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Gym Leader Generator: The Boot

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Old August 21st, 2014 (7:49 PM).
OliveCopper OliveCopper is offline
Captain of Olive Kappa
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    The thread for generating a Gym Leader has been catching my eye. Now, I an going to reboot it, but this time, make it simpler.

    First, generate a number from 2 to 5 from That will be how many Pokemon in your roster.

    Generate a random number from 0 through 18. This determines the type you will use.
    0. Your choice
    1. Bug
    2. Flying
    3. Fighting
    4. Ground
    5. Electric
    6. Ice
    7. Poison
    8. Ghost
    9. Grass
    10. Normal
    11. Fire
    12. Water
    13. Dark
    14. Psychic
    15. Rock
    16. Dragon
    17. Steel
    18. Fairy

    The catch, you may not use a type that was used less than 8 posts prior. No region used 2 gyms of the same type, so let's keep tradition. If you roll a type that was used less than 8 posts ago, roll until you get one that wasn't.

    Next, go to and generate your team. Exclude legendary Pokemon.

    Now, generate some battle quotes for your gym leader.
    -An introductory speech before battle.
    -When the challenger lands his or her first hit on your Pokémon.
    -When down to your last Pokémon.
    -When your last Pokémon is weak.
    -If you defeat the challenger.
    -If the challenger defeats you.
    -A speech when handing out the badge.

    Good luck. Looking forward to your gym rosters...
    and don't lock this thread just because I posted here.
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    Old December 21st, 2016 (2:39 PM).
    Poimagic Poimagic is offline
      Join Date: Dec 2016
      Posts: 1
      Type: Grass
      Gym Leader Name: Rose
      Gym Number: Fourth leader
      Puzzle: The gym is separated by tree houses. To reach the leader, you need to press switches strewn through out the gym to move the bridges that connect the tree houses to make you able to move about
      Intro Speech: "Welcome to my Grass type gym <insert name here>! I am Rose, the leader of this esteemed gym. So then, lets cut this chit chat and start our battle!
      Pokemon: Lv23 Skiddo
      Lv25 Shiftry
      Lv26 Roserade
      First hit Quote: "That was good. Lets see what else you can do."
      Last Mon Quote: "I may be close to wilting, but I won't give up yet!"
      Victory Quote: "This rose has thorns!"
      Defeat Quote: "And just like that, I have wilted."
      Badge Speech: "You earned this badge. So here, take the Rose badge. And don't forget this tm for Giga Drain."
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      Old December 21st, 2016 (10:07 PM).
      PageEmperor's Avatar
      PageEmperor PageEmperor is online now
        Join Date: Jul 2015
        Location: with an axe
        Gender: Male
        Posts: 9,965
        Type: Flying
        Name: Winmen (I tried)
        Gym no.: 6

        Noctowl Lvl 40
        Tranquill Lvl 40
        Honchkrow Lvl 42

        Beginning speech: Well well, a challenger eh? I guess that is something. I rarely get much challengers these days due to mah strength. Anyway, let me warn you before we begin: let's start!
        Last mon speech: Alright, time to get higher!
        Defeat speech: Well, I guess what goes up goes down eh?
        Badge speech: So here it is, the Flight badge. You deserved it. And so before you fly away, I have a TM. It contains Sky drop.

        I'll think of the gym puzzle later.
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        Old September 19th, 2017 (5:16 PM).
        Darkraiman19's Avatar
        Darkraiman19 Darkraiman19 is offline
        Champion of Dark-type Pokemon
          Join Date: Sep 2017
          Location: Ohio, USA
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Lax
          Posts: 1
          Type: Ghost
          Name: Victor
          Gym #: 7

          Aegislash Lvl 45
          Dusknoir Lvl 47
          Spiritomb Lvl 50

          Beginning Speech: sigh..... I guess I should congratulate you on making it all the way here. That dark maze that I constructed for this gym has left many strong trainers like yourself puzzled and confused. But it is an essential skill in life to be able to rely on more than just your sight for navigation, because sometimes we have no choice but to venture out into this cold, dark world of ours. At least from my perspective it is. Now then, time to test your skills, knowledge, and your pokemon against the overwhelming might of the supernatural!

          First hit speech: Well then. It appears your technique isn't transparent at all. But it'll take more than that to stop us.
          Last mom speech: The midnight hour has arrived; My final hour has arrived as well.
          Badge speech: Me and my pokemon's defeat is proof that you are more than deserving of this badge. The Reaper Badge. It will allow you to trade and raise pokemon up to lvl 80 and increases your pokemon's special defense. Also, take this tm32. It contains Shadow Ball. One hit from it will cripple a pokemon's SpD and deliver massive damage. Your journey is almost over, but don't let the future scare you, or your past haunt you. Embrace both sides so that you yourself can become and stronger, tougher trainer yet kinder, gentler individual.
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          Old November 5th, 2017 (12:13 AM). Edited November 5th, 2017 by SmashMaster24.
          SmashMaster24's Avatar
          SmashMaster24 SmashMaster24 is offline
          Eevee Lover and Dark Master
            Join Date: Oct 2011
            Location: New England
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Calm
            Posts: 97
            Type: Water
            Name: Walter
            Gym Number: 5
            Puzzle: The gym leader is a surfer and the battle takes place outside on a beach. To get to the gym leader, you need to ride surfboards between different platforms in the water.

            Barboach - Lv. 32
            Buizel - Lv. 32
            Slowpoke - Lv. 33
            Mantine - Lv. 33
            Carracosta - Lv. 37

            Intro Speech: Welcome. I'm actually surprised you made it this far. You here to catch some killer waves? ... Oh, you want to battle? Very well, but I won't go easy on you!

            First Hit: I'll come crashing down on you like a tidal wave!
            Last Pokemon: You haven't left me high and dry yet!
            Low Health: No! I can't wipe-out!
            Defeat: Looks like I'm all washed up....

            Badge Speech: Congratulations, you beat me. Here, take the Tidal Badge. With this your Pokémon can use Surf outside of battle. Also take this TM for scald. It has a chance of leaving a nasty burn.

            Completed Challenges:
            Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark (Gens I-V), Ghost (Gens I-V), Dragon (Gens I-IV)
            One-in-Each Challenge (Gens I-V): Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic
            Ultimate Monocolor Challenge: Green (Gens I-V)
            Nuzlocke Challenge: Red | Pokédex Challenge: Red, Gold
            Ultimate Time Warp Challenge: Medieval Era (Gens I-V)
            Current Challenges:
            Eevee Ultimate Solo Challenge: 8/8 -
            16/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
            Flying Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
            8/8 - 4/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
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            Old January 31st, 2018 (1:01 PM). Edited January 31st, 2018 by VisionofMilotic.
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            VisionofMilotic VisionofMilotic is offline
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              Gender: Female
              Nature: Serious
              Posts: 1,690
              Note:I swear that I did not cheat. I am surprised that I got such tanky Pokemon at random. These are some of my favs!

              Type: Steel
              Name: Stephanie
              Gym #8

              Puzzle: A scavenger hunt. You must use the item finder and find 3 pieces of treasure different places within the city. The stones must be inserted into a statue to reveal the location of my gym.

              Metagross: Lvl 56
              Empoleon: Lvl 58
              Aggron: Lvl 61 @ Aggronite

              Introductory speech: Like steel are the strong ties that bond brothers and sisters. I am a twin. My brother Steven was the champion of the Hoenn region. However, he understood that there were greater things in life than fame and power. He went in search of relics from all ages of this world and has shared with me the secrets of mega evolution. It is as though my loved one is here beside me lending me his strength. Do you have someone with whom you share an unbreakable bond? If you trust your Pokemon in this way then together you can achieve anything. Are you ready for your final gym test?"

              First hit on my Pokemon: My Pokemon have the steel to withstand even this. Let's see if you are made of that same metal.

              Down to last Pokemon: This is my rock, my shield, my partner and friend.

              Last Pokemon weak: You are tough, but we can dig down and find the strength. I cannot yield.

              If I defeat you: You are a diamond in the rough. Keep polishing your gifts and who knows how strong you and your pokemon could become. Do not give up trainer.

              If I am defeated: Defeat feels as cold steel. I hope to grow stronger as a result of this experience. Thank you for the battle.

              Speech when handing out badge. You have shown strength of character, solid bonds with your Pokemon and an iron will to have come this far. I award you the Armor badge for your hard work. Pokemon of any level will obey you with now, including Pokemon received in trade. It is also grants entry to the Pokemon league. Please accept my gift to you- this TM contains Alchemy, my signature move. Alchemy is the art of transforming metal. In battle It will restore HP and has a 10% chance of raising a random stat. Please teach it to a steel type Pokemon.

              I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"

              Name: Narcissus
              Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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              Old April 2nd, 2018 (4:32 AM).
              AlbinoRhino42 AlbinoRhino42 is offline
                Join Date: Apr 2018
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Bold
                Posts: 1
                Name: Subzero
                Type: Ice
                Gym Number: Third Leader
                Puzzle: Using the ice mechanic in pokemon you have to slide around and activate 3 switches.
                Intro Speech: Congrats you made it and kept your cool. The skill to be as cold as the snow comes with practice and patience you will require both to beat me. Enough talk let’s do this.
                Lv 18 Spheal
                Lv 20 Weavile
                Lv 23 Abomasnow Mega
                First Hit Quote: Great hit but we're still frosty.
                Last Mon Quote: I won’t melt under pressure and neither will my partner.
                Last Mon Weak: The sun is rising but we stay solid.
                Victory Quote: I’m ice solid. Go out get stronger and return as strong as ice.
                Defeat Quote: I melted and crumbled, I hope to learn from this.
                Badge Speech: You kept you cool and remained strong. You deserve this take my flake badge and this TM for Blizzard.
                Attached Images
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                Old April 15th, 2018 (10:45 PM).
                steelgrating steelgrating is offline
                  Join Date: Apr 2018
                  Posts: 6
                  Metagross: Lvl 56
                  Empoleon: Lvl 58
                  Aggron: Lvl 61 @ Aggronite
                  sàn thép grating, tấm sàn grating, grating chuyên sử dụng trong công trình
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                  Old 3 Weeks Ago (5:11 AM).
                  DudeDragonite DudeDragonite is offline
                    Join Date: May 2018
                    Posts: 1
                    Name: Sandy
                    Type: Ground
                    Gym Number: 2
                    Puzzle: Excavation task. Battle trainers to get tools that allow you to dig further down. The Gym Leader awaits at the bottom.
                    Lvl 15 Sandshrew
                    Lvl 14 Nincada
                    Lvl 17 Trapinch
                    Intro Speech: Hi! I’m Sandy, leader of the <insert city name gym> Gym. Congratulations on making it this far down. My trainers are usually quite challenging to most, but you powered though them like it was nothing! I want to see that kind of ability used in this battle, but make no mistake; I won’t go easy!
                    First hit: Great shot, but our surface won’t be broken that easily!
                    Last Pokemon: You have dug deep, but our centre point is unbreakable!
                    Last Pokemon weak: Our centre point is exposed! It may be small, but it won’t be broken!
                    Victory Message: The core remains unbreakable!
                    Defeat message: The core shattered... Guess yours is even stronger!
                    After Battle: Whew! I haven’t had a battle like that in ages; a battle that really rocked my world! Here. It’s the Mantle Badge, a gym badge that you are more than worthy of possessing. Take this TM as well; it contains Bulldoze. Bulldoze is a move that hits all Pokemon around it and also lowers their speed stat. Now I have to try to get out of this hole to get to the Pokemon Center...
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