run their club, ownership of the club may be transferred to another eligible member. At the new owner's discretion, the club can either be recreated, or the original thread can continue, with the new owner taking over as the OP.

Double posting is allowed under special circumstances.
For club owners, you will not be infracted for double posting in your club, as long as you've got a legitimate reason for it (ex: announcing the results of a contest a day after your previous post). Any other club members are free to double post if two weeks have passed without a response, in order to try and revive the discussion. In any case, triple, quadruple, etc. posting will be against the rules, and will be treated as usual.

Only general Pokémon clubs belong in Pokémon General.
Who would've thought? In any case, if you've got a thread that's theme revolves around the games, the anime, the TCG, etc., please create them in their respective forums. If you post a club here that doesn't belong, your thread may be moved to a more appropriate section without warning, so be careful where you post!

Where can I find a list of clubs to join?
If you're looking for a simple club directory, check the post below! There's a complete list of all the currently active clubs, as well as each of their owners. Or if you're looking for an alternative list, click here to see Pokémon General filtered by club threads only.


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updated March 27th, 2016

Pokémon Typing Clubs

Grass Type Club - CharmedGardy
Fighting Type Club - Pancham Cutie
Steel Type Club - TheRusty
Ghost Type Club - TempestGaming
Electric Type Club - LegendChu
Normal Type Club - Kaneki!!!
Rock Type Club - Djobi Djoba
Water Type Club - Caaethil
Ice Type Club - Michelaar

Ground Type Club - currently available!
Psychic Type Club - currently available!
Bug Type Club - currently available!
Poison Type Club - currently available!
Dragon Type Club - currently available!
Fire Type Club - currently available!
Fairy Type Club - currently available!
Flying Type Club - currently available!
Dark Type Club - currently available!

Other Pokémon Clubs

Cute Pokémon Club - Sheep
Serena Fan Club - Serena08