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This is fine.

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An interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke reveals further plans for the Pokémon GO app.

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Posted December 4th, 2018
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Spoiler alert: It's not really about catching Zapdos.

I know, I would bawl to tears if I were able to catch Articuno. Which I would hopefully be able to soon xD

Anyways, I would LOVE to see the gyms get revamped. Revamped to a standard where EVERYONE can join and they can be easily be beaten. Right now it's impossible for the ones nearby my area because they are unfairly overtaken by CP 3000 Dragonites. Glad to see Niantic is looking it over and hope to see it soon. This will definitely make me want to go do gyms more. :D



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Posted May 7th, 2019
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I couldn't give a toss about gyms and battling. I've never put a Pokémon in a gym and I don't have any potions/revives. They're tossed out the second I get them to make room for more Balls and Berries. My only interest is catching, collecting and hunting for them, so I don't care what updates they make to gyms. The only updates I'm interested in are trading, legendaries and the eventual release of gen 3 Pokémon and beyond.
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